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April 30, 2009


Pope Benedict Reflects On Germanus Of Constantinople, A Defender Of Sacred Images. The Holy Father Says We Could Learn A Lot From This Early Church Patriarch Who Held Firm Against (Saracen) Islamic Invasions A very interesting Wednesday General Audience reflection coming from the Holy Father. If we don't protect the sacred, what can we protect? This is very interesting to ponder in the current situation in which we find ourselves.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Reflections


Bishop Tobin: "Catholic Apathy On Gay Marriage Issue Must End"  While many people have spoken out on this issue, some folks have chosen to keep quiet. Bishop Tobin reminds us that this is not an option. We have a sacred responsibility to save the family.  This really segues well to what the Holy Father was saying in the above link, concerning his Wednesday General Audience message of protecting sacred images.


Click Here For Comments About Bishop Tobin's Remarks


Mexico's Cardinal Sandoval Says Now Is The Time To Stengthen Our Faith In God, Not Fear The Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus.) His Emminence Asks For Our Lady Of Guadalupe's Intercession For The Protection Of Us All From This Possible Pandemic  This is not the time for grumbling in the desert. Now is the time for utmost faith, to be a beacon to a world looking for something to believe in and stand the test of time. Our Lady of Guadalupe has helped the people of the Americas and Europe (remember Lepanto) with many other problems, both man made and those from the natural world.


Click Here For Comments About Cardinal Sandoval's Request For A Strengthening Of Faith During This Health Scare


"Forward Thinking Republican," Danielle Crittenden Can't Understand Why Mary Ann Glendon Won't Accept Notre Dame's Laetare Medal, Seems To Think Some Catholics Aren't Getting With The Times  Oh brother look what Arlen Specter has wrought. First off not being a Republican, but a Neuhausian Conservative (Steve Dillard's great line,) I feel I can weigh in on this issue. So am I to understand from Ms Crittenden's post that because, "The Times They Are Changing," that we are to get with them and abandon who we are? There is a reason the Catholic Church has survived 2,000 years. To quote another Bob Dylan line, "You Don't Need A Weather Man To Know Which Way The Wind Blows." Just because at this present moment in time we are running against the wind doesn't mean we stop, it just means we (to the use the REO Speedwagon song) Keep Pushin On. I got this link from the National Review Online. For the record Danielle Crittenden is married to former White House (President GW Bush) speechwriter David Frum.


Click Here For Comments About Danielle Crittenden's Post


In New York City's Union Square A Controversial Artwork Of President Obama On The Cross Suffering For Our Sins (Complete With A Verse From John) Raises Eyebrows   God help us all. This kind of madness reminds me of what you might see in places like Cuba, Venezuela or the old Soviet Union, where artists enamored with the secular use religious motifs in their works.


Click Here For Comments About NYC's Union Sqaure Artwork


Florida Mega Church Promoting Great Sex May Not Have Lease Renewed, Complaints Come In From Those Upset About Racy Advertising Heaven help those in decision making roles in these entertainment churches. They will have a lot to answer for in making Christianity look like some sort of joke or refuge for the truly bizarre. Calvary proved, once and for all, that we don't need gimmicks. If we think we do, well then we are part of the problem.


Click Here For Comments About Florida Mega Church's Great Sex Campaign May Cost Them Their Lease


Jimmy Akin Asks Us To Remember This Post 10 Years From Now. He Discusses Father Georges Lemaitre, The Late Belgian Priest Who Coined The Term The Big Bang Theory. Albert Einstein Admired This Amazing Belgian Priest After First Being Skeptical Of His Theory This is a very thought provoking post coming from Jimmy. Father Lemaitre was the priest who pretty much coined the term, the Big Bang Theory. At first Einstein was skeptical but he came around after some time. Perhaps it was this priest who helped in Einstein's fascination with the Eucharist. Though a secular Jew, Einstein had many books on the Eucharist and often would ask Catholics, especially priests to suggest further reading materials for him on the Eucharist.


Click Here For Comments About Jimmy Akin's Post



April 29, 2009


In L'Aquila, Italy Pope Benedict Comforts Earthquake Victims  In a town shaken by this sudden natural disaster, the Holy Father showed that though he is a quiet shepherd, he is a very caring shepherd. The world seems hit by natural disasters and spreading viruses. Yet we put our faith in God that we may make through this harrowing time.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict Visits Earthquake Victims In L'Aquila, Italy


Survey Shows That 23 Million Catholics Have Left The Faith In The US With Many Going To Evangelical Churches But Most Not Practicing Any Religion. On The Other Hand, 6 Million Converts Have Come Into The Church, Many Very Faith Filled & Orthodox In Their Beliefs  This is a very short, but intriguing story. There is so much more we would like to know. I am sure in due time we will know a great deal more. However, from this we can deduce that most Catholics who leave the Faith, practice not faith at all. In turn, some of our most faithful adherents are converts.


Click Here For Comments About This Survey


Notre Dame Alumni Group Calling For The Ouster Of Father Jenkins Claims Over Eight Million Dollars Lost By The University In Financial Giving Just Last Week Well that was a jolt to the wallet. No I am quite sure that Notre Dame's more liberal alumni will come to the aid of Father Jenkins. However, it is worth noting that figures like this do jump out and one wonders how long Father Jenkins can continue if he brings on this sort of bad news every time his name is mentioned.


Click Here For Comment About Notre Dame Alumni Witholding Millions


Cardinal George Says Church vs Obama Debate On Abortion Much Like Lincoln vs Douglas Debate On Slavery An excellent analogy by His Emminence. This really hits home along with what we need to do to stop it. John Brown claimed the sin of slavery would cause untold blood. Heaven help us if we use that statement today.


Click Here For Comments About Cardinal George's Remarks


Damian Thompson Posts A Parody Post About Anglicanism On His Telegraph Blog Site & Some Liberal Anglicans Take The Bait & Discuss Them As Real Proposals Goodness how sad is it that Damian uses a paody of the Anglican Worldwide Communion and some in turn discuss his ideas thinking he is being helpful when he was only being facetious.


Click Here For Comments About Damian Thompson's Post


With Senator Brownback's Support, US Senate Easily Confirms Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius As Health & Human Services Secretary. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector Leaves GOP, Says He May Not Have Survived A Challenge From A Pro-Life GOP Primary Candidate   Talk about a downer. It is bad enough that Gov Sebelius is now such a prominent member of President Obama's Cabinet. She certainly didn't shy away from her militant pro abortion affiliations. She still hasn't denounced late term abortionist George Tiller, even though some pro abortionists have. Despite such a brazen stand, Sen Brownback and other social conservatives voted for her. From there we segue to Sen Arlen Spector who is finally home among liberals. It seems to have taken him the better part of 30 years to admit where he belonged.


Click Here For Comments About Governo Sebelius Now HHS Secretary & Arlen Spector Home Among Liberals


In The LA Times, Tim Rutten Is Furious Over Increasing Tough Stance Taken By US Catholic Bishops Nothing says the tide is turning more than a liberal columnist all bent out of shape about the new more conservative minded clergy. Thanks to Seeker of Reality, one of our loyal readers who pointed out this story.


Click Here For Comments About Tim Rutten Rant


In The Catholic Times, My Column On The Joy Of The Easter Season  This is a time to enjoy the season, ponder the great fruits of the Resurrection and the joy that comes from it. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful as of late. One morning last week we had a light frost and the next day it was in the 80s. Thank God for this kind of Spring beauty.


Click Here For Comments About My Catholic Times Column



April 28, 2009


As Mary Ann Glendon Rejects Notre Dame's Prestigious Laetare Medal, Because Of A Similar Award Given To President Obama, The Number Of Bishops Speaking Out Against Father Jenkins Rises To 46


Some More Background (Including The Text Of Her Letter) On Mary Ann Glendon's Refusal To Accept Notre Dame's Laetare Medal In Light Of President Obama Also Receiving An Award During Commencement  Well just when you thought this story might take a little hiatus until May arrived, we get this bombshell. Mary Ann Gledon has shown more guts than most in turning down such a prestigious award that many would covet. Now if only Father Jenkins were so principled as the former Ambassador to the Vatican, Mary Ann Glendon.


Click Here For Comments About Mary Ann Glendon


In New Orleans. Archbishop Hughes Will Not Attend Xavier's Commencment Because Of Pro Abortion Catholic Political Speaker Donna Brazile Archbishop Hughes is making his stand in New Orleans. While this may not go over well with some people, he is unabashedly speaking his mind and upholding the truths of the Church which will eventually be respected by the serious minded.


Click Here For Comments About Archbishop Hughes's Stand


In The USA Today, A Column By A Boston U Professor Says The US Still A Very Christian Nation I will have to do some more research to see if this is a liberal professor trying to alleviate America's fears of a secular takeover, or a truly well meaning researcher. In any case, what we have seen culturally in the last three years is quite alarming. I trace it back to the 2006 Mid Term Election, ever since then it appears that there has been a green light given for an anything goes mentality among the social and entertainment gatekeepers. Some may say "but Dave you said The Tide is Turning! Indeed it is turning and Thank Be To God for it. The Church may be the only institution to survive this militant secular onslaught. Because of a new breed of more orthodox priests, bishops, women religious and laity, we are fighting the good fight. The same can't be said for most of the Mainstream Protestant churches. They have fallen under the sway of the politically correct. They need to be kept in our prayers as well.


Click Here For Comments About This USA Today Article


Father Longenecker On The Recent Trend Of Women Initiating Divorce. Is It Caused By Cheating Husbands Or A Secular World Telling Women They Can Do Better?  The next two stories are quite fascinating and they segue into each other quite well. Recently I had heard that in the last 10 years or so women have been initiating divorces far more than men. I naturally assumed it was because of cheating husbands. However, it turns out that many women are hearing the siren call of the secular world saying there is more out there for them. You might recall the infamous, "Life's short get a divorce," advertising campaing launched by a Chicago area attorney. You might even recall the story I posted on Sunday about a huge increase in women leaving their husbands to experiment in lesbianism. It sound so ridiculous and almost out of some sort of late night soft porn pay per view movie. However, the sad fact of the matter is that it is happening. We need to pray for those who have little or no faith that they not be caught up in this sort of madness and they come the way of the Church, so as to be proctected from all of this sort of depravity. 


Click Here For Comments About Father Longenecker's Post


In Poland To Support Her Book, Dawn Eden Has A Fascinating Post On Sin & The Poles Awareness Of It & Secular Europe & North America's & Obliviousness To It Again, I think this is an excellent segue from the last post. All too often in the western world, Poland excluded thanks be to God, we are seeing a dismissal or rationalization of sin.  In so many ways Poland is leading the western world, whether it be vocations, devotions and now proper introspection. We really need to reflect on this as a society.


Click Here For Comments About Dawn Eden's Post On The Way The Polish People View Sin


In The US A Conservative Rebellion Brewing That The Mainstream Media Either Dismisses Or Hasn't Bothered To Notice  Slowly but surely some in the mainstream media are beginning to notice the anger building among the rank and file who are very worried abou the direction of the country. For too long we have been painted as some sort of angry mob when in actuality that is what the far left has become, even when they now have the power that they thought they might never possess again. Social pro life conservatives are the least of this nation's worries. Even though we actually want people to live, we are treated as some sort of interior threat.


Click Here For Comments About Conservative Rebellion Brewing In The US



April 27, 2009



Breaking News Mary Ann Glendon Says She Cannot Accept The Prestigious Laetare Medal From Notre Dame. The Former Ambassador To The Holy See Tells Father Jenkins That Because Of A Similar Prestigious Award Given To President Obama, Whose Policies Defy The Church's Teachings, She Will Not Attend This Year's Commencement & Cannot Accept Her Award  More in tomorrow's Catholic Report.


Click Here For Comments About Mary Ann Glendon Turns Down Notre Dame's Laetare Medal, Says She Will Not Attend This Year's Commencement


Pope Benedict Canonizes Five Saints & Reflects On Their Heroic Virtue. The Holy Father Also Reminds The Faithful That The Eucharist Is The Gift That Sustains Us Through Troubled Times  A joyous day in St Peter's Square as five more names were added to the roles of the saints. The Holy Father reflected on their heroic virtue and reminded us of God's great Grace in the Eucharist that is always with us in good times and in bad.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict Canonizes Five Saints Reminds The Faithful Of The great Gift Of The Eucharist


In Mexico City, Churches Are Closed & Public Celebration Of The Mass Is Cancelled Due To The Deadly Swine Flu Outbreak  The entire world needs prayed for as we shall soon see what this swine flu outbreak has in store for us all. However, no place more than Mexico, and especially Mexico City needs our prayers. Over 80 people have died there in the last few days.


