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March 31, 2007
Archbishop Chaput Leads Young People In Taking Evangelization Efforts To The Streets, Eucharistic Adoration At A Downtown Church Followed By Walking Out In Pairs To Talk About The Good News Of The Church  Talk about taking it to the streets, Archbishop Chaput is not one to stand back and let others evangelize.  He is mobilizing those, especially the young in his own archdiocese to preach the good news to those who need it the most.  Some years ago, I read an article about a major American city, which one I can't remember, who greatly reduced their homeless population simply by having volunteers talk with the homeless. Through these conversations some friendships were formed and those who truly needed and wanted help were able to find some sort of employment and housing.  So many people, whether in the inner city, suburbs or rural areas have a very limited knowledge of faith, especially Catholicism. Perhaps, by reaching out we can help more than we ever thought we could, which in turn will greatly help us.
Spanish Priest Who Died Protecting The Seal Of Confession To Be Named Blessed  In troubled times it is comforting to remember those who kept the faith, even if it meant paying the ultimate price.  The Spanish Revolution is much admired in some liberal circles.  While Francisco Franco was no democratic hero, he did preserve a nation which was under attack by atheists and Communists.   The former Soviet Union pumped a great deal of money to help rid the nation of its faith.  All too often we don't remember what happened next door in Portugal, where during the Fatima apparitions (in 1917) Socialist forces had a stranglehold on the Church.  The Apparitions helped to break their grip.  Thanks be to God for people like this heroic priest.
Archdiocese Of New York Closes Down Parish School & Opens A 25,000 A Year Academy In Its Place?  This is a sad but growing trend.  Very elite, privately run Catholic academies.  The late Cardinal O'Conner made a promise that not one single Catholic school would close under his watch.  I realize this is a tough spot for Cardinal Egan. However, truth be told there are enough wealthy Catholics who could be called upon to help Catholic schools across the country if the bishops would ask.  I disctinctly remember my days as a diocesan adminsitrator fielding calls from people moving to Columbus who were surprised that the tuition for our Catholic high schools were under $10,000.  One woman wouldn't enroll her son or daughter in our schools and instead enrolled them into a private secular based academy where the tuition was over $15,000.  I never forget her final words, "how could a school be any good if didn't charge at least $10,000?" We need to tap into these folks for some financial contributions to assist all potential Catholic school students. There's enough money spent on activist programs why not spend the money on ones that help the faith?  Bishop Carlson made it clear that it can be done when interviewed by me last spring.  You can have a very orthodox school, keep tuition afforable and may a just wage for teachers and principals.  You have to be proactive.
Two Elderly Chaldean Catholic Nuns Murdered In Iraq By Jihadists  Thank God there are no words of Jesus that can be manipulated to entice people to kill people of other faiths, just for not accepting His words.  However in the hands of Islamic extremists, several verses of the Koran make it clear that an infidel can be killed if one does not convert.   
Until They Are Allowed To Proceed With A Gay Marriage, Episcopal Parish In Massachusetts Will Not Allow Any More Marriages In Their Church  Wow a liberal church using an interdict in those most heretical of circumstances.  In the Middle Ages, it was not uncommon for a bishop to issue and interdict to a sinful city.  The sacraments were to be denied until the town cleaned up their act.  Now, we see the liberal version of the interdict.  Are they using their "Interdict" to stop abortion, abuse or bring peace to a troubled parish?  No they are punishing the parishioners who just might be following God's law to promote something that none of the world religions permitted for thousands of years, until very recently.  Perhaps, one of their orthodox-minded brethern, Canon Kendal Harmon said it best, "if you say the Spirit revealed this to us, you better be right."  Yes, we all know what the punishment is for violating the Holy Spirit.  After reading this story does it surprise anyone why so many in the Anglican Communion are coming our way?
"Theological Final Four" Set By Catholic Blog  In light of the NCAA Final Four Basketball Finals where Ohio State will match up with Georgetown and UCLA will battle Florida, a Catholic blogger has set up his theological final four. My only regret here is that I didn't think about it first.  Check out his "final four."
March 30, 2007
Titusonenine Readers React With A Mixture Of Suprise & Resignation That More Will Follow   Wow the fish keep getting bigger who are swimming our way through the Tiber.  This Episcopal bishop had just retired when he decided to come home. Thanks to Amy Welborn for the second link.  I just have to believe this will only be the start. It seems the current bishop of Albany, Bishop Love is engaging in damage control by sending a letter about the situation.  Adding to this chain of events for the Anglican faithful comes word that the Archbishop Of Canterbury will take three months off for study and prayer. How much water can the deckhands take before the captain gives the signal to abandon ship?  Welcome home Bishop Herzog.  Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams you and all people of good will who want to obey Christ's Church are certainly welcome here.  We are here to assist you and welcome you with open arms. Check out this post again concerning Pope Benedict's influence on the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Here is a list of Anglican bishops who have become Catholic. The only instances of the reverse happening, after the tumult of the Reformation, can be found on this link.  One Irish bishop who was bribed with nobility and a Brazilian who later was thrown out of the Anglican Church because of his Marxist tendencies.  It seems we have more fortunate than our Anglican friends.  Finally, just a little conjecture on my part.  The Archbishop is taking three months off to pray and study.  Perhaps this is his desert experience.  Maybe he come back and tries to save the worldwide Anglican Communion.  Maybe, just maybe he comes back to hasten the Anglican Communion's move back home to Rome.  Time will tell and we certainly will have the time to give the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, our prayers.
Warning Graphic Sexual Content  The Catholic League Takes On Ohio State's Student Newspaper, The Latern For Mocking Catholics Via Sexual Practices & Beliefs  I had a conversation with a representative in President Carol Holbrook office concerning the affair.  I recieved a call back late yesterday saying a statement was being prepared for the media.  It would be sent out today.  I was told I would receive it sometime this morning.  It was rather interesting as I was bounced around various departments how apologetic everyone was about the affair.  It rasied my spirits. However, what did not raise my spirits was that no one answered the phone at the Lantern.  I called several times only to hear an answering machine. This was rather odd since my alma mater, substantially smaller than Ohio State, always had someone in the school's newspaper office answering phones night and day.  It seems for some it is a whole lot easier to dish it out as opposed to answering some basic questions.  Several people in various departments did want it to be known that the newspaper is not funded by the university.  However, the university and the Latern both have chastised other incidents where minorities were ridiculed.  This was more than just ridicule, this was an attack.
Los Angeles Times Article About Muslims Desiring To Pray At The Cathedral In Cordoba, Spain Is Part & Parcel Of The Media's Ignorance On Christian-Islamic History  A sad testament indeed to the knowledge most reporters have on Christian and Islamic History.  This reporter makes it seem that since the Cordoba Cathedral was once a mosque, Muslims should be allowed to pray there. Here's what the article didn't tell you.  The previous church that stood there was leveled by Islamic invaders.  Afterwards, they built a mosque which after the Christain forces took the land back was converted into a Catholic Cathedral.  Some will say, let us pray at the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Istanbul) and then we will allow the Muslims to pray at Cordoba.  However, that is a moot point. The lands of present day Turkey and Spain were taken by force of arms by Islamic forces.  Spain was recovered.  During the first three centuries, the Church spread her message, amdist much death and persecution with no force of arms, but only with the peaceful message of those early missionaries.  Sadly, this is information you will rarely find in a respected major publication.
Bobby Schindler (Brother Of Terri Schiavo) Lets Bishop Lynch Have It After The Bishop Writes A Scathing Letter On The Punishment For Those Who Adandon Those In In Need, Especially The Poor & Homeless.  Schindler Reminds Bishop Lynch Of What Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict Have Said About Life Issues  Thanks to Michael Dubruiel for this one.  The irony of the bishop's words are truly amazing.  However, I wonder how much the words of Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict mean to him?  I recall some eight or nine years ago having an occasion to meet a fairly prominent priest in his own rite (he was not a priest in my diocese.)  Anyway, amongst those in the group he was leading he stated that the pope really is "the bishop of Rome."  When I continued on with his other titles he said, "well fine but that's well and good but I think you young people would be shocked as to how many priests and even some bishops feel the same as I do about the pope."  Really I said, there was a collective gasp from some in the group.  This priest continued, "Think of how much the poor could have helped by all of the money that goes into the Vatican."   I simply said it seems to me someone in the time of Jesus said the exact same thing, Judas (John 12:1-8)  There was silence and later the priest told me he never thought of it that way before. I have no idea of his mindset now.  However, he had some telling words about the rebellious nature of those with the same mindset.  However, I reminded him of the fact that it was and older and graying mindset.  He agreed but with a look of defeat.  The ideas he expressed were going by the wayside, and orthodoxy was even then beginning to sprout.
Knights Of Columbus Celebrate 125 Years Of Serving The Church, Despite Many Service Organziations Plummeting Numbers The Knights Are Holding Strong    So many secular service organizations have seen their numbers plummet in the last 20 years.  We are all too busy driving long distances to work.  However, the Knights have found a way to buck that trend.  The Knights are increasingly involved in defending the Church via Church Teachings and political movements like the pro-life movement.
Cures Continue To Be Reported From The Intercession Of Pope John Paul II.  Investigation Ongoing From The Holy See  The outpouring of good news from Pope John Paul II just never endd.  My sense is the poor folks in the office whose job it is to investigate these miracles have to be overwhelmed. The Vatican has a very small staff to begin with so an outpouring like this must be overwhelming for them.  However, we need more outpourings like this one.
March 29, 2007
BREAKING NEWS Bishop Herzog, Who Retired From The Episcopal Church's Albany Diocese In January, Has Announced He Is Coming Into The Catholic Church.  More Tomorrow
Pope Benedict's Wednesday General Audience Features His Continued Discussion Of The Early Church Fathers.  The Holy Father Spoke Of The Importance Of St Irenaeus Who Was A Student Of St Polycarp Who Was In Turn A Student Of St John Pope Benedict continues his theme of the early Church Fathers. St Irenaeus was a giant of the Early Church. He had been taught by St Polycarp (burned alive in his 80s for being a Christian) who in turn had been taught by St John the Evangelist.  Sadly, while most of our mainstream Christian friends cherish the wisdom of St Irenaeus, some of the more fundamentalist brethern do not always have kind words for these Early Church Fathers.  A rather sad by product of their rebellious spirit. However, we should remember the courage of St Irenaeus who battled against some of the earliest heresies of the Church and always fought the good fight.
Irish Bishops Hopeful For Longterm Peace In Ireland After Agreement Forged, Rev Ian Paisley (Long Known For His Anti-Catholic Remarks) Sits Down With Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams  Wow here's something I never thought I would see the Rev Ian Paisley sitting down with Gerry Adams.  The same Ian Paisley, who in the 1980s, interrupted the speech of Pope John Paul II at a European Union gathering calling him an anti-Christ.  Yes, there's hope for some of these anti-Catholic folks.  We should all say a prayer of thanks to God for this peaceful progress in Ireland that many never thought would be possible.  However, we know better because with God all things are possible.
Further Light Shed On Why Prominent Islamic Cleric Cancelled His Trip To Visit Pope Benedict, Egyptian Media Reports Suggest Egypt's Parliment Speaker Urged Him Not To Go, Saying "Pope Benedict Should Have Personally Greeted Him At The Airport"  (When Has A Pope Ever Greeted Anyone At The Airport?)  Sadly it seems, the Egyptian Islamic cleric who had planned to visit Pope Benedict wasn't just persuaded not to go by radicals, but in this case by Egypt's parliament speaker.  No pope greets a dignitary at the airport,  just like visiting heads of state are greeted by presidents and prime ministers at the government headquarters.  This just goes to show the view that some in the Islamic world have of themselves.
Thanks to Bob for this one.  More good news as dialogue continues between Catholics and Lutherans.  Pope Benedict sent a congratulatory note to the Lutheran World Federation.  It does seem as if events in the Middle East as well as events on the far left fringes of the Christian body have moved discussion to a more accelerated pace.
Eldest Cardinal Receives Birthday Greeting From Pope Benedict, Austrian Cardinal Was Ordained A Preist In 1937!  What a different world this Austrian Cardinal was born into.  He was ordained before World War II, even before Hitler's entry into Austria via the Anschluss.  The Cardinal was well past his 20th year of priesthood when Vatican II was initiated.  It would be great to read of his thoughts or listen to his recollections.
Catholic Report Reader Mack Hall Has Written A Book, Check It Out!  Our own Mack has written a book of poetry.  Check it out via this link.  Wow we have a talented bunch on the Catholic Report, from writers, to veterans of military service and combat, to clergy, to atheletes and coaches and of course our many excellent posters. I am impressed with you all!
Another Review For The Tide Is Turning Via A Web Posting About Catholicism  I check out the web from time to time to see what's being said about the book. I came across this last night.  The thread has the usual diatribes against the Church. However, someone came to the defense of the Church using The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism.  Check out their thoughts.
                RECENT APPEARANCES
Patrick Madrid & Yours Truly Holding Up Each Others Books.  He's Got The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism & I Am Holding Suprised By Truth 3.  Patrick  Was An Early Inspiration To Me.  He's A Pioneer In The Catholic Speaking & Apologetics Movement. 
Jesse Romero & Yours Truly Catch Up From The Last Time We Spoke At A Similar Conference.  Watching Jesse Give A Talk Is Like Watching A Catholic Apologist After He's Downed A Six Pack Of Energy Drinks.  I Pity The Rebellious Catholic, Fundamentalist, Atheist, Or Radical Muslim Who Thinks Taking Jesse On Is A Good Idea.
Matthew Kelly & Yours Truly Finally Meet After Some E-Mail Correspondence. Matthew Is Excellent In Discussing Problem Solving, Relationships & The Truth About What Makes You A Faithful Catholic & What Does Not.  The Success This Aussie (Who Now Lives In Cincinnati) Has Had Is Truly Remarkable. 
(Note I Am Not Wearing A Psychedelic Dress Shirt. For Some Reason The Camera Seems To Give That Impression!)
March 28, 2007
During A Homily At A Rome Immigrant Parish, Pope Benedict Reminds The Faithful That God Is Love, But Hell Does Exist  Pope Benedict juxtaposes God's love with a place where we are seperated from it.  The modern "spiritual" world doesn't like to hear the word "consequences."  They seem to feel there are always hidden reasons why Johnny &  Jane never amounted to anything or shot and killed some helpless woman in a grocery store parking lot.  Pope Benedict reminds us of the immeasurable amount of God's love. However, we have the choice to reject it.  Let us pray that we do not. 
 Bizarre Views Of Daniel Maguire Comes Forth In An Interview.  In Addition, An Odd Meeting & Picture Taking Session With Then- Cardinal Ratzinger  It boggles the mind how a man could teach such heresy in a Catholic university.  The devil must be thinking this is too easy.  Maybe Professor Maguire doesn't believe in that either.  I posted this link in addition to the one above because of the response I have received in the past from readers about this story.  I hope the Cardinal Newman Society makes some headway.  Yesterday, I posted that my challenege stands to debate any militant atheist or fundamentalists. In light of this story, I am including self loathing Catholics as well.
