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January 31, 2009


Archbishop Burke Now Takes On The USCCB's Catholic  News Service, Says They Unwittingly Helped Elect Pro Abortion Politicians It seems His Excellency is throwing caution to the wind and telling it like it is. As I said before, each time he does this it causes much gnashing of teeth at the unholy liberal Catholic Alliance of The National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal and Vox Nova. By the way on yesterday's Catholic Report comments section Tito Edwards referred to them as the Axis of Heterodoxy. You can chose whichever you like.


Click Here For Comments About Archbishop Burke's Statement On Catholic News Service


Lefebvrist Bishop (SSPX) WIlliamson Apologizes To The Holy Father For His Hurtful Remarks


Lefebrvist (SSPX) Bishop Williamson May Have A Terminal Illness I don't know the details of both links. However we can pray that his apology is sincere and pray that he continues to repent of the hurtful comments he has made. If it is true that he is slowly dying because of a terminal illness perhaps this in turn has aided his repentence. Whatever the case, prayers are in order.


Click Here For Comments About Bishop Williamson's Apology & Illness


Former Israeli Prime Minister & Current Likud Party Candidate For Prime Ministers Says Al Qaeda Targeting Calvary  Goodness does Benjamin Netenyahu know something we don't? This could just be some alarming rhetoric coming from the campaign trail. However, as we have seen before Al Qaeda doesn't fight using the Geneva Conventions or the Marquis of Queensury rules.


Click Here For Comments About Benjamin Netanyahu's Assertion That Al Qaeda Is Planning To Blow Up Calvary


Father Longenecker On Us & Them Ecumenism. The Different Takes On Unity From The Catholic & Protestant Perspective  A really fascinating introspective of this matter from someone who should know. Father Longenecker who has lived in the Evangelical, Anglican and now Catholic world. I would strongly recommend you read this article a couple of times to take in his thoughts.


Click Here For Comments About Father Longenecker's View Of Ecumenism


Mary Kochan On The US Bishops Use Of The Word Disappointing In Context To Their Statement On President Obama's Lifting Of The Pro Life Mexico City Protocal Set By President Bush Mary parses the semantics of the USCCB statement toward President Obama and comes up with her own words. It would be well worth your time to read this article.


Click Here For Comments About Mary Kochan's Article


Michael Steele Becomes First African American Republican National Chairman. Steele Spent Three Years In The Seminary With The Augustinians In Preparation For The Priesthood, Before He Realized He Wasn't Called To Be A Priest


Deal Hudson Talks Favorably About Michael Steele. Hudson Reflects On A Stirring Pro Life Talk Steele Gave To The US Bishops Some Years Ago On The Need To Be More Pro Active In The Fight For Life. Steele Seemed  To Subtly Direct His Words To Then Head Of The US Bishops Wilton Gregory  Michael Steele becomes the first African American Republican Chairman. Because of the Republican'a WASP past, it wasn't all that long ago that a Catholic GOP Chairman would have been a big deal. However, times certainly have changed and many of the nation's elites are now Democrats. When writing my book three years ago, I made mention of Steele as a little known Catholic politician who reflected the Church's Social teachings, more than most elected officials. In the second link, Deal Hudson reflects on a speech Michael Steele made to some US bishops a while back. Some in the Catholic world had questioned Michael Steele's pro life bona fides. He certainly passes the test according to Deal Hudson. I have always thought of Michael Steele as one of the most effectice spokesmans I have seen for the conservative cause. Thanks to Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia for the second link.


Click Here For Comments About Michael Steele



January 30, 2009


Archbishop Burke Criticizes Some US Bishops, Calls Some Out & States They Are To Blame For The Election Of Pro Abortion Politicians God Bless Archbishop Burke, he certainly has some spiritual courage. Just as most of the readers of this site relish his words, one can only imagine the gnashing of teeth over at The National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal and Vox Nova, the unholy alliance of the Catholic Left.


Click Here For Comments About Archbishop Burke Rebukes Some US Bishops


Cardinal Mahony Under Federal Investigation For Alleged Role In Shifting Around Priests Involved In The Abuse Scandal  Well this could go in a lot of directions. Many people believe he knowingly moved around abusive priests. I would venture to say that if he were forced to step down, there would be few tears in the world of Catholic orthodoxy. However, the mianstream media would paint all of the bishops with the same brush instead of looking at the facts which state the overwhelming majority of bishops who shuffled around abusers were liberal prelates. We shall soon see what this all entails. However, we should certainly pray for all involved in this dark chapter of our history.


Click Here For Comments About Cardinal Mahony Under Federal Investigation


Father Zuhlsdorf Gives His Analysis On The Report That The Holy See Will Soon Welcome Home Traditional Anglicans  Good news just keeps coming on the unity front, We should all relish and weclome such news. Naturally, it hasn't happened yet but it does look hopeful. While this has certainly been a good week for unity, something tells me that the folks at the National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal and Vox Nova, the unholy alliance of liberal Catholicism aren't quite seeing it this way. I am sure it has been a terrible week for them.


Click Here For Comments About Father Zuhlsdof's Analysis On Tradtional Anglicans To Be Welcomed Home To Rome


NBC Rejects Pro Life Super Bowl Ad Submitted By Catholic Vote  I received an e-mail from these faithful folks at Fidelis telling me of this sad development. God Bless them for trying. At least by trying to get the commercial shown during the Super Bowl, they have made great progress.


Click Here For Comments About NBC Rejects Pro Life Super Bowl Ad


Israeli Jews Welcome Pope Benedict's Words, Ties Will Not Be Severed As Some Reports Suggested  Thankfully it seems our friends in the Jewish world saw what the Holy Father really said in relation to the lifting of the excommunication on the SSPX. The mainstream media certainly tried to do their part in causing the initial uproar. However, the truth has now come out.


Click Here For Comments About Israeli Jews Welcome Pope Benedict's Words


Father Zakaria Botros On The Sexual Proclamations Of Muhammad  You can read this and be your own judge of this Coptic priest's article. This is part three of Father Botros' articles. I have no idea how many more are coming. Keep in mind that Father Botros only uses Islamic sources for his articles. He's not sourcing angry Christian writers, but Islamic sources and most often the words of Muhammad himself.


Click Here For Comments About Father Zakaria Botros' Article


David Bennett On Faith & Football & Why Athletes & Coaches Seem Far Less Hostile To Religion As Compared To  Academia  You just don't find too many athelets and coaches bad mouthing religion. I think this is in large measure to the fact that the score is the score. All too often in the intellectual world, there is much gripping about fairness and equality. The rules are the same for all in sports, each athlete is measured by the scoreboard and the sportsmanship displayed.  There are no bailouts or any bonuses for gracing the world with your presence as is in some professions. It is all about who your are and the effort you bring.


Click Here For Comments About Faith & Football



January 29, 2009


Breaking News Reports Surface That Traditional Anglicans To Be Offered Personal Prelature In The Catholic Church, Statement Said To Be Coming After Easter. Announcement Could Be Made Around The Time Of Cardinal Newman's Canonization. This Announcement Could Lead To A Mass Exodus From The Anglican Church  Well this would certainly be in the category of landmark development. We should be cautious about this report but then again hgih level names are quoted and the lifting of the SSPX excommunication was also greeted with a certain amount of skepticism. This could really push the envelope for orthodox minded Christian unity. It could also be the death knell of liberal Christianity. Damian Thompson has picked up the story though Canon Kendall Harmon ( South Carolina Anglican) remains skeptical. Congratulations to Tito Edwards for breaking the story in the US.


Click Here For Comments About Traditional Anglicans Coming Home To Rome


Pope Benedict, During His Wednesday General Audience,  Reflects On St Paul Reminds The Faithful Of The Great Gift Of Sacred Scripture & Sacred Tradition, Says We Should Reflect On Them More Than Just Historical Curiosities 


At His Wednesday General Audience Pope Benedict Discusses The Lifting Of The Excommunication Of The Lefebvrists (SSPX) Reaffirms His Pledge To Work With The Jewish Community & Also Expresses His Best Wishes To Patriarch Elect Kirill Of The Russian Orthodox Church


Father Zuhlsdorf Examines The Words Of Elie Wiesel Who Lashed Out Against Pope Benedict


Father Zuhlsdorf Examines The Words Of The Holy Father At His Wednesday General Audience  Lots to cover from the Holy Father's Wednesday General Audience. In a moving address, Pope Benedict recounts the evils of the Holocaust and once again proclaims his unity with the Jewish people of the world, especially with those in the Middle East. Sadly the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem broke off ties with the Holy See over the rantings of Bishop Williamson. It is intersting to note that Archbishop Lefebre's father was killed by the Nazis, because of his work with the French Resistance. I wish the mainstream media media would have accurately reported the story concerning the fact that Bishop Williamson is not a bishop in the Church. He is not allowed to perform any clerical duties.  Perhaps all of this could have been avoided. Elie Weisel should have known better than to release a statement like this one. Unity brings about pain and temporary division before all can be whole again. Perhaps that is the lesson for the day. Beneath the negative media headlines we see hope in many areas, least of which is the election or Metropolitan Kirill as the next Patricarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, a strong supporter of better relations with the Holy See.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Wednesday General Audience Remarks Touches On Lifting Of SSPX Excommunication & The New Russian Patriarch


"Half Of The Elected Catholic Officials In Washington Bailed Out On Their Faith," Says Bishop Hermann (Administrator For The Archdiocese Of Saint Louis) Blunt words coming from Bishop Hermann. Wow with tough talk like that, wouldn't it be great if were named permanent Archbishop for the St Louis flock? His striking words are truthful and to the point, a fact which is probably getting under the skin of the Cafeteria Catholics. It sounds like the good bishop is ably filling the shoes of Archbishop Burke.


Click Here For Comments About Bishop Hermann's Remarks


Bolivian Church Upset That Once Again President Evo Morales Has Decided To Attack The Church This Time At The Conclusion Of The Latest Election These Castro proteges (Chavez, Morales etc) all sing from the same militant secularist hymnal. You can see their strategy coming miles away. They hate anything that won't permit them to have absolute power which is really all about their anger toward God. However,  the Church is His extension on earth so these despots take it out on the Church.


Click Here For Comments About Bolivian President Evo Morales


Doug Kmeic States Why He Believes He's Still In The Running For Ambassador To The Vatican  This is really becoming more bizarre by the day. I hope Professor Kmeic is merely suffering delusions of granduer and doesn't know something that we don't, for if he were to be selected as Ambassador to the Vatican, it would set off a political firestorm.


Click Here For Comments About Doug Kmeic Thinks He's Still In The Running For Ambassador To The Vatican


New York Times Article On Catholic Education & The Financial Pitfalls Parents & Dioceses Face  A rather in depth article from the Times. The cost of Catholic education is growing and growing and yet there are some remarkable stories of success both visible and invisible to the naked eye.


Click Here For Comments About NY Times Article On Catholic Education


Another Mega Church (Crystal Cathedral) Lays Off Clergy & Staff After Drop In Church Attendance  When times are good, many well intentioned folks head to a religious place that makes them feel good. However, in the storms of life the truly faithful want to take shelter at a safer port, one that has stood the test of time. The serious minded often make their way to us while those who attend Good Time Charlie Churches feel let down by God and often go over in the corner and sulk. Prayers are needed for everyone, whatever their level of seriousness. Thanks to Spirit Daily for the link.


Click Here For Comments About Crystal Cathedral Lays Off Clergy & Staff


Washingtom Times Profile On A DC Area Nun Who Is Also A US Army Captain & Physician. She Now Tends To The Needs Of The City's Poor After Doing The Same For Those In Afghanistan  Another sign that the tide is turning. The story of this very talented nun should be told in every newspaper and every parish. She is helping so many people and doesn't let her ego get in the way. She is orthodox as they come. A lesson for us all.


Click Here For  Comments About Washington Times Profile On DC Area Nun



January 28, 2009


Vatican Daily Newspaper Explains Reasoning Behind The Lifting Of The Excommunication Against The Lefebvrists (SSPX)


In Newsweek Magazine George Weigel Examines The Roots Of The Lefebvrist Movement Which Goes Back To The French Revolution, Through The Vichy Era & The Cultural Uprising Of 1968. Weigel Also Looks At What The Lifting Of The Excommunication Means For The Greater Church


Father Zuhlsdorf Gives A Positive Spin On The Weigel Article (Yet Read His Comments Section & You Will Find Some Of His Readers In Strong Disagreement With Him & Weigel)


Head Of The SSPX Bishop Fellay Apologizes To Pope Benedict & All Catholics For The Remarks Of Bishop Williamson, Forbids Bishop Williamson From Speaking On Matters Of Politics & Culture


Vatican Makes Clear That Just Because Excommunication Was Lifted On Bishop Williamson (& The Entire Lefebvrist Movement) Doesn't Mean The Holy See Endorses Any Of The English Bishop's Nutty Ideas Of Culture & HistoryAnyone who wants to understand the roots of the Lefebvrist Movement (SSPX) needs to read this excellent article from George Weigel who delves into the long history of France's battle with militant secularists. Weigel notes from out of this maelstrom comes a small but vocal band of very conservatiev Frenchman. Weigel wonders if the more militant members of SSPX will ever be able to reconcile with with Vatican II because modernity has left such a bad taste in their mouths. We can hope and pray that those who would ally themselves with Bishop Williamson are few and far between. The first and final link makes clear of the Holy See's revulsion at the bizarre comments about culture and history that spewed out of the mouth of Bishop Williamson. Keep in mind Bishop Williamson is a convert from Anglicanism. He came into the Church in the 1970s. I very much doubt he will ever see a clerical role in the Church again, If you really want to read something fascinating check out Father Zuhlsdorf's analysis of the Weigel article. Even more fascinating than that is the way some of the commentors vent at Weigel and even Father for his analysis. It is a fascinating look at the break between Catholic orthodoxy/conservatism vs. the very traditional religious and political views so popular in the SSPX camp. The fourth link (in German) is an apology from Bishop Fellay to Pope Benedict and all Catholics concerning the remarks of Bishop Williamson. The fifth link concerns the Vatican stating that Bishop Williamson's remarks are outrageous and in fact he is not a bishop in the Church.


Click Here For Comments About These Links On The Latest Developments With Pope Benedict Lifitng The Excommunication On The Lefebvrists (SSPX)


Metropolitan Kirill Of Smolensk & Kalinagrad Elected Patriarch Of The Russian Orthodox Church, Said To Have Warm Relations With The Holy See  Well this is good news. The Ponticiate of Pope Benedict XVI is practically based on unity. We see this in olive branch the Holy Father has reached out to liturgical minded Christians such as Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists etc. We see in the attempt to bring traditionalist elements of the faith like the Lefebvrist back into Full Communion with Rome. We see a very strong example of this in the Holy Father's attempt to reach out to the Orthodox world. We saw it in Constantinople and in his desire to visit Russia. Perhaps with Metropolitan Kirill's election, a visit to Moscow might be in the offing. Patriarch Elect Kirill is seen as staunch adherent to orthodoxy holding the line against secular forces in Russia. He succeeds Patriarch Alexy II who died in December and who is credited for steering Russia through her break with Communism. He was electecd Patriarch in 1990.


Click Here For Comments About Metropolitan Kirill Elected Russian Orthodox Patriarach


In Christianity Today Chuck Colson Discusses The Future Of Catholics & Evangelicals Coming Together Movment In Light Of The Death Of Father Neuhaus Interesting interview with Chuck Colson who has some interesting insights about the early days of the movement as  well as the ladder. There is some hint of topics that were being discussed right before Father Neuahus became seriously ill with Mary being one of them. This makes for intersting reading.