Click Here For Comments About Swine Flu Outbreak, Mexico City Hard Hit Churches Closed


"Tamper With Marriage & We Are In Big Trouble," Says Archbishop Dolan. Father Zuhlsdorf Analyzes His Excellency's Remarks  Archbishop Dolan's honeymoon continues among the press in New York. Thankfully, he is not playing it safe. He is speaking out and telling all who will listen the truths of the Church and the need to follow them.  Father Zuhlsdorf analyzes the latest remarks from His Excellency.


Click Here For Comments About Archbishop Dolan's Remarks & Father Zuhlsdorf's Analaysis


Despite Being Nominated For Health & Human Services Secretary, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius Vetoes Partial Birth Abortion Bill For the life of me I just don't get how this woman has hoodwinked so many for so long. She not only is making a mockery of the ambivalent but even faithful Catholics like Sen Brownback have somehow avoided calling her out for her outrageous policies.


Click Here For Comments About Kathleen Sebelius At It Again


Former US Sec Of State Madeleine Albright Says, "Islam Is Maybe Most Democratic Of All Religions....." (Maybe She Should Try Telling That To The Women Of Saudi Arabia, The Sudan Or The Taliban Controlled Areas Of Pakistan & Afghanistan) It is hard to believe that someone as intelligent as Madeleine Albright would make such a statement. To think she was one of the more level headed appointees of the Clinton Administration.


Click Here For Comments About Madeliene Albright's Remarks


Indianapolis Star Report On Notre Dame Struggle Between The Orthodox Student & Alumni Faithful & The Liberal Faculty & Indifferent Students. The Campus Is Home To 47 Chapels & 80 Daily Masses This whole saga at Notre Dame is sad for many reasons. For example, it is one of the few big Catholic universities that has this many chapels, this many daily Masses and is host to many devotional conferences. Yet, a few liberal alumni, faculty, students and administrators are trying to change this holy place. The faithful at Notre Dame need our prayers.


Click Here For Comments About Indianoplis Star's Report On Notre Dame


Tiber Jumper On Why We Need The Sacraments A funny but ultimately serious link on the need for sacraments. This is a take off from the old Blazing saddles line. However, Tiber Jumper reminds us of the need for sacraments and the realization of that need that he and many other converts have of them. All too often, we Catholics are told by some that sacraments are man made rituals. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all sacraments were instituted by Jesus and you can't get more biblical than that.


Click Here For Comments About Tiber Jumper's Post On The Need For Sacraments



April 26, 2009


Pope Benedict Says Scriupture Is The Soul Of Theology, Says Correct Scripture Study Essential For The Faithful  Sadly, if only we were more diligent in our study of the Scriptures. This is also a doubled edged sword. While our Evanglical friends are often well versed in the Scriptures, they often are only well versed in their personal interpretation of the Scriptues and not the "total package" ie the Sacraments, Mary and the saints.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Remarks On Scripture Study


Pope Benedict Thanks Faithful Catholic Families For Their Obediance To The Church, Says Obediance Is The Way Of God  In the last 50 years obediance has almost become a dirty word. You might be labeled as a follower or intellectually deficient for actually believing the Word of God. The Holy Father lets us us know that he and the Church Jesus founded appreciate our obediance.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict Thanks Obediant Catholic Families


Father Zuhlsdorf Analyzes How Liberal Groups Are Trying To Manipulate Public Opinion, Some Liberal Political Groups Are Doing All They Can To Show Support For Father Jenkins  Goodness these liberal groups have no shame. They attack their local bishop for being "politically partisan" What is his crime? Sadly, his crime is speaking up for the Teachings of the Church and calling out those who won't. In the field of Athletics, we call that a great coach. In the realm of the Theater, we call that a great director. Sadly, in the field of faith that particular bishop is often labeled as narrow- minded.


Click Here For Comments About Father Zuhlsdorf's Analysis Of Liberal Catholic Groups Coming To The Support Of Father Jenkins


Southern Baptists Experience Lowest Number Of Baptisms Since 1987, Even Though Birth Numbers For The US Have Increased In The Last Ten Years  Well the slide continues even for the most serious of Evangelicals. The sad fact of the matter is that many will leave these types of churches for a entertainment driven mega church only to be disappointed by that and all too often end up attending no church at all.


Click Here For Comments About Baptismal Decline


Mel Gibson Makes A Surprise Appearance At The Eastern Catholic Bishops Conference, Attends Mass With & Then Dines With Maronite Bishops Goodness can you imagine these Eastern prelates, they celebrate Mass and then at breakfast notice Mel Gibson among their party. I have no idea what this is all about, but I do think the Gibsom family needs our prayers. In many ways Mel has led a troubled life, but has also done much good in bringing us the Passion of the Christ and giving us a film from a uniquely Catholic perspective that was hailed by many Evangelicals.


Click Here For Comments About Mel Gibson's Surprise Appearance


Large Increase In Numbers Of Women Leaving Men For Other Women, Some In Mainstream Media Hail This As A New Day Of Women Paying Attention To Their Wandering Libidos & Feelings For the life of me I can't figure out why some people celebrate women trying to catch up with men in the bad behavior deparmtent. I saw this story on Spirit Daily. With reagrds to this story, we are not talking about abused women who have sexual identity confusion. Instead, we are talking about women who want to take a walk on the wild side, and after hearing Lou Reed or watching any number of movies that celebate this phenomena, think it would be exciting when all it will bring will be shame, confusion, lonliness and anger.


Click Here For Comments About More Women Leaving Men For Women


Children's Book On Pope Benedict Released In Italy & Germany. Book Centers Around A Sparrow Who Watches The Holy Father Work Dilignetly Through His Office Window Nice to see a children's book coming out about the Holy Father. In a fitting way, many young people given the chance are naturally drawn to the shy Holy Father for he comes across as a loving grandfather. Let us hope this book shows that side of him.


Click Here For Comments About Children's Book On Pope Benedict



April 25, 2009


Papal Social Encyclical Due Out On June 29, The Feast Of Saints Peter & Paul  Well the long awaited Social Encyclical from Pope Benedict is due out on the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul. The encyclical had been delayed because of the ever changing world economic conditions. It appears he has fine tuned his original encyclical and it is about ready.


Click Here For Comments About Papal Social Encyclical Due Out On The Feast Of Saints Peter & Paul


Pope Benedict Reflects On 25 Years Of The World Youth Day Cross  In twenty five years the Church has seen a great blessing through the work of World Youth Day. It is simply astonishing whne one considers the numbers associated with World Youth Day and the vocations that have come because of it.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict Reflects On 25 Years Of The World Youth Day Cross


Interview With Archbishop Twal, The Latin Patriarch Of Jerusalem Here's an interesting interview with the fairly new Latin Patriarch Archbishop Twal. He discusses the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict along with the state of the Middle East.


Click Here For Comments About The Interview With Archbishop Twal


Interview With The Producers Of EWTN's Catholic Canvas, A Show On Reclaiming Sacred Art I have yet to see this program. However, it certainly sounds interesting. The world all too often forgets the beauty and art that came out of the Church through the centuries. On could spend a week in the Vatican Museum pondering the amazing art work there and still only begin to scratch the surface. Keep in mind this is one museum. One could spend a year in Rome looking at the beautiful works of art contained in the hundreds of churches there and still not see it all.


Click Here For Comments About Catholic Canvas


From The Boston Area, A Report On Young People Embracing The Famed Rosary Priest, Father Patrick Peyton  The miraculous life of Father Peyton should be known and appreciated by everyone. In this report we see how some Boston area young people are being taught about the man dubbed "the Rosary Priest." He started Family Theater in Hollywood, in which I had the privilege to speak at in 2007. Talk about a fine group of young men and women being a beacon of light surrounded by a Culture of Death.


Click Here For Comments About Father Patrick Peyton's Fame Spreads To The Young Of Boston


Christianity Today Looks At A Book On Northern Ireland's The Rev Ian Paisley & The Movement He Has Led The legacy of Rev Ian Paisley will hopefully be that he continues to turn away from the awful culture of hate that he was a apart of for many years. Talk about rabid anti-Catholicism. He once interrupted the European Parliament while Pope John Paul II was speaking with shouts of, "I denounce you anti-Christ." The Rev Paisley certainly has shown signs of repentence for what he has done. However, he's still a long way from the Road to Damascus but at least he is heading in the right direction.


Click Here For Comments About This Book On The Rev Ian Paisley


Militant Secularist Bill Maher Says In A LA Times Op Ed Piece That Conservatives Are Sounding Bitter Because They Are Clinging To Their Guns & Religion Just when you thought we might not hear much from Bill Maher, there he goes again. This stuff really sounds like some sort of parody seen in a comedy routine. Yet, he really believes this stuff. I remember a story the late Michael Dubruiel told me. He was at a big (secular) book publishing show. I believe it was either Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens who was speaking at the event. Michael noticed several luminaries among the select crowd. The more the speaker took jabs at religion the more the select crowd winked, nodded or openly voiced their approval. I say this because have you ever noticed the amount of access these militant secularists are accorded by the mainstream media?


Click Here For Comments About Bill Maher At It Again



April 24, 2009


Eucharistic Procession Set For This Sunday At Notre Dame  An interesting time to have the procession. It appears that Father Jenkins will not be in attendance. However, it will undoubtedly bring out more people. It is fascinating to note that for all of their liberal administrators, Notre Dame is the most conservative of all the major Catholic universities. You just don't see Eucharistic Processions taking place at Georgetown.


Click Here For Comments About Eucharistic Procession At Notre Dame


Did The Head Of The German Bishops Conference Voice Views That Bordered On Heresy?  I hope and pray that there was some logical explanation such as a translation error. However, my gut tells me that this particular bishop who has the orthodox minded in Germany fearful to begin with is sounding more like some sort of confused liberal Episcopalian.


Click Here For Comments About Head Of The German Bishops Conference Makes Shocking Statement


In Saginaw A Sad Goodbye To Bishop Carlson. Brought In To Succeed One Of The Church's Most Liberal Bishops (Unterer,) Bishop Carlson Won The Hearts Of Many, Including Many Evangelicals  The diocese was in a disastrous state when Bishop Carlson arrived. There was one man thinking about a vocation in the whole diocese. In two years, Bishop Carlson increased it to 15. Many Evangelicals saw that the Catholic Church had a serious leader and embraced him for his orthodoxy. Perhaps the people of Upstate New York can dream that the same good fortune can come their way and soon. God knows they deserve it.


Click Here For Comments About Saginaw Says Goodbye To Bishop Carlson


Mari Loli-Lafleuer, One Of The Children Involved In The Early 1960s Alleged Apparition Events At Garabandal, Spain Has Died Of Lupus At Age 60. The Church Has Said These Events Were Not True Apparitions But They Haven't Been Condemned As Heresy Either Garabandal has not been approved by the Church, but not explicitly condemned condemned by the Church either. The background and the backdrop of these events were very interesting. It really makes one ask a lot of questions about what really did happen.


Click Here For Comments About Garbandal & The Death Of Mari Loli-Lafleuer


Is The Famed Early 20th Century Frankfurt School (Max Horkheimer & Friends) The Cause Of Much Of Today's Social Ills? A fascinating glimpse into the Frankfurt School. These were the poster boys of the far left and not only did they have eonomic revolution in mind but societal as well. They literally wanted to destroy society as we knew it. They have accomplished much of what they sought out to do. Let us pray it doesn't come to complete fruition.


Click Here For Comments About The Frankfurt School


Michael Brown On "The Secret." Heavily Promoted By Oprah, The New Age Book Seems To Have Brought Fame & Then Debilitating Failure To Many In The World Of Entertainment. Michael Brown Examines The Sad Life Of Hulk Hogan, A Big Proponent Of The Book  Isn't that the way the evil one works. He gives you everything you want and you end up hating that you ever asked for it. I found it intersting that Michael Brown examined the life of Hulk Hogan. Perhaps it is because the Hulkster lives in Florida, as does Michael. You might recall Hulk Hogan was the ultimate in 1980s Wrestler Good Guys. He famously told his fans (Hulkamaniacs) to take train hard, take your vitamins and say your prayers.  Then the 1990s and early 2000s came. "The Secret" became all the rage and so many got caught up in it's snares. Look at what has happened to Hulk Hogan. Shotly after his family's reality TV show ended, his son seriously injured and paralyzed a friend of his in an auto accident. Then Hogan admitting to having an affair with his daughter's publicist. Shortly thereafter, Hogan's wife began having a public relationship with her son's 19 year old friend (she is 50.) She filed for divorce and Hogan is virtually penniless. Hogan tried to make money off a new infomercial cooking grill product. However, it disastrously blew up (literally) and had to be recalled. There are others who totally bought into The Secret, "hook, line and sinker," and rue the day they did.