UK PM Tony Blair Says Crisis Over British Soldiers Held Captive Entering New Phase.  Is Iran Trying To Rally An Increasingly Skeptical Populace Or Does This Go Hand In Hand With Islamic Extremism?  The Quran is chalk full of advice for spreading Islam. One such way is to strike while the infidel is weak using "clever" deception.  Many Islamic extremists believe that the west is war weary and a prime candidate for this type of manuever.  People often ask me why the rise in Islamic Extremism in the 1990s and beyond.  I believe it was because extremists have been emblodened becaues of  Iran and the west's weakness.  One must remember that to true Jihadist, they would not be faithful to Mohammad's words if they didn't continue the struggle.  They have been taught that the struggle is the most fruitful when the infidel is weak.  When the infidel is strong, one must keep their powder dry.  My hope and prayer is that the young and fed up entrpreneuers in Iran are seeing right through this charade by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  There are reports of demonstrations in Iran that have occurred during the last few months.  Wouldn't it be nice if the country where the Islamic Revolution began would be the place where it all came to an end?
Favorable New York Times Story On Father Groeschel, Chronciles His Life From His Involvement In The Civil Right Era Until The Present, Including His Outspoken Frustration Against The New York Times & Other Media Outlets For Their Coverage of The Abuse Scandal When The Scandals Of Other Churches Were Barely Reported   You have to take small victories where you can get them.  This New York Times article on Father Groeschel shows the journey many have taken who once marched with Dr King, or in Father Groeschel's case helped northern civil rights volunteers get to the south, evolve into a break with some of their fellow northerners who have taken a far more liberal path after the 1960s. Father Groeschel, a mainstay on EWTN, was hit by a car in NYC last year.  Most men his age would not have survived.  However, Father Groeschel journeys onward in his methodical, story telling approach, which many including myself are blessed to see on EWTN.
Atlanta Posthumously Honors Priest Who Saved Atlanta From Being Totally Destroyed.  Father O'Reilly Pleaded With General Sherman To Leave The Churches Standing  Via Catholic World News.  I love these type of stories that are often tucked away in the mists of history.  General Sherman & General Sheridan were both rumored to have been baptised in the same town in which I served as principal.  Somerset, Ohio nestled in the Appalachian part of Ohio has only 2,000 residents. Yet, it has two parishes.  St Joseph parish is a Dominican parish and the first in the state of Ohio. It was founded in 1818.  Holy Trinity was founded a few years later and this is where I served as principal in the mid to late 1990s.  Rumor has it that the future generals both knew each other, though Sheridan lived in Somerset and Sherman lived in Lancaster.  Sherman's parents weren't very religious but he was baptized Catholic so the story goes.  Perhaps this is why Sherman was persuaded by Father O'Reilly to spare the churches of Atlanta?
Sir Elton John (Looking At His Picture In The Story, I Use The Term "Sir" Loosely) Celebrates His 60th Birthday At NYC St John The Divine (Episcopal Cathedral) With The Likes Of Former President Bill Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Paul McCartney & Ozzy Osbourne.  Last Year Elton John Had Said Organized Religion Was For Fools  You have to read this to believe it.  Elton John, the same man who mocked organized religion held part of his elaborate birthday bash in St John Devine Episcopal cathedral.  Perhaps he didn't think they were "organzied" so he had no problem holding the bash there.  All of the pop culture glitterati seems to have made an appearance.  Sadly, I remember from my teenage years reading that Elton John said he didn't like to make political statements from the stage or other public places because he felt too many perfomers sounded and looked like fools doing it.  Who would have thought Elton John would be the ridiculous one at age 60, while Ozzy Osbourne seems to behaving himself as of late. Oh how the mighty have fallen.  Perhaps Captain Fantastic (Elton) had it right when he sang Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.  Maybe Ozzy should have dedicated one of his favorites to Elton, The Road To Nowhere Leads To Me.
Catholic College Student In The Bible Belt Bakes A Cake To Celebrate The Annunication, Invites The Other Young Women On Her Floor Over To Celebrate.  (Contents: A Cake & Some Fruit Punch, The Joy Of Seeing Your Evangelical Dorm Floor Better Understand The Blessed Mother Along With Catholicism In General, Priceless!)  Thanks to Father Longenecker for this one.  I just enjoy reading stories like this one, I sometimes get approached by people at book signings or via e-mail who asked, "what can I do to help spread and keep the faith."  In her own way this young women has done wonders.  We should all take a cue from her.
March 27, 2007
The Key To Pope Benedict; An Excellent Editorial By The The National Catholic Register. Article Sums Up Pope Benedict's Ability To Bring Forth The Key Issues Of Our Time  Here's an inciteful reflection on Pope Benedict.  I am sure those without faith would say he has an uncanny ability to bring forth these issues. However, those of us who know better and believe that he is the 265 successor to Saint Peter and guided by the Holy Spirit, would say it is all part of God's plan.  Some time ago a fundamentalist told me, "so how do you explain the corrupt popes like Alexander IV?"  There have been people in history that told God no or just rebuffed His grace.  Perhaps because of these corrupt popes we see the genuis in God's plan.  The Catholic Church is still here after 2,000 years.  As for those who left the Church because of some corrupt people my answer is the following; do you want to scrap democracy and bring in totalitarianism just because of some elected officials are corrupt?
Cardinal Zen Says The Church Will Never Renounce Her Role In China   The corrupt forces in Beijing have their lackies in their own churches and probably feel quite good about themselves. However, Satan was probably patting himself on the back on Good Friday as well.  As Cardinal Zen said, the Church will not renounce her role in China.  If those in charge of the Communist regime don't make some changes the next Tiananmen Uprising will bring them to the dusts of history along with the other despots who mocked the Church, like Stalin & Ceausescu
Pope Benedict Recalls The Martyred Archbishop Romero & The Others Of El Salvador  The one thing in common all thugs have whether they be far right wing, far left wing or secular bullies, they all think they can be bigger than God and end up failing in disastrous fashion.  However, we have to realize that far too many people who aren't in power think the same way.  They all need our prayers.  Thankfully, we had people like Archbishop Romero and have people like Archbishop Ncube in Zimbabwe who stand tall when it counts the most.
National Catholic Reporter Upset About The Censure Of Liberation Theologian Father Sobrino.  Another Sad Example Of Their Logic (Or Lack There Of)   You just feel bad for those who write ridiculous articles like this one.  How do you suppose they are going to feel when they get old and gray and reflect on some of this nonsense.  A child can see that those who ferment rebellion do no good.  No one would argue this who has been on a sports team or a theater production. Yet for faith, the most important element in our lives, we are suppose to tolerate rebellion?  Please pray for those who engage in such thoughts.
Infanticide Proponent Dr Pete Singer Invited To Polish Catholic Conference To Debate Life Issues  I still have a standing challenge to any and all athiests and anti-Catholics.  Let's see what you got.  My experience is that for all of their lofty accolades, they fall miserably short in an argument.  As you may recall, I first realized this in graduate school when a couple of professors thought they could just mop the floor with the "ignorant faithful." Any fears I had of being inadaquate fell by the wayside at that moment.  I never forget seeing an openly gay, openly atheist, openly Socialist (card carrying as he put it) professor I had looking dumbfounded as a visiting professor left him speechless in a debate on political correctness.  "She said I am doomed for my beliefs.  I want to hate her but I strangely admire her for her candor," he said.  If we all would do what she had done, perhaps the world would be a little better place.  My guess is Dr Pete Singer would not accept the invitation.  However, if he did he would make some excuse after the gathering that he wasn't treated well or respected.  Obviously those who see no harm in killing a baby up to the age of 2-3,  who has special needs, isn't going to play by the rules.
Jordan Hylden At First Things Comments On "The Episcopal Declaration Of Independence  Well the liberal Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori wing of the Episcopal Church is trying to stoke up the "independence" analogy. However, it just won't cut it.  First of all the Anglican Church rebelled itself, not against an earthly authority but against the commandment of Christ in Matthew (16:16-18.)  Secondly, the liberal wing of the Episcopal Church is hardly an upstart, they have more than enough wealth. This is not the Boston Tea Party, it is a temper tantrum thrown after a polo match. Please pray for the orthodox-minded in the Episcopal Church as well as their liberal counterparts.  There's a lot to pray for.
What's So Great About The Catholic Church?  Here's HW Crocker's Top 10 List  This is from an article HW Crocker wrote a few years ago.  I found it while doing some research.  I thought you might enjoy it.  This is a great historical overview written from the view of a convert.  Have your non-Catholic friends read this the next time they bad mouth the Church.
NOTE:  Recently Two LDS Church Members (Mormons) Came To My Door.  "Are You Aware Of The Truth They Asked?"  Yes I Am I Exclaimed.  The Mormons Continued, "Then You Are Aware Of The Second Revealed Gospel Of Jesus Christ."  Yes I Am Aware Of It, But No I Don't Believe In It. The Only Gospels Are Matthew, Mark, Luke & John Was My Reply.  I Showed Them My Bookshelf Complete With The Book Of Mormon.  "Have You Read It They Asked Me?" I Told Them I Had And I In Turn Asked Them Had They Read The Catholic Bible? They Told Me They Had Studied It.  We Politely Exchanged Bible Verses & Then I Told Them Since I Had Already Had The Book Of Mormon & They Had Studied The Catholic Bible, I Wanted To Give Them A Gift; A Signed Copy Of The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism.  A Few Minutes Later My Wife And I Left For Church To Hear A Lenten Speaker.  As We Drove Down The Street There Were The Mormon Missionaries Walking Down The Sidewalk Waving At Us With Their Copy Of The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism In Hand!
NOTE  There Is Goodness In The World.  The Other Night My Wife & I Were At A Local Mexican Restaurant.  I Realized That I Didn't Have My Wallet.  I Was Just About To Head To The Car To Retrieve It When A Lady Who Was Visibly Wet, From A Sudden Thunderstorm, Made Her Way To Our Table With My Driver's License In Hand. She Had Found My Wallet In The Parking Lot & Wanted To Give It To Me Personally.  I Thanked Her And Reached In To Give Her The Biggest Bill I Had.  She Wouldn't Take A Cent.  Thank God For That Good Samaritan I Told My Wife. I Wonder How That All Happened?  I Looked Above My Wife's Head To See A Painting Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe.  Well That Answers That Question!
March 26, 2007
The Hidden Event Of The Annunciation Changed The World Said Pope Benedict  Pope Benedict talks about an event so crucial to the faith, yet how many people are aware of or understand the Annunication?  Where would be if Mary sad no? Consequently, we might ask ourselves, where might we be if we said yes to God more often.
Archbishop Pius Ncube Of Zimbabwe Now Says He Is Ready For Martyrdom If Necessary, From The Hands Of The Ruthless Mugabe Regime  Sometimes saying yes to God literally means putting your life on the line.  Thank God we have prelates who are willing to do just that.  It seems to be me that Archbishop Pius Ncube is at his wits end with the ruthless Robert Mugabe. I think Archbishop Ncube believes that if he doesn't make a stand now, there might not be much of the faithful left to target, since so many have been ruthlessly arrested and displaced.
More Zeitoun Links & Information  I noticed that the Roving Medievalist had a brief mention of Zeitoun on his site (check his site out, it is on the left hand side of my blog links.)  It dawned on me that the anniversary of the historic days is fast approaching. I mentioned the events in my book and many people have told me they were unaware of this miraculous occurence even though the pictures are breathtaking. The best the atheists could do was to say that maybe the visuals caught on film were the result of a earthquake emitting strange bursts of light hundreds of miles away.  Zeitoun and Faitma 51 years earlier, while receiving press coverage did not receive page one coverage.  Should it happen happened today, I wonder if the news organiztions would give it much time. Part of me says no.  However, another part of say they would like the sensational aspects of it.   I was also surprised to find that while people of all faiths saw the apparition and recieved healings from them, some of our fundamentalist friends say it was Satan.  If people repent and are healed does this sound like Satan? In the words of Jesus, how can Satan be against Satan.  Accept the good news and believe.  Thankfully, Zeitoun gave us much good news.
Evangelical Megachurch In South Florida Gives Blunt But Biblically Based Talks On Sex, Gets The Attention Of CNN & Others. Advertises Itself As Casual Place To Worship.  Is This What "Church" Is All About?  I saw a report on this church and its pastor on CNN and then found this link.  It sounds like this pastor is trying to do the right thing. However, one has to ask themselves.  Should church really be about gimmicks like his church that advertises "sex talks" on large billboards or a "casual worship" environment on their website.  More and more of these megachurches are turning God into "Oprah or Dr Phil"  Is that what Christ came here for, so that we could feel like we are on the set of Dr Phil's TV show instead of in the presence of the Almighty God?  Thankfully we have the "Real Presence."  My friends, Catholicism started to lose her members when during the 1970s we started having "Liturgical Dance Fever" amongst other silliness.  Often it was the young who rebelled and when into that non-denominational church down the street where they said, "we don't do that here. We believe in a Sovereign God."  Oh how the times have changed. When we speak of the Real Presence, we sound like "The Real Church," while the megachurch with its gimmicks sounds like they are getting stuck in our 1970s Liturgical Dance Fever mistake.  "The Times They Are A Changing," because The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism.
Guam Archbishop Calls Stop For World Youth Day Icon A Blessing  Mystical images such as icon bring us into the Mystery of God and help us to ponder deeper things. Let us pray that preperation for World Youth Day will help the orgainziers and especially the youth see Christ.
Interesting Link On Historical Days In Catholic NCAA Basketball History  Well the Final Four is set and here is an interesting link I found about great dates in Catholic College basketball history.  I think sports fans will find this interesting.  Some names, dates and schools from the days gone by are brought up and remembered.
NOTE:  A Big Thank You To Lino Rulli For Inviting Me Friday On His Channel 159 Sirius Satellite Catholic Radio Show.  The Irreverently Funny Lino Rulli Is Always Informing His Catholic Audience While Often Entertaining Them.  Also A Big Thank You To Father Bill Hahn & The Good Parishioners At St Peter's Church In Chillicothe, Ohio.  I Spoke After Mass On The Good News Contained Within "The Tide Is Turning" And Signed Books As Well. It Was Great To Meet Some Catholic Report Readers. It Always Amazes Me To Meet Some Of The Many Readers Who Never Post On The Site, But Faithfully Read It.
March 25, 2007
Zimbabwe's Archbishop Pius Ncube Says Catholics Should Lead A Mass Protest Against The Tyrannical Robert Mugabe (Note The Mugabe Apologist Poster In The Comments Section)  God Bless Archbishop Pius Ncube's courage.  I only wish more prelates were as passionate and outspoken about defending their faith against ruthless despots & politicians.  Pray for Archbishop Ncube & his country.  After 27 years of Robert Mugabe, prayer is the least we can do for them.
Pope Benedict Rejects Cardinal Zen's Retirement Letter, Says He Needs His Emminence To Stay On For A While & Assist His Troubled Country  I think this will help show the Chinese authorities that Pope Benedict is serious about the Church's rights in China. Cardinal Zen has been outspoken in his attacks on Beijing's Communist regime. Hopefully, the nation's rulers get the message. The Church will not stand by and see the puppet "Patriotic Church" be propped up at the expense of the Church.