Click Here For Comments About Chuck Colson Interview On Catholics & Evangelicals Coming Together In Light Of The Death Of Father Neuhaus


Bishop Vigneron, Who Takes Over From Cardinal Maida Is To Become Detroit's Archbishop In Record Time   One by one bishops in the US are being quickly named to fill vacancies. This one seems to have been done in record time.  Despite having had the influence of Auxiliary Bishop Gumbleton, Detroit is home to some very faithful enclaves of orthodox minded Catholics. They will be glad to see somelike Archbishop Vigernon being installed.


Click Here For Comments About Detroit's New Archbishop


Charleston, South Carolina Gets A New Bishop  South Carolina is one of the vacancies that has been open for some time. Now the faithful in th Palmetto state have their bishop. Please keep all of these prelates in your prayers. The Holy Father is taking some time to fill all of these vacancies that have been piling up since the latter days of Pope John Paul II's pontificate. Pope Benedict wants to make sure the Papal Nuncio in each country has the right person in mind to fill each vacancy.


Click Here For Comments About Charleston, South Carolina's New Bishop


Does President Obama Carry A Miraculous Medal? Having a Miraculous Medal doesn't mean that one will be transformed but it does at least hold the hope that hearts and minds can be changed. Thank God there are people praying everyday that God would send President Obama someone who would show him another way. As I said during the primary campaign, I very much doubt that in his liberal uprbringing he was ever exposed to an orthodox view of Christiantiy or society in general. I hope and pray that the President will experience a conversion of the heart toward pro-life issues much like Saint Paul experienced a conversion of life itself.


Click Here For Comments About President Obama Carries Miraculous Medal?


In The Arabian Peninsula, Abu Dhabi Sees Their Second Snowfall In Recorded History  Those of us who have gotten our fair share of snow shoveling workouts in the last few weeks aren't surprised by event such as this one. I have stated the following until I am blue in the face. We have had hot and cold periods in World History long before the Industrial Revolution spewed chemicals into the air. Check this link which explains that because of warm weather, in the early 1300s, crops were being grown as far as the northern reaches of the British isles. However, by the mid 1300s the climate had changed so drastically that Londoners could walk across the ice filled Thames River. In addition, snow could be seen on Ethiopian mountains year round.


Click Here For Comments About Abu Dhavi Sees Second Snow In Recorded History



January 27, 2009


Pope Benedict's Itinerary For March Trip To Africa Taking Shape  Let us already start praying for the Holy Father's March trip to Africa where he will make stops in Cameroon and Angola. The African continent is the most faithful of all continents to the Church's teachings.  There will be a great amount of scrutiny for the Holy Father concerning this trip, if it goes well don't expect to hear much about if from the mainstream media whose mantra about the Holy Father appears to be, "Good news is no news."


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's African Itinerary Announced


Let Your Voice Supporting Life Be Heard, Says Archbishop Chaput   Archbishop Chaput is summoning the faithful to raise their voices for life and for the Church's teachings. It is something that many of us have already done in various ways. Recently at my parish volunteers were assisting parishioners in filling out postcards to be sent to our elected officials in Washington surrounding the FOCA Bill (Freedom of Choice Act.) It was heartening to see so many people wait in line after Mass to fill out these cards. Another small example of what Archbishop Chaput had in mind.


Click Here For Comments About Archbishop Chaput's Statement


With Regard To Pope Benedict Lifting Excommunication Against The Lefebvrists, The Catholic Left Now Claims To Be Supporting The Memory Of Pope John Paul II?


Amy Welborn Takes A Look At The PR Surrounding The Lifting Of Excommunication Against The Lefebvrist (SSPX)  These two links give us some very interesting insights concerning this lifting of the  excommunication against the Lefebvrists. By the way, thanks to Tito Edwards over at Cvstos Fidei for the first link. Amy has a good point in that the Public Relations could have been handled better. However, this is the Church we are talking about and not the well worn PR machine of an American Political Campaign. Would it be great to have someone like Father Zuhlsdof advising the Holy Father on these PR matters? Yes, that would be a good thing. However, even with a well oiled PR machine the mainstream media, especially the gang at Reuters and the BBC, would be all over the Holy See, even more so if they had PR experts. The first link shows the utter lack of shame the Catholic Left often exhibits by claiming they are defending Pope John Paul II when they had little trouble backstabbing the Polish pontiff when he was alive. As I have said before, mistakes were certainly made but this is no time to get wobbly (to quote Margaret Thatcher.) The Holy Father needs our support and prayers and the Successor to Saint Peter ceratinly knows the ins and outs of the Vatican along with who he can trust and who he can't. One final thing; doesn't it amaze you that the Catholic Left gets all worked up over a whacko SSPX bishop (Williamson) who will never be a bishop in the Church. You would think he was about to be a cardinal. Yet, those on the left know the truth and still ferment upheaval. Judging from their reaction, you would think their favorite clergy is more orthodox than the Holy Father!


Click Here For Comments About These Two Posts On The Lifting Of Excommunication On The Lefebvrists (SSPX)


The Faithful In Lebanon Outraged By Rosaries Depicting Images Of Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah  This is how dhimmitude works, slowly but surely the forces of evil dilute the rights of people so much so that they compromise and blaspheme the One True Faith, which is a subtle form of apostacy. Thankfully, the faithful in Lebanon have survived this sort of onslaught since the 7th Century. Keep them in your prayers.


Click Here For Comments About The Faithful In Lebanon Outraged By Hassan Nasrallah Rosaries


10% Of US Congress Are Graduates Of Jesuit Institutions Had this been 50 years ago, this might have been a welcomed development. However, considering a lot of these Catholic and non-Catholic elected officials were educated at Georgetown, Boston College, Marquette and DePaul, we can only say Lord Have Mercy. Keep them and those institutions of higher learning in your prayers.


Click Here For Comments About 10% Of Congress Graduated From Jesuit Institutions


Michael Dubruiel Shares A Powerful Religious Experience He Had While Stationed With The US Army In Turkey  Michael shares a very powerful religious experience that happened to him while stationed with the US Army in Turkey. I think God gives us all thes sorts of experiences in life. The question is what do we do with them.


Click Here For Comments About Michael Dubruiel's Post


Bizarre Celebrity Pledge To Support President Obama At All Costs Pulled From Youtube But Still Available Here These sorts of creepy pledges have all the hallmarks of taking on a religion of their own, which is in a way what happens to a celebrity society that has little use for religion. They merely worship something else whether it be a politican, a health regiment, the latest meditation fad etc.


Click Here For Comments About Celebrity Pledge To Support President Obama



January 26, 2009


On The Feast Of Saint Paul's Conversion, Pope Benedict Reflects On His Mystical Conversion. The Holy Father Also Greets The Faithful In Asia Wishing Chinese Catholic A Happy New Year  The Holy Father reflects on the amazing events that gave the Early Church her greatest evangelist. One never knows when they will be called, sometimes quite unexpectedly to preach the Gospel. The question is how will we respond?


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Reflections On The Conversion Of Saint Paul


John Allen Delves Further Into The Lifting Of The Excommincation Ban On The SSPX, Says Move Will Raise The Ire Of Liberal Catholics, Jews & Secularists Who Will View This As A Turning Away From Vatican II


Damian Thompson Reports On The Media Backlash To The Lifting Of The Excommunication On The SSPX


Father Zuhlsdorf Explains What The Lifting Of The Excommunication Means To The Average Practicing Catholic


Reuters Headline Reads "Pope Rehabilitates Holocaust Denier"   Here are a few links concerning the Holy Father lifting the Excommunication on the SSPX. These four links cover the spectrum from Father Zuhlsdorf's helpful explanation to John Allen's theological and political analysis of the Holy Father's bold and courageous move. From there we have Damian Thompason's media analysis as well as the usual ignorant rantings of a few in the mainstream media who can't help but have a ridiculously uninformed headline about the situation.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict Lifts Excommunication Of The SSPX


Iraqi Bishops Ask Pope Benedict For Prayers & Protection From Jihadists


Iraqi Bishops Present Pope Benedict With Vestments Worn By Martyred Archbishop Rahho & Father Ragheed  Prayers are still very much needed for the faithful in Iraq. Critics of the US led invasion state this is a repercussion of the invasion, the unleashing of jihadists. However, supporters of the invasion will point to a democratic system slowly taking place all the while the jihadists do everthing in their power to bring it down, including inciting ethnic violence. The jihadists have been around for 1,400 years. Yet for some strange reason it is only when some try to help those in need that some notice the plight of the Christians.


Click Here For Comments About Iraqi Bishops Meet With Pope Benedict Plead For Help From Jihadists


Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi Says Contraceptive Expenditures In The Stimulus Bill Are Very Much Needed 


Matt Drudge Gives His Own (Rare) Commentary On The Mind Boggling Statements Of Speaker Pelosi I think it might have been Rush Limbaugh who said he could never be quite sure if these sorts of silly and embarrasing statements spouted by Speaker Pelosi really showed her ignorance or it was an ingenuous attempt by her to throw everybody off her real modus oparendi.  I don't confess to know either, but think about the irony of the above link. Speaker Pelosi is quick to remind everyone that she is a "faithful Catholic mother." Yet, the Jewish Matt Drudge raised by liberal parents who were Kennedy Democrats (his mother worked for Sen Ted Kennedy) sounds more Catholic than the Speaker!


Click Here For Comments About Speaker Pelosi's View On Spending For Contraceptives Being Necessary For The Stimulus Bill


 Father Zuhlsdorf Dissects A Botched Cleveland Plain Dealer Article On The Latin Mass  Yes these are these same folks who are shaping minds, not only about social mores but the Catholic Church as well. Father Zuhlsdorf takes apart this article to seperate the truth from the fiction and there is a lot to seperate. Sadly, this isn't some sort of college student newspaper but the Cleveland Plain Dealer, one of America's largest.


Click Here For Comments About Father Zuhlsdorf Takes Apart Cleveland Plain Dealer Story On The Latin Mass


Pope Benedict Gives Improvised Address On The Importance Of The Mariazell Shrine Not Only To The Faithful But To The Greater Christian Identity Of Europe


Link To One Of Europe's Holiest Shrines Honoring The Blessed Mother. Shrine Home To Many Miraculous Healings  For such an important site to the Faith, far to little is known about it. The faithful in Europe who are aware of it come in droves which shows the power of Mariazell because obviously with Lourdes, Fatima etc Europe has many holy places. The Holy Father gives an impromptu address on the site which is were he shines the most, when his remarks come off the cuff from his brilliant mind and joyous heart.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict & Mariazell



January 25, 2009


Vatican Spokesman Father Lombardi Summarizes Lifting Of Excommunication On Lefebvrist Followers (SSPX.)  Father Lombardi Reminds The Press That This Is The First Step In A Long Process, Also Reminds Press That Lifting Of Excommuication Doesn't Mean Pontiff Agrees With Any Weird Statements Any Particular SSPX Member Has Made


Damian Thompson Says "Pope Benedict Is Taking A Huge Risk In Allowing The SSPX Back Into The Church"


Father Zuhlsdorf Gives Some More Analysis To The Excommincation Ban On The Lebfvrist (SSPX) Being Lifted  Barely 24 hours after the historic announcement was made and we are already having some interesting commentary on the subject. As I said yesterday, this is the boldest thing that Pope Benedict has done and he will surely catch the wrath of the religious and secular left.  Naturally the left (both inside and outside the Church) will see this as a vehicle to attack Pope Benedict XVI and the direction of the Church in general. As was noted yesterday, the lifting of he excommunication order doesn't mean everything was as it was before 1988. Clergy of the SSPX cannot administer the sacraments and the four SSPX bishops are not in union with their brother bishops. This will all take time, but what won't take time is the misinformation and howls of protests coming from the political and religious left. Like the Regensburg Address given some 30 months ago, a few Catholic commentors even those who are orthodox and sympathetic to the Holy Father, seem to be getting a little wobbly (as Margaret Thatcher would say) over the lifting of the SSPX's excommunication. The Holy Father knows what he is doing, never forget it. Please keep all involved in your prayers.


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Vatican Releases A Statement Critical Of President Obama Relinquishing President Bush's Mexico City Policy, Statement Discusses Arrogance Of Power On Who Lives & Who Doesn't Strong words coming from the Holy See regarding President Obama's expected move to nix President Bush's Mexico City reversal of President Clinton's decision. I still can't get over the hubris of President Obama (then President Elect Obama) telling Pope Benedict that they would have to agree to disagree on abortion, as if abortion was some sort of budget bill where folks could get a little testy but no one would lose any sleep over it. Treating human beings as some sort of ear mark or claiming the answer to when life begins is above one's pay grade will certainly weigh on one's conscience the older one gets.


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West Coast Walk For Life Has Largest Turnout Ever  Thank God the voices of the faithful aren't being drown out by the Dictatorship of Relativism. While the left still basks in their election victory and perceieved see change toward a more socially liberal society, the faithful continue to show the world that Truth cannot be forgotten or trivialized.


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Mary Eberstadt Wonders Why Archbishop Wuerl Was Among Those Attending The National Prayer Meeting At The Episcopal National Cathedral. She Asks Why The Archbishop Was In Attendance With Such Liberal Clergy Members Who Support Abortion & New Age Thought This is always a tough one. Jesus did sit down and eat with sinners but when he left they knew exactly where he stood and where they should as well. All too often, some in the clergy like to hob knob and mingle with the glitterati of their area. It can be a powerful pull, especially in a town like Washington DC. Keep Archbishop Wuerl in your prayers. I watched part of this on C Span in between a couple of basketball games yesterday. I don't know how the Archbishop could take some of it.


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In The Asian Times The Mysterious Spengler On Oxybarama Whoever this mysterious Spengler is one can certainly see that his arguments are thought provoking, even if one is somewhat smitten with the President.  I would suggest that our friends on the left at least try to see the point Spengler is making even if they vehemently disagree with his articles.


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Greek Orthodox Priest Who Adhered To Chicago Cubs Ownership's Request That He Bless Cursed Wrigly Field, Now Mocked By Owners. Father Says The Ownership Throw Me Under The Bus After I Did What They Asked Of Me  Goodness this Orthodox priest tried to be pastoral and fulfill a request and now he is being treated as some sort of spiritual odd ball. He was completely humiliated and thrown under the proverbial bus when word leaked out and the press coverage wasn't exactly flattering concerning him.


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Aimee Cooper (Formerly Milburn) To Teach Classes At Pope John Paul II Center In Denver  Always nice to read of another blogger's success. Catholic Report readers in the Denver area would do well to check out one of Aimee's classes. It is also nice to hear good news about one of our own readers. Let's keep Aimee in our prayers.


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January 24, 2009


Breaking News  Pope Benedict Lifts Excommunication On The Lefebvrist Movement (SSPX)


Father Zuhlsdorf Gives His Analysis To The Excommunication Being Lifted  Usually once the rumors surface it takes a while before they come to fruition. However, this moved through in record fashion. Like the previous Pope Benedict (XV who was pontiff during WWI) this pope is all about reconcilation and forgiveness. Brace yourselves for a chorus of protest from the left for they well know that there are hundreds of young men studying for the priesthood around the world who belong to this movement. While there certainly are some very odd conspiracy theory oriented folks who are part of this group, we need to pray that they have a change of heart. The SSPX is not a group simply made up of crotchety old men and woman as liberals would have us believe. There are many young men and women in the group, who often are more open to discerning a vocation as compared to other young people their age . One last thing for today, keep in mind that these priests and bishops are still suspended. The four bishops are not at this moment part of the hierarchy. This will all take time to work out. However, a major step toward reconciliation has been taken.  One things is for sure, this is the boldest thing the Holy Father has done since becoming pontiff. In this new liberal era we are entering, he is bound to be attacked by the left who will take the whackiest quote on Jews or women made by some member of the SSPX and turn it into Pope Benedict legitimizing their comments. Prayers are needed for our courageous Holy Father. The whacky left is all about reconciliation unless it involves reconciling with whacky conservatives. More on this breaking news tomorrow.