Click Here For Comments About Michael Brown's Post On "The Secret"


Jennifer Hartline On Watching What Comes Out Of Our Mouths, Especially The Mouths Of Ladies Jennifer has some pointed advice for those who let their langauge get out of control, especially the ladies. It really has become a sad development to see women acting like druken sailors. Is it any wonder we have seen a dramatic rise in women engaged in pornography and in relationships with much younger members of the oposite sex, which sadly was once the domain of men caught up in a mid life crisis.


Click Here For Comments About Jennifer Hartline's Post On Watching What Comes Out Of Our Mouths



April 23, 2009


Before 35,000 At His Wednesday General Audience, Pope Benedict Reflects On Little Known 8th Century Author Ambrose Autpertus Who Warned Those In The Dark Ages That Greed Could Make Their Hard Lives Even Worse  Wow the Holy Father sure knows how to find these little known sages, prophets and saints for his Wednesday General Audiences. In the 8th century, as bleak as they were, one of the problems most people didn't face was greed. However, Amrose Autpurtus saw the day coming. It has certainly arrived in the 21st century and Pope Benedict reminds us that this is not Christ's way.


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Vatican Archives House Pope Pius XII's Detailed Plans To Move The Church To Portugal Should The Nazis Have Arrested Him & Or Tried To Destroy The Church's Hierarchy  You would think documents like this would make even the most rabidly anti-Catholic writers like John Cornwell and Daniel Goldhagen cringe or apologize. While we should pray for these misuguided souls, we shouldn't hold our breath hoping they will repent.


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Half Of Those About To Be Ordained Were Counseled Against Their Vocation By A Family Member, A Friend Or Even A Priest Or Religious  This didn't surprise me. All too often in the world, parents can be the biggest inhibitors of vocations. Sometimes even liberal priest and liberal women religious can try to talk a prospective orthodox minded seminarian (or prospective woman religious) out of their calling ( I know this from being told seperately by both men and women.)  This is why we need to pray espeically hard for those discerning a vocation.


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Report That Notre Dame President Father Jenkins Made An Unannounced Trip To Washington DC? If So Why Was This Unannounced Trip Made Yesterday? Who Did He See & Why The Secrecy?


GE CEO Jeff Immelt Writes To Notre Dame Student Paper Singing Father Jenkins' Praises 


Bishop D'Arcy Says A Terrible Breach Has Taken Place Against The Church By The Leadership At Notre Dame (Father Jenkins)  Something has to give for Father Jenkins is digging himself quite a hole. While the university has taken a financial hit, I am sure it will get by, but it has really poisoned the atmosphere for many of the students who are far more orthodox minded than those of students at institutions like Georgetown, Boston College, Marquette, DePaul etc. As for CEO of GE trying to sing Father Jenkins' praises. What in God's Name is that all about? Perhaps a letter from Jeff Immelt is certainly his right. However, one from Jeff Immelt CEO of GE sounds ridiculous. Then again GE is bombarding us with this bizarre Man Made Global Warming nonsense since it has the market cornered in alternative energies. I guess these stories go hand in hand. Finally why was the Father Jenkins trip such a secret? The last time I saw this much secrecy about a plane trip occurred when Governor Palin & her family landed in a remote southwest Ohio airport so as not to tip off the media about Sen McCain announcement that she was going to be his running mate.


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Sec Of State Hillary Clinton Compares Margarent Sanger To Thomas Jefferson  Perhaps due to the haze of smoke coming out of Washington and or the nearest VW Bus, the Sec of State has lost temporary control of her faculties. There is no other way to try and analyze this bizarre statement. Margaret Sanger was an unapologetic racist and foe of democracy. She believed in Eugenics and met with the Klan. She admired Adolf Hitler and it appears he returned the favor by admitting he was fond of her Eugenic ideas. I guess these radical feminists will embrace anyone who is for abortion.


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On The Anniversary Of King Henry VIII's Ascension To The English Throne, One English Writer Praises The Ruthless Tyrant & Schismatic As A Champion Of The Western World..............


While Another Says Saint Thomas More Got What Was Coming To Him I read these posts and my jaw about hit the ground. It was more than a little bizarre coming from a contributor to the National Review Online, Andrew Stuttaford. Reading about King Henry VIII's life filled with murder, the attempted destruction of an entire religion and the expropriation of property, one can't help but think this was the blueprint used by Lenin and Stalin. If the first link isn't bad enough the individual who wrote the article in the second link is perhaps even more dilusional than the writer of the first link.  I  have no idea what the evil one calls those who help him but Lenin had a phrase he liked to use for those who helped him and the Communist cause without realizing it. However, in the spirit of Catholic charity I will stop right there. 


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April 22, 2009


Saginaw's Bishop Carlson Named To Lead The Church In St Louis


More Background On Archbishop Elect Carlson


Flashback My Interview Of Then Saginaw's Bishop Carlson  Excellent news for St Louis and a sad parting of a very effective shepherd for Saginaw. His hands on leadership and personal touch has been noted by many. You might recall that I spoke with then Bishop Carlson in 2006. As a matter of fact, I was the first person to interview him following his impromptu meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. One has to assume that the meeting has led to him being eyed for the St Louis opening. St Louis must be living right to get prelates like Archbishop Burke and now Archbishop Elect Carlson.


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Graduating Class Of US Seminarians Are Decidely More Orthodox, More Devotional & Also Disproportionately Of Asian Ancestory, Many Went To Catholic Schools More evidence that the tide is turning. Those about to graduate are really showing their orthodox stripes. Here in Columbus, I recently spoke to one of our newly ordained priests (five years or so.) He told me that when he was oradained he was considered very conservative. He tells me the current seminarians make him look like a moderate. The Asian ordination number is very interesting in this USCCB story. It seems the other groups (including whites) are proportionately represented. However, Asian numbers are well above their corresponding demographic figure.


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Angels & Demons (& The DaVinci Code) Producer Ron Howard Claims His Movies Actually Help The Catholic Church!  Howard Claims The Catholic League Just Doesn't Get It


Bill Donohue Of The Catholic League Sets The Record Straight On Angels & Demons Now Ron Howard thinks he's doing Catholics a favor by attacking the faith because it might make it stronger? This is like the slave owner asking for a thank you from his slaves for whipping them into peak physical condition. We need the Fonz (Henry Winkler) to give Richie (Ron Howard) a serious in your face discussion.


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Uproar Continues Over Miss USA Pageant In Which Miss California May Have Lost Over A Question About Gay Marriage  If anything we ought to have pity and pray for some of  these bizarre celebrity judges whose only reason for being in these pageants is the side show nature of their lives. Yet, it appears the side show has derailed a contestant's hopes for being Miss USA.  Now even the grandmother of Miss Prejean came out swinging and made a lot of sense in doing it. Now I realize this is a beauty pagent and not life or death. However, it does tell us about society. Remember the book Slouching Toward Gomorrah which was written a few years ago? It appears some in our society are running headlong toward it.


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President Obama Bowed Before Saudi King But Refuses To Meet Israel's President Benjamin Netanyahu Whatever one thinks of the new (and past) Israeli President Benjamin Netenyahu, he at least deserves a meeting if the Saudi King gets a bow from President Obama. One might ask President Obama how you bow before a man who rules over a country where conversion to Christianity is punished with a beheading and where women aren't allowed to drive. Yet, somehow this ruler deserves a bow and a democratically elected leader of nation doesn't? God help us all.


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In Seattle Catholic Report Reader Father Phil Bloom Conducts A Prayer Vigil Outside An Abortion Facility With Father Frank Pavone, National Director Of Priests For Life 


My Recent St Gabriel Radio Interview Of Father Frank Pavone, National Director Of Priests For Life Father Phil Bloom of Seattle is a friend and reader of this site. He was joined by Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priest for Life at an abortion facility. I came across these wonderful pictures via Mark Shea's site.


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Rich Leonardi Marks The Sad 500th Anniversary Of King Henry VIII's Ascension To The English Throne By Reviewing Stephanie Mann's Book On Catholic Survival During The English Reformation  Well this certainly sounds like a worthy read. From the sounds of it, anyone who has read Eamon Duffy's Stripping of the Altars might want to pick up this book. Rich gives us his review.


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April 21, 2009


Pope Benedict Will Visit L'Aquila, Italy Next Week, The Site Of Massive Earthquake Devastation  The Holy Father will visit the site of Italy's most damaging earthquakes in years. The Successor of Saint Peter will convey a personal touch amidst a town in mourning.


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Bishop Finn: We Are At War  A very blunt assessment of the world from His Excellency. The leader of Kansas City, Missouri's Catholics takes on many social issues and shows us what we all face. These types of blunt addresses show the true love of a local shepherd. He is trying to bring to the attention of his flock the urgent need to confront the evil that lies in front of us.


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Deacon Keith Fournier On Why We Need The Catholic League Now More Than Ever  We needed the Catholic League long before this latest spate of hysterical militant secularism. Because of the nonsense coming from the likes of these nefarious influences, we need all the help we can get.


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In New York City A Nun Who Knew Bishop Sheen Says Archbishop Dolan Reminds Her Of Him, Says She Was Glad Archbishop Dolan Recalled The Great Bishop Sheen In His Homily   Thank God for that because the faithful in NYC. Those of us hundreds and thousands of miles away are going to need his leadership and forthrightness to counter the latest hiccup of disbelief and miltant secularism that has been coming our way. 


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Film Critic Roger Ebert Goes On A Tirade About His Upbringing In The Pre-Vatican II Church  These self hating Catholics really take the cake. Instead of maybe thanking Father or Sister for helping him to achieve some measure of fame and fortune, all Roger can say is woe is me. Someone on Mark Shea's site (where I found this link) suggested Roger Ebert needed some GK Chesterton and fast. Actually, I wish old GK were alive so he give the narisstic Ebert an intellectual drubbing. Perhaps then Ebert might realize that he is only one tenth as smart as he thinks he is.


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President Obama Warmly Greeted & Given Gifts By The Thugs Of The Western Hemisphere Who Belittle The Western World & Sing The Praises Of Socialism This past weekend was not only a terrible omen for the United States but for the rest of the freedom loving world. The thugs of the western world belittled and mocked the United States in the presense of the President. He did nothing. What does this have to do with the Church? Everything? The goal of the dark side has always been to go after democracies so they can get at the real power of goodness, The Church.  Fidel Castro has already tried to decapitate the Church in Cuba. Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez are attempting to do the same in Bolivia and Venezuela. We know Christ promised us that the Gates of Hell wouldn't prevail against the Church but these aforementioned thugs (Castro, Chavez & Morales) are going to die trying.


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Paddy Kelly Lead Singer Of The 1990s Irish Rock The Kelly Family Is Now A Catholic Seminarian  While visiting family in Germany some time ago,  I was surprised about the success of the Kelly Family band. The do have American connections but little success here compared to Europe and especially Germany. Now the lead singer could be called to something higher. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link.


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April 20, 2009


Pope Benedict Says We Are All One Family. The Holy Father Reflects On Divine Mercy Sunday, Orthodox Easter & The Conference On Racism In Durban  On the fourth anniversary of his election as The Successor to Saint Peter, Pope Benedict XVI reflects on Divine Mercy Sunday and harkens back to the Early Church and their devotion to Christ's power and mercy. The Holy Father also reflects on Orthodox Easter (Pascha) and wishes our Eastern friends the best on their Easter day. The Holy See walks a fine line commenting on the Durban Conference on racism which is being boycotted by some western countries.


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Reflections On Four Years Of The Pontifcate Of Pope Benedict XVI  Four years ago the Church was at a high point. Though we had lost Pope John Paul II, we had his right hand man Cardinal Ratzinger as a favorite in the Conclave. When the smoke cleared Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI. A lot has happened in the world since that April day. We have seen a dramatic rise militant secularism and a liberal western culture that is attempting to destroy society as we know it. Jesus told us that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. Some 264 popes after Peter, we have Pope Benedict who is making it clear that although the Church is in the world, it is not of the world. He has brought us Summorum Pontificum and has placed a great deal of emphasis on liturgical reform and reverance for the Eucharist. We are going to need such holiness as we fight the powers which are so open about their hostility to the Church. An interesting question to ponder is where were you when you heard the news that the College of Cardinals had elected Cardinal Ratzinger? What impact has his pontifcate had on your faith life?


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Belgian Ambassador To The Holy See Told To Condemn Pope Benedict's Remarks On Condoms. Vatican Fires Back As African Ambassadors Defend The Holy Father's Remarks Oh brother isn't this typical. Some elistist western windbag government decides to pillory the Holy Father while the African ambassadors (who are in the middle of the situation) come to his aid.


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In Britain The Increasingly Leftward Leaning Tablet Comes Out Swinging At Right Wing Bloggers (Maybe Because There Are Hardly Any Left Wing Bloggers)  I used the boxing analogy because some of these old guard liberals are like watching an aging fighter well past his prime. You may not have even liked this particular aging fighter but you do feel sorry for the beating he is taking. Yes, and so it is with these old guard liberals. They are stuck in the corner and taking a pummeling and all they can do is pretend that it is 1968.