Mexican Bishop Calls For Opposing The Pro-Abortion Herods & Pilates Of Our Time  If we all we were as blunt as this Mexican bishop, we would have fewer problems.  Remember when you speak bluntyly and out of love, you are doing all you can do for that person and the world.  By sugarcoating it, you are shortchanging yourself and them.
Militant Secularist Calls Candidates Who Mention Their Faith Fundamentalists, Mocks The Faithful As Well  This comes via Mark Shea.  Now you see what Mark has to put up with in his back yard.  You just have to wonder what are these foolish secularists going to say on Judgement Day?   Let us pray that they come to their senses before so they can attempt to lead people back to the faith which they had tried to withdraw them from.
Here Is A Link To The Organization's Website  I saw this story featured in John Allen's column and it was quite moving. This elderly nun has done so much for those who have so little, both in wealth and political clout.  I saw the second link on Amy Welborn's site, complete with this elderly nun's picture. This is truly a must read article.
Film To Focus On Major League Baseball Players & Their Catholic Faith  As many spoiled and pampered athletes as you see on television, there are just as many if not more, who provide a great witness for  their faith.  I only wish this kind of story got half the coverage as the latest drunken rampage commited by some young, hot shot atlehete or some washed out old player, manager or coach.
March 24, 2007
Why Would A German Priest Collect Money From Parishioners To Help Build A Mosque?  It seems the Islamic cleric in Egypt who wanted to reach out to Pope Benedict had a change of heart after being threatened.  A rather sad statement on the power of extremists.  On the other hand, here is an example of Catholic craziness.  Why would a  priest help collect money to build a mosque in Germany.  In my recent travels to Germany, I found no shortage of mosques. In addition, the Saudis are helping to fund mosques all over Europe.  However, there are many beautiful Catholic churches in Germany who could use the money!
Cardinal Bertone (Vatican Secretary Of State) Says The Thrust Of Pope Benedict's Message Is The Recovery Of Christian Identity From An Increasingly Secularized World Cadinal Bertone proclaims what many had thought since the election of Pope Benedict, that Cardinal Ratzinger was elected to stem the tide of secularism.  While many had believed some cardinal from the third world would be elected, it was believed Cardinal Ratzinger was elected because of the immense respect his fellow cardinals had for him along with his intricate knowledge of the militant forces of secularism working throughout Europe.  The 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (formation of the European Union) saw no mention of Christianity's role in Europe's formation. A sad development indeed. However, the Church is always at her best when she is under attack.
Flashback:  Bizarre Views Of Daniel Maguire Comes Forth In An Interview.  In Addition, An Odd Meeting & Picture Taking Session With Then- Cardinal Ratzinger    The sad spectacle of Daniel Maguire continues. He doesn't seem to believe in much of what we hold dear.  He has said that God would be a monster to have His Son die.  Professor Maguire doesn't seem to have the same beliefs that the faithful hold about Mary either.  Maguire is the quintessential 70s professor.  So much so that as I mention in the book, Maguire's own son decided he wanted something more black and white then his father could give.  He became a Muslim and lives in Cairo.  Yet, Professor Maguire wants us to follow his own form of Catholicism when those closest to him reject it. You might think that would tell him something.  However, it doesn't appear so.
Episcopal Church Defies Anglican Conclusions Reached In Africa Over Open Homosexual Clergy, Some Commentors On Titusonenine Wonder If The Archbishop Of Canterbury, Rowan Williams Meeting With Pope Benedict Might Have Caused Him To Reassert A More Orthodox View (See Comment #28 From The Influential William Tighe) In the latest soap opera that is the Anglican Communion, I was struck by the poster on comment #28.  An interesting assessment that perhaps the Archbishop of Canterbury seems to have been touched by his visit with Pope Benedict.  Please continue to pray for our Anglican friends.  We could have been in the same boat if we had listened to the same crazies in our Church who  took over the Anglican Church.  Thankfully, we listened to the Holy Spirit.
Don King Gets Front Row Seat At St Peter's For Wednesday's General Audience. (King Credits A Late Priest From My Hometown For Turning His Life Around While In Prison There) Father Fred Fury, who was in residence in my childhood parish for 30 years before his death, was a prison chaplain and ministered to Don King. Word has it that Father Fury pushed Don King into reading and using the vast vocabulary he is known to use.  As a show of his appreciation, Don King would send Father Fury tickets to big time fights in the 70s and 80s.  I can remember in the early days of my teaching career, Father Fury inviting me and some other sports minded faculty members over to the rectory for dinner. I loved to hear him tell his stories. Picture the jovial "Mick," the trainer in the Rocky movies, add a Boston accent and that was Father Fred.  I am sure he sometimes wished Don King would have taken a different path after his release from prison.  However, Father Fred did what he could.  Perhaps the visit to the Holy See will remind Don King of the lessons he learned 35 years ago.
Witnessing In The Workforce, Vatican Council Will Convene To Discuss The Role Young People Can Play In Their Work Environments  Young poeple have so much potential to help those in the workforce see there is a better way than wishing their lives were like those on Sex & the City and the myriad of other shows that glamorize thumbing your nose at God and societal norms. By their witness, these faithful young people could do wonders.  Saint Francis said it best, "Preach the Gospel 24 hours a day and use words when absolutely necessary!"
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March 23, 2007
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More Reflections On St Justin The Martyr By The The Holy Father  The Holy Father is always able to show the relevance of the past with the present.  It is easy to believe that relativism is a modern heresy born out of secular humanism.  However, it goes much deeper into history. Relativism was first seen in the Church in the various heresies that plagued the Church, even while the Roman Empire still existed. The Gnostics and Arians were relativists to some degree and that was only the beginning. Pope Benedict reminds us that truth always wins over relativism, we just have to be firm in the truth.
Father Fessio To Stay At Ave Maria University, Will Have New Duties Chief Among Them Theologian In Residence  Well this certainly has been an interesting 24 hours.  It sounds like there was some thoughtful reconsideration from the university president and a new position was created.  A lot of time and money has been poured into Ave Maria. Hopefully, this will ensure that it continues on its promising road. 
Pope John Paul II Now Has Three Mircles Attributed To Him, Vatican Continues Investigation  Well I am sure before all is said and done in the investigation there will be too many miracles to investigate.  A personal wish of mine is that all of the negative remarks made by the the high and mighty, who disparaged Pope John Paul II while he was still alive, be read shortly before his canonization. They by and large are the same people who disparage Pope Benedict but claim they liked Pope John Paul II. I don't mean to sound uncharitable, but I would like to see that happen.
Author & Noted Professor Phillip Jenkins Talks About Good News Happening In The Church Thanks to Mark Shea who go to this one first.  More good news from the man who has been telling us about the good news happening in the Church.  I wouldn't bother combing through the news websites or search engines for more good news like this, not that it isn't happening it is just barely reported.
Vandals Destroy Interior Of A Michigan Rectory Which Was To Be Inhabited Today, Furniture, Fixtures, Artwork & Stain Glass Windows Destroyed Father Stanley sent me this link.  Like the vandals of old, these modern day miscreants have destroyed the home of two priests who were to move in today.  Everything was brand new except for the art and stain glass window who lie in ruins.  Please pray for this parish and for those who would conjure up such evil.
Zimbabwean Priest Says His Nation Needs Our Prayers  God bless this priest and Archbishop Pius Ncube.  I can't imagine what life must be like under the thuggish regime of Robert Mugabe, the darling of the left for too many years.  Not only does this thug say the country doesn't need elections, but he attacks the country's various churches.  When he got away with that he went after the poor, leveling their primitive homes instead of helping them.  Behold your hero, secular leftists.
Increasing Number Of Public School Cafeterias Not Making Provisions For Catholic Students & Faculty On Friday's During Lent   I am sure more public schools make provisions for just about any other religion except Catholicism.  This is from an article in a Bakersfield, California newspaper.  The crux of the article states that they can't provide for fish for Catholics because that would show favortism to Catholicism.  How many children in the district are Catholic compared to those of other faiths?  I bet if you asked most Jews or Muslims they probably wouldn't have a problem with having an option of fish on Fridays.  It is only militant secularists who seem to say the other faiths would be upset.
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March 22, 2007
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Pope Benedict's Trip To Austria Is Formalized. Trip To Take Place In September  The Holy Father's trip to Austria is set.  I am sure it will be nice for him to go to a German speaking country. In some ways Austria can be very traditional and in some ways very secular.  I lived there for a short period of time while I studied in Salzburg.  It was amazing how many holy days were federal holidays.  Certainly Salzburg and the Austrian countryside would be places that Pope Benedict's message would be more welcomed than Vienna. However, you have to go where they may not want to hear the message.  Keep Pope Benedict's trip in your prayers.
Positive Book On Judas To Be Co-Authored By A Catholic Priest Who Was Suggested To The Main Author By Cardinal Martini! I saw this on Gerald's Closed Cafeteria site.  Thank God Cardinal Martini was never elected pope!  He was considered too old and liberal by the time Pope John Paul II died.  He was the media darling for years because of his "open" views.  We now see how open they were.  By the way, the Holy See is bending over backwards to make sure that everyone knows that they did not sanction this book in any way. This whole "Judas was misunderstood business" is just embarrasing.  The early Christians, both the ordained and the laity, saw Judas for what he was, a tool of the evil one.  Why is it that he modern world, even some in the Church, feel he was misunderstood?  The answer is quite simple; sin and the glamor of it entered the world with "the Fall" in the Garden of Eden. We need to realize that or we will fall for anything.
Father Fessio Is Out At Ave Maria University, Lots Of Speculation But Few Answers  This is a developing situation so I don't have anything to add to the story.  In an e-mail Father Fessio says he was asked to leave.  Here is another link from a south Florida newspaper.  Father Fessio is a former pupil of Pope Benedict and is well known in orthodox circles.  He started Ignatius Press.  I am sure all of the particulars will come out soon enough.  Needless to say this was something no one expected.
Lenient Sentence For Islamic Extremists Who Beheaded Three Christian School Girls In Indonesia  Surprise, surprise, those who behead school girls in Indonesia get a lenient sentence, while Christians who supposedly killed some extremists get the death penalty. You might recall that last year some Christian men in Indonesia were executed for killing Muslims in Indonesia (with flimsy evidence, many say they were only protecting themselves after being attacked.)  Anyway with all of that circumstantial evidence, they got the death penalty, while these butchers who beheaded school girls could be out of prison in 14 years, maybe sooner. 
A Presbyterian Discovers The Stations Of The Cross  Thanks to Mark Shea for this one.  We are hearing more stories about this kind of thing happening. It is nice to see other churches embrace these rich traditions whose goal is to bring people closer to understand Christ's sufferings.  The firebrand anti-Catholic Ian Paisley is a Northern Ireland Presbyterian.  I wonder what he thinks about a fellow Presbyterian embracing the Stations of the Cross.
Anatomy Of Loony Tune Liberal. First Rosie O'Donnell Attacked The Traditional Family, Followed By Religious Believers Who Are Conservative, Then Specifically Catholics, Now She Says 9-11 Was An Inside Job. (What's Next?)  I wish it were as simple as "she's off her meds."  However, the sad truth is that when one turns their back on God this sort of lunacy happens.  All manner of reason goes out the window and you are left to think you are oh so intelligent when in fact you are making an absolute fool of yourself. It has been the evil one's tool since the Garden of Eden.
The Anchoress Zaps Sam Harris, Answers The Militant Atheists's Questions & Shows Him The Answers With Ease  The Anchoress a friend of this blog, who not only endorsed my book but the Catholic Report as well on her blog, has given Sam Harris a lot to consider. Whether the militant atheist will do that is another question.  This reminds me of a time I got into a debate with a professor during my graduate school days in the early 1990s. He was an openly gay, openly athiest professor and I had a political seminar class with him and about 15 students. I got along well with the class, including him. However, it seemed I was the only believer in the class who would open his mouth.  When the class began, I wondered if they would make a fool of me since they were considered the cream of the intellectual crop.  However, I quickly learned how shallow the atheist line is when all they could do was repeat the same lines over and over again.  Atheists and other "self described religionless" intelellectuals remind me of the Wizard of Oz.  Much like the wizard, they claim to have a powerful voice which causes fear & trepidation. However, once you pull the curtain away, you are left with a little old man standing on a footstool.
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March 21, 2007
Pope Benedict Reminds Believers That We Need To Be As Faithful As The Handicapped. We Can Thank Them By Assisting Them In Their Needs  It is both a sad and hopeful commentary on the world that often those who have the most obstacles are themost faithful.  I am sure we have all seen teenagers and adults misbehaving or acting bored at Mass while a handicapped individual is completely focused.  In the course of my talks, I have met several inspiring individuals who have handicaps. I only wish those who don't have handicaps were as grateful about their lives as those who do.
Homophobia Law In Brazil May Impact Seminary Admissions  These type of laws seem to have a two fold agenda; make those who love the sinner but hate the sin change their thinking all the while changing the very beliefs systems of churches.  God helps us all if that happens.
Another Misinformed Journalist Attacks Father Neuhaus, George Weigel & Michael Novak, Seems To Have Flimsy Understanding Of Catholicism  If I were still teaching and one of my students wrote something this flimsy I would be upset. Yet, here is a columnist for a major newspaper doing what no high school student should do, misinform those around them.  The writer asserts that Weigel & Novak are self appointed theologians. He further asserts they can be since they have never heard a confession. Read it and weep.
Satirical Article On PM Tony Blair's Alleged Secret Catholicism & His Relationship With The Openly Anti-Catholic Northern Ireland Leader Rev Ian Paisley Ironically Contains Nuggets Of Truth  Talk about biting satire. This UK publication engages in a mock conversation with PM Tony Blair and the old anti-Catholic, Calvinist warhorse himself, the Rev Ian Paisley.  There are quips about the Prime Minister and his possible conversion as well as quips about Calvinist based Protestantism.  It is really rather interesting.
Pat Buchanan Picks Up From 1992 GOP Convention Speech, Elaborates On The Cultural War Gripping The West, Points Out The Heated Response To General Pace's Comments That Homosexual Activity Is Immoral  This is a link via Catholic World News.  Pat Buchanan is always a lightening rod. The 1992 speech at the GOP convention was panned as a disaster by the powers that be and those were just Republicans.  However, as time has passed many of come to see more than a few kernels of truth in Pat's address.  It may not have pleased GOP blue bloods and of course it really got the goat of liberals. However, Pat's warningthat there is a a anti-religious, anti-accepted norms cloud gathering has more than proved accurate.  Pat sometimes drives me up a wall with some of his remarks and thoughts.  Yet, he does have the guts to speak the truth on issues that many will not touch.
Will Prince Charles Reject The Title, "Defender Of The Faith" Should He Become King?  What Will Happen To Anglicanism, Since Prince Charles & Other British Aristocracy Seem Enamored With Islam I found this interesting article on Robert Spencer's Jihadwatch website.  When I watched the movie the Queen, I couldn't help but think that Queen Elizabeth must have moments where she thinks where did it all go wrong. Done deep I am sure he means well. However, he seems enamored with Environemntal extremist causes along with his self professed admiration of Islam.  In this article, we come to see that Islam has made some impressive inroads in British aristocary.  It is well worth your time to read about the possible future leader of the Church of England.  Enough to cause any orthodox Anglican to lose sleep.  There is some irony here. King Henry VIII was given the title Fidei Defensor (Defender of the Faith) by Pope for standing firm against Martin Luther. However, when the pope wouldn't agree to his divorce, he started his own religion.  I am sure there are a host of Catholic martyrs chuckling in heaven over this one.