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President Obama Reverses Mexico City Provisions Outlawing Abortion Funding Outside The US 


Cardinal Rigali Reacts To President Obama's Decision  Well we knew it was going to happen. Sadly, it was just a matter of time. Usually unpopular decisions or ones the White House wants to shove under the rug are released on late Friday afternoons and evenings. Obviosuly this shows that this law's reversal isn't as popular as they thought otherwise President Obama would have held a news conference proudly announcing his decision. Cardinal Rigali released a statement annoucing that he and his brother bishops were profoundly saddened by the decision. This followed a letter Cardinal George wrote to then President Elect Obama. There is always a price one pays in dealing with the dark side of human nature and hob knobing with the pro abortion crowd means you release this type of info as late as you can on a Friday afternoon or evening. Very sad, prayers are earnestly needed.


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Pope Benedict Tells Family Conference In Mexico (Via Video) To Continue Fighting For Family Values What a segue from the above story to this one, in which we talk about family and the one above where families are extinguished. The conference wrapped up a few days ago but I believe it is important to take in the message of the Holy Father. Slowly but surely the family is being squeezed by a multitude of forces. Just check you local paper and see how many children are born to unwed mothers, it is truly astounding. As we pray for the unborn, please keep the family in your prayers as well.


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Vatican Youtube Channel Up & Running, Launched Late Yesterday  Every little bit of communication options helps in preaching the Gospel. Folks who otherwise may have little interest in happenings at the Holy See now have an opportunity to broaden their spiritual horizons.


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Rich Leonardi Reports From The March For Life, Tells Of The Largest Crowd In Years, The Large Cincinnati Contingent & The Total Absense Of The Mainstream Media Rich gives us a first hand report from the nation's capitol. It is quite interesting, hopeful and frustrating all in the same breath. It is hopeful because of the size of the crowd, yet frustrating because it didn't make nearly the coverage in the mainstream media that a rally that size would have made had it come from a perceived left wing cause.


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A Brief History Of The Problems Facing The Turkish Faithful  Goodness when you read something like this in a short article it becomes even more sobering than had you read it in a larger essay or book. This is what the faithful have to put up with in the most enlightened of Islamic countries. Can you imagine what they have to put up with in Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? God Bless them all, the Christians in those countries truly live out their faith. We could learn a lot from them.


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Father Longenecker On Sleep Walking Into Atheism  Our western society is in a moral funk. Western European society is even worse off than that. Sadly as times goes by, conscious thought becomes automatic and far too many people just dismiss the idea of faith. Therefore, it is as if we have put our bodies on automatic pilot which is really sleep walking, in far too many cases many people are sleep walking toward atheism.


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In The Australian David Burchell's Article On American Literary Elites Stunned By Their Own Creation  The movers and shakers of American liberal thought are so proud of themselves they can barely contain their exhuberance. Whether they realize it or not, they are walking a path toward their own destruction.  Eventually the public wants to hold someone accountable when their anything goes culture begins to come apart at the seams.


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Michael Brown On The Loving Presence Of Angels & Loved Ones Felt During Times Of Crisis Michael Brown tells of the presense of loved ones and angels during our times of crisis. These articles are certainly ones to ponder when we think we are at wit and faith's end. Remember however bad it gets, we always have folks praying for us. I remember hearing Father Corapi speak to the fact that when he hit the depths of depravity he had no idea that besides his mother he had many monks and nuns praying for him in convents and monastaries who he had never met, but yet whose charge it was to pray for those who thought they were not redeemable.


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January 23, 2009


Washington Times Article On The March For Life, Paper Estimates About 250,000 Attended. Some Marchers Heard Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Sambri Deliver An Address Written By Pope Benedict Thanking Them For Their Attendance


Catholic News Report On March For Life In Washington DC


Report Surfaces Of Phone Call Between Pope Benedict & Then President Elect Obama, Though Cordial In Tone The Incoming President Told Pope Benedict That They Would Have To Agree To Disagree On Abortion 


A Message From Archbishop Burke Concerning Roe v Wade  I watched some of the March for Life coverage on EWTN. I waited for the coverage on the cable news networks, coverage which never came. They were more interested in broadcasting President Obama's impromptu address, with Sec of State Clinton in tow, to the awe struck employess of the State Department. God help us on all accounts. Many marchers who EWTN spoke with felt the March was bigger than in years past, precisely because of the election. Yet, for some strange reason the USCCB's Catholic News article indicated that only 100,000 were in attendance. One thing is for certain, the pro life movement is alive and well and especially so among the young. One final note; it has become abundantly clear that without the Catholic Church the pro life movement would be a shell of itself. Anyone who watched the March for Life couldn't escape that conclusion. It is up to us as appearently Obama Mania has casued mega church attendance to tank faster than Citi Bank Stock. We started the pro life movement in this country and in the Roman Empire and it looks like it is up to us to finish the job.


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SSPX To Be Welcomed Back? Reports Surface That Soon Pope Benedict Will Lift Excommunication Of The Traditionalist Lefevbrist Group  Well this is going to get very interesting. There have been talks for months as the Holy Father has made it a point to reconcile with the followers of Archbishop Lefebre who broke away from the Church in 1988. Many on both sides want to see this happen though there are some like Bishop Williamson of the SSPX who is trying everything in his power to prevent this from happening because of the truly bizarre and shocking comments he has made of late.  He may either be kicked out or chose not to enter in Communion with the Church because of these remarks. Let us pray for reconciliation. We are going to need it in the current political climate.


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Archbishop Jadot Passes Away At Age 99, Former Apostolic Delegate  To The US Helped Pope Paul VI Appoint Many Liberal Oriented Bishops In The 1970s. Author John Dick's Obituary On The National Catholic Reporter Site Reveals A Rebellion That Nearly Occurred From More Orthodox Bishops Who Told Pope Paul VI That Archbishop Jadot Was Damaging The American Church  Prayers are of course in order for this Belgian Archbishop who played a key role in the 1970s American Church. Well this is going to get very interesting. It seems this author has mountains of information that those on the left would rather not be discussed. Some bishops, you probably know who they are still remain from the Jadot era.  All Father Zuhlsdorf would say was that he has gone to his judgement, pray for him.  Thanks to Catholic Report Reader Will for sending me this link.


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Der Spiegel's Gabor Steingart Says United States Getting Her Groove Back (Since Der Spiegel Is A Favored Publication Of The German Democratic Socialist SPD Party; Official Translation We Are Surrendering What Made Us Great Therefore The United States Is Getting Her Groove Back)


Liberal Catholic Washington Post Columnist E J Dionne Says Obama Administration Quietly Dismantling The Reagan Revolution Goodness does this mean that we will be loved because we can be pushed around and shown little respect? E J Dionne is poster boy of the old Catholic Left, perhaps the intellectual EJ might want to ponder why no young people are buying into his liberal Catholic message. The young are either conservative or feel they don't need the Church at all.


Click Here For Liberals In The US & Beyond Can't Get Enough Of President Obama, Seems To Think The Reagan Era Was The Bad Old USA


Albany's Bishop Hubbard On Why He Has To Close So Many Churches The faithful of upstate New York have been through more than anyone should concerning lack of spiritual leadership. Yet that same leadership wonders why no one comes to Mass or attends their schools. There are other locations in the country, who like upsate New York who have suffered economic setbacks, yet they aren't closing churches or wondering why their seminaries are empty. If you preach it and teach it they will come, if you don't they most certainly won't. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link.


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A Humorous Post, Father Zuhlsdorf Links To A Site That Parodies The Infamous Inaugural Poem ( We Could All Use A Good Laugh) It is has been a tough week for the orthodox minded faithful. Here is a little humor to help put a smile on your face. Father Z links to a site that parodies the infamous Inaugural poem. I hope you enjoy it.


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January 22, 2009


On Catholic Online, Why The March For Life Is More Important Than Ever As The United States Marks The 36 Anniversary Of That Faithful Day When Roe v Wade Was Announced


President Obama Reverses President Bush's Decision On The Mexico City Accord Which Prevented The US From  Exporting Anti-Life Policies To Other Nations


President Obama's Position On Abortion Unveiled On The White House Website One Minute After Taking Office


Judge Bork Says Terrible Legal Decisions On The Horizon For Catholics, Decisions That Would Force Catholic Institutions To Go Against Their Beliefs


Dr Bernard Childress On How Do End Black Genocide?


We Shall Not Weary, We Shall Not Rest Said Father Neuhaus To The National Right To Life Committee In July 2008 The above series of posts cover the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade. Many of the links are depressing and sobering. However the late Father Neuhaus gives us cause and hope for a better day, a day that can only be realized if we don't dispair, if we don't give up hope. Otherwise, the world will be one step closer to Sodom & Gomorrah and or the barbarity that was seen in Rome's heyday.


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Vatican's Nunciature (Embassy) Attacked In Venezuela While Hugo Chavez's Security Forces Look On Having Chavez's thugs  guard anything that relates to the Church is akin to letting the prisoners run the prison. It is just that mind boggling. The faithful in Venezuela need our prayers, now more than ever.


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H.W. Crocker's What So Great About Catholicism. The Author Of Triumph One Of The Greatest History's Of The Church I Have Ever Read Lists Ten Things (Warning This Might Drive Liberals Up The Wall)  H.W. Crocker's book Triumph is a masterpiece, an amazing one volume look at the Church's History. Naturally, anything he writes is going to draw my attention. What an excellent article to read on a day like today. One more thing, I have spoken with Mr Crocker and it is always nice to know that someone so talented is also so gracious. If you don't own Triumph, I would strongly suggest that you do.


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Deal Hudson Tells His Family's Adoption Story  In light of all the depressing news surrounding Roe v Wade, there's a personal heart warming story coming from Deal Hudson concerning adoption. The pro life community needs to be more outspoken on the joys of adoption. This is what we are fighting for and we need to make it clear that life is a beautiful choice.


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January 21, 2009


As President Barack Obama Is Sworn In As The 44th US President, Pope Benedict Sends A Cable Of Warm Wishes  As the largest crowds ever to gather for a presidential inaguration convened, Pope Benedict sent greetings of warm wishes for the new president. We need to pray for the new president. Perhaps even now God has sent someone close to President Obama to help him truly see the plight of the unborn as well as the liberal policies that will cause more hardship for this nation and the world. I have said on many occasions, I have no doubt that the new president would be a fun guy to be around, someone who was intelligent, funny and sports fan to boot. Let us pray for a coversion of the heart so the unborn and those born to single mothers will have the same chance that he did.


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Carol McKinley Shows The E-Mails She Sent To High Ranking Liberal Politicians In Exposing The Threats That Liberal Catholic Activist Eric McFadden Made To Her & Others


Eamon Matthew aka Eric McFadden Posts On The Catholic Report During The John Edwards Campaign When Campaign Staffer Amanda Marcotte Made Anti-Catholic Remarks & Senator Edwards Refused To Fire Her


Click Here For Eamon Matthew 25 Blogspot Which Is Eric McFadden's Site. This 2007 Post On Amanda Marcotte's Anti-Catholic Comments (Jonathan Edwards Campaign Worker) 


Here Is The Last Post Of Eamon Matthew aka Eric McFadden Announcing The Election Victory Of Barack Obama. The Post Was Made On Election Day


Eric McFadden aka Eamon Matthew Mocks Catholic Bloggers Including Me On This Commonweal Comment Box


Jay Anderson At Pro Ecclesia Outlines The Posts Of The Infamous "Eamon" On His Site  Where do I begin with this post. Something Jay Anderson said jogged my mind about a commentor who came after me on this site and others. It only took a few minutes and voila McFadden's ruse was exposed. The funny thing is Mcfadden gave me a high compliment putting my name along side some pretty prominent Catholics. Also, something tells me our liberal friends who posted comments on his site and others praising his words of wisdom wish they hadn't. This man and especially his family needs our prayers for the evil he perpetrated. Please keep in mind to pray hard for the victims of this man, the women who he helped with their prostitution trade are by and large women who were victims of abuse and drugs. What a sad story and to think some powers that be were warned and did nothing.


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Presiding Episcopal Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori Questions Catholic Teaching On Many Fronts Calls Catholic Teaching On Not Giving The Eucharist To All Christians "A Great Scandal"  The odd thing about the new liberal Aqe of Aquaris era we are entering is that it loosens up the liberal potentates, they have a certain relaxed manner about their speeech now. They are free to speeak off the cuff and when they do the absolute whackiest things come out. The presiding Episcopal Bishop trash talking Rome (and in extension the Holy Father) is like the Detroit Lions getting mouthy with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The whole thing is just too funny. Thanks to Mark Shea for this link. You might recall that Greg Griffith of Stand Firm a conservative Episcopal website was interviewed by me in 2006 at the Episcopal General Convention.


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At Per Christum, The Orthodox Religion's Myth Of The Five Patriarchs  This is quite a post. Often we here our Orthodox friends and even those in the Evangelical community speak of the Pope of Rome as simply one of the five patriarchs of the Early Church. In one post, that whole argument that the pontiff is simply one of five ancient patriarchs is disproven.


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Catholic Vote Launches Pro Life Commercial On BET During The Inauguration Coverage Showing How A Child Abandoned By His Father & Raised By A Single Mother Could Become The First African American President, All Because His Mother Chose Life  A very powerful commercial that in 30 or so seconds breaks it all down to life, what a beautiful choice. Let us pray that this commercial not only touches the televisions audience that watched it but the President who was the topic of it.


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January 20, 2009



Breaking News  Barack Obama Becomes The 44th President Of The United States, Eighteen Minute Speech Outlines The Changes He Will Seek & Ask Of Americans (Transcript Of The Speech)  It is official, Barack Obama has become the 44th President of the United States. His speech was 18 minutes in duration. It was not a soaring speech but a hopeful speech detailed in a more sober tone. It was nothing like the speeches of his various primary victories, but these are different times and he is now president. Of course, we have to keep in mind the temperature was in the 20s and wind chill was in the teens. Pastor Rick Warren mentioned Jesus in his speech and actually recited the Lord's Prayer, for that I salute him. The rest of his prayer sounded more like a  sermon but I am grateful for the mention of Jesus and the Our Father, for which I am sure he will be criticised by some on the left. As for the poet who preceeded now President Obama, in charity I will say that I taught high school students who wrote more inspiring poetry as compared to what I heard today.


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History Of US-Papal Relations & Meetings  On this Inauguration Day here is an interesting link that originally came to be published when Pope Benedict visited NYC. It is hard to believe that it is a relative new thing, first started by President Reagan. It had been pondered by other presidents especially President Carter but the strong influence of some fundamentalists made it politically difficult. I think you will find this link informative.


