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Who’s Pulling the Strings in the Attacks Against the Catholic Church?  By Dave Hartline

Is there a concerted campaign being leveled against the Catholic Church or against Catholic orthodoxy from someone or some group in Washington DC? Who’s pulling the strings?  No, this is not conspiratorial conjecture. This is based on facts and a timeline. First of all it has become clear that political operatives in the White House are methodically setting up straw men from which they can paint all conservatives with a broad brush. The set up man may have been Rush Limbaugh. The Politico had reported that former aides to President Clinton, Paul Begala and James Carville (both Catholics) along with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel have orchestrated the attacks on Rush Limbaugh painting him as the leader of the Conservative Movement. The New York Times reports that the Limbaugh strategy was the brainchild of President Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod. Whoever it is one thing is for sure, Limbaugh’s audience dwarfs the other radio talk show hosts in ratings. The Politico reports the White House believes it can silence the Conservative opposition to President Obama by making Rush Limbaugh the defacto leader.

Perhaps some in Washington believe that by using Limbaugh has a test case, they can hone their skills as they move on to other issues such as abortion and gay marriage. The Catholic Church is the most vocal opponent of both. If the Church can be removed from the equation by having other Catholic leaders such as Kansas Governor Health & Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius and former aide to President Ronald Reagan, Pepperdine Professor Doug Kmeic be seen as the new voice of Catholicism, a wedge could be driven through the Church’s moral authority In other words, these liberals could be become the new modern voice of the Church.

Governor Sebelius seems to be the darling of the media judging from the gushing reports coming from Kansas. Yet, she had private dinner parties with the likes of the notorious late term abortion practitioner, Dr George Tiller, who is so controversial that he is under investigation for his heinous practices. Even some abortion groups keep their distance from Dr Tiller, but not Governor Sebelius. Speaker of the US House Nancy Pelosi was treated as a Church historian when she claimed the Catholic Church didn’t know when life began, even mentioning the name of St Thomas Aquinas in the debate.

The Speaker can’t claim poor catechesis or being educated in the warm and fuzzy 1970s. The Speaker received her Catholic high school and college education before Vatican II even began. Yet, she was hailed by some in the media as some sort of Church historian who knew the real truth about the most core of the Church’s social teachings, the sanctity of life. What if a conservative Catholic politician made such a gaffe on a key teaching of the Church? How would the mainstream media have reacted? It raises the question what is the meaning behind all of these developments within the media?

You think a coup d’état sounds a little over the top? Consider what is occurring in Connecticut. Liberals in Connecticut are pursuing legislation that could strip parish and diocesan control away from the Catholic Church and into the hands of dissident Catholic groups whose beliefs are more in line with the agenda of the Hollywood left than the 2,000 year old teachings of the Catholic Church.

Yet the question persists. Who is pulling the strings behind all of this? At this point no one really knows though a quick perusal of the Godfather movie trilogy might be helpful in ascertaining that fact.  In the Godfather movies anyway, it was never the upfront family or the flashy Don, but an erudite player behind the scenes setting up the chessboard for his evil manipulation of power, money and human lives all easily disposable for his own whims. In the Godfather trilogy the evil Don always had stooges, hapless helpers who really didn’t know the plan but were eager to be part of the action.

For example, President Obama signed legislation that reverses President Bush’s ban on embryonic stem cell research. The Catholic Church as well as many other people of faith has voiced their outrage at the concept of using some human life for the hopes of perhaps saving people in the future. Yet, all the evidence has shown that adult stem cells have produced far greater results than has embryonic stem cells. Yet, this has rarely been reported in the media. What headlines do we get? Some wire reports and newspaper headlines read; “A Victory for Science.” With regard to President Obama’s stem cell reversal.  It wasn’t the first time something that seemed heinous was deemed a victory for science. Partial birth abortion was once dubbed a “Victory for Science.” It was at a time when many abortions were referred to as “therapeutic.”

The mainstream media is even trying to convince the public that Pope Benedict XVI is trying to welcome back a holocaust denying bishop. True, Pope Benedict has taken steps to bring home a breakaway group of the Church called the Society of St Pius X, of which Bishop Richard Williamson is a member. However, he is not a bishop in the Catholic Church and the leader of the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay  has rebuked Bishop Williamson. Yet, many in the mainstream media refer to the man as if he is a bishop in the Catholic Church. While the media is all about reconciliation with almost any other group, reconciliation in the religious world, especially where conservatives are involved rarely seems to be reported as good news.

Some in the media are already beginning to float stories asking what the Catholic reaction will be to the next Dan Brown- Ron Howard conspiracy movie about the Catholic Church entitled Angels and Demons. Though the premise of the DaVinci Code has been thoroughly debunked by historians, the media is ever trying to bring up some ridiculous theory to discredit the Catholic Church, perhaps none being so ridiculous as the furor caused by The Gospel of Judas which is in and of itself a ridiculous premise. The Catholic League already released a statement at the very beginning of the month excoriating the makers of Angels and Demons. Yet while the hit parade against the Church continues, the Church moves forward holding to her beliefs and principles no matter the cost.

During the 1970s the Catholic Church was the only large Christian body that had always spoken out against abortion. This is the reason why the Moral Majority was formed and the Southern Baptists had to retake the leadership of their church after abortion was viewed and called "therapeutic." Noteworthy Evangelical leaders such as Charles Colson and Dr. R Albert Mohler, head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, have praised the Catholic Church for its continual stand for life. “The early Evangelical response to Roe v Wade was woefully inadequate,” said Mohler, who has not always been so complimentary about the Catholic Church.

If the Catholic Church was this powerful when she was at her weakest (in the moder era) imagine her powers of persuasion with priests, bishops, women religious and the laity who are far more ardent in their beliefs than they were during the “warm, fuzzy” period of the 1970s. Recent polling data of young, who regularly attend Mass, and who are far more pro life than their parents and even their grandparents, must send chills down the spines of liberals. One can only imagine what some of the more nefarious characters of the left have in mind to change this dynamic.  

One should keep in mind that Vice President Joe Biden has voiced his criticism at the direction of the Catholic Church and was even so bold as to say that he never really was a “Pope John Paul II guy” even though the former Polish pontiff was wildly popular among most Catholics, not just conservative Catholics. With the administration’ tilt toward Catholics like Sebelius and Kmeic, who have been chastised publicly by some Catholic bishops for their pro abortion voting record and socially liberal views, perhaps they are trying to send a message of defiance. This coupled with efforts in Connecticut to change the configuration of the Catholic Church along with media’s ever increasing hostility aimed toward the Catholic Church, one can only image what some might have in store for the Church.

Some of you may ask if this is happening; how could my book, The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism be true? Quite simply, if it weren’t for the Catholic Church and her new more conservative and orthodox oriented priests and bishops, we would be in world of hurt. Had the liberals foisted this kind of chicanery on us in the 1970s, the Church wouldn’t have been as effective in leading a counter attack. However, that was before Pope John Paul II and now Pope Benedict XVI’s effective leadership which makes the liberals wince.  Yet, that hasn’t stopped other tyrants from trying to take her down when they sensed an opportunity. In the 2,000 year old history of the Catholic Church, various powers arose thinking they could crush the Catholic Church until they themselves get crushed. A lesson some powerful foes may wish to ponder.

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