The Roving Medievalist, With Beautiful Pictures, Discusses The Significance Of The Peacock In Early Church Art  There are few sites like the Roving Medievalist. Actually, I can't think of any. He has an amazing array of beautiful pictures of cathedrals, stain glass windows. alters and various artworks on his site. In this article the Roving Medievalist discusses (with beautiful pictures to boot) the symbol of the peacock in the Early Church. It is quite fascinating.
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March 20, 2007
Nearly 5,000 Attend Boston Catholic Women's Conference On Sunday & Over 3,000 Men Attended Saturday Despite A Snowstorm (No Scandal No Big Stories About These Events!)  Well here is a very small link via a TV station in Rhode Island.  The Boston Globe had a somewhat larger story but it was registration only.  However, had this been a scandal related story do you think I would have any trouble finding a link?  It is a good thing I don't believe in conspiracy theories or I would wonder why good news requires registration and bad new does not. I wish more people were aware of these two great stories. Despite a snowstorm for the men's conference, where water cascaded into the hall from the roof, over 3,000 men attended.  The following day at the Women's Conference almost 5,000 women were on hand.  These conferences are fairly new and within a few years look how many people are attending.  Don't let anyone tell you that the tide is isn't turning.
More Media Speculation On Wider Use For The Latin Mass, Some Speculation On The Feast Of The Annunciation Or Some Time After Easter  I hesitate to link to these stories because we have heard it so many times before.  However, it is newsworthy, so here it is.  Italian media reports suggest that this could happen on the Feast of the Annunciation or some time after Easter.  We shall see.
National Catholic Register Article On Seven Ways The Laity Can Promote Confession  This is a unique way the laity can help promote this important sacrament.  The National Catholic Register had an interesting idea.  The spoke to a few bishops about what the laity could do to help with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Check it out!
  Father McBrien Seems To Be Siding With Liberal Anglicans Over Orthodox Anglicans, Seems Upset With US Catholics Who Want To Welcome Traditional Episcopalians Into The Church.  Diogenes Of Catholic World News Says Father McBrien Doesn't Think Anglicanism Is Falling Apart, To The Contrary Father McBrien Says  Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between parody and truth.  The loony wing of the Episcopal Church are not only making themselves look foolish they are even making fellow liberal Catholic supporters such as Father McBrien look foolish. Of course many orthodox Catholics would probably say that this wouldn't be very hard.
Are Some Christians Forced To Pay The Jizya Tax In Iraq? This Tax Was Thought To Be Extinct After The Collapse Of The Ottoman Empire After WWI.  The Tax Was Implemented Early In The Islamic Era For Those Who Weren't Muslim  Well since retro is in, it seems some Iraqi militant Muslims are bringing back the Jizya tax which at one time (as recently as WWI in the Ottoman Empire) was leveled against infidels (Christians & Jews.)  It is events like this that have caused many moderate Muslims to worry about how the Middle East will soon look. I recently linked to an article by the Islamic expert Father Samir SJ.  This Lebanese priest wrote that many moderate Muslims feel once the Christians leave the Middle East there will be no hope for them either, since Christians are the cultural and intellectual glue that keeps the region from inploding.
Bono Still Hasn't Found What He's Looking For. Do Large Philanthropic Efforts & Celebrity Driven Causes Really Help The Poor Better Than The Church's Older Established Organizations?   It is sad that so many big time charity pop star efforts have come and gone and much of the misery still remains.  Catholic Relief Services among others have done amazing work for years now and they seem to be able to help those in need far better than the latest glitzy effort that comes from the west.  I believe it was a Kenyan official who recently pleaded for these efforts to cease and let the original charities and governments do their job.  Africa alone has more than enough resources to make it a very rich continent. Yet, while there are signs of hope, too many dictatorships still rule the continent.  Perhaps because of this, many westerners are surprised to find that many Afircan immigrants have very conservative political views and voting records.  Mark Shea beat me to the first link. It is a rather interesting article by Theology of the Body's Christopher West, who is also a big U2 fan.  You might recall that Bono of U2 and Pope John Paul II met several times.  Perhaps some of those meetings are rubbing off on the spiritual Bono.  Christopher West, through a friend, has found some lyrics that seems to indicate that perhaps Bono has been reading some of Pope John Paul II's writings
Mother Angelica's Little Book Of Life's Lessons And Everyday Spirituality By Raymond Arroyo & Reviewed By Dave Hartline Doubleday sent me this great week a couple of weeks ago.  Raymond Arroyo chronciles Mother Angelica's great sayings and words of wisdom via the EWTN vaults, transcripts of talks and personal interviews.  Read the review and go out and buy it. We all need this kind of meat and potatoes spirituality.
March 19, 2007
Pope Benedict Comments On The Prodigal Son At The Angelus & Then Visits A Juvenile Detention Facility Where He Is Enthusiastically Greeted By The Young Men Housed There  A great tie in by the Holy Father. First some reflections on the Prodigal Son and then a visit to a Juvenile Detention facility.  We certainly are in need of more prodigals.  All too often, we think of the prodigals as people who engaged in riotous living  who have repented. I think that perhaps we need to think of some many of our Catholic brothers and sisters who have returned to us as Marcus Grodi would say, "Coming Home."  We are all too often reminded by the doom and gloomers of all the faithful who have left for the variety of megachurches that dot the landscape in many areas.  I would like to think about all of those who have journeyed home.  I hope we welcome them back as the father in Jesus' parable did.  I pray we have many more who "come home."
Evangelical Radio Conglomerate K-Love Is Bringing "Light" To Ireland, Claiming Ireland Has One of The Highest Suicide Rates. Yet, Ireland Has One Of The Lowest Suicide Rates.  Why Can't They Be Honest About Their Tactics?  This type of stuff rubs me the wrong way and then some. Thanks to Mark Shea for picking up on the second link, it ties in nicely with the first link that I found.  A word of warning for our Evangelical friends, don't be surprised if in your mission to steer the Irish into one of your churches you end up with a right hook in the mush.  This conversion game was tried before during the Famine of the 1840s.  Those Irish who converted were given soup and those who refuse to convert often died or immigrated to the US.  Still today the term "soupers" is used to describe those Irish who aren't Catholic.  I suppose because of the secular encroachment and the abuse scandal, some Evangelicals think they may have a window of opportunity.  Judging from my 2004 visit, I can't see it happening. My sense is the Irish are either going to stay Catholic or become secular.  I don't see them becoming Evangelicals.  They have had too many years of exposure to Rev Ian Paisley for that to happen.  Perhaps, some immigrants may become Evangelicals. However, the Church is too closely tied to Ireland for their to be a mass exodus. I wonder how the Evangelicals would like it if we flooded the cities, towns and hamlets of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi with Catholic missionaries and stated we are bringing light to a people in need?  I have no problem with proselytizing and asking someone to consider attending your church.  However, to say that you are there to bring light to the people assumes they live in darkness which is a bit much.
Modern Adaptation Of Cradle Or Baby Wheel Suggested For The Modern World. Device Was Once Used In Middle Ages To Save Newborns From Being Left To Die By Their Mothers  Here is an ancient invention that might not be a bad idea for modern times.  Since access to abortion is rather easy, one could argue that this wouldn't work. However, I can't see the harm in trying.  This just goes to show that the Church has always been on the forefront in the "Culture of Life" as Pope John Paul II described it.  I talk extensively about this in the book. Most are stunned to learn that it was only the Catholic Church who always saw abortion as wrong and evil. Even the Southern Baptists condoned it until the late 1970s.  R Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said that many churches including his own church's initial response to abortion was "woefully inadaquate."
Mexico's Wealthiest Billionaire, Carlos Slim Mocks The Philanthropy Of Bill Gates & Warren Buffet.  Is Carlos Slim Right Or Is He A Modern Day Scrooge?  Here's an interesting comment from Mexico's richest man.  Many would be surprised to learn that Mexico has more than a handful of billionaires.  Carlos Slim makes no bones about his dislike of philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  In some ways he's right.  Gates and Buffet have their hearts in the right place.  However, they would do more good for the less fortunate if they personally handed them the checks instead of having the money tied up in world bureaucracies.  On the other hand Carlos Slim is the epitome of the third world financial oligarch. He doesn't practice what he preaches. He talks about free markets and he has a monopolistic phone company whose calls cost substantially more than the US which is a substantially wealthier country. Perhaps he should peruse the villages of Mexico and hand the checks himself since he thinks that Gates and Buffet's way is out to lunch. 
Brad Delp's Death (Lead Singer Of Boston) Ruled Suicide.  About To Get Remarried At Age 55, The Normally Happy Go Lucky Delp Said He Was A "Lonely Soul"  I realize this story isn't Catholic in nature. However, in some ways it is.  In my teenage years, Boston was one of the first bands I got into. Still today, I enjoy listening to their first and second albums (cd's.)  Lead singer Brad Delp, always seemed such a happy go lucky guy.  By appearances all seeemd wonderful, the band was about to got on tour this summer with a new album. Delp was about to get married.  However, he took his own life with a note that read that he truly was a lonely soul and didn't know of a better way.  Perhaps we should take from this that in some small way we should share our faith with those around us.  Who knows what they are truly going through inside? We have the key that unlocks the chains that imprison them. In some ways I always envisioned Boston as the perfect band of talented, postive musicians who weren't into drungs and groupies, just the music.  Tom Scholz, the group's founder and lead guitarist was a MIT grad and worked in the corporate world before forming the band.  Yet, it seems even Scholz didn't forsee the trouble in Brad Delp's life. Again, I think this should remind us what Jesus tells us, we shouldn't keep our faith's light dimmed under a bushel basket. (Matthew 5:15-16) Many people need that light because their lives are lived in darkness.
The Catholic Home Written By Merdith Gould & Reviewed By Dave Hartline  I am trying to get caught up with book reviews. Doubleday sent me this book around Christmas Yet, Lent is also an appropriate time to read and purchase this book.  I think you will certainly enjoy the intertwining of Catholic theology with Catholic Culture and traditions. Check out my review and then make plans to purchase the updated edition of The Catholic Home.
March 18, 2007
Confession, Says Pope Benedict Reveals The Infinite Love Of God  It is quite interesting that while many avoid the sacrament, others are drawn to it.  Pope Benedict has brought up the this topic often during lent. I find it very interesting. I remember meeting a convert in Hollywood, who is a daily communicant.  When I asked him what brought him to the Church it was confession, he said.  He told me that when he began to have an interest in faith, he explored all faiths and at first thought the Catholic idea of confession seemed at best a lot of work, and at worst ridiculous confessing your sins to a man.  However, upon further study he read John 20:19-23 over and over again and found the genuis in God's gift of this sacrament.  This man also told me that because of the undestanding of this sacrament, it made him realize the power of the priesthood.  He immediately enrolled in RCIA.
German Bishops Say Judeo-Christian History Must Be Mentioned In European Union Constitution If you don't know who you are or where you came from, you are bound to thrown about in life. Pope Benedict warned us about this dangerous path in the raging seas of relativity.  Thankfully, the bishops are warning the powers that be the same thing. Let us pray that they listen.
Chaldean Catholics Fleeing Iraq For Jordan Are Often Harassed & Threatened By Islamic Extremists  The Christians, most of which are Catholics, can't buy a break.  They are chased out of their homeland (Iraq) only to be threatened in other lands. In Jordan, Islamic extremists feed on the rising land values and rents brought on by the Christian exodus. These militants use that to attempt to turn the populace against the Christians.  Please continue to pray for all involved.
Father Fessio Backs Some Comments By Evangelical Leader Dr R Albert Mohler That Science Should Investigate Pre-Natal Causes For Homosexuality, Theory Attacked By Those On The Far Left & Far Right  Dr R Albert Mohler seems to be taking a somewhat different path than most Evangelicals.  In a sense he is almost acknowledging somewhat of a Catholic position that not all homosexuals choose their feelings.  The Church goes on to say that regardless of those disordered feelings, they are not to be acted on or experimented.  Father Fessio seems to be throwing his support to some of Dr. Mohler's ideas.  We shall see where all of this leads. However, you can bet that the mainstream media is going to paint everyone who any sympathies for these ideas as kooks and bigots. I got this link from Catholic World News.
If One Desires To Understand Heresies, Specifically Arianism Read These Amazon Reviews For A Book Written By The Now, Archbishop Of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. Ironically, Many Feel Mohammad Used Arius' Views To Form Islamic Theology.  Many Muslim Websites Cite Arius As To Why They Don't Believe In The Trinity Or The Messanic View Of Jesus Thanks to Amy Welborn for the first link.  You just know that this kind of stuff would make the fluff talk show circuit.  The new agers seem to know so much about "hidden secrets, Christ's tomb, the DaVinci Code and now this feel good manual.  What was it PT Barnum said?  "There's a sucker born every moment.  
The second related link I found by chance when doing some research on Arius, the founder of Arianism.  This heresy was the scrourge of the 4th & 5th century Church.  With the collapse of the Roman Empire toward the end of the 5th century, Arianism with the help of the Vandals and other barbarian tribes, spread throughout Europe and North Africa, even as far east as the Arabian peninsula.  It is there in the 6th century that young Mohammad, it is conjectured, used much of Arian theology to form the basis of Islam.  Check out any Islamic Answers or apologetics website and you will find Arius often quoted and cited. However, for a real sober dose of "new age" reality check out the reviews of Dr Williams' book.  Far too many reviewers applaud Arius.  A telling sign of the rise of new age?  Actually, this is nothing new. Rebellion came into the world at "the Fall" and it has been with us ever since.
Great Cathedrals Are Catechism In Stone Says Prominent Architect  I remember hearing once about some sort of an advocate for the poor who was asked, some 100 years ago, if he would support a movement to block the building of a cathedral. The purpose being it cost too much. He replied, "a church needs to be beautiful for its inspiration comes from God.  Why curtail God's beauty," said the advocate? The antithesis can be seen in Friday's Catholic Report in the picture of the Episcopal monstrosity.  More and more newer churches are being built to reflect the beautiful vision of old. Sadly, too many churches in the 1960s and 1970s weren't and we are stuck with them for a while.
March 17, 2007  Saint Patrick's Day
Asia Catholic News Reports On The Al Qaeda Assasination Attempt On Pope John Paul II In January 1995. Over 5 Million Filipinos Were In Manila That Day, But Manila Police Foiled The Assasination Attempt Even Though The Mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad Slipped Away  I would like to think that it was providential and not coincidental that Pope John Paul II escaped another attempt on his life.  A freak accident caused the disruption of this plan and led to the break up of the infamous "Bojinka Plot" that was to have taken down 10= aircrafts over the pacific.  Think about the panic that the sounds of gunfire would have caused to a crowd of 5 million!  Some say this was the largest crowd to ever hear a leader speak.  The crowds were about the same or more for the funeral of Pope John Paul II some 10 years later.