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Most Americans Believe President Obama Will Turn Economy Around, Some Still Have Messianic Views About Him. Many Believe "He Can Save Us" Poll Reports It seems for some Americans the exhuberance over now President Obama has not ceased. I wish him well and pray that God will place someone near his side who is a voice of reason, a voice for the unborn, a voice that will counter the leftist cacophony that President Obama has been subjected to his whole life. I will pray this person comes, otherwise we will be subjected to the same leftist cacophony. Last night while returning from the store I was flipping across the radio dial when I heard a dee jay on an oldies station (the type my parents might listen to) tell the radio listeners that he was so excited about the impending Obama presidency that he couldn't keep quite any longer. "I hope the Congress does everything he wants and approves everything he ask for." This coming from a guy who sounded as if he was Les Nessman (the old WKRP news anchor.) This is really getting over the top when this sort of thing happens, not on the local alternative station but on the local oldies station!


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Openly Gay Epicopal Bishop Gene Robinson Opens Pre- Inaugural Festivities, Prays For Simplistic People & Solutions, Amidst The Usual Left Wing Call For Revolutionary Change (The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways, The Good Bishops's Microphone Experienced Technical Difficulties!)  Thanks to Nancy in Canada for pointing out the bishop's technical difficulties. I didn't see it because I believe it was an HBO event (though I can't be sure.) Perhaps this went live to other countries on broadcast television, I am not really sure. However, isn't this prayer almost a parody of the whole left wing dying liberal Mainline Protestant movement? Now you know what I experienced at the Episcopal General Convention when I covered it a couple of years ago. Now you also  know why so many people like David and Jonathan Bennett swam at record setting pace across the Tiber to escape this sort of craziness.


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George Weigel's Column On The Debt Of Gratitude Catholics Owe President Bush George Weigel reflects on President Bush who has governed more from a Catholic point of view than would have thought from a Methodist. I envision the Bush presidency to be looked at in later years like the Truman presidency is today. It wasn't until Truman's death and even later than that (late 1970s) that he began to be appreciated. When he went back to Indpendence, Missouri the nation was basically saying good riddance. It is hard to believe that in the 1950s visitors could see Harry Truman walk from his middle class neighborhood in Independence a few blocks uptwon for his morning coffee. It was a simpler time, a type of America George Bush wanted, but not the type of America the elites on both coasts who shape our nation's policies and cultural agenda wanted for America. President Bush had his faults, his inability to see the arrogance and incompetence in Donald Rumsfield, the inability to not see that liberal spending, which he often railed against, would one day catch up to us.  President Obama said George Bush is a decent man, something the hard core left will never say because they truly hate what made he and Harry Truman stood for, simple American religiously inspired values.


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Newsweek Article Examines Why Many Young Evangelicals Voted For Obama Biden All The While Leaving The Mega Church Behind


Time Magazine's The Two Faces Of Rick Warren  This article is just the tip of the iceberg.  As I have said on many previous occasions, Rick Warren's heart is in the right place. He has done more for the less fortunate than most religious leaders, especailly Evangelicals. However, Jesus told us that we couldn't serve two masters. Warren seems to want to have one foot in the socially conservative Evangelical camp and the other in the other world of post modern thought. He wants praise from the elite of both camps, something that will never happen. Sadly this is indicative of the mega church mindset. This is not mean to be rude or offensive. However, the Protestant Movement was born out of rebellion, born out of those who loved to be admired by the leaders of the Enlightenment. John Calvin thought of himself as a friend of the liberal intelletcuals of the 16th century which led him to have no use for the Eucharist and many other sacraments because they were "superstitious" according to the "in crowd" of the 1500's. So it is today with many social issues. Now more than ever we know what Jesus meant by his admonition that we can't serve two masters.  If you read the Purpose Driven Church, the forerunner of the Purpose Drive life, you can read Pastor Warren's exhaustive research on what works and what doesn't in the successful mega church. This concept is bizarre to an orthodox minded Catholic for we are following the rubrics Jesus set for us and demonstrated to us by the likes of his disciples along with the letters and teachings of St Paul. The stick you finger in the wind mindset pioneered by Pastor Warren carries over to the mindset of some mega churches which is why in some mega churches, the same enthusiastic crowd that  voted Bush Cheney in 04 could vote Obama Biden in 08.


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Father Neuhaus (Orginally Posted In 2002) On His Remembrances Of Martin Luther King  I believe I posted this before but here is Father Neuhaus's reflections on Dr King, a man Father Neuahus knew better than most. There was a certain grass roots movement to the Civil Rights struggle that really was grass roots, a word which is often used inappropriately today. Dr King didn't enjoy the limelight or being placed on a pedestal, he just wanted equal rights for all. The video of his interviews show a man not infected with his ego, as are too many of the modern world's grass roots movement. If only more people today could understand this genuineness of his message.


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My Latest Article For The Catholic Times Entitled; Skin Deep Faith I never know when I am going to get an idea for either this website or one of the publications for which I write. Here is my latest article for the Catholic Times. This idea came to me when I realized that the shallowness of Jerry Seinfeld in this one particular Seinfeld episode is reflective of many of our own faith lives.


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January 19, 2009


Pope Benedict Prays For The Victims In Gaza, Reflects On Peace In The Middle East & Christian Unity  The Holy Father reflects on latest flare up in the Middle East. Though there has been a call for a cease fire, but fighting still rages intermittently. This week also begins Chritian Unity Week in which Pope Benedict will gather with leaders of other  Christian bodies.


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Gruesome Account Of China's One Child Policy That Led A Woman To Hire Another Woman To Kill One Child So She Could Have Another (Married Another Man) All The While Feeling Guilty About Past Abortions Here's what happens when the Culture of Death is allowed to go into warp speed, the killing just gets out of control and there is little you can do to stop it. Please pray for all of those who are thrust into these horrific circumstances. Without the benefit of religious guidance, I am afraid this is not the last we have heard concerning tragic stories like this one.


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More Light Shed On The Damascus, Syria Mystic Mary Kourbet Al Akhras, The Visionary Who Speaks Of Our Lady Of Soufanieh  It will take years before we will know if these are legitimate  apparitions or not. However, this young woman appears to have impressed many people of various faiths. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link.


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In First Things A Father Neuhaus Article From 2002 Entitled; The Persistence Of The Catholic Moment  The Catholic Moment is here and Father Neuhuas reminds us all of the great contributions our faith makes to greater good of the world.  Because of articles such as this one, we already miss Father Neuhaus greatly, but because of his vast amount of his writings, we have a lot to reflect on from his sage words.


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Presiding US Episcopal Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori Trying To Use Legal Measures To Remove A Conservative Texas Bishop (Liberals Are All About Reconciliation & Working Things Out Until They Have The Seat Of Power) Oh brother so much for Peace. Love & Understanding. With these liberals in charge, Peace. Love & Understanding will simply remain a great song with little implementation on their part. Isn't it odd that even among religious liberals they too like their secular counterparts revolve around silencing the opporition.


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In Catholic Online, Baptist Minister Dr Bernard Childress Jr Asks In Light Of Martin Luther King Day; Where Do We Go From Here? (Article Reflects On The Large Number Of Abortions In The African American Community. Dr Chidress Reveals What He Thinks Dr King Would Have Done.)


Dr Bernard Childress In An Article Entitled Say What, Examines The Views Of Dr. King On Human Life Compared To That Of Today's African American Leaders A couple of blunt articles from Catholic Online courtesy of a no holds barred African American pastor worried that with all the attention on Dr King, few African American leaders ever ask what his views were on the sanctity of life. Dr Childress is a prominent African American Baptist pastor who looks at the troubling levels of abortion in the black community and wonders why few of today's so called black leadership are doing anything about it or least asking what Dr King had said on the subject of the sanctity of human live.


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January 18, 2009


Vatican Mobilizing To Help Christians Hiding From Hindu Militants The sad plight of the faithful in the Orissa state of India continues.  These Christians need our prayers. The murder, displacement and even rape of the faithful, including priests, nuns and the laity isn't at the level it was earlier but it hasn't gone away. As I have said so many times before, this is akin to what Saint Paul faced when he preached against the Roman towns that had special gods for this or that occasion. It hit them in their wallets when Saint Paul preached in theor towns and gained new converts, just like it does when Hindu towns lose their believers to Christianity. Hindusim is an amalgamation of thousands of gods loosely aligned in one religion. Most westerners do not understand this.


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Vatican Issues Report On US Seminaries, Says Most Are Moving In The Right Direction We have a ways to go, but the seminaries are a far cry from some of the horror stories we heard coming out of the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s and 1990s.  The days of some men looking to the seminary for a temporary escape from life's troubles seems to be in the past now. Now we just have to pray for those who were never sure of their vocation. God can even work to change their hearts.


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Lisbon, Portugal's Cardinal Warns Against Intermarriage With Muslims Strong words from his Eminnence. Much of Europe is being threatened by militant secularism and militant Islam.  A woman might think her husband to be doesn't really practice his Muslim faith so what could it hurt if they marry. Sadly, this type of intermarriage isn't always what she thought it would be.


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More Reflections On Father Neuhaus, The Theologian & The Public Figure


In Christianity Today Jordan Hylden, Whose Work Often Appears In First Things Reflects On Father Neuhaus Some of the tributes outside Catholicism are pouring in for Father Neuhaus. You  might have seen some Jordan Hylden's articles in First Things and Christianity Today. We have two links here that help us to see how those of our own faith and other faiths saw Father Neuhaus.


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Debate In Evangelical Circles As To Whether Economic Downturns Bring In The Faithful Or Cause Them To Leave Some folks flock to religion when it is in style and others when they are down and out. We commonly think bad economic times makes for better church attendance. However, ask any sports team that struggles and you will notice fans who head for the exists when the journey gets a little bumpy. While the mega churches have seen declines in the last couple of years, they could see their flock disperse never to be seen again. The sad fact of the matter is they may never join another Church. Let us pray that in their search for the truth they come our way.


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Top 10 Worst Popes (If The Papacy Wasn't Created By God, How Could It Have Survived With These Worthless Servants?)  The other day I was reading Spirit Daily and noticed this entry. You might think Dave how does a link like this help the One, True Faith? Actually, I can't think of many links that better help us understand what Jesus meant when he told Peter, "The gates of hell wouldn't prevail against the Church." (Matthew 16:16-20.) It really hit me that despite these worthless servants the Church survived. Some years ago I saw Father Mitch Pacwa debate John Ankerberg who thought he was really being clever by bringing this up. Father Pacwa subtly throw it back in his face by using a similar type of reasoning. There is no earthly way to describe how the Church has survived. I seem t orecall a story about Pope Alexander VI (though I may be wrong) who was set to change a key teaching of the Church to suit a personal interest. Many cardinals and bishops begged him not to for they feared it would make the faithful lose heart, not to mention it might incur God's wrath. The next day though a healthy man, the pontiff dropped dead of a heart attack. God would not let the abomonation become part of Church teaching. We have had many great pontiffs, the pontificates of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI are two of the strongest back to back pontificates the world has ever seen. Any other institution would have folded long ago, but just when things turn ugly God raises a great leader to shepherd his flock, as best evidenced by our two most recent pontiffs.


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January 17, 2009


Pope Benedict Tells The Vatican Security Forces Not To Lose Heart In The Face Of Threats, Says Turning To Christ Will Alleviate Their Worries  I am sure all security officials throughout the world have at their disposal knowledge of threats and horrific possibilites that would cause many to shutter with fear. It is precisely because of this possibility that Pope Benedict reminds those, who guard him and the Holy See, of the words of Jesus to fear not.


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Bishop Vasa States That Anyone Who Says They Love God But Supports Abortion Is A Liar Short, sweet and to the point. Now if we had more prelates who were this blunt we would all be happy. However, as Father Zuhlsdorf says, "brick by brick." I wish this link could be sent to every Catholic in the country. It might not change their minds but it would at least be something they wouldn't soon forget. it might actually resonate with them.


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Prominent Pro Life Evangelical Theologian Now Says Abortion Should Remain Legal, Says Christians Should Support The Goals Of The Obama Administration & Believes Abortions Could Be Reduced Under His Watch (Thankfully None Of Us Were At This Particular Dinner Party Where This Kool Aid  Was Being Passed Out) What a great segue from the last story of true leadership to this link on sheer surrender. God help those folks who get weak in the knees and decide to just throw in the towel. They need our our prayers and encouragement.


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Vatican Officials Deny Rumors That Document On Medjugorje Is Forthcoming  It seems every few months some credible rumor circulates on the matter of Medjugorje. This will not resolved for some time but remember many great apparitions took years for the Church to research. There are some very strong opinions on both sides in the orthodox and traditional minded Catholic community concerning Medjugorje.


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Father Longenecker Reflects On Michael Rose's Book, Goodbye Good Men & Tells Us Of His Own Experiences Connected With The Book Father Logenecker reflects on Michael Rose's book which was written some years back about the Abuse Scandal. Father Longenecker delves into the treatment that converts like himself receieved at the hands of some liberal clergy.


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Large Catholic School In Oregon Received Threatening Anti-Catholic Message Prompting Police Action Had this been another religious or ethnic group, you would have heard about this threat on the news before you came to the Catholic Report. However being a Catholic school this might be the first you have heard of it. This kind of reminds me of the cell phone commercial where bad things happen to customers who have no bars on their cell phone. Persecution against Catholics is kind of like having no bars on your cell phone, the word doesn't get out. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link


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In Light Of The Movie Valkyrie, A Link Which Shows The Courage Of Some German Catholics To Fight Hitler, Many Including Colonel Clemens von Stauffenberg Paid With Their Lives  With so much propaganda about the Church aiding and abetting Hitler, in good conscience we have to point out that nothing could be further from the truth, here is the rest of the story better known as the truth. Brave clergy and laity fought heroicallly, which cost some of them their lives. They saw it as their sacred duty.


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January 16, 2009


Pope Benedict Prepares For Busy Year, Trips Expected To Africa & The Holy Land  This looks to be a big traveling year for the Holy Father, which at 82 is no small feat. Yet, these trips only seem to bolster his enthusiasm for them, which in turn makes him more popular. We need to keep him in our prayers for he is facing an intelligensia that despises what he represents.


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Liberal Catholic Activist Eric McFadden's Behavior Was Threatening & Sociopathic Says Carol McKinley. Although She Told Political Figures About His Actions, No One Did Anything About It  The first I heard of this was when when someone posted a comment on my blog yesterday in regards to McFadden that was sobering to say the least. Now we have this coming from a woman who has been threatened by McFadden. God Bless these poor souls tormented by this man, However, why didn't powers that be do anything to stop this man. It would appear the same folks who yelled at the Church for not taking swift action in the Abuse Scandal wished McFadden would just go away. Thanks to Jay Anderson over at Pro Ecclesia for this link. Make sure you check out the updated portion of her story at the bottom of the article.


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Saddleback Mega Church Pastor Rick Warren Applauds President Elect Obama's Choice Of Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson To Kick Off Sunday's Pre Inaugural Activities With A Prayer In this single story we see why the mega church movement rose and fell (the fall of the mega church movement is happening as we speak.) It appears Pastor Rick Warren's mastery of public relations has led him to applaud this move by President Elect Obama. Rick Warren will never be able to appease the militant left, but what he has done is to offend the faithful conservatives. For all it's imperfect men and women, there is a reason the Catholic Church has been around for 2,000 years while religious trends and fads like Warren's mega church movement comes and goes.


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While Most Protestants Say They Would Consider Leaving Their Church For Another Should The Situation Arise, Catholics Far Less Inclined To Leave The Church  Naturally as Catholics we wouldn't want anyone to leave the Church and we would be open to all Christians coming back to the Church of their ancestors. While we realize that is not going to happen overnight, the Tide is Turning and this certainly is a good example. Had this survey been taken 35 years ago, it could have been mighty depressing.