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Catholic League Tells Randall Terry To Take A Deep Breath After He Lied To Archbishop Burke & Lectured Bishop D'Arcy  Bill Donohue isn't pulling any punches. The orthodox minded faithful need to stick together and not practice any form of deceit. Randall Terry was disingenous with Archbishop Burke which led to some pull back in a time when we need to full throttle. I hope and pray Randall Terry prayerfully reflects on what Bill Donoghue said.


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Why Did Xavier University (In Cincinnati) Sponsor Queer Week During Lent Of All Times?  This came to my attention while reading Rich Leonardi's site. How in God's name did this happen and during Lent of all times? What has happened to our great Jesuit institutions. Some time ago I was in the greater Cincinnati area. I happened to be at a parish where a Jesuit priest was celebrating Mass, I have no idea if it was staffed entirely by Jesuits or not. Anyway, after Mass I introduced myself to the priest and we had a pleasant by blunt conversation. I left thinking he whole belief system is centered around social activism. I am trying to understand how the Jesuits fell so far, so fast since the 1960s. They have some great priests like Father Mitch Pacwa and of course a great history and charism, but it could be so much more. They need our prayers for a return to their roots.


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Patrick Buchanan's Column; "Not God's Country Anymore"  A sobering take from Pat Buchanan on the recent proclimations coming from the White House and our own cultural halls of power, most notably Hollywood.


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The Church Takes No Stand On Earthbound Spirits, Says Author Michael Brown. However, Many Have Claimed To Minister To Them Such As Padre Pio.  Do They Exist & Are They The Haunted Ghosts Some Claim To Encounter?  Michael Brown has an interesting article on something the Church has taken no stand on and yet some famous saints have, the idea of earthly spirits causing harm. One might immediately think of stories of haunted houses or ghost sightings. It is an interesting topic to ponder.


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April 19, 2009   Divine Mercy Sunday


Divine Mercy Sunday, Link That Explains This Day Of God's Infinite Mercy


EWTN Link On Divine Mercy Sunday With A Background On Sister (Saint) Faustina It is quite amazing as to the growth of Divine Mercy Sunday in the last few years. We have seen the pictures but all too often weren't sure of when it began and why. These two links help in explaining the amazing Grace of God and the wisdom imparted to Sister Faustina during the time between World War I and World War II. Sister Faustina died in 1938. Her diary chronicles these amazing revelations.


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Archbishop Of Seville, Spain Calls For A Day Of Action Against Child Slavery In Memory Of A Catholic Pakistani Boy Killed In Child Labor Accident  The heartless activity of child labor usually occurs in Asia and Africa, but it can occur anywhere. Thankfully, most predominate Catholic countries have rid the world of this scourge but sadly some Catholic youth are not immune to it in places where they are the minority.


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Leftist Paraguayan President Admits He Fathered A Child Will He Was Still A Catholic Bishop  I imagine had he been a conservative bishop who left the episcopacy for the halls of power he would have been prominently featured in the news of the day. However, since he was a leftist I doubt we will hear much about it.


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Orthodox Jewish Leader Laments That Israeli Students Are Taught Nothing About Christianity & The Catholic Church In The Land Where The Church Was Born A sad state of affairs that in the land where Jesus was born that so little know about Him and His message for the world, specifically His own Jewish people.


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Rich Leonardi Reflects On The Famous GK Chesterton Quote That Five Times In 2,000 Years The Church Is Said To Have Gone To The Dogs And Each Time The Church Survived Even in these times of militant secularism, we have to remember that there were far worse times in the History of the Church. It is not to downplay what is going on right now, but to put it in the proper perspetive.


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In First Things Diane Schaub On The Anniversary Of The Death Of Alexis de Tocqueville  From First Things, a rather interesting take on de Tocqueville. The Frenchman who had so many interesting takes on pre-Civil War America is remembered. I think you will find this worth your while.


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Unassuming 47 Year Old Catholic Parish Choir Singer, Who Grew Up With A Learning Disability & Took Care Of Aging Parents Becomes The Toast Of Britain's Got Talent Program


Video Of Susan Boyle's Amazing Performance  You might have alreayd heard about this story or even seen her performance. However, you might not be aware that she is Catholic and had a rough way to go in life. It really is an uplifting story. She has a learning disability which resulted from being deprived of oxygen at birth. She has had a tough way to go taking care of elderly parents. In addition, she freely admitted that she has never been kissed. Most people would seek pity but Susan keeps going forward with a smile. God Bless her for she is teaching us all the power of perseverance.


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April 18, 2009


In Hong Kong, Cardinal Zen Retires. Bishop John Tong Hon Replaces Him How Blessed the good people of Hong Kong were to have Cardinal Zen as their local shepherd. He guided the Church in challenging times and he wasn't at all worried about rattling the cages of the boys in Beijing. If only we were as courageous in our daily lives.


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Georgetown Didn't Have Any Problem With Muslim Speakers Having Their Symbols Be Seen


Deacon Keith Fournier Asks Georgetown Which Disciple Are You Peter Or Judas?  These two links are an excellent follow up to the debacle taking place in our nation's capital. I hope and pray that some sort of miracle occurs. 


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In The National Catholic Register Tim Drake On 33 & Counting. The List Of Those Bishops Who Have Spoken Out Against Notre Dame For The Award They Will Give President Obama & The Honor To Give The Commencement Address


Father Jenkins Tells Student Group Constructive Dialogue Not Possible At This Time


Notre Dame Alumni Start Campaign To Withhold Funds Until Father Jenkins Is Removed Again as I have been saying this story and the evolving Georgetown story may well be later seen as a blessing so as to force the university to take a look at itself before it leads more people in error. As for Father Jenkins, this is almost turning into parody, he wants to engage President Obama and others in dialogue but his own students are not allowed the privilege.  The more I think about Father Jenkins, the more I think his recent leadership is reminiscent of Colonel Nicholson's role in the Bridge on the River Kwai.


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New York's Governor Patterson (A Baptized Catholic) Introduces Gay Marriage Bill The Day After Attending Archbishop Dolan's Installation Mass  It is bad enough that one favors such an affront to God. However, when one is baptized into the Faith and was present at such a stirring Installation Mass, the sin grows even more heinous.


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St Patrick's Day Miracle? Savagely Beaten Australian Man Brought Home To Die Wakes Up From Irreversible Coma On March 17th  Talk about a miracle. The hospital pretty much sent this man home to die for there was nothing more they could do for him. I recall a remark Father Zuhlsdorf made. He stated whan he worked at the Office for the Congregation of the Saints, the inexplicable miracles one would see via paperworl was unbelievable. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link.


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April 17, 2009


Before More Than 30,000 At His General Audience, Pope Benedict Says Christ's Resurrection Eliminated Death. Now We Must Tell & Show The World The Power Of His Message The Holy Father continues the Easter message by reminding the faithful that the war is won. However, we must do our part to win the battle and prevent those who God wants saved from remaining lost. The allure "of the world" can be too much for even a believer. Yet, we have to remain on task lest we like Demus lose our way and return to what we swore we left behind.


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Georgetown Says It Coverd The Name Of Jesus (IHS) At The Request Of The White House During The President's Visit Earlier This Week  What a tag team; the White House and Georgetown. It does seem pleasantly ironic how both will catch some heat over this story. I am sure most of the White House folks wouldn't have the slightest idea of what IHS meant. Sadly the Georgetown officials probably never told them for fear of alienating someone they practically worship. As I said the day the Notre Dame controvery broke out, this will be a turning point. Perhaps the Almighty is letting this occur so as to make it plain who is for us and who is against us. These two great universities are being called to change their ways. They are bigger than those who currently run them. Perhaps in the long run these events will seem like a blessing for they might have helped cause a change in heart and direction.


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Vatican To Investigate Leaders Of Some Women Religious Orders


Amy Welborn Has Some Details On What Might Have Caused The Investigation. Quotes From Nuns Questioning The Precepts Of Christianity Are Sheer Madness For Those Who Claim A Vocation Hell hath no fury like a radical nun who hates authority of any kind.  Thankfully, their numbers are declining and at a rapid pace, but they will probably become media darlings for taking on the Holy Father. I have been to my fair share of religious conferences and it always amazed me as to how happy nuns in habits were at these events. They were laughing and having a good time, unlike the liberal habitless nuns who often lamented about the state of the Church and longed for the good old days of 1968. The quote Amy Welborn links to is either heretical or full blown apostacy. Rebellion against Church Authroity is like a rapidly expanding infection that eventually impairs the mind. These orders need our prayers.


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In Bolivia, Cardinal Sandoval's Residence Bombed. Bolivia's President Evo Morales Had Been Waging A Campaign To Lessen The Influence Of Religion & Specifically That Of The Catholic Church Over His Nation Who knows what really happened. However, I wouldn't put anything past Evo Morales. Perahps old Evo was participating in a trial run for this buddies Hugo and Fidel. Thankfully, His Emminence is safe.


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From Per Christum Interesting Analysis On Protestant Bible Scholar Bart Ehrman's Loss Of Faith Due To His Fundamentalist Bible Beliving Upbringing. David Bennett Talks About How The Early Church Fathers Helped His Belief & Move Toward Catholicism A rather fascinating reflection coming from both Bart Ehrman and David Bennett. Perhaps you have seen Bart Ehrmann when the Discovery Channel does some sort of Bible debunking show. He is often part of the cabal so useful to the DaVinci Code crowd. David Bennett has a fascinating personal perspective on the whole thing.


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Michael Brown On The Church Under Attack From Third World Missionaries Who Enage In Unseemliness Toward The One True Church   A great segue from this story to the one below it. We have to speak up for the Teachings of the Church during this critical time when we are under attack from radical secularists. If the current world situation continues, the Church is going to be the only institution that will survive. The liberal churches will either fold or got to the other side.  Please read the story underneath the story on a inner city parish in Columbus who is an oasis in a tough neighborhood.


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On The Secular Website Wonders How The City's Artistic Treasures (The Closing Catholic Churches) Can Be Saved?  This is a rather fascinating link. It comes from the secular and laments the possible destruction of these beautiful churches. Cleveland is home to so many different ethnicities and to think that some of the churches that their forefathers built could be destroyed is disheartening. These churches were the center of their lives and they put whatever income they had into building these holy structures. Surely, something can be done to save them.


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April 16, 2009


Text Of Archbishop Dolan's Homily From His Installation Mass. During His Homily The Assembled Crowd Erupted With A Standing Ovation When He Said The Church Protects The Unborn Like A Mother Bear Protects Her Cubs. His Excellency Also Used A Very Interesting Analogy Of The Road To Emmaus To End His Homily 


Archbishop Dolan Appears To Be Taking The Big Apple By Storm, New Yorkers Seem To Instantly Warm To The Gregarious But Orthodox Minded New Prelate 


Text Of Archbishop Dolan's Vespers Homily  It was quite a couple of days for the faithful and not so faithful of New York City. It seems, according to the city's papers and especially the tabloids that Archbishop Dolan hit a home run. Watching his homily was like watching something you know would be historical. Normally, I would be very much against any applause during Mass. However, the sheepish look on the faces of the pro abortion politicians gathererd when the crowd erupted into applause after Archbishop Dolan used the mother bear analogy of defending her cubs (i.e. the unborn) was priceless.


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Kansas Governor & HHS Nominee Kathleen Sebelius Caught In Lie As To How Much Late Abortionist Dr George Tiller Contributed To Her Through The Years  The woman has no shame. She brings up the nuns that taught her and somehow gets away with pictures of her and the infamous late term abortionist Dr George Tiller yucking it up together at an honorary dinner party she threw for him. Now comes this story of hiding notorious Dr Tiller's contributions. Dr Tiller might be shooting for the lowest rung in hell if he keeps this up. I have a childhood friend who is a doctor and vociferously pro life. He says even among liberal doctors who support abortion, a doctor involved in abortions, let along a late term abortionist, is seen as a disgrace to the profession and a real bottom feeder.


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Liberal English Group Already Smugly Attacks Incoming English Catholic Church Leader Archbishop Nichols Anytime the liberals are this much upset over a new prelate, it is cause for rejoicing. The liberal Christians of the UK won't be happy until every church is empty. I for one will keep praying for Archbishop Nichols continued success. 


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LA Times Op Ed Piece Says If You Went To A Tea Party Protest Or Sympathized With Them, You Are Insane


Youtube Video Of CNN Reporter Covering Tea Party Protests. First She Mocks Protesters, Then Anyone Who Doesn't Agree With President Obama & Then Goes After Fox News While Live On The Air Well let's see here. The government is spending our money and the future children of the nation's money faster than than any liberal's dream could imagine. In addition, millions of babies are killed in supposedly the safest place in the world, the womb and they call us insane. God save us from this insanity. As is that wasn't bad enough, a CNN reporter at one of the tea parties tries to find the whackiest looking protester compares him to all those who disagree with President Obama and then mocks anyone who disagrees with President Obama, including her main competitor FOX News. What would Edward R Murrow do? Obviously, nothing like this.