Jesuit Magazine Says Pope Benedict & The Church Must Speak Out Against Political Trends & Politicians That Are Dangerous To The Church & Society  The Holy Father has to speak out when he feels the laws of God are being manipulated or disregarded.  The same people who get up set about papal pronouncemnts on morality expect the Holy Father to address the problems of the poor and downtrodden. What about the spiritually and morally downtrodden?  They need to be considered as well.  Discipline is love. How many times did we hear St Paul talk about this concept.
Presiding Episcopal Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori Turns Down South Carolina Bishop's Appointment.  He Won Nomination Overwhelming.  Traditional Believers On Titusonenine Blog Are Outraged. Many Now Feel Bishops Will Be Rebuffed Because Of Their Orthodox Credentials (So Much For The Progressives Accepting The Will Of The People!)  Thanks to Pax Christi who was on top of this story from the get go. Democracy is fine as long as it serves the needs of the liberal elite. However, when it doesn't, another measure has to be used. We have seen this in countless Socialist regimes from the old Iron Curtain, to Castro's Cuba, and most recently in the Venezeula of Hugo Chavez. After power is assumed the slogans and pronouncments of the revolution goes out the window.  Some might say that since the church's founder (King Henry VIII) had his wife beheaded (Ane Boleyn)  this shouldn't be too suprising.  Please pray for the Anglican faithful, their church is in complete disarray.
In A Few Words, Sebator John Edwards Says A Mouth Full About His Views On Jesus  This just shows the mindset of somehow where faith and reason are so far down the list, they can't even outline the basics.   The end of this First Things article is very humorous.  Senator Edwards talks about Jesus as if he were a famous political leader who would be shocked if he walked the earth today.  You have to read the ending to this short article.
Islamic Leader Who Agreed To Meet With Pope Benedict Now Faces Criticism From Some In The Islamic World For Agreeing To Meet With The Holy Father  Wow, even if a Muslim leader criticises Pope Benedict, it is not enough for some.  Of course the Koran does state that all infidels must convert by words or by the sword.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church does call for conversion as well, sans sword.
The Life Of Saint Patrick (New Advent Version)  Pick your version or read both.  It was a a little sad to read that in Britain, where St Patrick once lived, less than half can say anything more about him then he was saint.  There is so much to the life of St Patrick.  Often, it isn't mentioned or we don't want to hear about all of the suffering he had to endure.  However, that suffering brought the faith to many both in England and especially Ireland.
The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism.  Here Are Some Facts About The Book & Some Testimonials From Catholic Clergy, Catholic University Founders, Writers, Famous Coaches, Actors Etc.  One year ago, a simple article that took 45 minutes to write debuted. After being picked up by countless blogs and websites, it has become a book.  This  book was written in a few months but only after spending literally day and night writing it.  I felt telling the good news in the book was something I had to do.  It is now available through Catholic Word by calling 1 800 932 3826 or  It should be available in bookstores soon.  For more info on what's in the book read the link above.  I think you will find it helpful!
March 16, 2007
Pope Benedict Comments On St Ignatius Of Antioch, An Early Martyr Who Was An Inspiration To Many  Pope Benedict expounds on one of my favorites from the early Church, St Ignatius of Antioch.  He was a friend of St Polycarp, another pillar of the early Church.  The stories about St Ignatius of Antioch are truly amazing.  While being carted (literally) back to Rome, he wrote as best he could letters of exhortation to early believers. Many early believers secretly passed by the road to catch a glimpse of him as he moved ever closer to Rome to meet his end.  Yet, St Ignatius of Antioch simply wrote as best he could (shackled as he was) and as fast as he could before being martyred at the coliseum in Rome. Another inspiring believer who inspired many more.  We could learn a lot from his example.
Many San Francisco Residents Don't Seem To Believe Osama Bin Laden's Mastermind's Confession.  They Think He Was Coerced Even Though Other Al Qaeda Operatives Praised His Planning  Here we have the supposed "true Islamic warrior" who spent Osama's money on strippers, gambling and wiskey while planning to kill the Holy Father and many others, well before most in the west had ever heard of Al Qaeda.  I wonder what the jihadists think of this behavior from such an exalted member. The man behind the September 11th attacks, Bojinka and a host of other murderous plans seems to be given the benefit of the doubt by those on the far left.  Probably the same San Francisco residents who convinced the mayor to boycott Cardinal Laveda's installation in Rome because Cardinal Laveda, the Holy Father and the Church itself are too narrow minded.  I wonder what Al Qaeda would think of the way they live their lives?  I realize someone like Khalid Sheik Mohammad would like to embellish his importance, most psychopaths do. However, for some on the left to show him any sympathy is beyond me. Please pray for all involved including the good Catholic orthodox folks who have to deal with this on a daily basis. Some of our long time posters might remember how upset Bay Area Catholic Wannabe became when he/she first moved there and had to deal with the double standard that too many faithful folks face.  Here's an old thread (from last March) that covers the topic.
As Faithful Catholics In Boston Rejoice Over More Orthodox Leadership, They Still Have To Contend With Media Pontifications Like This One  Another sign that the tide is turning.  Via Catholic World News, the mainstream media is attacking the Church for living up to its 2,000 year old traditions. They certainly could not have said that under Cardinal Law's leadership (or lack there of.)  However, the fact that they are upset now is good news. Keep up the good work Cardinal O'Malley.
Diogenes Of Catholic World Report Comments On Lawsuit Facing LA Archdiocese (Cardinal Mahony) Over Candle Incident I am sure you will enjoy Diogenes' reflections on the rather odd lawsuit in LA.  It seems a woman's skit caught fire while praying at a church located inside the archdiocese.  She is filing suit in court. However, you have to read Diogenes views on what it means for Cardinal Mahony. Indeed, Diogenes is in rare form.
Congressman Pete Stark, Member Of The Unitarian Church, Admits He's An Atheist.  Secular Group Gives Him Award For Being Such.  LA Times Editorial Praises His Honesty  In the book, I made note of the fact that there was an "orthodox" movement talking place in the Unitarian Church to bring God back in the Unitarian Church. This was done when studies showed that half the Unitarian members don't believe that God exists. It seems Congressman Stark has added his name to the list.  Of course it begs the question, 'if you don't think that God exists why do you go to Church?"  Truly tortured souls, these fallen off the wagon atheists.  The LA Times editorial is another matter.  So you praise someone for telling what they believe is the truth?  For example, if someone sees me during a thunderstorm and I am soaked, I am soaked am I not? If I claim I am dry and state everyone around me is seeing things, who is the crazy one?  According to the LA Times, I would be perfectly sane.  Certainly all involved here need our prayers.
If You Think Your Church/Cathedral Is Ugly And Uninspiring, Check This Modern Episcopal Cathedral! Mark Shea picked a beauty! In case your church or cathedral is ugly, check this out. I can't imagine showing this off to tourists or seeing this in some book on "revered houses of worship."  This is what happens when parents take away a creative child's lego too soon.  The poor child grows up trying to relive early childhood fantasies.  God help the poor people who worship in this monstrosity.
Interesting Article From Swaziland On Catholic & Gospel Singing Acts Touring The Country  This sounds quite interesting.  I found this link and thought I would share it with you since it shows the beauty and universality of Catholicism.
March 15, 2007
More News About "Sacramentum Caritatis." Pope Benedict Urges More International Latin Masses, Gregorian Chants & Other Traditions Of The Church Here's a little more detail about the document.  Sometimes people can over react  to these type of pronouncements.  There are certainly those who can be labeled "document geeks" reading through the tea leaves of each and every senetence to see what it says and what is doesn't say. However, these are important insights into the mind of the Holy Father and those around him.  Sadly, we live in a world where very few people value the type of scholarship, holiness and insight documents like this hold.  Like reading a good book or enjoying great music, documents like these need time to settle.  Its well worth the intellectual wait.
UPDATE  Bishop Clarifies Remarks Says He Admires General Pace  Matt Abbot gives an update on his column. It seems there was some confusion over Bishop Gracida's words, which have now been clarified.
Why Is A Catholic Bishop, Who Is Considered Orthodox, Criticising General Pace (Who Is Catholic) For His Remark That He Believes Homosexual Activity To Be Immoral?  I just don't get it.  Why would  Bishop Gracida, who is thought to be very orthodox, criticise another Catholic who believes in what the Church teaches?  Feel free to give your own opinions.  Here's a link concerning General Pace's remarks.
What Happens When The Excited Convert Has To Deal With A Heterodox Parish? Gerald At The Cafeteria Is Closed Comments On His & Others Experiences  Gerald over at the Cafeteria is Closed comments on the problem that some of the new and fired up faithful have when they enter a rather dead parish.  In my travels, I have talked to more than a few cradle Catholics (from the rank & file laity to actors & actresses to star athletes) who tell me it was a convert  who helped them to really understand and broaden their faith.  Locally the Vineyard Church is the hip place to be and I have been told that even some Steubenville grads hang out there because of the "hip, on fire atmosphere."  A family friend, who is Jewish, told me that when a new "intellectual leader of the community" who was Catholic moved here, he had one question; what is the most exciting church in town?  It seems he was told it was one of the megachurches and off he went.  Now I really don't worry about losing these sorts of folks since they obviously seem superficial. However, it would have been nice of them to join us because I believe our faith is the best at carving away that superficiality.  I wish we could all have them read Aimee Milburn's excellent article on why she became Catholic featured in yesterday's Catholic Report.
Pro Abortionists In Georgia Force Kroger To Sell Morning After Pill  The land of Fatima has given in to abortion. God help us all.  In the US, the largest grocery chain Kroger's has disciplined an employee and reminded others stores of its policy to distribute the morning after pill. Some stores won't even let pharmacists conscienciously object and let some other employee fill the death perscription.  Two depressing but very relative stories.
High Ranking Sunni Cleric From Cairo Says He Hopes To Meet With Pope Benedict To Bridge The Gap, "After His Chilly Words In Regensburg"  It is certainly a welcome development to see some Islamic leaders attempt to continue peaceful dialogue. However, there is more than a little disengenuous behavior when this Sunni cleric from Cairo says Pope Benedict's words were a little chilly.  The Holy Father was only repeating the words of a besieged Byzantine Christian leader.  If one wants to hear some chilly words, perhaps they should watch an Al Qaeda tape and here someone quote the Koran as they cut off someone's head. Let us continue to pray for peaceful & meaningful dialogue between Christendom & Islam.
Halfway Through Lent, Here Are 40 Suggestions To Make The Remaining Half More Spiritually Fulfilling  As we plow our way through Lent, I love to read articles like this one. However, it makes me realize that I have a lot of work to do.  Something tells me I am not alone. I hope this article helps us all to be better people in the second half of Lent.
Here's Former Notre Dame Head Football Coach Gerry Faust And Yours Truly Taken Right Before An Inspiring Talk He Gave At My Old High School.  In Addition To Reading An Early Manuscript & Endorsing The Book, Coach Faust Has Worked Behind The Scenes To Get The Book's Message Out Because, As He Told Me, He Believes In The Book's Message. Obviously, He Could Be Doing Other Things In Retirement.  I Doubt You Will Meet A More Faithful & Orthodox Big Time Former Coach Who Does More For The Faith Than Coach Faust.  He Speaks To Over 150 Catholic Groups A Year.  Before He Was Hired At Notre Dame He Asked The Blessed Mother To Intercede To Her Son For The Job.  He Made The Blessed Mother A Promise, He Would Pray At The Grotto Every Day That He Was On Campus.  He Never Missed A Day & He Still Honors That Promise When He Visits South Bend. I Only Wish You Could Have All Heard His Talk To The Student Body, Truly Inspiring.
NOTE:  A Special Thanks To Notre Dame Nation (Sports Website) For Linking To The Tide Is Turning Again.  For You Notre Dame Hoops Fans Who Haven't Purchased Mike Coffey's Definitive Book On Irish Basketball Click Here For More Info On Mike Coffey's Great Book.
March 14, 2007
More Analysis On The Document "Sacramentum Caritatis"  There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding this document.  Click here for Father Z's analysis (his site in Rome crashed earlier yesterday so I don't know if it will be up or not.)  Some orthodox Catholics are depressed thinking that the Holy Father was going to make some sort of dramatic announcement about the Mass, perhaps an indult.  However, I think most orthodox-minded Catholics knew that this is not the way that Pope Benedict or the erstwhile Cardinal Josef Ratzinger operates.  He is very meticulous.  Many do believe that the document strongly urges prelates (bishops, cardinals) to take action against politicians who back a culture of death.  However, many fear the document's semantics give wiggle room for those same prelates to avoid taking action against prominent pro-abortion politicians.  This document will take a while to sift out.  Stay tuned!
Pope Benedict & Russian President Vladimir Putin Focus On Better Relations Between The Holy See & The Russian Orthodox Church, Middle East Also Discussed  There is always hope after meetings such as these. However, Vladimir Putin is much smarter than the old line Communist geezers like Brezhnev, Andropov & Chernenko.  He sees the political vlaue of the Russian Orthodox Church.  We shall see what he intends to do about it.
Venezuelan Bishop Reminds The Faithful (& Hugo Chavez) That Jesus Is Not A Socialist, Guru, Hippie Etc.  The sad thing about this article is a good many people need reminded of who Jesus was and is.  Popular culture visa via the media and cults of personality (Hugo Chavez) equate the Son of God with all kinds of ridiculous titles(Socialist Revolutionary) and theories (DaVinci Code.)  Can't we just take Him at his word?
Must See TV;  You Tube Broadcast Of The Final Years Of Pope Pius XII.  Footage Begins With The Canonization Of Maria Goretti & Concludes With The Death Of Pope Pius XII.  Anyone Who Wants To Understand The Pre-Vatican II Church & The Larger Than Life Pope Pius XII, This Is For You  This is must see TV, especially for those who live the tradition & pagentry of the Church.  A big tnak you to Amy Welborn & Father Finigan for this one!  It is another era (pre-Vatican II) and the tape begins with the canonization of Maria Goretti who was a teenager killed at the turn of the last century because she didn't give into the sexual demands of her killer (who was present at the canonization and had become a very pious man.)  My mother told me the canonization ceremony (1951) was one of the most memorable events from her young life.  It made quite an impression on all the young people of her day. The tape forwards on to show amazing scenes of piety that would probably be mocked in today's world. However, it is an amazing video. Check it out!
Aimee Milburn Discusses The "Catholic" Sacramental Way Of Life  My wish would be for everyone to understand (both Catholic & non-Catholic) what Aimee is saying.  There are so many people who don't have the foggiest notion of the sacraments, their history and the relevance to the mission of Christ.   It seems this blogger started out by answering a question which turned into a reflection of the "Catholic way of life."
Bishop Carlson, John Riccardo (Former Chrysler CEO) & His Son Father Riccardo To Speak At Detroit Men's Conference  This sounds like a interesting group of speakers for those of you in Michigan.  As I stated before, these type of events are great ways of connecting the faithful and bringing in those on the fringe to connect to the Church in a way they might of thought was impossible.