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Seven Things Teenage Boys Most Need Teenagers can be very perplexing for some parents, especially those parents who didn't push the envelope like some of the children end up doing. In this link, a seven step guide is given to parents to help their teenage sons.One the biggest problems I have seen in recent times is the amount of babying some teenage boys receive.  Teenage boys need a firm hand lest they end up whining their whole lives. I think you will find this link helpful, especially you parents of teenage boys.


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In Christianity Today Maura Weis (Wife Of Notre Dame Football Coach Charlie Weis) Discusses What It's Like To Raise A Special Needs Child & The Faith That Must Come With It  The life of a special needs child and their family is something only they can truly understand and appreicate, especially for those without a vast financial portfolio.  Obviously the Weis family can do many things for their daughter Hannah that many families cannot. Yet they too have much to contend with to make their daughter's life all it can be. I thought you might find this interesting.


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Women's Studies Major Auctioning Off Her Virginity To Pay For Graudate School, Hundreds Of Men Push The Bidding Up To Over $1,000.000


Real Housewives Of Orange County Opens Another Season Of Anything (& Any Man) Goes (If Rome Had Television Before The Fall Of Their EmpireThis Is Probably What It Would Have Looked Like) These two links are a perfect illustration of what happens when you have nothing to guide you but your ego which inevitable revolves around prestige and money. So much for the women's studies major furthering the cause of women by auctioning off her body. Where do I begin with these Real Housewives of Orange County. My wife and I caught a few minutes of this show a while back and it was like watching a human train wreck where those in the path of train were egging it on. Yet, judging from some of the internet blogs, far too many women look up to these women from Orange County who need our prayers not our adulation.


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Life Of Cardinal Laghi Recalled Fondly By Pope Benedict, Was First Pro Nuncio To The US It is hard to believe that in many of our lifetimes the United States didn't have diplomatic relations with the Vatican, a holdover from the bygone days of fundamentalist uproar over the existence of the Holy See.  Cardinal Laghi was the first Pro Nuncio or ambassador to the US during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter had thought about opening up official relations with the Holy See but didn't, because even in the 1970s he faced a storm of protest from his Evangelical supporters. Popes had met presidents long before the first Catholic John F Kennedy became president. Harry Truman corresponded with Pope Pius XII . He realized the strong ally he had in the Italian pontiff to fight off Communism both in Eastern as well as Western Europe. Though he didn't speak Italian, President Truman was fluent in Latin, which he basically taught himself since he never went to college.


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Miracle On The Hudson, Pilot Averts Disastrous Crash In NYC Lands Seemingly Doomed Airliner On The Hudson River, Everyone Survives  While driving I heard a plane was down in the Hudson River and assumed the worst. Thank God when I arrived home and saw it live on television it was just the opposite, the absolute best result. I heard one passenger state he heard lots of prayers and said many rosaries of thanks should be said in the coming days. I second that thought!


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January 15, 2009


Pope Benedict, During His Wednesday General Audience, Explores St Paul's Teaching On The Church As The Bride Of Christ The Holy Father delves back into the Letters of Saint Paul and expounds on the famous phrase, "The Bride of Christ," which is of course the Church. Some modern folks have a problem with this phrase but the Holy Father explains it as only he can. If this doesn't help our modernist friends nothing will.


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Columbus Dispatch Reports On Arrest Of Liberal Catholic Activist & Former Ohio Faith Based Director Eric McFadden Who Also Headed Catholics For Kerry & Catholics For Clinton


Local NBC Affiliate In Columbus WCMH Interviews Me Concerning The Eric McFadden Prostitution Ring Arrest. McFadden Headed Several Liberal Catholic Groups On A Local, State & National Level. McFadden Led Catholics For Kerry & Catholics For Clinton. Governor Strickland Appointed Him Faith Based Director For The State Of Ohio Before McFadden Resigned Shortly There After (Video Link With Me Being Interviewed Should Be Up Sometime Soon)


Link To Eric McFadden's Letter To Carl Anderson Leader Of The Knights Of Columbus Demanding Anderson Resign For Suggesting Catholics Couldn't Vote For Obama-Biden Because Of Their Pro Abortion Affiliation


2007 Link Announces Eric McFadden's Appointment By Ohio Governor Ted Strickland To Head Of Ohio Faith Based Initiatives The whole thing can make you sad, angry and stunned all at the same time. I first heard about this while eating lunch and watching the local news. The snowstorm coverage was interrupted by Mike Bowersock's report. It seems the investigation had been going on for some time. It is one thing to let your hormones get the best of you and do something very sinful and very stupid. However, it is quite another to run a prostitution ring. One minute Eric McFadden is leading Catholics for Clinton and the next he is the Pimp Daddy of Columbus. WCMH reporter Mike Bowersock stopped by the house to talk to me about this shocking development. Like most news segments, we spent some time discussing the matter and about 30 seconds of it made it on the 11 PM news. We need to pray for Eric McFadden's family because I can't imagine they had any idea of his double life. To think this man had the chutzpah to demand that Knights of Columbus Supreme Grand Knight Carl Anderson resign for stating Catholics should support pro life cnadidates is just too much. We all know that had this been a conservative Catholic invovled in a prostitution ring, it would have made for Breaking News on the cable news channels. One correction from the report. It was stated that I knew Eric McFadden. I have never met the man but I did tell Mike Bowersock that I am familiar with his politics and activism. (NOTE I HAVE CONTINUED THE COMMENT THREAD THAT WAS STARTED FOR THIS STORY FROM YESTERDAY'S CATHOLIC REPORT. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.)


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In Another Television Interview Father Boutros Of Egypt Discusses The Sexual Habits Of Muhammad Angering Many Muslims, Father Boutros Says He Only Uses Islamic Sources For His Writings Goodness this priest has no fear. He calmly reads from Islamic sources and gives his take, which is all the more interesting because he only uses Islamic sources, mainly the Koran. Obviously this sort of approach puts this Egyptian priest in great danger but he doesn't seem to fear it at all.


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Fervent Evangelical Who Read Father Longenecker's Blog Decides To Cross The Tiber & Will Be Received Into The Church Always nice to hear of a conversion, especially when they come from those who seemed to far away from Catholicism. This is happening more than we know but rarely do these types of events become this widely publicised or celebrated.


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Cal Thomas' Interview With Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (Who Might be The Most Theologically Astute Catholic Elected Official)  Always good to read what's on the mind of Governor Jindal, especially since he may be the next best hope for the country after what many of us believe will be a failed liberal revolution. Thanks to Patrick Archbold of Creative Minority Report for this one.


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At The National Review Online, Rick Brookhiser Reflects On Pope Benedict's Reading List Which In The Past Has Included Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf, A 1920s (Which Became Celebrated In The 1960s) Counter Cultural Work  These types of revalations fascinate me. You might wonder what the Holy Father in his younger days when he was Father Ratzinger would bother reading such counter cultural cause celebre material.  It seems the Holy Father has always been keen on understanding everyone along with their particluar point of view which led to the watershed year of 1968 when the political left tried to takevoer Europe, especially France. The march to barricades didn't stop in Paris but seemed to end up in some parishes and expecially seminaries which was both eye opening and shocking to the future pontiff.


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Ricardo Montalban Has Died At Age 88, Known For Many Roles Including Fantasy Island, Hawaii Five O & Star Trek Montalban Was A Devout Catholic Who Was The Narrative Voice For Some Catholic Videos, Especially Those Dealing With Apparitions. His Wife Of 63 Years Georgianna Young Sister Of Loretta Young Passed Away In 2007


Actor Patrick McGoohan Passes Away At Age 80, Known For Many Roles Including Those In Escape From Alcatraz &  Braveheart. McGoohan Was Another Devout Catholic Who Will Be Sadly Missed On The Silver Screen These two men will sorely missed. I was well aware of Montalban's Catholicism from the assortment of videos I have seen him narrarate on the Church, specifically Apparition sites. I wasn't as aware of McGoohan's faith life until Catholic Report reader Mack filled me in on the subject. They will certainly be missed but thank God for their contributions.


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January 14, 2009



Breaking News  Former Ohio Faith Based Director & Well Known Liberal Catholic Eric McFadden Who Featured Prominently In The Presidential Campaign For Senators John Kerry, Hillary Rodham Clinton & Barack Obama Arrested In Major Prostitution Bust In Columbus. WCMH's Mike Bowersock Broke In During The Noon News Coverage Of The Snowstorm, That We Are Having, To Report That Columbus Police Said They Have The Man Who Was The Go To Guy For Prostitution In Columbus


Link To Eric McFadden's Letter To Carl Anderson Leader Of The Knights Of Columbus Demanding Anderson Resign For Suggesting Catholics Couldn't Vote For Obama Biden Because Of Their Pro Abortion Affiliation


2007 Link Announces Eric McFadden's Appointment By Ohio Governor Ted Strickland To Head Of Ohio Faith Based Initiatives  Here in Ohio one couldn't help but read about McFadden's call for Catholics to support Kerry, Clinton & Obama during the last four years. He was appointed by Governor Strickland as Dircteor of Faith Based Activities in the state before he resigned the position last year. He was featured in many publications and cable news programs. I have included some links of his activities in the last couple of years. I will have more on this tomorrow.


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Vatican Conference To Discuss Ultimate Sins, Such As Abortion, Satanism, Priests Breaking Bonds Of Confession Sounds like a very interesting gathering. Some of the sins being discusssed are so serious that with regards to the clergy they might have to be brought to the Holy Father.


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Catholic News Agency Story On Professor Doug Kmeic Who States That He Was Defamed By Right Wing Catholic Bloggers Who Are Gaining More Power In The Church


Professor Doug Kmeic's Article In Commonweal Says Catholic Blogosphere Has Poisoned The Church, Goes On A Screed Against Catholic Bloggers & Those Who Read Them, Cites The Wisdom Of Cardinal Mahony On Matters Of Catholic Politicians & The Eucharist  Oh how the mighty have fallen, one minute you are working at the White House under President Reagan and later being a well respected pro life Law Proessor at Catholic U, the next you are throwing a pity party for yourself at Commonweal citing clergy that just a short ime ago he would have never thought to use to cite moral authority. Thanks to Jay Anderson over at Pro Ecclesia for this one.  In so many ways the Church is playing catch up to the Evangelical world in the realm of radio and television. However. when it comes to the blogosphere Catholicism leads the way. Anytime the liberals are this upset, you know something good is happening.


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Several Catholic Colleges Report Heartening Number Of Graduates Who Have Entered Religious Life In Newer More Orthodx Religious Orders, A Far Cry From Other Catholic Institutions Of Higher Learning  Recently I was speaking to an elderly nun who seemed surprised that some order were growing while there numbers were spiraling. It was really heartbreaking to explain to someone that I have the greatest amount of repsect for that her order and many orders could simply vanish in a few decades because their leadership has something against a return to Church orthodoxy. While some of the older orders are indeed embracing Church orthodoxy, many are not. The same could be said for Catholic universities. Newer institutions like Franciscan, Ave Maria, Christendom, Benedictine, Thomas Aquinas etc are really fostering an environment for vocations. Even Notre Dame and the Holy Cross Fathers are seeing an upsurge of students and seminarians who are more orthodox in their thinking. Yet, the Jesuit run institutions of Boston College, DePaul, Georgetown and Marquette just can't seem to understand this, even though on their campuses it is the young who are trying to push their institutions toward orthodoxy, not the administration.


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Catholic League Upset Over Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson's Part In The Inaugural. Bill Donohue Says The Bishop Has Openly Tried To Ferment Dissension In The Catholic Church & Now Is Being Rewarded For His Behavior I certainly hope Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson's 10+ minutes of fame are up. He is someone who needs our prayers, not any believer's serious attention. Much is being made of this retreat he supposedly had with Catholic priests. As I mentioned some months ago, he hinted at this in 2006 to me during this interview. I adhered to his wishes not to say anything because he promsied me that he would give me a full account shortly thereafter. I called his office and each time was told he has said all he is going to say on the matter. Having made this statement, I am inclined to believe that he made the whole thing up. Wouldn't it have been beneficial to tell me or anyone else who asked where this retreat was being held? It would only benefit his cause, if it actually happened. After some prodding from me he originally insinuated that it was a fairly large gathering of priests. I discussed this with another blogger shortly thereafter when I was beginning to wonder if this whole thing was one wild goose chase. The reason I believe that it may be a fabrication revolves around this supposed large gathering of priests. It stands to reason that someone is going to talk either because they were there or because they heard about it, not to mention the fact that a large gathering of priests aren't going to be easy to be kept under the radar because of scheduling and inquiring pastors and church secretaries.


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Media Attention On Mark Driscoll Of Mars Hill Church In Seattle. The Ex Catholic Mega Church Pastor Likes To Keep It Casual In Appearance But Likes To Lay Down The Law From The Pulpit. Yet, He Was Upset By The Recent Low Attendance During Seattle's Snowy December  OK this is really a bit ridiculous and forgive me for sounding blunt but somone needs to call out this pseudo hip supposed tough guy. This pastor reminds me of the guys that won't go out for the football or basketball team because they can't take the practice or conditiong. However, they will critique the team from the stands. Mr Driscoll had his chance to be a tough guy and be a faithful member of the Church, instead he high tailed it to some Hoopty Do Church (Mother Angelica's famous phrase) and tried to play tough guy fom the pulpit, only to be upset when a little Seattle snow keeps "his tough guy" members home on Sunday. He needs our prayers. One more thing the comment by Sarsfield toward the bottom of the Comments Section On GK Chesterton's view on John Calvin is priceless.


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Mark Shea Reflects On A Moving Moment During Mass In His Parish Revolving Around A Dying Priest & His Courageous Witness  If Mr Driscoll from the above link wants to understand what it takes to be a tough guy, he should have been at Mark Shea's parish where he could have seen one up front and personal. Thank God for courageous priests like this one.


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UPDATE:  Eduardo Verastegui (Lead Actor & Co-Producer Of The Family Oriented Movie Bella) Is Set To Play St Peter In A Big Time Hollywood Production Entitled Kingdom Come (Not To Be Confused With The 2001 Movie Of The Same Name) Set To Begin Filming In New Zealand.  Much Of The Production & Directing Crew Had A Hand In The Lord Of The Rings As Well As The Narnia Movies. Filming Was Suppose To Begin This Month But Has Been Pushed Back Until March. Eduardo Verastegui Had Been Under Consideration To Play Jesus But Has Been Given The Role Of St Peter. I Have Been Told That This Is A $100,000,000+ Production, A Far Cry From The Approximately $5,000,000 Spent To Make Bella. I Will Have More On This As It Becomes Known To Me. Nothing Official From The Studio Yet, But I Am Being Told That The Announcement May Soon Come. Following The Success Of Bella, Metanoia Films Which Eduardo Is Part Of Is Planning On Making Several New Films In The Coming Years. Keep In Mind That Kingdom Come Is Not A Metanoia Film But Is Being Developed & Produced By One Of The Big Hollwood Studios. As Soon As I Know More, I Will Pass It Along. Another Sign That The Tide Is Turning!



Here I Am In 2007 With Eduardo Following My Talk At Family Theater In Hollywood Which He Attended. It Was Here That He Invited Me To His Home The Following Day To Preview Bella. He Is So Humble & Gracious That One Naturally Cheers On Someone With This Much Faith & Integrity. He Is A Shining Example Of Catholicism In A Town That Often Mocks It.