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Vermont Seeks To Decriminalize Teen Sexting God help the faithful of Vermont for having to put with this kind of liberal nonsense and now very dangerous nonsense day in and day out. When you can't even give impressionable children boundaries for fear you might be impeding their creativity then heaven help us all.


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St Francis Of Assisi Wasn't A Birkenstock Clad Hippy, But A Converter Of Muslims, Says Catholic Author Frank Rega Frank Rega's book really seems to have opened many eyes as to the true nature of St Francis. I came across a similar link some days ago and was trying to figure it out when lo and behold the man himself e-mailed me. It turns out he is one of our readers. Check out this book!


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April 15, 2009


In A Wide Ranging Interview Cardinal Pell Talks About Many Matters, Especially That Of Renewal After World Youth Day  A most interesting interview with Cardinal Pell. I really enjoy interviews which run the gamit. He delves into lots of matters, especially that of renewal since Sydney's World Youth Day.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


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In A Zogby Poll, Conservative Or More Orthodox Minded Catholics Feel Better About The Church Than Do Liberal Or Progressive Catholics  No surprise here. No matter how many liberal Catholics are in positions on prominence, the tide is turning and it is appearent for all to see. This won't stop James Carroll or Father McBrien from writing more articles lamenting the fact. However, with the number of ordinations of more conservative priests and the installation of more orthodox minded bishops increasing, the liberal era is thankfully coming to an end.


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President Obama's Homeland Security Office Equates Conservative Groups With That Of Terrorists, Says Pro- Lifers Are Similar To White Supremacists  If this is what happens in the first 100 Days, I shutter to think about what might happen if he wins a second term. Imagine comparing Alveda King (niece of Dr Martin Luther King) who is a high ranking official at Father Pavone's Priests for Life to a white supremicist. I finished reading Eamon Duffy's The Stripping of the Altars last night.  One can see how slowly but surely, like a python squeezing it's prey, the life is sucked out of the victim and so it was in England for 200 years until the Oxford Movement of the 1830s.  Even in 2009, we have to remain vigilent. Keep in mind there are are too many folks in Washington who came of age during the Clinton years (1990s) and kept a low profile during the Bush years. Remember the stories of people, even in the CIA badmouthing US History and Foreign Policy?  Now these folks can be more open. This document is so over the top and such a drastic change from what we have been accustomed to coming out of Homeland Security. When the defenders of the Holy Innocents are treated as demonic terrorists, God help us all.


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Politico Article Written By Doug Kmiec Praises President Obama & Rips Those Of Us Unhappy With The Notre Dame Situation Thanks to loyal reader AFL for this one. The mainstream media's infatuation of Doug Kmeic knows no bounds. They just can't get enough of the guy who faithfully labored in pro life obscurity for years before he had some sort of ego conversion experience on his way to meet The One.


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After 28 Years Mel & Robyn Gibson's Marriage Ends In Divorce, Couple Had Been Seperated For Over Two Years  A very sad development which seems to have been in the works for some time. I have no idea about the particulars and how angry, lonely etc Mel Gibosn might be. However, there is one thing I know for sure. This family needs our prayers. 


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Famed British Novelist A.N Wilson Has Returned To The Christian Faith Of His Youth After Spending Most Of His Life As An Atheist. Wilson Says England's Chattering Classses Are Full Of Itself & Yet Offers Society Nothing Except Social Disintegration  Thanks be to God. What a conversion story and what a miracle. It literally seems as if he has come back from the cultural dead, which only makes his witness that much more miraculous. He describes in great detail the smug chattering classes that helped lead him and many otherrs on the road to nowhere. Yes, my friends here is an example of prayers being answered.


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If You Build It, They Will Come. Beautiful Basilica In Smalltown Dyersville, Iowa, Home Of The Mythical Field Of Dreams  Wow what a metaphor for faith. How many parishes exist in impoverished city neighborhoods or in small towns miles and miles from any population center, only to have huge crowds come for Sunday Mass, simply because of the holy atmosphere contained within. Here is a great example. How many liberal churches built in the most convenient of locations sit empty for their is no holiness present there.


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April 14, 2009


In A Profile On Archbishop Dolan,The Incoming Head Of The New York Church Recalls Many Things, Including His Fondness Of Archbishop Sheen & His Captivating Homilies A most interesting side bar on the incoming leader of America's most prominent Archdiocese. For too long Archbishop Sheen was almost persona non grata among the intellectual elite of the Church. I have it on high authority, and from someone who was there, that Archbishop Sheen was almost not invited to St Patrick's Cathedral when Pope John Paul II came in 1979. When the Polish pontiff entered the cathedral he saw the Great Communicator sitting in the back of the church. Pope John Paul II immediately embraced him and ushered him up to the front. Afterwards, Pope John Paul II was shocked that the planning committee didn't make provisions for the elderly Archbishop Sheen to get to and from St Patrick's. Someone agreed to give Archbishop Sheen a ride home. Thankfully, many younger and not so young Catholics are embracing Archbishop Sheen due to his NBC replays seen on EWTN, along wih his DVD's now available of his homilies and talks. As I indicated earlier the MP3 I was given of an open retreat he held in Gary, Indiana in 1973 is truly revelatory for the predictions and observations he was making about the Church and her future.


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The Telegraph's Positive Profile On Archbishop Nichols, New Leader At Westminster  Nice to see such a postive article written about a prelate who was once in the liberal camp but has come over to the side of orthodoxy. Some make see this as a cynical ploy but we cannot dismiss the power of the Holy Spirit to change hearts.


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Bishop Lori Will Not Attend Dinner At Sacred Heart Honoring Pro Abortion Catholic Kerry Kennedy  It appears the more the President Obama-Notre Dame situation seems to play out, the more we are seeing bishops say no thanks to appearances with pro abortion politicians and celebrities, especially Catholic ones.


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UK's The Tablet Weighs In On The President Obama - Notre Dame Controversy (The Comments In The Catholic News Link Are Most Interesting) The Tablet article is what you might expect from them but some of the comments on the Catholic News link comments section is something you have to see to believe. Prayers are needed!


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Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren Cancels Scheduled TV Appearances Citing Exhaustion After Contradictory Gay Marriage Statements


Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren, "I Am Not Anti-Gay Marriage" You can't serve two masters and it seems mega church Pastor Rick Warren is finding this out the hard way. I have taken some criticism for my links about Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar et al. I think we are seeing all of this stuff sort itself out. As I indicated before, Rick Warren has helped the less fortunate more than any of these mega church pastors. He has done great things for them. He really is a genuis when it comes to church planning, on what works and what doesn't. However, what has become of us when we have to market churches, the way burger chains market burgers? I can't imagine Jesus and the Early Church operating in such a fashion. It seems Rick Warren is incapable of bluntly making an unpopular stand without shortly thereafter backtracking or trying to explain himself. Jesus did not do this when so many left after he explained the Eucharist. It was Jesus' way of stating how important (John 6) was for he lost a great many of his followers. However, it was central to his message. I vividly recall the heat I took from some about the mega church chapter in my book. I honestly think some people thought I was more than a little crazy for insinuating the mega churches best days were behind them. It seems to be sorting itself out as planned. One more thing, there certainly is a difference between most small Evangelical churches and that of the mega church. It seems the mega church is always trying to see the next big thing coming, while most Evangelical churches and I hope all Catholic ( but I know some who don't) churches are concerned about the message and not the marketing.


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Transcript Of My St Gabriel Radio Interview With Father Frank Pavone, National Director Of Priests For Life. Father Pavone Touches On A Number Of Topical News Issues Here is my interview with the National Director of Priests for Life, Father Frank Pavone. Father Pavone touches on many issues that we hear in the news today, from pro-abortion Catholic politicians to the Notre Dame situation.  I think you will find this interview very enlightening and revealing.


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April 13, 2009  Easter Monday


Pope Benedict's Urbi Et Orbi Message Reminds The World That Christ's Resurrection Is Not A Fairy Tale. Because Of The Reality Of The Message, We Are Called To Preach The Message Of The Risen Lord In Many Ways, One Being Helping Those In Need Around The World All of the ideas that Christ spoke of such as love, truth and justice were completely vindicated by His resurrection.  It may have seemed to good to be true. However, the empty tomb on Easter Sunday changed all of that.


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Pope Benedict's Good Friday Warning About A Desert Of Godlessness That The World Is Hurtling Toward This article and the one initially written by the UK's Daily Mail has received a great deal of attention. Matt Drudge had it on his site for the entire Easter Weekend. Some of the Daily Mail's initial reporting was sort of over the top. However, this Telegraph  piece is more succint.


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Holy See Blocks Caroline Kennedy As US Ambasador To The Vatican It seems President Obama keeps sending up more pro abortion hints to the Holy See and the Vatican keeps sending them back. At this rate we may not have an ambassdor to the Holy See. The longer this goes on, the more the Obama Administration is digging itself a hole.


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Captain Richard Phillips, Sea Captain Of The Ship The Maersk Alabama Freed After US Navy Seals Gun Battle With Hostage Taking Pirates


Small Vermont Town & Catholic Church Prays For Parishioner Captain Phillips Of Maersk Alabama, Who Had Been Held By Somali Pirates A tragic nerve wracking situtation has a way of bringing out the best in good people. Vermont is probably the least church going rural state in America. Let us pray in thanksgiving that the good Captain's release will bring an end to the ridiculous situation we find ourselves. Who would have thought in 2009 we would still be facing pirates on the high seas! Maybe, just maybe one Vermont town will help others see the goodness and Mercy of God on of all days Easter Sunday.


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Archbishop Buechlein Of Indianapolis Writes A Strongly Worded Letter To Father Jenkins


Bishop Bruskewitz Writes The Hardest Hitting Letter To Father Jenkins Written By Any Prelate. Father Zuhlsdorf Says Bishop; "Bruskewitz Flays Father Jenkins." Bishop Bruskewitz Prays For Father Jenkins' Conversion. Father Zuhlsdorf's Analysis Can Be Found Here  Goodness the first letter from Bishop Buechlein was certainly stern. However, the next one from Bishop Bruskewitz was by far the fiercest attack yet on Father Jenkins. As I indicated earlier, the situation may now settle down for a couple of weeks before it really kicks into overdrive in May.


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While Some In England Are De Baptizing Themselves, An Anglican Clergyman Gets Himself In The Doghouse For Baptizing A Dog Complete With Godparents! God help the Anglicans if this is their future. Everytime we reach a point where it can't seem to get any more bizarre, it does. Now many of us, yours truly loves dogs and feel giving them a blessing is just fine. The Church has not left out the possibility of animals in heaven. However, this sort of sacrament being given to a dog, complete with Godparents is beyond belief.


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My Latest Column For The Catholic Times; Suffering That Ends In Triumph  Here is my latest column in which I reflect on the journey we have all made during lent culminating in the victory of Easter Sunday. I used a variety of analogies, including some from the sports world to cover the emptiness of lent, the pain of Good Friday and the stunning victory of Easter Sunday.


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April 12, 2009  Easter Sunday


Text Of Pope Benedict's Easter Vigil Homily. The Holy Father Reflects On The Resurrection & The New Life Of The Catechumens


Happy Easter The Tomb Is Empty, A Reflection By Deacon Keith Fournier


Text Of Father Rosica's Homily, The Silence & Courage Of The Resurrection Witnesses  These three links give us a great trio of links celebrating this Most Holy Day.  The Holy Father reflects on the Gospel of Mark and the beauty of the night when we bring in new members to the Church Christ established.  Deacon Keith Fournier reminds us of the revalatory nature of the empty tomb and how that struck all those who saw it. Father Rosica reflects on the the resurrection wtinesses and their courage to boldy tell everyone what they saw.


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Papal Preacher Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Homily, Christ Came Not To Continue Suffering But To Preach Understanding Of It, While Preaching About It's Evantual Defeat  Before the crown comes the cross. The Papal Preacher Father Cantalamessa reminds the faithful that though we must suffer for being Christ's followers, we know there is an end to this world's suffering. Christ opened heaven in the hopes that we all would take him up on his invitation.


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From On The Waterfront Father Barry (Karl Malden) Tells It Like It Is 


Link On Father John Corridan SJ, Real Life Priest Played By Karl Malden In On The Waterfront I thought I would bring up a little clip of a classic movie, where religion's role was an undercurrent all through the movie. Some say this was Karl Malden's best role. This link comes courtesy of American Catholic.


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Franciscans Ready To Celebrate 800th Anniversary  Quite an anniversary apporaching for the Franciscans. The Franciscans have done amazing work through the centuries. It seems some in the order have gone way off the deep end into liberal excess. However, that shouldn't distract us from the many good men and women who effortless tire for the Faith.