Former Cincinnati Bengal, Chicago Bear & 2003 National Champion Ohio State Buckeye Quarterback Craig Krenzel, Along With Yours Truly, At A Local Parish Event.
Dan DeMatte, Star Of The A & E Reality Show "God Or The Girl" & Driving Force Behind the "Jesus Jams" Youth Event, Shows Off His Copy Of The Tide Is Turning.  (He Was One Of The First To Read The Manuscript & Give His Endorsement To The Project.)
Here I Am Addressing (Yes That's Me On Stage) A Group Of Maronite Catholic Youth In New Castle, Pennsylvania.  They Came From Several States To Share Their Ancient & Beautiful Faith.
Father George & You Know Who On Stage (Note Father George Is A Redemptorist Priest Who Is Bi-Ritual.  He Is Part Of The Maronite Catholic  & Roman Catholic Rite.)
March 13, 2007
Breaking News Vatican Releases "Sacramentum Caritatis."  Much Anticipated Document Calls The Eucharistic, Source, Summit And Life Of The Church  There is a great deal to take in here.  There doesn't seem to be any earth shattering developments.  However, Cardinal Scola was asked a question about politicians, who support abortion receiving Holy Communion.  While he didn't give a definitive answer, His Emminence did seem to indicate in fairly forceful terms that this was wrong.  More analysis on this in tomorrow's Catholic Report.
Vatican To Announce Disciplimary Measures Against Jesuit Liberationist Theologian Father Jon Sobrino While the founder of Liberation Theology continues to stay in the good graces of the Church, some of his followers can't seem to obey the Church.  Here is the latest example. This Spanish preist who has been teaching in El Salvador has been reprotedly been informed of the decision.  It seems that Hugo Chavez and band of revolutionary leaders has emboldened the old radical guard.  Thankfully, Pope Benedict has reminded them of who they should be serving.
CNN Headline News Anchor Thomas Roberts Announces He Was Sexually Abused By A Popular Baltimore Priest Some 25 Years Ago  CNN Headline News Anchor Tom Roberts has announced that he was abused by a popular Baltimore priest some 25 years ago.  This type of thing just gets you extremely angry when you see the faces.  On occasions like these, I can't help but think of those I grew up who were molested, but could never tell a soul.  Investigators from law enforcement and the Church came to my childhood town (long after I graduated but what they found out remains a mystery.)  It truly amazes my friends and I how all of this is still hush-hush.  In a small town there are no secrets, except for who our childhood pastor molested.  I have been told that this was by far the worst case my diocese ever had to handle.  In the CNN program, Tom Roberts even tried to kill himself, let a suicide note and still told no one in the note.   Thankfully, he survived. I think we have the worst of the crisis behind us.  However, the forces from the dark side spared no expense in attacking the Faith. Its like the outer rungs of hell were opened and the worst of the worst came to attack the Church. Please pray for the victims.
Father Thomas Euteneuer Responds To & Scolds Father Jonathan Morris   In case you missed the dust up between Father Euteneuer of Human Life International & Sean Hannity of Fox News, here is the You Tube broadcast  (thanks to Amy Welborn.)  Father Jonathan Morris , a Legionary of Christ and Fox News contributor, takes fellow orthodox priest Father Euteneuer (President of Human Life International) to task, which leads to Father Euteneuer taking Father Morris to task.  I figured since it was already a bad news day (the CNN story and all) it couldn't hurt to throw this in the mix.  After watching this debate dust up between Father Euteneuer & Sean Hannity, along with both priests going at each other via e-mail & website responses, I just want to ask all of them, "What good did that do?"  I agree with most of what Father Euteneuer said to Sean Hannity.  It is obvious that Sean  Hannity suffers from a lack of insight  (catechesis) on the teachings of the Church. However, the only ones who are going to like this ridiculous display, are the looney tune fundamentalists who occasionally come here and tell us we are all going to hades!  There's got to be a better way to tell the truth.  My guess is most people will throw their hands up in the air & walk away. Now you know why we have so many happy, clappy megachurches!
Beautiful & Faithful Insights From Father Longenecker On 40 Hours, Beauty Of Catholicism, The Mass, Lent.....  After the debacle above, I felt this story would be appropriate.  Father Longenecker gives us a great description of the spiritual beauty we so often take for granted. I wish we could tell more people about this kind of news and joy. It truly is uplifting.
Conservative Democrat & Former Georgia Governor Zell Miller Says US Social Security Crisis, Military Shortages & Illegal Immigration All Come Back To The Nearly 50 Million Abortions During The Last 34 Years, Liberals Apoplectic With Anger  Former Georgia Zell Miller zaps these problems right where it starts, lack of human beings and the liberals are fit to be tied. Check out the comments section on this Atlanta Journal Constitution article.  The comments are hysterical.  I got this link from National Review Online.
North American Squad Defeats French Team To Advance In Clericus Soccer Cup Held In Rome, Finals Set For June  Well the North American squad continues to march on in this tournament, which is getting a fair amount of publicity.  Again, these events also reach out to those on the fringes in a way that might have seeemd impossible some year ago.
March 12, 2007
Conversion Is The Most Effective Way To Counter Evil  Says Pope Benedict  The Holy Father has given us a keen insight on conversion.  I am sure he brilliantly calculated it, because it is up to us to figure out what form of conversion he means for us and those around us.  First off, our hearts have to be converted to obediantly follow the laws of the Church.  However, he might also mean we have to share the faith with those around us.  Sometimes I have people ask or write me as to when is that appropriate moment to share the faith, or when is that right moment to use the carrot or use the proverbial stick with those who snidely mock the faith. My experience has always been that in prayer one is given those answers.
UN Shelves Sex Selection Abortion Ban That Was Encouraged By The US & Vatican  Talk about two depressing stories.  Look what the brilliant secular mind has wrought.  God help those people who listen to every supposed expert, but the Church. There's a great song off Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming album (his openly Christian period) that describes this circumstance. The song is called, "When You Going To Wake Up?" So much for women's right in the third world.  Being born is the greatest right. However, it won't be male babies that will be aborted if the UN doesn't advocate change.  The ultimate hypocrisy of the radical feminists.
Is North America & Western Europe The Richest Country In The World With The Most Depressed People?  Where Spirituality Reigns Depression Does Not  I remember that during my travels to Mexico, it was so obvious that most everyone seemed joyous, even though the majority I met were quite poor.  They always seemed to be  laughing and having a good time.  Yet, they were all business when I saw them in a local chapel.  Contrast that to the centers of power in the western world.  The high and mighty secular crowd is always trying to "analyze themselves" along with figuring out why their lives went wrong.  This seems quite odd when you realize they have more than they or the those poor in Mexico  probably ever dreamed possible.  Depressing indeed!  I saw this on Catholic World News.
Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus Says Environmentalism Is A New Religion, Says It Is Not Based On Science But Based On Faith That The Earth Is Going Down A Slippery Slope  There is a difference in appreciating the wonderful gifts of nature God has given us and worshipping nature as did the pagans of old.  I love the outdoors, whether I spend it walking down trails with my wife, camping and fishing with friends or just being alone.  I can never learn enough about all the animals, birds, trees, bodies of water and geology I see in the outdoors.  I constantly marvel at what God has made.  Sadly, some just don't get it and worship what they see instead of who made it.  Sadly, this just leads to folks who engage in the activities that the Czech president warns us not to believe.  They certainly need our prayers.
Is The Boston Archdiocese On The Right Track Under Cardinal O'Malley's Leadership?  It Seems The Parishioners Seem To Think So Since The Archdiocese Surpassed Its Campaign Goal & Had The Largest Amount Of Dollars Collected Since The Abuse Scandal Broke Five Years Ago  Cardinal O'Malley is making some headway in leading his diocese out of the cesspool that was left to him by his predecessor.  I doubt this story will make the news even though it is incredible in its own right. The epicenter of the Abuse Scandal is now coming back.  I only wish more people outside the archdioceses and the blogospehre knew about it.
Summary Of The Cincinnati Men's Conference.  This Is The Where The Catholic Men's Movement Began.  There Were Some Excellent Speakers Which I Told You About Last Week. I Was Invited To Sign Books & It Was An Honor To Sign Books Next To Jesse Romero & Danny Abramowicz  I would truly encourage the readers of the Catholic Report to check out a good men's or women's conference in your area.  Cincinnati is where it all began and I was privileged to have been invited to sign my books there.  What a top notch group of speakers.  I believe there was something like 20 some of these men's conferences around in 2000. Now 7 years later there are over 40 men's conferences with more added each year.  I think both men's and women's conferences give each gender the type of spiritual help they most need.
Here Is The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket.  On Monday All Of The 64/65 Team's Fans Are Excited Because Visions Of Championships & Major Upsets Dance In Their Head. There Are Seven Catholic Colleges & Universities Among The 64.  Obviosuly, Many Are The Domain Of Heterodox Leadership & Faculty.  Notre Dame Might Be One Of The Most Orthodox Of The Bunch. However, As I Mention In The Book, It Is The Students Who Are The Most Orthodox At Many Of These Campuses. The Students Are The Ones Clamoring For A More Openly Catholic Culture, Via Daily Mass, Adoration, Devotions & Campus Programs To Help The Needy.  Always Keep That In Mind. The Seven Catholic Colleges & Universities Making The Field Of 64 Are; Boston College, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Holy Cross, Marquette, Notre Dame & Villanova. More Later In The Week.
 March 11, 2007
Pope Benedict Meets With Circle Of St Peter, The Group That Takes Up "Peter's Pence."  The Holy Father Calls On All The Faithful To Continue To Help The Spiritual & Material Needs Of Others  Talk about a tradition that goes back in the mists of history. The Church since the Apostolic Era had been helping those in need. In St Peter's day it was the widows and orphans, today the needs ae more broad based.  Yet, the Church continues its mission to help those in need.
Cardinal Zen Says Soon The Church Will Face A Crucial Moment In China  Cardinal Zen is not one to pull punches.  He sees that Chinese Communists are at a crossroads.  While many have prospered in their schizophrenic Communist-Capitalist economic system, many want freedom to go along with their new found wealth or lack of it.  Indeed Communist officals in Beijing might truly understand what Jesus meant when He said, "you can't serve two masters."  Let us hope and pray that the day is soon comes when the godless master is finally sent packing.
"Those Who Lack Faith Will End Up Desiring Death," Says Spanish Bishop  What a great quote.  It seems Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla was speaking about those who are faced with infirmities.  Some hope for a speedy death, while others perservere onwards as did Pope John Paul II in the hopes that by carrying their cross, others will embrace their cross so that we can all realize the fruits of our and especially Christ's labors.  I saw an inspiring young man at the Cincinnati Men's Conference who was confined to a wheelchair and taking oxygen. However, he let it be know in short bursts of conversation, mixed amidst his intake of oxygen, how much he appreciated the speakers, their books and most especially the Faith.  It was most inspiring.
Former US Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich "Confesses" To Focus On The Family's Dr James Dobson That He Was Engaged In An Extra-Marital Affair While Voting For President Clinton's Impeachment For The Same Offense  I think anyone would have concluded as much seeing that the former Speaker married this young lady soon after getting his second divorce.  Former Speaker Gingrich may be quite the historian and an astute political observer, but his ethics are in shambles.  I was also disappointed in Dr James Dobson, Focus on the Family founder for not taking a more strident stand with the Speaker.  I believe in forgiving but I also believe if a person has a habit of engaging in this sort of activity they need to be held to account.  Jesus said as much when he addressed the adultress.  After President Clinton's escapades with Monica Lewinsky teen sexual activity, especially the kind they admitted to, climbed exponentially.  Obviously, modern adult society didn't need Speaker Gingrich's activities to excuse mid life crises. Yet, his behavior didn't help.  Leaders are called leaders for a reason. President Clinton & Speaker Gingrich failed miserably as moral leaders.
Father Samir Of Lebanon An Islamic Expert, Says Internal Strife In Islamic Lands Will be The Key To Change, Says Many Moderate Muslims Fear The Departure Of Christians Since Christians Have A Stabilizing Factor  Father Samir who hails from the Middle East is an Islamic expert.  He has some keen insights.  The first being that Islamic societies will only change when the general populace rises up to protest the power held by extremists.  Secondly, most moderate Muslims see the general Christian community as a stabilizing force and want them to stay, not leave in droves, as has been happening.
In Scotland Catholic Teenager Sues Government For Placing Her In A Protestant Foster Home  Time will tell if this teenager simply wants money or has been harmed spiritually.  It has the possibility of opening up a very sad case.  We will have to wait to see what the true circumstances are.  However, in the meantime all involved need our prayers.
Catholic Wikipedia Expert Who Claimed PhD In Theology Exposed As A College Dropout, Double Checked Resources Using Catholicism For Dummies  Well this is certainly an eye opener.  One can certainly be well versed in the Church without holding a PhD in Theology.  I doubt whether more than a few Catholic Report readers hold PhD's in Theology. However I also doubt, whether the good and faithful among us, have passed ourselves off as having a PhD in Theology.  I am sure there are more than a few twists and turns left to this story. Well it might be good publicity for the writers of Catholicism for Dummies (who have an association with EWTN)  It shows they must known what they are talking about, if this imposter was able to get away with his secret for so long while only using their book!
March 10, 2007
Pope Benedict Calls On The Media To Show The Dignity Of The Family, Which Is Often Missing In The Media Driven Culture   The media is given an awesome responsibility to report on the culutre in which we live.  Yet elemets of the same media glorifies those who attack the societal structure in which we live.  If they reported on it that would be fine. However, attacks against societal norms goes virtually unreported.  This is what the Holy Father is getting at in his comments.
Episcopal Bishop's Ordinations To Be Held In Florida Catholic Cathedral?  I am all for helping out a church in a pinch who needs someplace to hold a service. However, we are talking about ordinations here. I mean the Episcopal Church's leadership, as it stands right now, is in some ways diametrically opposed to much of what we believe.  I don't mean to sound uncharitable, but I don't get it. This link via Catholic World News.
New US $1 Coin Will Not Have The Words "In God We Trust " Along With Liberty Stamped On Them? I certainly hope this is an oversight. Granted, very few people have used the various makeovers of the dollar coins that have been sprung on us for the last 30 years. However, I get a little nervous when God and Liberty are taken off our coins.
Mayor Giuliani Asks The Media To Respect His Family.  Yet, It Appears Some Of His Family Doesn't Respect Him  Wow, when your own family doesn't step up to the plate for you, it is a sign of trouble.  I noted in my book that the mayor's personal problems could greatly hamper his campaign among social conservatives, many of which are Catholic.  The mayor really hasn't commented much about his Catholic faith lately, so it will be interesting to so what if anything he says. When you basically tell your wife via a press conference that the marriage is over and a new woman is in your life, it is going to go over well with many.  This all happened pre-9-11so it is often forgotten.  I heard someone on National Review Online say that some conservatives might like someone who wouldn't mind being ruthless while in office to get things done. If he can be ruthless to his own family, maybe he can be ruthless to bureaucracy and blow hard politicians.  Well I certainly hope we are better than that line of thinking.