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January 13, 2009


Before A Large Enthusiatic Crowd, Pope Benedict Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Neocatechumenal Way  I linked to a story the other day about this group's founding. However, yesterday they made their presence felt in front of the Holy Father who seemed to revel in the excitement as well. The story of the Church's growth is built upon groups like this that no one heard of while in their infancy but yet they later came to grow and prosper bringing more souls to Christ and transforming those who were already commited to Him.


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Get Religion Blog Comments On Dan Gilgoff Who Says In Light Of Father Neuhaus's Death,  Evangelicals Have To Admit That Catholics Are The Intellectual Force Driving The Conservative Movement Begun By Evangelicals A provocative piece coming from someone who isn't Catholic. Had a Catholic writer or blogger written such a piece we would have  been called presumptuous. However, there is some truth to it. What the grass roots Evangelical movment started in the post Watergate Era Catholics eventually joined. It may seem hard to believe now but there was a time when Jimmy Carter was viewed as a conservative. The Evangelicals who backed him and eventually became disappointed by him linked up the with the Catholic pro-life movement and the towering Catholic intellectuals like William F Buckley. 


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Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson To Kick Off Sunday's Pre-Inaugural Activities With An Opening Invocation  It seems to appease those gay activists that detest Pastor Rick Warren President Elect Obama has selected the openly gay Episcopal Bishop from New Hampshire Gene Robsinon.


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We Are One Step Away From Having A Raving Anti-Catholic (Al Franken) In The US Senate, Minnesota Supreme Court Rejects Norm Coleman Plea To Hear Case If certified we haven't had such an openly anti-Catholic or anti religious Senator like Franken in a long, long time. Some conservatives actually hope he wins because you know he is going to be the walking, talking militant secularist mouthpiece who is bound to say something stupid every other week.


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Youtube Of Father Neuhaus On Contentment In The Face Of Anxiety


Youtube Of Father Neuhaus On What It Means To Be Manly  Two great youtube interviews with Father Neuhaus on different topics and yet just hearing his wisdom is comforting even if you don't find that one or either of the topics applies to you.  While Father Neuhaus will certainly be missed, it is wonderful that he left behind so many examples of his wit and wisdom both in the written and spoken word.


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Excellent Statistics Complete With Great Pictures On The Tallest Church Naves What an excellent link. A doff of the cap to Spirit Daily for this one. Not only do we have some great statistics but some awesome pictures as well. Defintely take a look at this link, I am sure you will come back to look at it some more.


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PLEASE NOTE:  Catholic Report Reader Steven In Pennsylvania Received This Reply When He Responded To The Catholic League's Plea For E-Mails To City Leaders In San Francisco Asking For Justice In Light Of The Vandalism Of A Catholic Church By Militants Upset That The Church Stood Against Gay Marriage In The Recent California Election. Steven Is Glad The City Issued This Response But Felt It Sounded Bland & Wondered If The Mayor's Response Was Done Simply To Appease Us. Below Is The Response.



We strongly condemn the vandalism of the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. It was a cowardly and criminal act. San Francisco is a city that embraces people of all faiths. To intimidate a community and threaten a place of worship with intolerance is contrary to everything the City of St.Francis represents.


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January 12, 2009



Pope Benedict Baptizes 13 Children In The Stunningly Beautiful Sistine Chapel, Reminds Parents Of Their Sacred Responsibilites To Educate Their Children In The Faith  I was getting ready to watch the Giants-Eagles playoff game when I turned over to EWTN and sat in stunned silence at the beauty of Pope Benedict celebrating Mass in the Sistine Chapel, all the while baptizing 13 babies. I certainly hope we can see this in HD someday. All too often parents realize at the last minute that they are the sacred custodians of the Faith in their families. I remember when I was a principal in a Catholic school,  the number of paniced parents who suddenly realized they didn't know the Faith that well if at all. Sadly, it wasn't always their fault as they were educated in the touchy feely 70s where fluff ruled at the expense of substance. The Holy Father is reminding all parents of their sacred duties. Thanks to Father Zuhlsdorf as well as the folks at New Liturgical Movement for these beauitful photos.


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Inventor Of The Birth Control Pill Says He Has Created A Demographic Monster Rues The Day He Came Up With The Invention  There are so many dimensions to the pill that have been overlooked. One of them is the declining birth rate which will certainly hit the western world hard in the coming decades as the baby boomers start to retire and the rest of us will be taxed to pay for their retirement benefits. Had we kept the same birth rate, all would have been well.


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Celebrations For The 100th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Father Patrick Payton (The Rosary Priest)


More On The Celebration Of The 100th Anniversary Of Father Patrick Peyton's Birth  The Holy Cross Fathers have really been on a roll with a number of possible canonizations in the works. Blessed Andre of Montreal is very close to being named a saint. Father Patrick Peyton's cause is moving along and they also have a couple of causes being pushed along in Asia.  Younger readers might not be familiar with the Rosary Priest, Father Patrick Peyton who coined the term; The Family That Prays Together Stays Together. Father Patrick Peyton coined that term after seeing first hand the hardship some families faced after the men came home following World War II, being absent from their families for so long.


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Atheist Journalist William Lobdell Upset At Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow For Wearing Visible Scripture Verses. Lobdell Is Author Of The Book, How I Lost My Religion Reporting On Religion (Liberal Religion Will Do That To You)  You may have noticed (if you are football fans) the number of players who have black stripes below their eyes to keep out the glare of the lights. Written on these stripes are often Bible verses. Tim Tebow, quarterback for the national champion Florida Gators is one such player. Tebow, by the way is a very commited Christian who often tells the story that a doctor told his mother to abort him because he suspeccted a birth defect in the womb. Obviously Tebow wasn't aborted and grew up a very healthy young man. As far as this journalist, oh brother is this ridiculous or what. I would like to know how faithful this journalist was in the first place. He probably read Richard Dawkins book and was smitten with it's emptiness and decided to say that he lost his faith because of the book and all of us who he just can't figure out. 


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Australians Recall 1936 Sign In the Sky That Greeted The Return Of Mary MacKillop's Nuns  Thankfully these sorts of stories aren't being lost to the dusts of history. I saw this on Spirit Daily and thought you might be interested. It seems every nation has had faithful men and women in their infancy as a nation that helped the early faithful in their spiritual quest to better know Christ and His Church. Here we have the faithful example of Mary Mackillop whose name you might remember from World Youth Day where she was often referenced by Cardinal Pell & Pope Benedict.


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First Things Reposts The 2002 Article From Father Neuhaus Entitled; How I Became The Catholic I Was  I thought you might enjoy this 2002 article from Father Neuhaus in which he outlined his reasons for Coming Home to Rome from his Lutheran upbringing which just wasn't any uprbringing. His father was a well respected Lutheran pastor in Ontario. One of the stories that often fascinated me was the fact that Father Neuhaus always wondered why the Eucharist was kept in a plain box after the Lutheran service had concluded. It was those types of events that registered in the young mind of Richard John Neuhaus many years before he became Father Richard John Neuhaus.


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Father Longenecker On A Little Old Lady Who Preached Some Fire & Brimstone To A Thief Who Was About To Attack Her Well here's a little old lady that decided enough was enough, she was going to preach some fire and brimstone even if it meant geting her heavenly reward sooner than she had bargained for it. I wonder if any of us would be so bold. I guess age and the proximity to our judgement had something to do with it.


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January 11, 2009


Deacon Keith Fournier On The Theophany, The Baptism Of The Lord Deacon Keith Fournier delves into the The Baptism of Jesus, known as the Theophany. It is important that we understand all of the nuances of these holy events for the foretell the greater Christian message. Sometimes you hear some folks rant that we orthodox-minded Catholics focus too much on the ritual and the nuanced events instead of the message. I don't know any coaches, directors or movie producers that would forsake the nuanced to make a better team or film. We need to take the same approach to Faith.


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Atheism Ads Spread From London & Beyond In Europe Talk about pathetic. This just shows how juvenile the atheists have become. They claim they are so intelligent and don't need to proselytze and yet they advertise on city buses. Sigmund Freud (who was an atheist) would have a field day with this one.


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Jay Anderson's Take On The Shameless Doug Kmeic's Eulogy Of Father Neuhaus In Which Kmeic Tries To Justify His Vote For Obama Biden  I am glad Jay blogged on this one because when I read Doug Kmeic's words I thought this can't be, I must be mistaken. Nope, no mistake, just the words of a very small man trying to wash his hands of his vote. Prayers are certainly needed here.


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Neocatechumenate Way Celebrates 40th Anniversary  The Church is full of many movements who grow over time and away from the spotlight. They diligently do their work while few notice until one day people inside and outside of the Church ask, "Who are they and where did they come from?"


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Wisconsin Lutheran Website Says World Was Corrupted By Many False Teachings Until Martin Luther Came To Proclaim The Biblical Message (It Seems Our Lutheran Friends In Wisconsin Believe That Before Martin Luther Came On The Seen We Must Have Been Hopelessly Lost For 1,500 Years)  Thanks to Julie for pointing this out.  I have to believe that if these folks would enegage in a respectful Apologetics debate with the likes of Dr Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid or Dave Armstrong it would be an eye opening experience to say the least. I can't help but think of that quote by the Dutch philosopher Erasmus. As angry as he was at those popes who were asleep at the switch he said the following and I am paraphrasing; Are we to believe that we have been wrong for over a millenium and a German monk who no one ever heard of is going to save Christendom?  Erasmus though a critic of the popes of that time rebuffed Luther's overtures to join him in protest.


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NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman States If You Aren't For Big Government You Are Some Sort Of Neo Confederate I do hope there will be some sort of repository or museum built for all of the failed liberal ideas and those who proposed them. The sad thing is that many of these folks are supposedly the best and brightest. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


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Father Zuhlsdorf On The Series Of Special Anniversaries Celebrated In 2009 Father Zuhlsdorf reminds us on the many amazing anniversaries that are to be celebrated in the Church this year.  I imagine that if we reflected on the men and women behind the dates of these anniversaries we would all be better for it.


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January 10, 2009


Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith Orders Jesuit Theologian To Cease Publishing  I hope and pray that there will be more of this to follow. The greatest gift the evil one has, outside of people believing he doesn't exist, is the wobbliness of those who make the faithful doubt and non faithful laugh at us. Perhaps, a strict injunction like this will help the wayward see the error of their ways.


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In First Things Paul Allen On A Quebec Music Troupe That Evokes The Province's History & Catholicism Before The Quiet Revolution Tried To Destroy It An enlightening article on the rise and fall of Quebec's once mighty Catholic culture. It can come back but perhaps in this music troupe the faithful and not so faithful will see a truth about their society that will cause them return to Catholic orthdooxy. One of the most troubling aspects of the Church in Quebec was that 50 years ago it had one of the highest rates of Church attendance anywhere in the world, even higher than the United States, which ahs always enjoyed a high level of Mass attendance. Let's keep Quebec in our prayers.


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Reports Surface That Several Pro Abortion Groups Invested Heavily With Bernie Maddof  The only good news so far concerning the sociopathic crook Bernie Maddof is that  appearently a variety of pro abortion groups had a soft spot for him and gave him lots of money. It seems some of these groups are so hard hit that they are already laying off employees. I guess the old saying is true; Every dark cloud has a silver lining.


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Report On Growing Number Of Satanists In Rome, Vatican Chief Exorcist Is Extremely Busy It is only natural that evil should attack the heart of goodness. The center of the Church is Rome, built upon the bones of Saint Peter, the Apostle to which Jesus gave the keys to along with power to loose and bind (Matthew 16:16-20.) We must continue to pray for all in the Church, especially those on the front lines in Rome. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link.


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Vaclav Klaus, New President Of The European Union (Protege Of Vaclav Havel) Says Man Made Global Warming A Myth, Liberals Up In Arms


Sun Spots Activity Decreases, Cooler Global Temps On The Way?


The Mini Ice Age (1300s-1800s) Appeared After Several Centuries Of Above Normal Weather As the world goes through one of the colder winters we have had in some time, we need remind ourselves and certainly those poor souls who have bought into Manmade Global Warming that hot and cold periods have come and gone for centuries before humans brought in the Industrial Age. My favorite link to explain this is the one from the 1300s where in 1300 wqrm weather crops were grown in the far northern reaches of the British Isles. However, by 1350 the weather had turned so cold that Londoners could cross the frozen Thames in the winter and snow remained on the tops of Ethiopian mountains year round.


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Great Picture Of Father Neuhaus Enjoying Good Company Photo Courtesy Of National Review Online & Glenn Stanton Of Focus On The Family


John Podhoretz On Father Neuhaus


Mark Steyn On Father Neuhaus The tributes continue to pour in for Father Neuhaus. I particularly found some of the rememberances by non-Catholics to be some of the most moving. In addition to those moving tributes, I came across the above picture of Father Neuhaus in his element amidst friends.


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January 9, 2009


In Vatican City, Pope Benedict Gives His State Of The World Report To The Assembled Press Corp  The Holy Father gave a lengthy address discussing the world's hot spots, his pastoral vists and how this pertains to building up the Kingdom. Pope Benedict reminded those in attendance and those reading his remarks that in Christ all will make sense even though the world often makes little sense.


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John Allen Reflects On The Life Of Father Neuhaus From The Theological To The Political


The National Catholic Register Reflects On Father Neuhaus' Passing Including A Statement From President Bush


Laurie Goodstein Of The New York Times Looks Back At The Life Of Father Neuhaus


More Reflections On The Passing Of Father Neuhaus  


Jay Anderson Reports That In Addition To Father Neuhaus During The Past Several Months We Have Lost Several Prominent Orthodox Minded Catholics It is has been a tough few months for the faithful. Our loss is heaven's gain. John Allen reminds us of the impact Father Neuhaus had on so many from the theological to the political. John Allen recounts that during a period in 2004 President Bush quoted Father Neuhaus more than anyone else on the planet. Laurie Goodstein, one of the few respectable religion writers left reflects on Father Neuhaus (If only most of the NY Times writers were as far to conservatives as she is, the paper wouldn't have lost it's luster.) Thanks to AFL for sending me this link. Often missed in the reflections of many is the sincerity of the faithfully departed. I met Father Neuahus in Cleveland before my book was released. He encouraged me to continue writing and seeing the positive that was occurring in the Church. Catholic Word sent him a manuscript which I was sure he would never get to, I was also sure he wouldn't remember me from Adam. He sent a very nice e-mail to me some time later apologizing that he couldn't get to my manuscript though he liked what he had heard concerning my book. He promised that he would do a blurb (endorsement) for my next book. I was humbled that he would be so gracious to someone who he could have easily dismissed.  I will forever cherish the e-mails that we exchanged. It spoke volumes of this Servant of God.


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The Catholic League's Bill Donohue Asks The Faithful To Respond To Gay Militants Vandalizing Catholic Church In San Francisco 


Link Discusses Dr. Karl Menninger's Famous Book, Whatever Happened To Sin? You might have heard about this story on the news, but then again you might not. The Catholic League's Bill Donohue is asking the faithful to speak up for the Church. It is only going to get worse.  You might want to check ou the link concerning the well respected psychologist Karl Mennenger's assertion that societies sprial when there are no sexual boundaries and violence is tolerated.


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Philip Jenkins On The Christian History Of Iraq  An interesting link from Philip Jenkins on the Christian History of Iraq which of course goes back to the Apostles. Almost all Christians in Iraq are Catholic. Most reside in Baghdad and to the north in Mosul, the center of the Christian Iraqi Heartland. That being said, the faithful live everywhere in Iraq even in the far southern city of Basra. Keep this in mind the next time you hear Osama bin Laden or Dr Ayman Al Zawahiri talk about "Muslim lands." Iraq was Christian 500 years before Muhammad was born.