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Shroud Of Turin Doubter Changes His Tune Shortly Before His Death, Video Reveals  Quite a revelation coming from on the Shroud's vocal skeptics. For some time he raised his voice to anyone who dare say the Shroud was older than the original carbon dating. Now, after a cold hard examination of the facts he is prepared to concede that the Shroud may be what it was originally thought, a relic of revalatory proportions. I have been of the opinion that the Shroud being intially rejected might hold even greater meaning if it would be eventually be proved that scientfiic error ( fire causing a false read) might be overturned by faith.


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Aimee Milburn Cooper Embarks On Teaching An Ambitious Course At The Archdiocese Of Denver's Pope John Paul II Institute. It Is A Long Distance Course So You Don''t Have To Be One Our Rocky Moutain Readers To Attend  Nice to see a fellow blogger ascend to so fast. Aimee will remind everyone that not too long ago she was a proud child of New Age. Yet, with God All Things Are Possible.


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May The Peace & Joy Of The Risen Lord Visit & Stay With You All Today & The Entire Easter Week. Please Know I Pray For You All Daily, Though I Don't Know You By Sight, I Read Your Comments, E-Mails & Occasionally See The Stats Which Tells Me What States, Provinces & Nations You All Call Home. God Bless You All. A Reminder That You Can Hear My Taped Interview With Father Frank Pavone, National Director Of Priests For Life Tonight 8:20 EST On Saint Gabriel Catholic Radio. I Should Have A Transcript Of The Interview, Which Touches On Many Topics, Up On This Site In The Next Couple Of Days.



April 11, 2009  Holy Saturday


Pope Benedict's Coliseum Homily At The Way Of The Cross


The Man Of Sorrows  The Holy Father's homily was quite commented on by some in the mainstream media, incorrectly by some but least their intenetion seem to have been somewhat positive. The Man of Sorrows and much of the sacredness of Good Friday seems lost on many. I am amazed as to how many people really have no idea about the significance of this day. Pray for them.


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The Incoming New Leader At Westminister, Archbishop Nichols Tells His Flock That He Sides With Pope Benedict Not Tony Blair On Social Issues, Rebukes The Former Prime Minister For Lecturing The Holy Father  Well the headline maybe a little unclear but the content is very clear. Archbishop Nichols wastes little time in knocking Tony Blair down to size. I am sure the ardent left wing readers of the Tablet might not be happy, but it is a promising sign.


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Nation's Youngest Bishop Voices His Displeasure With Notre Dame Inviting President Obama To Receive An Award & Give The Commencement Address


Ten Holy Cross Priests (Order That Runs Notre Dame) Write A Letter To The Notre Dame Student Newspaper Asking Father Jenkins To Do The Right Thing & Cancel His Invitation To President Obama The list of bishops and notable priests upset about Father Jenkins' leadership (or lack there of) during this latest episode continues to grow. I am sure I will have more stories nect week. I for one will be praying that this Easter leads him to a change of heart.


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Canonization For Italian Nun (Sister Mary Gertrude Comensoli) Who Helped Workers Find The Nearest Blessed Sacrament After Long Hours On The Job  More and more white collar workers are employed in jobs that keeps them behind desks far too long each day. This Italian nun is going to be canonized because she aided those manual workers who worked endless days and barely had time to eat and be with their families at the turn of the 20th century. She found ways for them to know where the nearest Blessed Sacrament was so as to give them the peace of mind that Christ was near. Thanks to her, they often found at least some time to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.


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Father Rosica's Holy Saturday Reflection; Between The Sadness Of The Cross & The Joy Of The Resurrection  Father Rosica, the man behind Canada's Salt & Light Catholic TV ministry is able to theologically take us from the emptiness of Holy Saturday to the joy of Easter Sunday. It is well worth our time to read and reflect on his words. They are brief and thought provoking.


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Helpful Info On Holy Saturday Via The Church Year Link  There are so many well meaning Catholics, who really don't know exactly what these holy days mean.  The good folks at Church Year have given us a great resource to understand all of these great mysteries and traditions.


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April 10, 2009  Good Friday


"Easter Tridium Is The Fulcrum Of The Liturgical Year," Says Pope Benedict  Here we are at the darkest day of the Church. Yet, we have the knowledge that Easter Sunday is close at hand.  Sadly, too many people live their lives as if Easter Sunday never came. They waste their lives on endless narcissistic pursuits which always end in catastrophe. Listen to Father Corapi's conversion story and you will know what I mean. Let us say an extra prayer for those who feel lost and alientated that they too will have an Easter experience very soon.


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Text Of Pope Benedict's Homily From The Chrism Mass  Our Church is blessed to have so many glorious occasions such as the Chrism Mass. On Holy Thursday the priesthood was born and along with it the Eucharist was celebrated. Both go hand in hand.


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President Obama: "We Don't Consider Ourselves A Christian Nation" We really need to pray for a conversion of heart for our President. It has been one jaw dropping story after another. Sadly, all of that segues into the story below. When there is no vision the people perish or in this case go down disastrous paths.


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Huge Increase In The Number Of US Citizens Favoring Socialism, Especially Among The Young  When I saw this story on the Drudge Report, I thought surely there was some sort of explanation. Well, it seems many people have no idea of what Socialism is and that must mean they feel the President is taking us down that path, otherwise his supporters wouldn't be so open to it. An interesting number revolves around 20 somethings. They are the most pro Socialist group and yet among those Catholic Youth, who go to Mass, they are very conservative. We are seeing a generation that is either buying the liberal line, hook, line and sinker or rejecting it out right.


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Archdiocese Of Mexico City Warns The Faithful Against The Evil Intentions Of Drug Cartels Following The Arrest Of Some Of Their Leaders Who Blamed The Church For Their Arrest The modern day betrayers can be found in these vicious cartels. They have inflicted untold suffering on the faithful of Mexico. We need to keep Mexico's President Calderon in our prayers. He is a faithful Catholic who is up against it and needs our prayerful support.


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Hundreds Of Babies Saved From Abortion In Recent Pro Life Campaign Thank God we have some good news to report after the last couple of links. It is in individual and group efforts such as this that the tide continues to turn. Christ called us all to work in the vineyard. Thank God some are responding to His call.


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Church Year's Link All About Good Friday  Another helpful link via Church Year. These links are quite helpful as they help us and perhaps more importantly family and friends who aren't that familiar with the background behind these important days.


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April 9, 2009   Holy Thursday


Pope Benedict To Focus His Good Friday Meditations On The Plight Of Suffering Christians Around The World  Tomorrow the Holy Father will remember all of those Christians around the world who suffer because of what they believe. I can remember being in Catholic grade school and the nuns telling us about the persecution of the Church in China. I recall thinking Christians being persecuted seemed so other worldy to me. Now, it seems all too real both in the Third World and in an increasing militant secular western world.


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Pope Benedict Calls The Bishop Of L'Aquila, Italy To Schedule A Visit When Events Are More Calm  When the sad events begin to fade from our memory, Pope Benedict will be there to assist them in their spiritual needs, as well as remind them that they are not forgotten. Let us remember these folks and all those who suffer from natural disasters.


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English Priest, Who Is Well Respected By Orthodox Minded Catholics, Is Appointed By Pope Benedict For The Committee On English Language Liturgy  More good news on the liturgy front. It seems a few short years ago committes like these were stacked with liturgical liberals. Thankfully, that is all changing. As I so often say. The Tide Is Turning or as Father Zuhlsdorf says, "Brick by brick."


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Video Of Indiana TV Station Interviewing Bishop D'Arcy


Video Of Greta Van Susteren Interviewing Former Speaker Newt Gingrich About The Notre Dame Situation (Click On The Notre Dame Link Beneath The Main Video Link) A couple of good video links which gives us a synopsis of two thoughts, one from the theologicial (bishop) and the other from the political (former Speaker of the House.)  The story still continues to grow, as evidenced by contining coverage of FOX. Yet, we are still five weeks from graduation.


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Missing Texas Priest Found Murdered, Suspect Apprehended Sad news. You might have heard about this missing Texas priest. He had spent his days ministering to the less forutnate on both sides of the border. He became prey for those who thought he might have some money. The evil one always lurks giving those away from God evil ideas. Let us pray for this Texas priest and his outreach to the left out.


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40% Of Births In 2007 Were Out Of Wedlock A sad development. Out of wedlock births were once confined to the poor, now it is no big deal for people of means to get married whenever they please, if at all. It sends a message to the child and to the world. We are doing it our way, God and everyone else can take a hike. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of married couples jump through every hoop imaginable in the hopes of getting a child through adoption. Most hope they can give a child unconditional love along with the religious upbringing that a child needs to become a faithful citizen.


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Link Gives Background On Holy Thursday


From Church Year All About Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday)  A couple of helpful links for this most holy day when two sacraments were established, The Eucharist and Holy Orders (the priesthood.) It is really a special day and the Holy Thursday night Mass is truly awe inspiring.


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PLEASE NOTE  My Interview With Father Frank Pavone Of Priests For Life Can Be Heard 8:20 PM Easter Sunday Night On St Gabriel Catholic Radio. I Will Have The Transcript Up On The Catholic Report Next Week (Most Likely Monday.) Though, I Conducted The Interview Yesterday, I Can Tell You He Spoke On Many Topics Related To The Pro Life Movement. I Think You Will Find His Remarks Very Interesting.


April 8, 2009


Pope Benedict Tells Spanish World Youth Day Delegation That Christ Is The Only Certainty In Life   The Holy Father bluntly told the admiring youth that Christ is the only one who will not disappoint them in life. The Holy Father in his sacred duties has probably found this out the hard way. Let's keep all involved in our prayers.


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Pope Benedict Calls For An End To Mines & Cluster Bombs  The Holy Father is trying to help the world become peaceful one step at a time. Perhaps someday this will happen. I think mines stand a better chance at being banned compared to cluster bombs. The cluster bomb ban may take a while, since many western nations are still in the cross hairs of well organized terrorist groups and movements. They want to rid the world of democracy, let alone religion.


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John Allen's Interview Of Archbishop O'Brien In Which His Excellency Discusses The Future Of The Legion Of Christ Archbishop O'Brien has been in the forefront of bringing to light the dark double life of Father Marciel, founder of the Legion of Christ. Archbishop O'Brien is quite orthodox in his views and doesn't condemn the order. He actually speaks quite highly of them. He just wonders about their future, for it is one thing when a rogue priest or bishop goes astray, quite another when a founder of an order dabbles in the dark side.


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President Obama's Faith Based Advisor Insults Pope Benedict & Says For Their Support Of Traditional Marriage The Knights Of Columbus Are "An Army Of Oppression"  This is the new cultural left, angry and bitter at religion, especially Catholicism which doesn't change with the whims of society. I am sure the press coverage will barely rasie a peep, but if President Bush had appointed someone who slammed Islam or Judaism, well that would have been breaking news. Thanks to Spirit Daily for the link.


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President Obama In A Predicament To Find A Vatican Ambassador. The Holy See Requests Someone Who Is Pro Life, While President Obama Would Also Like To Have Someone Who Shares His Liberal Views. Sen John Kerry & Caroline Kennedy Have Reportedly Been Lobbying For The Ambassador Post It seems poor John Kerry and Caroline Kennedy feel left out in the Obama surge of hip, liberal social views. They want to join the party but no one seems interested in giving them an invite. This might be an interesting post to fill. Something tells me Vice President Biden is involved and muttering how much the Church has changed in the last 30 or 40 years. You might recall that during the 2008 Campaign an old (1990s) interview was dug up by a Delaware paper in which the Vice President said he could never get Pope John Paul II. In his words, "I was never a JPII guy. I was always a John XXIII guy," said then Senator Biden.


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Damian Thompson On Five Challenges Facing The Head Of The English Church, Archbishop Nichols I am sure this is already known to His Excellency. However, it wouldn't hurt him to review Damian's list. The new leader of the English Church is going to have to deal with problems that have been festering for a while. Yet, he is blessed with the fact that so many are dismayed with the Anglican Church, many of whom are far more conservative in their views than his liberal Magic Circle critics.


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Brigham Young Student Newspaper Called Mormon Leaders "Apostates" Instead Of Apostles, Editor Blames Spellcheck Program. All Papers Had To Be Recalled & Students Were Told To Read The Online Edition  Wow now that's a serious typo. We all make typo mistakes, including yours truly but I am sure that one caused some really frayed nerves. Some more cynical observers might call it a Freudian slip or wonder whether the editor is a Catholic or Evangelical. Whatever the case, it made it to the National Review Online where I found it.