Pope Benedict's Book Recollecting Pope John Paul II Due Out Next Week, Main Focus Still On His Forthcoming Book Entitled,  Jesus Of Nazereth  This should be interesting.  This book won't nearly get the attention that the Holy Father's upcoming book entitled, Jesus of Nazereth will get.  However, it is bound to have some interesting observations from the man who know Pope John Paul II for about as long as anyone in the Vatican knew him.
Vicar General For The Archdiocese Of Boston & Former USAF Chaplain In Iraq Discusses The Impact A Catholic Chaplain Can Have  I have talked to some some who have been in Iraq & Afghanistan and they tell me a chaplain is eagerly sought out.  The chaplains have little problem in telling soldiers of the value of the sacrements, especially the Eucharist & Reconciliation (Confession.)  They are always being administered. I have talked to a couple of priests who have had experience in the area and they tell me there is a great need but with that need comes great rewards.  The influence a priest can have on a soldier can't be calculated.  You have them in the palm of your hands one priest told me.  Please pray for all involved. I have put the link for the Military Archdiocese above the chaplain link.  Archbishop Edwin O'Brien is the shepherd of the US Military Archdiocese. Some of you may recall he has a great quote in the book about vocations.
Old Michigan Lenten Tradition of Muskrat Fridays Gaining New Appreciation?  Wow, I think I will stick to fish.  My favorite quote was from a priest who said it helps to have lots of beer with your muskrat.  Perhaps some readers from the "state up north" who like muskrat can tell us what we are missing.  Otherwise, I think I will stick to the traditional lenten fare.
March 9, 2007
Pope Benedict Talks About The Role Of The Church's Teaching Authority & Structure, Elaborates On Pope Clement The Third Successor To Saint Peter.  St Clement Discussed The Sacramental Presense As Well As The Church's Teaching Authority While Many Who Knew Christ Were Still Alive  When someone tells me that the Catholic Church made up the role of  the pontiff, its all I can do not to laugh of sigh.  Pope Benedict eleaborates on Pope Clement, the third successor to Saint Peter. Here we see the future saint already using the authority Christ gave to him via Saint Peter. As I like to tell those Doubting Thomases both inside and outside the Church, the core of Catholicism was preached and believed by the faithful while many who knew Jesus were still alive.
German & Polish Parliment Speakers Think It Is Correct To Mention The Impact Christianity Had On Western Europe  Here's hoping that sanity prevails and the leaders of western Europe realize that their nations and cultures owe the faith a great deal.  I have been catching bits and pieces of "Barbarian Week" on the History Channel.  It is amazing how after a while the most ruthless tribes in Europe converted to the Faith.  Granted, it wasn't always for the most altruistic reasons but their conversions did gradually end the savagery of the Dark Ages.  More than a few of the former barbarian leaders actually went to daily Mass and Confession once their lives turned away from the butchery they knew all too well.
Some German Bishops, While Visiting Israel & The Palestinian Areas, Assail Israel For The Plight Of Palestinians, Illicit A Strong Response From Israel & Some Orthodox Catholics  Sadly, these type of statements happen after years of western misinformation about the Middle East.  I knew many Palestinian students while I was in graduate school.  The interesting thing to me was the Christian Palestinains, while no friend of Israel, worried far more about the budding Islamic extrmsists then they worried about Israeli heavy handedness.
Bernard Lewis The Renowned 91 Year Old Historian & Islamic Expert, Gave A Sobering Address On The State Of The World, Here Is An Aside To His Address On The Crusades From A NRO Reader That You Might Find Interesting  I must confess I didn't realize the emminent historian Bernard Lewis was 91.  Yet, it sounds like he is still sharp as a tack.  I thought you might want to read this post sent via e-mail to the National Review Online.  I said as much in the book. The Crusades were not given the stigma they have today until the last century.  The Islamic world saw them as the tug of war that existed between Christendom & Islam.  Suddenly, in the 1900s, it was the Christians who were the bad guys even though it was us who were killed, chased or converted to Islam.  Thanfully, some Christians held on, especially the Maronites.  They certainly need our prayers today.  It seems only prayer can bring about peaceful coexistence.
Kathryn Jean Lopez Article On Frances Kissling, Who Steps Down From Her Heretical Post  Don't let the door hit you on the way out Frances.  It is hard to tell if she is going senile or if that is just an extension of her normal lunacy.  She states that orthodox Catholics like Father Richard John Neuhaus and the younger Catholics scare her more than the fundamentalists.  Kathryn Jean Lopez comments on the fact that Frances is always called by the media as a "Catholic guest." There is a word for people who hate who they are, masochists.  As for Frances' statement that the young and orthodox scare her more than the fundamentalists; perhaps that is the greatest sign that the tide is turning!
Article On The Son Of William Wilberforce Who Converted To Catholicism While A Student Of John (Later Cardinal) Neuman. Started Prominent Catholic Newspaper In England  I thought you might enjoy this film review of "Amazing Grace."  William Wilberforce put his faith into action to help rid part of the world of the slave trade.  Perhaps you didn't know that his son came our way and was a prominent person in English Catholic society.  You might have guessed that Cardinal Neuman had something to do with it.
Catholic Report Reader Tom Craughwell's Holy Card Online Store Now Has First Communion, Confirmation & Easter Cards In Stock. Check Out His Wide Assortment Of Antique Holy Cards For All Occasions & All Saints  Alright everyone its time to buy those First Communion, Confirmation & Easter gifts.  Catholic Report reader Tom Craughwell has some great holy cards for you to buy. Click Here For A Little History Of Antique Holy Cards. Check out Tom's great site and make that First Communion, Confirmation or Easter purchase!
March 8, 2007
Kremlin Confirms Meeting Between Vladimir Putin & Pope Benedict Next Week.  President Putin Is Travelling To Italy For Talks With Italian Leaders  I wonder if Vladimir Putin might be a tad nervous meeting the Holy Father.  When the old guard leader of Poland, General Wojciech Jaruzelski met with Pope John Paul II in the early and mid 1980s, his was seen visibly trembling.  I doubt the same thing happens to Putin because the KGB probably trained him to avoid such public displays of doubt.  However, it couldn't hurt to pray for him. 
Archbishop Foley Says Catholics Must Be Knowledgable Of The Good News Along With Bad  Archbishop Foley is preaching to the choir here.  I think it is fair to say that Catholic Report readers know the bad that is around us, but rejoice in the good that is ongoing in the Church.  Perhaps I should send Archbishop Foley a book.  You might recall that it is his voice that you hear for the coverage of Christmas Eve Mass seen on NBC TV. 
George Weigel Column On Anglican Demise, Mentions Sign In The Front Of An Anglican Church Near His Own Home That Reads, "No Matter Where You Are Or What You Believe You Are Welcome To Table Here"  George Weigel seems to have been given an idea for his column while driving near his home.  Sings like those help prove why heterodoxy is a disaster for any church.  If the non-believer had any interest in faith, a sign like that would fill the church. It is the truth that will set your free, not your own whims!
Dallas & Lake Charles Get New Bishops Please pray for these new bishops and their flock. It seems these new bishops are part and parcel of the newer breed of more orthodox prelates that we have been noticing in the last few years.
Mother & Planned Parenthood Sues Docter For Botched Abortion, Wants Reimubursed For Child Rearing Expenses (How Do You Think That Child Feels About That!)  I couldn't help but think about this child. Obviously, the mother and Planned Parenthood have not.  This child has to grow up thinking that not only did her mother want her dead but is now suing the doctor because she's taking up space and expense.  All involved needs our prayers, especially the child.
Mark Shea's Future Daughter In Law About To Come Into The Faith.  So Far, She Has The Line Of The Week, "I Want My Faith To Have Something Crunchy To It When I Bite Down On It"  I just love these type of stories.  Mark Shea's future daughter in law not only comes into the faith but has a great line to boot!  I can't tell you how many people have come up to me at various book signings and especially the Cincinnati Men's Conference to say there was nothing substantive about the church where they were at.  We have 2,000 years of substance to offer.  A construction worker came to me in Cincinnati and said that he had left the Faith for a while and was attending a "megachurch." He said,  "the hoopla could only cut it for so long. I realized Christ founded my Church on a rock, whose name was Peter.  I needed to get back to the church Christ founded.  I needed some meat and potatoes,  all that megachurch was giving me was tofu!"
NOTE:  February Had The Highest Readership In The History Of The Catholic Report.  The Previous High Was Set One Month Before In January.  The First Week Of March Continues The Pace From The Previous Two Months.  Thank You Loyal Readers!  Here Are The Top 28 Nations In Order Of Readership For The Catholic Report. About 72% Of Readership Comes From The USA. Here Are The Rest:   2. China 3. Australia 4. Canada 5. European Union (Stat Counter Doesn't Specify) 6. Turkey 7. South Korea 8. Japan 9. United Kingdom 10. Taiwan 11.Brazil 12. India 13. Hong Kong 14. Germany 15. Thailand 16. Russia 17. Mexico 18. Saudi Arabia 19. Vietnam 20. Spain 21. Indonesia  22. Chile 23. Poland  24. Sweden 25. Vatican City 26. Ireland 27. South Africa 28. Nigeria
March 7, 2007
Sacramentum Caritatis, "Sacrament Of Charity," Pope Benedict's Document On The Eucharist To Be Released Next Week  This will be an eagerly read document.  Will there be any surprises?  I guess we will find out next week.  There always seems to be debate among some orthodox Catholics as to whether a new document needs to be written or if the Holy See should leave well enough alone and enforce previous documents.
 Kathy Shaidle Reflects On Cardinal Pell's Comments On Islamic Bullies  A doff of the cap to Mark Shea for this one.  Cardinal Pell again makes mention of the double standard in the media. Kathy Shaidle makes mention of the fact that Catholic scandals are given front page treatment, while gunman who are Muslim and randomly shoot into malls are treated as psychopaths instead of Islamic extremists.
Hugo Chavez Says Christiantiy In Socialism & The Church Needs To Understand This, Tells The Influential Monsignor Luckert That He Is Going To Hell.  Monsignor Reply, "It Seems He's Going There Too"  The Hugo Chavez show continues to entertain and spiral out of control, just like Venezuela.  Thankfully, the good monsignor fired right back at Venezuela's #1 embarrasment. Via Catholic World News.  God Bless the good people of Venezuela who have to endure the leadership of this madman.  The only blessing in all of this is that the antics of Chaveaz are turning off voters in Latin America who might have had a predisposition to vote for Socialists in other Latin American countries.
Catholic Magazine Says Excommunications Are Not The Answer For Call To Action  Catholic Report reader AFL sends in this one.  I guess the obvious question when do you ever discipline people if "dialogue" is all you propose.  I can tell you from my teaching experience that if a teacher doesn't toss an unruly student out of the classroom, all of the students suffer.  Certainly they (and we) don't deserve it.  Action does need to be taken against renegades who think they know better than 2,000 years of the Church's teachings.
Fascinating Piece In Christianity Today.  Baptist Realizes There Is More To Faith Than Slogans & Self Proclaimed Salvation.  (What Happens When John Calvin's "Truths" Crumble Before Your Very Eyes!)  An absolutely fascinating article which illustrates why the tide is turning.  This article made its way across the blogosphere yesterday.  I read it on Amy Welborn and Mark Shea's sites.  My take is that it does show that the tide is turning.  John Calvin may be rolling over in his grave.  However, my contention has always been that after a while the truly faithful have to really ponder Christ's words on the sacraments and the Church's teachings.  They have been in place nearly since Christ uttered the words. It should give those who doubt cause for pause. 
Bishop Campbell (Diocese Of Columbus) Suffers Heart Attack, Full Recovery Expected  Let us all pray that Bishop Campbell makes a full recovery.  I have worked for Bishop Campbell and he is a fine, orthodox bishop.  He was kind enough to be interviewed for the book. It sounds like he will be released from the hospital this weekend and is expected to make a full recovery.
Priest Related To British Royal Family One Step Closer To Canonization, Born In 1799 His Conversion Shocked The  Whole Of England  What a story.  Would it not be fascinating if Prince William ascended to the throne around the same time that his great, great, great, great grandfather became a saint?  Father Spencer is from Prince William's mother's side (Princess Diana) and is also related to former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  What a story!
March 6, 2007
I think you will find this story very interesting, and the young Catholic people mentioned in this story to be full of hope.
Another Blogger Details The "Unique" Protest That Took Place & Will Continue To Take Place Against The Play Which Is Currently On Stage In Minnesota What an intelligent way to show how how we feel.  I love the way these protestors use their "creative" energies to  show their state of mind.   A doff of the cap to Amy Welborn for pointing out the second link. Again, just reading some of the plot of this production shows the animus the writer has toward the faith.  These protesting singers show are off setting this bitter man with music.  They say music calms the savage beast.  Let us hope it calms the savage anti-Catholic.
Discovery Channel In India (Where Hinduism Is The Majority Faith) Pulls "The Jesus Tomb" From Their Schedule, Saying It Insults The Christian Community  In a land where Christians are a small minority compared to Hindus, the Discovery Channel India knows fabrication when it sees it.  If not on religious grounds,  the show should be attacked for outright lies and manipulation of facts.  As for Canadian film producer Simcha Yacabovici, I have seen his schtick before on "Naked Archeologist" and other "historical" shows.  The premise of all of his productions can be summed up in the following; all of what you see in the Old Testament is right and everything you see in the New Testament has some flaws and here they are.  Thankfully, Amos Kloner a top Israeli archeologist has said that Yacabovici and James Cameron's assertions are ridiculous and an embarrasment to anyone who claims to be an archeologist. Thankfully, Kloner states that both men have no training in archeology.
Planned Parenthood Clinic In San Jose, California Performs 200 Taxpayer Funded Abortions Per Week, Pulled in $55,000,000 Dollars In Revenue In 2005 There is so many depressing angles to this story, it is almost hard to comment on them all.  Suffice to say, a great evil is being perpetrated on the backs of people who probably don't have the slightest idea where their money is going.  Yes, this abortion clinic brought in $55,000,000 in revenue in 2005.  God help us all.
Neo Catechumenal Way (Group Founded In Spain During The 1960s) Continues To Come Under Scrutiny  I don't know all the ins and outs of this matter.  Sandro Magister seems upset about the situation.  I have no idea if he has a pet peeve against the group or not.  This is a growing group which seems to have got the ire of some for certain practices they have done at Mass as well as their pro-Israeli views.
US Squad Wins Opening Round Match At Clericus Cup Soccer Tournament In Rome  This type of stories are joy to relate.  A tournament where these young men get to compete against each other, have fun and in the process show that those called to the priesthood share many of the same interests that the general populace desire, especially sports.
March 5, 2007
During The Sunday Angelus Pope Benedict Tells The Faithful That Prayer Is A Matter Of Life & Death. Prayer Confronts Reality, It Doesn't Avoid It  Pope Benedict reminds the faithful of the importance of prayer. He did this by reflecting on Sunday's readings.  Recently, I attended a talk given by Bishop James Griffin, retired bishop of the Diocese of Columbus.  Bishop Griffin (my former boss) talked about how you know the importance of prayer in your life by the way you react to crises.  He mentioned his 1988 plane crash (Bishop Griffin is a pilot.)  After the second engine failed, Bishop Griffin said he immediately began to pray and found a small clearing so he could try and attempt some sort of a landing.  Although, the plane started to come down in a clearing, it ended up in a forest and miraculously Bishop Griffin was able to pry his way out of the badly damaged aircraft.  He felt he passed the prayer test as he walked to a nearby farm house to call  for help.  How do we react to our own crises?