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Rich Leonardi Has Some Ideas For The "Social Justice" Speakers Coming To The University Of Dayton (Sponsored By The Archdiocese Of Cincinnati)  The good news in this is that the University of Dayton (Marianist Fathers run institution) has a growing number of pro life students. Also, on the positive side, one wonders that when the co adjutor Bishop Schnurr becomes Archbishop Schnurr if the Archdiocese would sponsor such an event.


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Professor Hadley Arkes On How President Elect Obama Has Put Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren In A Corner  I don't think any of us were fooled by the announcement that President Elect Obama had asked Pastor Rick Warren of Purpose Driven Life fame to do the Innvocation for the Inauguration. It seemed a clever political ploy by the President Elect because he knew that liberals, especially gay activists would be angered. No one better to anger than them if you are trying to make inroads with conservatives for your economic legislation. 


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Michael Dubruiel On How Father Solanus Casey Saved His Life (Along With Many Others) Michael Dubruiel Recounts Father Benedict Groeschel's Stories About This Holy Man Who May Be Headed For Sainthood   I wasn't that familiar with Father Solanus Casey until I made a series of talks in Michigan in 2007. One of the ladies assembling my itinerary told me that Father Casey saved her life. I believe this occurred in the 1930s. She became ill as a small child and a variety of doctors wer stumped as her condition worsened. Her mother desperately got a hold of Father Casey who told her to bring the child to him. He prayed for her and told her mother she would be well. The next day the child was shown to a gathering of doctors who were dumb founded concerning her recovery. The other day I posted a story found in Joel Schorn's book about the meeting that took place between Father Solanus Casey and Brother Andre of Montreal. Father Casey spoke no French and Brother Andre spoke little English but they embraced  and tried their best to show their admiration for each other. Both men may someday be saints. I spoke to the Brother in charge of Father Casey's sainthood cause and he spoke of the maddening amount of  paperwork that must be submitted with each miracle. From what I hear and see, there are no shortage of miracles attributed to both men. Both men share the sad fact that they were scorned by their own order. Father Casey never preached a homily because the Order didn't think him smart enough. While Brother Andre wasn't ordained till late in life because his superiros too, didn't deem enough intellectually gifted enough to be ordained. Yet, the faithful came and came and still come to implore for their help.


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Bob Dylan DVD "The Jesus Years" Released, Christianity Today Reviews It  The Slow Train Coming album released in the fall of 1979 set the rock world on fire with faith and controversy. Because of a religious experience earlier in the year, Dylan recorded perhaps one of his finest albums, even some of the anti-religious music critics stated so. Two overtly Christian albums followed before Dylan's spirituality became more subtle. Some claim he isn't a Christian anymore, though he has never renounced his beliefs only kept them close to his chest.


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January 8, 2009



BREAKING NEWS Father Neuhuas Has Passed Away. Joseph Bottum Made The Announcement On The First Things Website Shortly After 10 AM EST


Father Neuhaus Administered Last Rites By Father Rutler Who Said Prognosis Is Dire. Father Rutler Asks That The Faithful Pray For A Holy Death I had hoped and prayed that God would grant Father Neuhaus many more years so that he could futher educate us in the Faith. Sadly, it appears the cancer is out of control and took a dire turn in the last few days. It appears God may be calling Father Neuhaus home. He is a giant in the post Vatican II Church and his conversion from Lutheranism made everyone take notice. Viewers of EWTN will certainly miss his thoughtful commentary on Papal Elections & Papal Visits. On a personal note, Father Neuhaus had sent me an apology for not being able to get to my last book to blurb it. Catholic Word had sent him a manuscript. I was humbly honored that he would even consider giving an endorsement to my book, since I was sure he didn't know me from Adam. I told him he could do an endorsement for my upcoming book. He graciously agreed but alas it appears, short of a miracle, that will not happen. Let us all heed the advice of Father Rutler.


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Pope Benedict Reflects On St Paul, Says The Cross Transforms Worship. The Holy Father Addresses Those Who Say St Paul Was Anti-Worship & Liturgy  Well the Holy Father's comments beautifully segue into the next series of links I have for you. Pope Benedict speaks of the brilliance of Saint Paul all the while correcting certain misconceptions about his words. Fundamentalists love to say St Paul was anti-liturgy and anti-established Church. Yet, Saint Paul always deferred to Saint Peter, even when he disagreed with him. Saint Paul had very strong words for those who either didn't believe in the Eucharist or believed in it half heartedly. He basically told them they had no hope (1Corinthians 11:23-30.)  In modern parlance, it was as if Saint Paul had said; No Eucharist, No Peace!


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Anniversary Approaches Of The Rebellious 15th Century Hussites Break From The Church. Like All Rebellions Once It Started, It Couldn't Be Stopped & Key Teachings Of The Church Such As Apostolic Tradition, The Eucharist & Sacred Tradition Were Discarded


St Joan Of Arc's Letter From 1430 Threatening A Crusade Against The Hussites If They Didn't Repent For Their Rebellion


The Taborites Broke From The Hussites Which Lead To The Hussites Trying To Annihilate The Rebellious Taborites I came across these links while engaged in a research project. The stunning thing about that era was that the laity, if necessary,  was always ready to take up arms to defend the Church against heretics. The laity didn't even wait for the Church to issue any sort of plea. Do you notice a pattern here? Once the Eucharist is taken out all sorts of mayhem and depravity ensues. The Hussites led to the Taborites which led to countless other rebellious Bohemians and Czech groups engaging in everything from murder to free love. One minute the good people of Bohemia were faithful to Christ and within a few years there were literally open orgies happening in some towns. Mind you this is the 1400s!  Does this sound familiar?  You know Jan Huss was said to be shocked that his little rebellion led to,  and so it was with Martin Luther. They all seemed surprised that all sorts of depravity happened after they thought they knew better than the Church. In 2009 this lesson is more relevant than ever.


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William Doino On Valkyrie (Stauffenberg Plot) A Worthy Conspiracy


National Geogrpahic's 42 Ways To Kill Hitler, Profiles The Many Attempts To Kill Hitler. Why Did Hitler Survive Them? With all the commercials one sees for the movie Valkeryie. I thought would use a couple of links which reflect on the plot to kill Hitler. One also should be reminded that there were 42 serious plots to kill Hitler in total. Not to take anyone off the hook for supporting Hitler, but doesn't this testify to the power of evil in the world. There were 42 plots to this evil monster and they all failed because for too long too many "enlightened minds," thought they could reason with this man. However after a while he had accumulated so much power and evil forces to assist him that it was only after the deaths of 20 million that he himself was killed and his murderous Third Reich was brought to an end. The lesson of the day is don't think you can appease evil, you must fight it.


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On National Review Online, Mark Steyn's Post That If Conservatives Don't Wake Up & Fight The Liberal Takeover Of Pop Culture, There Won't Be A Battle Left To Fight  I think it started in the go go 1990s awash with Bill Clinton's sexploitations and has ramped up into overdrive in the last couple of years. One only needs look at TV promos which feature an inordinant amount of sexual innuendo, not too mention supposed mainstream clothing stores which have window displays that look like you accidently wandered into the red light district. Against this backdrop the hilarious but deadly serious Mark Steyn notes that if we don't do something soon, too many people will believe that truly anything does go.  Remember it was Bill Clinton, who was roundly applauded in 1999 when he stated that attempts by some in Hawaii to allow civil unions would never see the light of day in that state or any other. Look how far we have come in ten years.


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Ingrid Betencourt Once Held By Columbian Terrorists Visits Shrine To Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Says She Has A Special Devotion To Our Lady Of Guadalupe It seems Ingrid Betencourt has developed a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother following her years of captivity at the hands of Columbian Communist terrorists. Perhaps out of this awful experience, more people will come to know of God's Grace granted to the Mother of His Son.


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January 7, 2009


On The Traditional Feast Of The Epiphany, Pope Benedict Calls The Birth Of Christ A Cosmic Revolution


Pope Benedict Says On The Epiphany We See The Great Gift Of Children  I have always wished the faithful better understood the Epiphany. It has so many meanings and underlying truths. Christ's infant light being revealed to the Gentiles, the gentleness of a child changing the world. the worldly Magi stopped in their tracks by a child. I could go on and on. I am also intrigued by the old legend of Prester John being a descendant of one of the Three Magi, a statue of him is tucked away in the Colgone Cathderal and one of the few that exists of this man known to the Crusaders but not many other faithful in the modern era. There is so much on the Epiphany and yet the Holy Father is able to condense it so adeptly.


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Cardinal Zen Gives His Communist Collaborating Chinese Brethern An Earful If only Cardinal Zen were about 20 years younger, he would be the perfect candidate to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. However, that would almost be asking too much in light of the fact that we have been blessed with two phenomenal back to back pontiffs in Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict XVI.


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Matthew Archbold's Top 10 Christian Bashing Incidents Of The Year We will take one more look back on a year that for many we will say good riddance to for it brought a lot of heartache. Let us hope and pray that the sacrilege we witnessed in 2008 will never be seen again.


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As Holy See Reiterates That Theological Dialogue Cannot Take Place With Muslims, Methodist Minister Says Muslims & Christians Agree On Almost All Things Theological If one would listen to this Methodist minister or the presiding Episcopal Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori one would think all of the inflictions brought on us by radical Islam is our fault. The Holy See certainly favors dialogue but out of friendship, not out of theological purposes.


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In Catholic Exchange, Mary Kochan On Two Josephs, Both Living In Chastity


A Christmas Pilgrimage; St Joseph's Staircase  I thought you would enjoy this one. Thanks to Tito over at Cvstos Fidei for this one. These are part of the small miracles we see in the world that cause many people to pause and wonder. You may have seen or read about this story. I remember seeing it on Unsolved Mysteries, the NBC show of the 1980s. The first link is from Catholic Exchange in which Mary Kochan treats us to a fine piece on the chasteness of both Josephs. I had not planned on it, but it is turning out to be quite the day for Saint Joseph on the Catholic Report. Further on down, I link to a couple of stories about Brother Andre who had a special devotion to Saint Joseph.


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Amy Welborn Reflects On Her Melkite Mass Experience  Amy reflects on the Melkite Mass she attended. It really left an impression on her as it does with most people who have never been to an Eastern Rite Mass. All too often Roman Catholics don't realize that there are more than one dozen rites within the Catholic Church. In the Eastern churches the liturgy is much longer and it sort of builds up to s crescendo, which is why the Church fills up as the Mass goes on.


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Blessed Brother Andre's Feast Day Was Yesterday


More On Blessed Brother Andre I should have put this link up yesterday but I was bleary eyed after the Buckeye loss to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. I wanted to do this link right because I am really fascinated by Brother Andre. Last fall my wife and I went to St Joseph's Oratory in Montreal and learned more about Brother Andre. I just can't imagine the obstacles this man faced, often by members of the Church and even his own order. Yet, he went about doing God's work, helping and healing those God would permit to be helped and healed. Coming into Montreal from the south, one can see the Oratory for many miles seemingly not long after you get into Canada from the New York border. One of the interesting things for me concerned the meeting between Brother Andre & Father Solanus Casey, contained in this book by Joel Schorn, truly fascinating!


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January 6, 2009


In Detroit Cardinal Maida Retires. Oakland's Bishop Allen Vigneron A Native Michigander, To Be Installed Later This Month, Seen As A Friend Of Church Orthodoxy This is seen as a positive development for the orthodox-minded within the Church. In a somewhat liberal area (Oakland) though not as liberal as the city on the other side of the Bay, Bishop Vigneron spoke out forcefully for traditional marriage in the recet Proposition 8 election in California. The Archbishop Elect spoke to the media following a moving introduction by the retiring Cardinal Maida. It seems the process is moving along quite rapidly in the Motor City.


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Times Of London Calls The Holy Father "Bland Benedict," Because The Record Crowds Of 2007 Slipped A Bit In 2008  I suppose had the Times of London writer been around in the time of Jesus his headline would have read, "Son of God Can't Swim," after Jesus walked on the water. If this isn't a most ridiculous headline, certainly for the more conservative and thoughtful Times of London. The Holy Father had record crowds in 2007 and we had an econmic meltdown in 2008. You would think they might take this into account. They just don't get it do they?


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Deacon In Rochester Tells The Faithful That The Entire Mess In The Middle East Is Israel's Fault  The spiritually oppressed of Rochester have had to tolerate a lot in the lst 40 years. The liberal priests of the diocese drove Bishop Sheen into an earlier retirment than he had planned, which led to people like this dhimmi deacon perusing the altar. God Bless the good people of upstate New York. Their deliverance can't come soon enough.


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Why Does Hawaii Only Have Two Holy Days Of Obligation A Year?


Catholic Mom In Hawaii Reports Good Solemnity Of Mary Mother Of God Attendance In Her Parish, Despite The Fact That It Is Not A Holy Day In Hawaii Perhaps some of our Hawaiian readers could help us with this matter. I must confess I wasn't aware of the state only having two Holy Days of Obligation each year. The state is certainly hodge podge of ideas and beliefs. Home to some of the most liberal beliefs in the US (Obama won with 73% of the vote) as well as traditional beliefs held by a fervent Catholic Polynesian culture that believes in the value of Sacred Tradition.


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Here We Go Again, Rev Pat Robertson Says God Talked To Him Again Says US Will Become Socialist Nation (Did God Tell Pat Robertson To Endorse Rudy Giuliani?) God knows we Catholics have our fair share of crack pots (Father Pfleger.) However, at least our crack pots get disciplined. You might recall Father Pfleger was removed from his parish pastor role for a couple of months by Cardinal George. However, a lot of our Evangelical friends don't have the structure in place to give their flock an ecclesial timeout. Pat Robertson certainly needs one. I don't think anyone would doubt that the US is heading in socialistic direction but to say that God told him that is a bit much. Now if he claims God told him to support Rudy Giuliani, I would certainly not get in the vicinity of Pat during a thunderstorm.


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St Gabriel Radio Of Columbus Expands Signal To Become Of The More Powerful Catholic Radio Signals In The Midwest  Anothe sign that the tide is turning. This has been in the works for some time and it is certainly nice to see this take place. Brick by brick (as Father Zuhlsdorf would say) the Catholic radio world is building up their presense.


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The Anchoress Reflects On Adoration Reflects On Sister Briege McKenna OSC & Her Excellent Book (Why Isn't Every Diocese & Parish Promoting This?)


BBC Link On Sister Briege McKenna's Healing Power


Sister Briege McKenna Tells Oprah Winfrey That Jesus Is Not Just Another Great Man, He Is The Truth & Every Knee Must Bend Because Of Him I confess that when I met Sister Briege, I wasn't nearly as familiar with her as I am now. She is an amazing woman who some day will be known by far more people than she is now. Yet, even now she is known to Prime Ministers and pop culture stars like Oprah. Thankfully, she hasn't backed down from any of them. She told them what they needed to hear.


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Sister Briege McKenna CSC Is Pictured To My Right, To Her Right Is European Parliament Member & Irish Singing Star Dana (Who Has Sung For Pope John Paul II & Been Given An Award By Pope Benedict) & To Her Right Is Father Kevin Scallon CM Who Often Accompanies Sister Briege On Her Retreats, Celebrating Mass & Hearing Confessions. All Hail From The Emerald Isle. This Picture Was Taken In July 2007 At The Catholic Marketing Network In Cleveland.  All Three Were Most Gracious. I Truly Felt A Sense Of Holiness Around Sister Briege, She Inquired About My Book & Then She & Father Prayed For Me. I Will Never Forget That Moving Experience.