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April 7, 2009


Pope Benedict Prays For The Victims Of The Italian Earthquake, Especially The Many Children Who Are Missing  Tomorrow is not promised to us. We need to remember that for we know not when we are the victim of an auto, plane or train accident let along natural disasters like earthquakes, blizzards, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes. Out of Christian charity we should pray for anyone suffering. Who knows we may someday be in the same boat and need their prayers.


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Chicago Tribune Taken To Task For Outrageous Editorial & Op Ed Piece Attacking Cardinal George I am sure we will see more of these kinds of attacks against the Church. In a way it is a good thing for the Church. When she is standing tall it makes the anti Church liberals and militant secularists up in arms, for we are exposing their emptiness.


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Newsweek Article On "The End Of Christian America" Ever notice that when there is an increase in the number of non believers, many in the mainstream media can't contain their joy and boast that it is the end of an era. Yet, when there is even a greater increase in the number of seminarians, there is barely a peep. When is the last time you saw a story in the mainstream media on the growing number of seminarians and young women religious filling newer more orthodox motherhouses? If not for the Catholic media and Catholic blogosphere, you wouldn't even know it was occurring.


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Michael Gerson's Washington Post Column; Why Catholics Are Worried There is a growing concern among those Catholics who supported President Obama that the new President is going to govern just as he promised and just as his past voting record indicated. There was this lofty notion that the Obama Administration was going to govern from the middle.  It never works that way for liberals.  Now there is fear among some conservative political strategists that the Nore Dame debacle might have been a planned strategy to split Catholics and weaken the power of the newer more orthodox minded bishops, thus driving a wedge which the White House can exploit.


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Story On The Deep Divisions In The Austrian Church & The City Of Linz, Where Despite The City's Beautiful & Historic Churches, Resides The Heart Of Dissent, The Bastion Of The We Are Church Group I studied in Salzburg for a short time and I couldn't help but notice the huge disparity in beliefs, which is why this story doesn't surprise me. However, like all militant liberals inside the Church, there is no future generation to follow in their footsteps. Liberal youth believe their parents when they say, you can believe what you want. The liberal offshoot generation almost always decides to have nothing to do with religion.


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Recent Historical Find (A Book Given By King Henry VIII To A Loyal Subject) Shows How Loyal King Henry VIII Was To The Catholic Church Until He Descended Into Murderous Egotistical Madness  Though the mainstream media may be surprised by these stories, we are not. King Henry VIII was hardly a fan of the Protestant Reformation until it suited his needs. He had anyone put to death who dared echo the words of Martin Luther after 1517. I believe as late as 1530 King Henry VIII had a Lutheran exhumed (after he died while preaching against the King's wishes) and put one trial, his body was subsequently burned as punishment. Yet mere months later, King Henry was killing Catholics and burning churches, including the Shrine of Our Lady of Wallsingham, the first European Shire dedicated to the Blessed Mother. All this because the Holy Father wouldn't give King Henry his divorce. From there he managed to behead his wives if they didn't bring any children into the world. Now keep in mind, I certainly want to claim King Henry as one of our own. However, he still has his apologists who claim he did the right thing by breaking away from Rome and starting his own church, which is now in tatters. There are probably more former Anglicans who have become Catholic in England than Anglicans who regularly attend church on Sundays. What would dear old King Henry think of that?


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North Korea Scares The World With An Illegal Missile, While In Turkey The Orthodox Patriarch's Movements Are Severely Limited, Including Not Being Allowed To See The Historic Hagia Sophia Church. President Obama Says, "Islam Had Done Much Over The Centuries To Shape The World For The Better"  Perhaps while he's in South Bend Liberal Notre Dame History Professor R. Scott Appleby will give President Obama an award for that statement too. Yet, there wasn't the slightest bit of probing from the mainstream media in regards to that statement. As recent as 40 years ago, Islam was called, by the world's media, Mohammadism and her bloody conquest of Europe was most always mentioned. Now Islam is greeted as if it were a conquering hero. The Archbishop of Canterbury has praised the coming "Sharia Law." I wonder how he and Karen Armstrong will look in Islamic attire? In addition to his Turkish statement North Korea fired their promised missile and nothing happened, no outrage at all. At least in the comedy animation movie Team America, Kim Jong Il was all upset about receiving a nasty letter from the UN. In real life he didn't even get that. Yet, all I heard about President Obama was how successful this trip had been and how astute he was in picking North Carolia to win the NCAA basketball championship. The North Carolina pick could hardly be labeled as astute, more like a safe bet, which is hardly what I would characterize his decisions since becoming President. The enemies of the Western world have to be thinking this is too good to be true.


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Knights Templar Hid The Shroud Of Turin, To Protect It From Muslim Forces, Says Vatican Historian 


Father Zuhlsdorf Comments On The Knights Templar Story Well this is really something to ponder. Sometime ago the Holy Father wanted the archives of the Vatican Libray to be scoured for information on the Knights Templar. This is really fascinating for the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping an idol. Could the Shroud of Turin have been confused for an idol? To the naked eye, and before he advent of the X ray one might not have any idea that the Shroud could be anything more than a cloth. Another interesting fact pertains to the carbon dating controversy. Though the carbon dating results came back as around 1300, many have asserted that the results were thrown off by a fire which damaged the Shroud some time later. This might help prove that the cloth is older than the carbon dating test had indicated, since fire throws off the dating. Though the Shroud is mentioned in other documents, this one has a definite date attached to it. Fire throwing off carbon dating tests was confirmed by some who were important in the genesis of the Carbon Dating Method. He has actually stated he would like to see the Shroud retested.


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April 6, 2009


On Palm Sunday Before 40,000 In St Peter's Square, Pope Benedict Reflects On The Power & Love Of The Cross 


Following Palm Sunday Mass, Pope Benedict Presides Over The Transfer Of The World Youth Day Cross From The Australian To The Spanish Delegation The Irony of the Cross has always been baffling for those who look at faith from a mere outsiders point of view. Yet, the love of Christ conquered the most feared symbol in the Roman world, the cross. The world is a fickled place, one minute (yesterday on Palm Sunday) Jesus is hailed as a king and the next He is abandoned. Yet, He never abandoned us.


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Text Of Bishop Martino's Stern Letter To Father Jenkins Expressing Outrage That Notre Dame Will Allow President Obama To Give The Commencement Address & Be Given An Award By The University


Notre Dame Students Protest May Commencement Address & University Award Given To President Obama My sense is this issue will be in the news a good deal this week and then go on hiatus for a while. However, there will be much gnashing of teeth at Notre Dame due to the amount of alums who have said they will not give to the university in light of this whole debacle. The issue will really heat up in May close to the May 17th Graduate date.


Click Here For Comments About Bishop Martino's Letter, The Student Protest & The Continuing Saga At Notre Dame


New Jersey's Congressman Smith Says Sec of State Clinton Has To Pick Between Our Lady Of Guadalupe & Margaret Sanger. She Can't Serve Both An interesting twist on the recent statements and recent visit of Sec of State Clinton to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She has spoken well of both Our Lady of Guadalupe and Margaret Sanger, though  at first she wasn't familiar with Our Lady of Guadalupe.  However,  as Jesus reminded us we certainly can't serve these two masters. Would someone please remind the political and religious left that Margaret Sanger met with Adolf Hitler, the KKK and believed in Eugenics. She was hardly in favor of equality of racial minorities, she wanted them sterilized. Let us pray that the Congressman's efforts generates some debate and results in God's Grace during Holy Week.


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On Oprah Dr Oz Shocks Audience, & Michael J Fox, Who Was In Attendance By Suggesting Only Adult Stem Cells Can Help Us Understand The Causes Of Disease  Well this must have been something to see. It would seem the Oprah crowd's fasination with Dr. Oz may have lessened after he gave the audience (and Michael J Fox) a quick tutorial on how stem cells really work.


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Iowa's Bishops Say The Iowa Supreme Court's Unanimous Ruling For Gay Marriage Is A Grievous Decision Talk about an activist Court. Does anyone actually think that the Iowa Constitution or  Iowans in general are unanimous in their support of gay marriage?  God Bless the good people of Iowa, especially our loyal reader Julie who has to live with this ruling. Keep them all in your prayers.


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Courage Philippines Website Has Helpful Information On Those Who Struggle With Same Sex Attraction, Site Gives Background On Causes As Well As  Those Who Struggle With Pornography & Gives Hope For Those To Live A Chaste Life I thought this would be an excellent segue from the last link. I came across this site when I noticed I was getting traffic coming from the greater Manilla area. I often don't have the time to keep up with stats. However, I did catch this and I found this site to be quite interesting. I would humbly suggest that if you know anyone dealing with Same Sex Attraction you send them this link from Courage's Manilla group. The stories and features they have are not lengthy, yet they seem to cover a lot of territory. The Catholic Church has always believed in love the sinner hate the sin, unlike some churches who condemns anyone who carries this cross, or other churches who seem to suggest it isn't a sin, and  the concept of sin is so yesterday.  (SCROLL DOWN THE ENITRE SITE AND READ THE VARIOUS POSTS)


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April 5, 2009  Palm Sunday


The Church Needs Holy Clergy, Says Pope Benedict The Holy Father is reminding the ordained and those thinking about a vocation that their calling is of the utmost seriousness. No lukewarm men need apply. I am sure we all know priests who hardly give off a notion of holiness. They need our prayers to return to the state in which they were called, for there are too many priests who work hard to be "Persona Christ."


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More Evidence Supports The Assertion That The Negative Stories About Pope Pius XII, In Relation To Saving Italy's Jews, Were Part Of An Elaborate Soviet Disinformation Campaign Against The Church


Vladimir Putin Ruse Of 20+ Years Discovered. Putin Seen In Picture Near President Reagan On Red Square Pretending To Be A Passing Tourist  These two stories show us that elaborate means the Soviet Union went through, until the bitter end, to reinforce their views while broadcasting them to the world. The first link has been well documented. The second link occurred very late in the Communist era.


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Irish Baptisms On The Upswing As Well As English Adult Baptisms The Tide is Turning for many reasons in England and Ireland. Perhaps if no other reason than in England the state church is teetering on the abyss, while in Ireland the worst of the Abuse Scandal may be behind them. It will take a while bu there is hope in Ireland while there is even more hope in England.


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Rochester Will Not Ordain Another Priest Until 2013, While Dioceses That Are Far Smaller & Far More Orthodox Will Ordain 25+ Priests By Then This is sheer arrogance. Despite other dioceses that are smaller and have far more vocations, the arrogant leadership in Rochester continues to let the ship sink for fear they might have to change their liberal ways. They would rather let the diocese sink than admit their failed ideology is just that, failed. A simple trip or phone call to successful dioceses would be all that it would take. Yet, they refuse to heed the admonition of the Holy Father who said the number of vocations for a diocese is a true indication of the effectiveness.


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Youth Ministers Must Be Serious, Says Cardinal Rylko In Their Approach For They Are Working With The Future Of The Church  There are many good lay people who work for the Church in the field of Youth Ministry. Sadly, there are some folks who think of it as a way to simply have fun and be liked. I know many hard working youth ministers who are frustrated by these warm and duzzy folks who do more for boosting the numbers of fallen away Catholics than anything else.


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Was The Garden Of Eden Located In The Kurdish Portion Of Eastern Turkey?  I really enjoy stories such as this because they inspire us to think about our beginnings. Who knows where the Garden of Eden really existed but it does help us to imagine where it might have been and what we can gain from not only from the real location, but most importantly the moral of the story.


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April 4, 2009


Pope Benedict Request Faith Formation For Chinese Catholics, Laments The Recent Arrest Of Catholic Clergy & The Continued Hindrance Of The Faith By Government Authorities  The boys in Beijing can't help themselves. They know deep down in their hearts that the Church represents all they are not, which is exactly why the Church in China is growing by leaps and bounds. Please keep the faithful in your prayers. We have readers in China and I am sure even getting to this site isn't always easy. To our friends in China keep this in mind; by living your Faith in these challenging times, you are an inspiration to the entire Catholic (universal) community.


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Pope Benedict Reflects On The Fourth Anniversary Of The Death Of Pope John Paul II, Calls The Polish Pontiff A Daring Defender Of Christ Pope Benedict reflects on the life of John Paul the Great.  It is hard for many, especially the young, to remember the state of the Church when Cardinal Wojtyla became Pope. It was really hurting and yet despite all the earthly odds the man from Krakow helped to turn the tide. 


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Text Of Oklahoma City's Archbishop Eusebius Beltran "Notre Dame Has Certainly Turned Against The Catholic Church"


Bishop Of Rockford, Illinois Says Father Jenkins Should Change The Name Of Notre Dame To Northwest Humanist College If This Is The Direction He Plans To Continue Wow talk about blunt. These latest pronoucements from the bishops are certainly made without holding anything back.  As I said the very day the controversy broke out, this will help define our stand. It could actually benefit us. Had this happened 20 or 30 years ago, barely a peep would have been raised. Now look at what is happening. Here is our chance to be heard and state our case. The Teachings of the Church have to mean something, especially something so important as the Right to Life.


Click Here For Comments About These Two Links In Which More Bishops Speak Out Against Notre Dame's Award Commencement Invitation To President Obama


Cardinal Canizares Llovera On The Benefits Of Summorum Pontificum


Christi Derr's Catholic Exchange Column True Worship A Cure For Insanity Is Applauded & Analyzed By Father Zuhlsdorf All too often we don't reflect on the beauty of liturgy or how it got to this way in the first place. There is a reason it is called the Divine Liturgy in the Eastern tradiiton. The beauty of  liturgical worship does have an unexplained calming influence. Above is a prime example, while in the first link we see Cardinal Canizares' explanation of the beauty of the Latin Mass.


Click Here For Comments About These Two Links On Summorum Pontificum True Worship Cure For Insanity


Pope Benedict's Holy Week Schedule Released The Holy See has released Pope Benedict's Holy Week schedule. I can't imagine keeping this kind of schedule when I am 82. Pray for the Holy Father, we need him on earth for as long as possible.


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April 3, 2009


Archbishop Nichols To Lead The English & Welsh Church At Westminster, Once Known For His Somewhat Liberal Views In Recent Years He Is Known As Somewhat Of A Conservative Prelate, Not Part Of The Magic Circle Which Is Despised By The Orthodox Minded Of Britain  Well is has been settled. Though some of the faithful had held out for someone of impeccable orthodox minded stature, like Father Finigan. Deep down we probably all knew that wasn't going to happen. Archbishop Nichols is the choice which most of the orthodox minded of Britain can accept. You never know with appointments like this one. However, it would appear that some years ago he settled for the orthodox path. It certainly calms the fears of those who were fearing an Archbishop Roche appointment. Well it has now been settled.  Let's be sure to keep Archbishop Nichols in our prayers.


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In England & Wales, Too Many Of The Bishops & As Well As A Cardinal Have Run From Pope Benedict Like The Apostles At Gethsemene, Says Well Respected English Catholic Publication, Damian Thompson Has The Story Strong, blunt and to the point. Too many of these prelates have run from the Holy Father in a most disgraceful manner. It seems too many of them have become enamored with the world. Jesus warned us about this possibility.


Click Here For Comments About Article On Lack Of Leadership In England & Wales


ABC News Reports The Vatican Is Investigating A Miracle In Cleveland Attributed To Pope John Paul II, A Man Was Shot Execution Style In The Head & Survived Even Though Doctors Gave Him No Chance


In Light Of The Fourth Anniversary Of The Death Of Pope John Paul II, Canada's Catholic (Salt & Light) TV Network Runs A Brief Video Clip Of John Paul The Great How blessed we were to have Pope John Paul II. It is hard to believe that it has been four years since his death. However, thankfully we have someone (Pope Benedict XVI) who picked up where he left off and in addition was a close confident of the former Polish pontiff.


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Saddleback Mega Church Pastor Rick Warren Wants To Bring 3,000 People Into His Church This Saturday. Those Interested Will Have To Attend A 101 Class During The Day  Well I am glad that Rick Warren is rounding up the lost and unchurched. However, in true mega church fashion he is bringing them in via a session that sounds more like a power lunch than an immersion into Christianity. We certainly have some bad RCIA programs within the Church. However, at least we know if they are good or bad because they spend time on the subject matter. From the in and out Rick Warren lunch special, one can't tell. My prayer is that he brings them in by the tens of thousands and through the Holy Spirit they are led to where it all began, back to us. Thanks to those readers in the Saddleback area who sent me this link.


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Michael Brown On Stepping Back From Inclinations, Especially During Lent All too often we jump right into something without the proper discernment. Michael Brown reminds us that we are to be more aware of what we are doing, which can come from prayerful discernment. Sadly, we are a remote control society eager to satisfy our urges with instant gratification. Michael Brown reminds us of the proper way to discern our journey.


Click Here For Comments About Michael Brown's Article On Stepping Back From Inclinations


Life Of Father Berhard Bendel (1908-1980)  Founder Of The ALCP/OSS Order. In Tanzania And Other African Nations The Order Is Growing By Leaps & Bounds & Now Coming To America & Germany Where Father Bendel Was Born & Raised (Father Bendel Was A Friend Of My Mother's Family. My Mom Knew Him Which Wasn't Unusal In A Town Of Only 600) From the time of my youth I had heard my mon talk about a priest, who was a friend of the family. He had gone off to Africa and had done great things. My mom grew up in the Rheinland portion of Germany, where in her region everyone is Catholic. I never met Father Bendel in my few visits to her hometown, but I heard a lot about him. Recently, while doing some research for something totally different I came upon his name and learned that he founded an order in Tanzania which is not only in Tanzania but in other African nations, Germany and now the United States. No town is too small (my mom's had only 600 when she was growing up) or too poor to produce somone who can do great things. We know that from the Bible, but many people in my mom's childhood home now know it personally.


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April 2, 2009


During His Wednesday General Audience Address, Pope Benedict Recalls His Trip To Africa  The Holy Father recalled his trip to Africa and you can tell how excited he was because he has mentioned it at almost every public occasion since he has returned home to the Vatican. I am sure he can't quite get the joyful images out of his head. The one million plus he saw in Luanda, Angola sure seems more joyous than the grumbling liberals who question his every move back in Europe.


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Cardinal George (Head Of The US Bishops) Becomes The 9th US Bishop To Speak Out Against Notre Dame Giving An Award To President Obama & Conferring On Him An Honorary Degree 


The Holy Cross Superior (The Order Which Runs Notre Dame) Writes To President Obama Asking Him To Rethink His Position On Abortion The pressure continues to grow for Father Jenkins and most notably Notre Dame. The interesting thing to me concerns the reaction I am getting from more liberal friends and aquaintences who seem utterly baffled by all of this. They just can't understand it. They really do seem to think that Catholicism is another lifestyle choice much like one decides what car to drive, or what exercise or diet program suits their fancy. This is what they have been told to believe and because it is easy to do they have wholeheartedly embraced it. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Fortunately, the growing number of bishops, archbishops and cardinals speaking out on this issues reminds everyone that these are not the 1970s Pope Paul VI appointed by bishops. This is something entirely different. Thank God for that.


Click Here For Comments About The Continuing Notre Dame President Obama Saga


Father Lombardi Out As Vatican Spokesman? Reports Suggest Resignation Due Shortly After Many Badly Handled Incidences There seems to be a unintended theme in today's Catholic Report; appeasement begets lunacy. You will know what I mean as you move your way down today's links. I have mixed feelings about all of this. I hate to see anyone fired, but the Vatican PR office really needs to be more efficiently run. That being said, I certainly hope we don't get some  smooth talking priest who seems to wow the press with his ability to dodge questions. I would rather have someone who has some of the characteristics of a Bill Donohue (of the Catholic League) or Mother Angelica in them. While all of this unfolds, let us continue to pray for Father Lombardi.


Click Here For Comments About Whether Father Lombardi Will Soon Be Out AS Vatican Spokesman


Interview From Zenit News With Author Of The Tyranny Of Liberalism Now this is a book that sounds more than a little thought proovking considering what we are currently experiencing. The irony of liberalism that supposedly provides a voice for all, often takes that voice away be demonizing those who believe in traditional values.


Click Here For Comments About Interview With Liberal Tyrnanny Author


Anti-Catholic Bigots Ruining Conservative Hot Air Website?  Goodness it seems two wings of anti- Catholic nuttery has emerged from the overall lucid American Conservative family. One wing is entrenched in secular madness and loves to see bad things happen to the Church, while the other wing still wants to believe it is 1517 or 1527 and Munzer and Calvin need their help in dispatching us nasty old papists.


Click Here For Comments About Hot Air Bigots


Large Numbers Of Converts Expected To Enter The Church This Easter  More signs that the tide is turning. Despite all of the negative news in the press, many are embracing the Church because of her consistency. One also has to believe that the RCIA programs are becoming more orthodox and serious in their approach which naturally attracts more people.


Click Here For Comments About Large Numbers Of Converts Coming Into The Church This Easter


My Latest Column For The Catholic Times Entitled; Death Bed Faith  In this column, I focus on some of the wisdom imparted to me and others by Lou Holtz and Danny Abramowicz along with some fine faithful folks I met on the road. Sadly, some people aren't even ready to go while on their deathbed, some don't get the chance and thankfully some are always ready for they know tomorrow is not promised to them.


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April 1, 2009


Pope Benedict Initiates Apostolic Visitation For The Legion Of Christ  I don't think this is any surprise. However, it could mean some big changes for the Legion of Christ. It is one thing when your order has fallen under the corrupting influence of a person or group, it is quite another when it was founded by one. There are many good people in the Legion and those who support them. Please keep them in your prayers.


Click Here For Comments About Visitation For The Legion Of Christ


America's Most Prominent Catholic Leader, The Incoming Head Of The Church In New York City Archbishop Dolan Says Notre Dame Made A Big Mistake With Regard To The President Obama Invite, Award & Commencement Speech


Archbishop Nienstedt (St Paul-Minneapolis) Letter To Father Jenkins Is The Harshest Criticism Seen So Far In The Notre Dame-President Obama Award & Commencement Crisis


In First Things Dr Francis Beckwith On The Notre Dame Controversy (Where He Is A Resident Scholar.) Dr Beckwith Quotes Dr Martin Luther King On Weakness Of Modern Christianity Because Of Spineless Leadership  I think the ending of Dr Beckwith's article in shich he quotes Dr. King is a devestating indictment of Father Jenkins' logic for inviting President Obama. Dr King's words are also a devestating indictment on the whole appeasing nature of the limosine liberal, martini sipping cocktail party crowd that loves to be liked at the expense of the truth.


Click Here For Comments About These Three Links Concerning Notre Dame-President Obama Controversy


Archbishop Wuerl To Honor Archbishop Naumann's Communion Ban For Governor Sebelius (Health & Human Services Nominee) Archbishop Wuerl has kept his word and will honor the Communion ban for Kathleen Sebelius. It wasn't too difficult in light of her stridency. However, I will be very interested to see how the mainstream media will paint this story, if they get a hold of it at all.


Click For Comments About Archbishop Wuerl Will Uphold Governor Sebelius Communion Ban Instituted By Archbishop Naumann


Though Sec of State Hillary Clinton Was Unaware Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, She Recently Stated She Is "In Awe" Of Planned Parenthood Founder, Eugenicist & Racial Minority Hating Margaret Sanger When you read the lunacy of the next link and ponder how such insanity could occur, all you need to do is read this link. Wow, the left sure does get a pass. Think about it, a woman who meets with Adolf Hitler and the KKK and somehow she is still treated as the savior of women, well maybe rich white Protestant women who hate God and men and love abortion. The folks who find themselves in agreement with this link need our prayers and lots of them.


Click Here For Comments About Sec Of State Hillary Clinton's Statement On Margaret Sanger


Katharine Ragsdale, New Leader Of Episcopal Divinity School, Calls Abortion A Great Blessing, Says Those Who Work In Abortion Industry Are Modern Day "Saints" Mark Shea has a saying in makes you stupid. This type of sinfulness has gone beyond stupid to Charles Manson type butchery. Just like crazy old Charlie, Katharine seems to be smiling while she's saying it.


Click Here For Comments About New Leader Of Episcopal Divinity School


Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs (Some With Religious Overtones) Of All Time


Top 40 Conservative Pop Songs (Some With Religious Overtones) Of All Time


Noteworthy Songs About Abortion  The first two links I came across while thinking about songs which go against the liberal pop culture grain. The last link is one which features songs about abortion. One interesting note; rock music fans may have noticed that even hard core bands like Slayer and Black Sabbath feature songs that attack the liberal notion that abortion is up to the individual. It seems only alternative bands write songs in defense of abortion. The sad thing about these kind of lists is you find out information you wish hadn't happened. I saw the Eagles in concert the other night and lo and behold I find that Don Henley (Eagles main song writer) believes the popular Fleetwood Mac song Sara was about a 1977 abortion Stevie Nicks had. Henley found out that the Fleetwood Mac singer was carrying his baby. We all probably have heard rumors of abortions coming from friends or acquaintences we have known through the years. Perhaps now is a good time to quickly say a prayer for lives lost and lives altered. We need to keep all in our prayers and do what we can for them.


Click Here For Comments About These Links Concerning Popular Music & Religion & Abortion


Video Of Father Barron Examining The Faith Angle To Slumdog Millionaire  Very interesting analysis of this great film. Father Barron looks at the religious significance of the movie insinuating that the directors had a providential religious outlook to the movie that is often overlooked by the critics. The video is very short. I think you will enjoy his analysis.


Click Here For Comments About Father Barron's Critique Of Slum Dog Millionaire

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