January 5, 2009


Pope Benedict Reflects On Humble Role Of The Holy Family. The Holy Father Also States He Will Join Religious Leaders  In A Day Of Peaceful Prayer Today Concerning The Violence Taking Place In Israel & Gaza The Holy Father is deeply distressed by the violence in the Middle East. Today he is joining Christian leaders in a day of prayer. The Holy Father also reflects on the humble role of the Holy Family. Jesus didn't come into the world in the luxury of a Ritz Carlton, but more like the ancient world's version of a Motel 6.


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In The National Catholic Register What The Movie Doubt (Takes Place In A Catholic School) Is Really About  Another year, another negative movie about the Church. However, this is small potatoes compared to Angels and Demons which will come out in May. Now there is some real anti-Catholicism you can sink you teeth into. Recently, I saw a liberal priest from Georgetwon voicing his displeasure over Angel and Demons. If it gets the liberals flustered, you know it has to really be anti-Catholic.


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Wall Street Journal Report On How 1960s & 1970s Liberal Catholic Clergy & Academics Gave Kennedy Family Politicians Cover & Support For Their Pro Abortion Views The evil one works in very discreet ways. What better way to undermine the Faith then to have folks who quietly tell you are doing the right thing with regard to being pro abortion. This article comes not from the Catholic media but from the Wall Street Journal. Read it and weep.


Click Here For Comments About 1960s & 1970s Liberal Clergy Gave Kennedy's Cover For Their Pro Abortion Views


Father Zulsdorf Reflects On An Indianapolis Priest Who Says The Sign Of Peace Is Optional In His Church  For those of you who think the Sign of Peace has gotten a little out of hand, here is a story via Father Zuhlsdorf on a priest in Indianaoplis who has his own ideas on the matter. You might recall that Cardinal Arinze suggested that the Sign of PEace be moved so it doesn't take away from the seriousness and holiness of the Consecration. Some parishes do the Sign of Peace in a loving and respectful way, while others turn it into some sort of grand hugathon that lasts longer than the homily.


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Vulgar Comedienne Kathy Griffin Who Mocked Christ, The Church Etc Helped CNN Ring In The New Year, Used Profanity On The Air I don't think that anyone is surprised by this but it is surprising to think that someone this anti-religious and vulgar would have even be seen, let alone heard on television, some ten years ago. Now she is brought in because appearently CNN thought she boost their ratings. God helps us all!


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Catholic Radio's Sonrise Morning Show With Brian Patrick Goes National, Starts Today With One Full Hour On EWTN  Here is some good news I would like to pass along. The Sonrise Morning Show is going national. Brian Patrick's radio show has really caught on and you might have seen Brian on EWTN's Crossing the Goal television show, which uses a sports type ESPN approach to push men to have a deeper faith life. I have been privileged to be on the Sonrise Morning Show a couple of times. Congrats to Brian and his intrepid producer Matt Swain.


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Washington Times Columnist Ponders Why 70% Are Looking Forwward To President Obama, Many Even Use "Reverential" Tones When Using His Name


Euphoric Crowds In Hawaii Say Good Bye To President Elect Obama After His Family Vacation & Memorial Service For His Grandmother At A Local Unitarian Church It appears the euphoria surrounding President Elect Obama shows no signs of ending. However, wait until he takes power and some of these reverential folks realize he is a mere mortal. In light of this post, check out the post below and let us know your prediction for 2009.


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Click Here To Go Your 2009 Predictions  



January 4, 2009


As We Begin A New Year A Flasback From A First Things Post By Father Neuhaus; How We Got To Where We Are In light of the beginning of the New Year, I thought this was very appropriate to link to this post from Father Neuhaus that was originally posted in 2007. While we reflect on the wisdom of Father Neuhaus. we should also find some time to pray for his sience he is facing a severe cancer scare.


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Public School Teacher (Who Is Catholic) In Western Ohio Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Over Teacher's Union Funds Being Used To Further Abortion & The Gay Agenda This might be an interesting case that should it proceed further through the judicial process may become a landmark case. This particular teacher became tired of the union using her money to promote radical ideas that had no place in her Catholic faith or conscience.


Click Here For Comments About Ohio Public School Teacher (Who Is Catholic) Files Religious Discrimination Suit Against Teacher's Union


Nat Hentoff, One Of The Few Liberal Pro Life Voices Has Been Laid Off By The Village Voice A hero for his pro life views amidst a sea of pro abortion liberals, Nat Hentoff has always been a defender of the unborn and the conscience of those of us who believe in orthodox minded Christianity. Now Hentoff is being kicked to the curb by the very newspaper he helped to make the icon that it is.


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Napoleon's View On Christ & His Church During His Days On Saint Helena  A very intriguing post on Napoleon and his faith life which was turbulent to say the least. The article caught my attention because of a homily I had heard as a boy when one of our parish priests who mentioned the fact that Napoleon had always said that his First Communion was one of the greatest days of his life, filled with awe, majesty and wonder. If only he would have listened and lived the life that the moment required.


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Chuck Colson Speaks Of The Moral Mess The United States Finds Itself, Mentions His Harvard Course Which he Taught On Moral Relativism, Which Was Later Dropped Due To Lack Of Interest A revealing article written by Chuck Colson on the mess the United States and western world finds itself. Colson's reflections on his experience at Harvard says a mouthfull concerning the Dictatorship of Relativism that the Holy Father has implored us not to follow.


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In An Interview With Christianity Today Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair Reflects On Global Poverty & The Role Of The Vatican In Helping The Less Fortunate. The Former Prime Minister Also Reflects On His Own Father's Militant Atheism  I was interested in the way this interview bounced around on many topics and while it barely touched on Blair's new found Catholicism, it did give us insights into many peripheral topics. I think you might find it interesting.


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In First Things Stephen Webb On Harry Chapin's Cats In The Cradle  This iconic song from the early 1970s is still often heard today on oldies stations. (Click here for the lyrics.) Perhaps it is timeless because the theme is timeless. We all know friends whose dads were rarely around because they were immersed in their work. Sometimes it was temporary and you could tell these particular dads hated it, because they loved their families.  Unfortunately and all too often these Cats in the Cradle dads they seemed happiest when they were away from their families. I think about and pray for these self centered dads and the havoc they caused their wives and kids. Thank God my dad was not at all like this. If you wish, let us know your story.


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January 3, 2009


Pope Benedict's Visit To The Middle East In 2009, Will It Happen? So many questions conerning the Holy Father's Middle East trip in light of the spiraling situation in the Gaza strip, not to mention the simmering tensions with Iran. Then again, this isn't anything new, it has been happening for as long as history has been recorded.


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Deacon Keith Fournier Reflects On The Solemnity Of Mary, The Mother Of God, Uses Martin Luther Quote As we move beyond this feast day to another (the Epiphany) I thought I would include this post from Deacon Keith Fournier. His reflection on the Mary, the Mother of God is significant bceause it includes a quote from Martin Luther.  I find it odd that when I am occassionally engaged in conversation with an Evangelical or fundamentalist, they will often say, "Is there really a difference between Catholicism and Lutheranism?" I often say most Catholics and Lutherans think so. My point being, it is heart breaking to think how far Christiantiy has splintered when the Blessed Mother is pushed to the curb (to say nothing of the Eucharist) by some Christians.


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While Governor Palin Immediately Waded Into Crowds With Speeches & Appearances As Well As Trying To Endure Interviewers Like Charlie Gibson, Caroline Kennedy Has Done Neither Yet Has The Mainstream Media Shown Her The Same Scorn  Caroline Kennedy is fast becoming an American version of some sort of British House of Lords appointee. However, far from being locked into obscurity in a House of Parliament no one really pays attention, to, Caroline Kennedy might just become a US Senator. Yet, too many in the mainstream media are as smitten with her as they are President Elect Obama.


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Sisters Of Charity Of Cincinnati To Celebrate Anniversary, Rich Leonardi Has The Details  I have written about this on other occassions. It is more than a little depressing to see what has become of this order. I was taught in grade school by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Because my 1970s rust belt town was the last place some of the "younger" political activists nuns wanted to go, I was by and large blessed with some of the "old school" sisters. I keep in touch with some and they are always in my prayers. Please pray for this and other orders that they return to their roots and move away from the New Age practices that some of them have embraced.


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Australia Considering A Ban On Topless Sunbathing Because It Is Offensive To Muslims (Why Is It That If It Is Offensive To Christians, We Are Labeled Sexually Repressed, But If Muslims Say The Same Thing The Powers That Be Understand?) Well if this isn't a sign of the times. Christians are told they are prudes and sexually repressed for all the nudity, profanit and pornography one sees around us. However, a Muslim says the same thing and some how their words carry weight. One wouldn't want to offend one's religious beliefs. However, keep in mind there are no such things as Christian suicide bombers, so I guess our words don't have that same gravitas (so to speak.)


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Boozy Britain Faced Ambulance Calls Every Seven Seconds For Past Out Drunks, Mainly Young Men & Women (Part Of A Continuing Trend From The Last Few Summers & New Year's Eves 


Flashback Father Longenecker's Post On The Rise Of Alcoholism In Britain Proportionate To The Decline Of Religion On The Island  Father Longenecker had posted on this sad phenomena many times and I linked to an October post from him concerning this topic.  As a society becomes more secularized (Britain, the former Soviet Union & East Bloc) their society becomes more alcoholic in nature. Life seems pointless and getting drunk, making a fool of yourself, often while scantilly dressed seems like a good idea, especially among the young. God help us all.


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January 2, 2009


Using The Holy Family As An Example, Pope Benedict Tells The Faithful To Fight Poverty Because The Holy Family Were Thrown Into Poverty In Order To Fight It  The Holy Father's takes an interesting path. It has been customary to invoke St Francis of Assissi on January 1,  a day Pope Paul VI proclained as World Peace Day before it reverted back to the traditional Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God. The present Holy Father in this instance also invokes Mary in the struggle to overcome poverty because she lived it and of course she was sinless. Our world is blessed with so many natural resources that no one should live in poverty. However, our world is cursed with a majority of countries that do not have true democracy but rather dictatorships, Socialist inspired monopolies and militant secular regimes that claim to speak for the poor but whose words and economic theories show little results for the poor. The Holy family showed us how to get out of the culture of poverty that inflicts havoc on not only the Third World, but the western world as well.


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Damian Thompson Pleads For A Religious Leader Who Can Inspire The Island's Populace In 2009  The Archbishop of Canterbury, though an intellectually gifted man has become Britain's theological equivalent of Neville Chamberlain. The Catholic leadership coming from Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has only been marginally better. This is the year of His Emminence's retirement and hope spring's eternal for the island's Catholic population. As for Britain's Anglicans, it must seem the equivalent of someone in steerage waiting for a lifeboat on the Titanic.


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Anglican Church To Invest Over $150 Million In Al Gore's Green Technology Investment Fund Seems par for the course, the Anglican Church leadership has been so influenced by the Al Gore inspired New Age movement of crack pot science and tree hugging spirituality, it seems like a perfect fit.


Click Here For Comments About Anglican Church Investment Scheme To Include Al Gore's Fund


Catholic Online Story Written By An Indian Priest Delves Into The Long History Of Christian Persecution At The Hands Of Hindu Militants, Looks At The Root Societal, Religious & Economic Causes The Christian faithful of India are running into the same resistance that St Paul ran into, and for almost the same reasons. The economics of Christiantity sure do put a crimp on the hundreds and thousands of Hindu gods, all of whom economically benefit someone in India. Hence the hatred of Christianity, not to mention the Christian message's solid contradiction with the Caste System.


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Outgoing Israeli Envoy Dan Gillerman Said The Following: "We Live In A Crazy World When Christians Kill Muslims It Is The Crusades, When Jews Kill Muslims It Is Murder, When Muslims Kill Muslims It Is Like Talking About The Weather, Nobody Really Cares" This just might be the quote of the year for obvious reasons and especially now that the Middle East is once experiencing another spasm of violence. Yet, this statement will be lost on many who don't want to hear or contemplate the truth.


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Michael Brown On Stepping Away From Our Own Selfishness One Sees The Supernatural How many times have our egos needed humbling and just when we step out of them and into the quiet presence of God we see a brand new world. Michael Brown reflects on this point and encourages us to take this step. A worthy reminder on the second day of the New Year.


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Matthew Archbold's Tongue & Cheek Post From Satan Saying; It Was A Good You For Him  Humor sometimes reveals some startling and unsettling truths. In this post, it is very evident in the news that came out of 2008 that this past year we crossed the Rubicon in many ways. Let us hope and pray that in the future, someone can write humorous posts on how bad times are for the evil one.


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January 1, 2009 Solemnity of Mary The Mother Of God


Holy See To Break From Set Protocal Of The Lateran Treaty, Will Not Automatically Adopt Italian Laws As Has Been Done Since 1929 An indication that the Holy See is not going along with Europe's dissent into secular madness. It will be very interesting to see how the state reacts to this for it will certainly give ammo to the militant secularists that claim that the Church is "backward." If being backward is upholding the basis of the Judeo-Christian ethic, than so be it!


Click Here For Comments About Holy See To Break From Lateran Treaty Protocal  Will Not Automatically Adopt Italian Laws


Government Announces Conscience Clause For Those Going Into The Medical (Clause Would Permit Those To Opt Out From Abortion Or Other Morally Offensive Activities)  Anyone who is about to work in the medical profession will certainly appreciate this order. In the dying days of any administration, there are bound to be directives that are near and dear to the president's heart. Often they take a while to change. Let us hope this stands for a long, long time.


Click Here For Comments About Conscience Clause


Deal Hudson Congratulates President Elect Obama For Not Buckling Under The Pressure From Gay Activists Groups Who Want Him To Disinvite Pastor Rick Warren From Giving The  Inaugural Innvocation This is bound to raise some eyebrows. There are those who don't want to cooperate with the Obama Administration on anything and then there are those who feel that an oliv ebrack has been handed out and we are to take it and run with it, since perhaps President Elect Obama is already tiring of the agenda of the radical left.


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In The National Catholic Register A Reflection On The Twelve Days Of Christmas Entitled; The Waiting (With A Tom Petty Video To Boot) Very few people, especially those outside the Catholic, Orthodox, or traditonal Anglican churches have an inkling as to what the 12 Days of Christmas are all about, they might have heard the song but that is it. As a matter of fact, more poeple probably familiar with the Jeff Foxworthy spoof than know the actual tradition itself. This article should help.


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Rosary A Hot Seller In 2008 For Online Shopping  Thanks to John & Regan for this one.  If  you want more evidence that the tide is turning here is your sign. Amidst all of the cultural upheavel, the rosary is a sign and symbol of the age old Catholic message. So many of the Christian faithful are tired of the latest trend, they want something to combat the evils of this world, it would seem the rosary, because of the tie to Scripture, can make better inroads than the latest societal or non denominational whims.


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Pope Benedict's 1st Vespers Video & Pictures Courtesy Of Father Zuhldorf, Summary Of The Holy Father's Message On The Theotokos (Mother Of God)


All About The Solemnity Of Mary, The Mother Of God  Nice work by Father Zuhlsdorf who captures some great images. I have also included a link which explains the origins of this misunderstood feast day. Going to Mass on the vigil or the Jan 1 actual feast day is certainly a good way to start out the year.


Click Here For TheTwo Posts On The Solemnity Of Mary The Mother Of God


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I Wish All Of You A Healthy & Happy 2009. Thank You For Your Readership & Astute Comments. I Have A Great Deal Planned For 2009. Please Keep The Catholic Report In Your Prayers.


The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn

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