Flaskback Smear & Loathing On The Campaign Trail. Senator Edwards Refuses To Fire Anti-Catholic Staffers & Other Staffers Put Catholic Report On A Telephone Merry Go Round  Well it seems as if Senator Edwards was quick to denounce Ann Coulter's remark.  He wasted no time in telling the world about his feelings.  I would have liked to ask his staff if that means, he wouldn't have fired Ann Coulter had she been an employee (since he didn't fire the two anti-Catholic staffers on his campaign.)  However, I really didn't want to be on hold forever and play the phone merry go round game that I had to endure the last time.
Catholic News Headline Mentions "Glass Ceiling At The Vatican"  (Would Someone Please Tell John Thavis Women Have Always Played An Important Role In The Faith & The Vatican. Is There A Religion In The World That Has A Greater Respect For Women Than Catholicism i.e. "Mary")  The headline on this article from the Catholic News Service just bothered me.  Is there a faith that has a higher respect for women then Catholicism?  How many Evangelicals and fundamentalists accuse us of being to "Mary, Mary, Mary."  (see yesterday's story.)  Now a writer from the US Bishop's own Catholic News Service gives us this headline.)
Diogenes Of Catholic World News Comments On Catholic Chaplain Getting The Ax By The National Institute For Health For Being "Too Catholic."  (Note The Wounded Iraqi-War Veteran Who Comments On The Site. When He Landed In Germany The Nurse Asked Him If He Wanted A Chaplain, He Never Got To See One Or Get A Catholic Bible Which He Also Wanted)  Diogenes is in rare form on this article.  When the National Institute for Health becomes politically correct, I become concerned.  You might want to pay particular attention to the comments section where a soldier who was injured in Iraq comments on his fruitless attempt to see a Catholic priest and receive a Catholic Bible while recuperating, at Landstuhl Airbase in Germany, from wounds he received while in Iraq.
The Great Global Warming Swindle Set To Air On Television In The UK.  Report To Show Warming & Cooling Periods Has Taken Place On The Globe For Centuries  As an outdoorman and also one who enjoys meteorology, the whole Global Warming charade angers me.  Those who worship nature instead of God's creation want us to believe that global warming is caused by us.  Yet, how do they explain the warming and cooling trends in history long before the Industrial Revolution i.e. the relative warm period Europe went through during the 11th century.  Crops were grown in northern locations that had never before seen planting of that nature.
Pope Benedict Answers Seminary Students Questions This is a rather fascinating take on Pope Benedict's mindest on the faith.  His answers are a tour de force on faith and spirituality.  How many learned people of other denominations might not have the slightest idea of what he is saying because they have never deleved that deep.
Note:  A Big Thank You To All Those At The Maronite Youth Gathering Held In New Castle, Pennsylvania.  What A Great Crowd That Gathered From Several States.  God Be With Our Maronite-Catholic Friends. Another Big Thank You To All Of Those At The Catholic Men's Conference In Cincinnati.  Over 3,000 Men Gathered To Hear Rivoting & Blunt Addresses About The Church From The Likes Of Archbishop O'Brien, Jesse Romero & Danny Abramowicz.  The Crux Of The Messages, "Be A Man, Know Your Faith, Defend Your Faith & Be The Man Christ Would Want You To Be For Your Family!"  Thanks To All Those Who Stopped To Say Hello And Whose Books I Signed But Didn't Have Time To Engage In Lengthy Conversation.  What A Great Couple Of Days For The Faith!
Note:  Tomorrow Is The Third & Final Installment Of My Articles On My Recent Speaking Trip To California.  I Think You Will Find It Very Interesting.
March 4, 2007
Wall Street Journal Report States Younger People Are Becoming More Faithful Than Their Parents  Well I think we can all have seen this coming. The tide is turning, especially among the young. A doff of the cap to Amy Welborn for this one.  Too many people have told me that their children no longer attend Mass.  However, they often return.  Here is a story about young people engaging in religious practice while their parents do not. They young have literally evangelized each other!
Pope Benedict Reflects On His Retreat Makes Special Mention Of Cardinal Biffi's Remarks  Pope Benedict's retreat is over and he thanks all who assisted him.  I think it was particularly noteworthy that he mentioned Cardinal Biffi's address.  This particular talk has garnered a great deal of attention across the internet and beyond.  Do check out my link, in yeaterday's Catholic Report to Michael Dubruiel's synopsis.
Archbishop Migliore (UN Apostolic Nuncio) Decries Forced Abortions & Use Of Women In International Sex Trade  Its certainly is hard to imagine this type of thing happening in the 21 century.  However, it is still occurring. Sadly, it happens to the poorest and most vunerable.  Please pray for these mistreated and abused women.
Bishop Nycz Appointed Archbishop Of Warsaw, Hopes To Heal Wounds Opened By Information Of  Those In The Church Who Collaborated With Communist Officials  Prayers are needed for Warsaw's new archbishop.  He has a great many wounds to help heal because of the scourge of Communism whose tentacles have not been complelely purged from Poland, and for that matter, the rest of the former Eastern Bloc.
First Things Article Delves In The Controversy Of Wren Chapel Located At William & Mary.  What Is The History Of The Cross In That Chapel?  This is a rather fascinating article for many reasons.  The most obvious being that William & Mary seems quite leery of the cross in their chapel.  However, missing from much of the analysis on this story is the history of the cross in certain Episcopal circles.  It was actually called "popish" by some. One must remember that during the American Revolution and the infancy of the US, many young leaders of the time (most were Episcopal/Anglican) often would not take part in the Episcopal Church's Eucharist because they also felt it was too "Roman."
Australian Elderly Catholic Men Who Are Disabled Prepare 500,000 Crosses For World Youth Day  Here's another story of those who would appear least able and yet are more than able to help the young people who will be coming to the World Youth Day in Austrlia next year.  If only we were as commited and capable as these aging men, we would all be better for it!
March 3, 2007
Vatican Will Translate Pope Benedict's Speeches Into Chinese For The Growing Chinese Church  Nothing like reading the words of the Holy Father in your own language.  The faith of these people is amazing.  They gather in "underground" churches, homes and other clandestine meeting places to hear the good news not available from the official "patriotic church."  As I have mentioned here before, it astounds me that on a weekly basis of all the 30-40 nations who read the Catholic Report, China is second!  You would think it would an English speaking country like Canada, UK, Australia or South Africa. Yes, we do have regular readers in all of those nations.  However, since the begining of the year China is second on the list behind the US.  I noticed a steady increase since last summer but this is really remarkable. The biggest increase in readership of the Catholic Report is coming from China, the Middle East and Hong Kong (stats for Hong Kong are kept seperate from China on this particular stat counter.)
Southern Baptist Minister In First Things Says All The Reformation Leaders Saw A Place For Mary In Their Churches.  Repeats Conversation Where An Evangelical Says The Three Reasons He Is Not Catholic Is "Mary, Mary, Mary."  Southern Baptist Minister Says He Hopes There Can Be A Place For Her In Evangelicalism  Another hopeful sign that the tide is turning.  Many of our friends in other denominations are opening up to God's Grace by seeing the fruits of Mary.  It is amazing that some folks still have these prejudices against God's Grace.  Don't they understand that Mary intercedes for us to Jesus?   As for the man who said the reason he isn't Catholic for three reasons, "Mary, Mary, Mary," he and those like him certainly need our prayers.
Liberal Op-Ed Writer In NY Times Hopes Episcopal Church Breaks Away From "Conservative" Anglican Church.  (If Liberalism Is Their Mantra, There Won't Be Anyone Left In The Anglican/Episcopal Church) With friends like this the Episcopal Church is going to wither away in a hurry.  Via Catholic World News. This poor misguided soul seems to think to subscribe to the "George McGovern & Walter Mondale" school of thought.  Tell them you are liberal and they will love you for your honesty.  Poor old Senators McGovern & Mondale, winners of 1 state out of 50 in each of their cataclysmic races.  It didn't work in politics and certainly won't work in religion.  Some years ago on a summer job from college, a fairly secular liberal colleague of mine was quizzing two other colleagues of mine who were Latino & Afican-American. He couldn't understand why the Latino Church (Catholic) and Black "Church" was so conservative in their views of life even if the general populace wasn't always the same.  They both responded, "people want answers and the truth when they go to church, not some pie in the sky political slogans."  I have never forgot that remark.  I think it speaks volumes on what the faithful expect in their houses of worship.
Recovering Brazilian Drug Addicts Looking Forward To Pope Benedict's Visit.  Church Affiliated Drug Treatment Center Helps Drug Addicts With Medical & Spiritual Treatment  So many people with addictions need the spiriutal in addition to the medical.  There was some reason they were drawn to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or spending compulsions in the first place. It seems they are getting the help they need in this center and they want to thank Pope Benedict in some small way.
Rome Office For The Cause Of Pope John Paul II's Sainthood Inundated With Prayer Card Reuqests  This is truly amazing the admiration for Pope John Paul II only seems to be increasing with time.  I can't tell you how many times in my recent talks and travels that some mom has shown me, an infant, child or even pointed to her pregnant stomach to say this is John Paul. 
Michael Dubruiel Reflects On The Author Who Inspired Cardinal Biffi's Address (Coming Of The Anti-Christ) To Pope Benedict At His Retreat  Here's some insight from Michael Dubruiel on the man that inspired Cardinal Biffi's talk the other day.  He is a Russian mystic from the turn of the previous century.  He certainly seems to have touched and inspired many.  I will definitely check out his writings very soon.
March 2, 2007
German Researchers Conclude That Natural Family Planning Works  The doubters of  faith get to see that one by one the teachings and doctrines of the Church stand up to scrutiny. Now if only the true believers would embrace the Church's teachings, we would really be on a roll.  So let us us rejoice and embrace this good news, there is always more on the way.
Cardinal Biffi's Retreat Address To Pope Benedict Warns That The Anti-Christ Will Place Dialogue Above The Words Of Jesus  This makes for fascinating reading.  The impetus of this talk comes from the writings of a Russian at the turn of the previous century.  (More on him tomorrow.)  However, his thesis states that the anti-Christ will come as a harbinger of great peace and harmony.  However, his real aim is to discredit Christ & His Church.  It is very interesting to ponder.
Spanish Cardinal Reminds The Faithful Thay Holy Week Is More Than Just Time Off For The Beach  Well Cardinal Canizares minced no words.  I don' t see anything wrong in enjoying the week after Easter and taking some time off (if you can get it.)  However, his Eminence  is reminding the flock that Holy Week should mean something.  I do remember an episode from my teaching days of a fellow teacher who was telling all who would listen that their family was leaving Good Friday for the beach (16 hours away) and they were going to party like there was no tomorrow.  Well it just so happened that at lunch a priest made a comment that he hoped the teachers would set a good example for respecting the Holy Days (It was Wednesday of Holy Week) The teacher thought the family was owed a "good time" and was very upset about the priest's words. Sometimes people think we have this great entitlement.  If only they understood it all.
Pakistani Bishop Says Islamic Extremists Are Targeting Him  This courageous bishop needs our prayers.  He is trying to engage in dialogue while still upholding the teachings of  the Church.  Well unless you convert, you will never fully appease the radicals. It seems the Muslim moderates in this story are in danger as well.  Let us pray for all involved, a conversion of hearts and a steadfastness of faith.
Spanish Court Says Church Has The Right To Hire & Fire Religion Teachers. Case Stemmed From Religion Teacher Who Was Living With Another Man While Seperated From Her Husband  For some people they not only want to flaunt their moral proclivities but rub the Church's nose in it as well.  Thanfully, sanity prevailed in this Spanish court.  While I was a Catholic school principal, a fellow principal got wind of a Religion teacher living with a man who was not her husband.  Before the principal could talk to her, she left on her free period found a justice of the peace and married that man all in the span of her free period and lunch hour.  She returned to school and told her students she was married and the principal could do nothing.  When the principal fired her later that day she was outraged.  She was even more outraged when she tried to get students to sign a petition supporting her and no one would sign it except one young lady who wrote, "Your suppose to be our role model and you didn't get married in the Church, you got married on your lunch hour.  You are not a role model"  If only the teacher was as smart as her student.
The Ascent Of Love; Philosophy Professor & Catholic Blogger Dr Scott Carson Reflects On The Difference Between Love Seen From Plato's View Compared To That Of A Christian's Vandage Point  Dr Carson always has some thought provoking pieces bridging the gap between Catholicism and the Classic philosophers.  I think you will enjoy this article of his, even if you have to read it a couple of times.
Tonight I Will Be Giving A Talk To A Large Gathering Of Maronite Catholic Youth In New Castle, Pennsylvania.  On Saturday, I Will Be Signing Books (But Not Speaking) At The Cincinnati Men's Conference.  The Cincinnati Men's Conference Is One Of The Nation's Largest So Say Hello If You See Me!
March 1, 2007
May 19, 2007 The Rose Bowl Becomes The Rosary Bowl.  Father Willy Raymond CSC Gives Some Background On An Event That Harkens Back From The 1940s  Through The Early 1960s When Large Stadiums Were Filled For Rosary Celebrations           By Dave Hartline  For people my age this may be something that comes as a surprise.  Yet, from the 1940s through the early 1960s, many large stadiums across the US & the world wer eused for rosary gatherings.  Here is my interview with Father Willy Raymond from Family Theater, who is one of the organizers.
San Diego Become The Largest Diocese To File For Bankruptcy  Once again who really benefits?  The Church can't help those in need if its bankrupt. The victims of abuse get some money but who gets the largest sum of money?  You guessed it the neo modern example of the ambulance chasing attorney, the Catholic Church chasers.  Yes the attorneys no one likes or respects.  I have never met an attorney who had a kind word to say about these charlatans.  Isn't it odd that America's more orthodox dicoeese had the least amount of problems compared to the more heterodox run dioceses.  Yes there were a handful of orthodox priests who were evildoers and yes there were some orthodox minded bishops who looked the other way. However, the overwhelming percentage of evildoers and their enablers were those who wanted to change the Church and not let the Church change them.
More Protestants Embracing The Sign & Symbols Of The Faith.  Here Is An Example Of The Sign Of The Cross Being Embraced  Here is another small sign that the tide is turning.  More and more of tradition that has been labeled "Catholic" is now being embraced by Protestants.  True the Orthodox Church has been making the sign of the cross (although differently) since the beginning. However, the Protestants in this article are making the sign of the cross as we would.  As for this Catholic, I am happy to see this tradition as well as so many others being embraced by all of our Christian brothers and sisters.
Vocations On The Rise In Iraq Even As The Faithful Are Being Targeted By Islamic Extremists  In some of the most affluent dioceses in the western world, some seminaries are almost empty. However in the poorest parts of Africa and now in volatile Iraq, seminaries have no trouble in keeping their doors open.  In some places the biggest problem is where to put all the seminarians.  Of course in those societies they probably aren't consumed with who is dating who and who wore what at the Oscars.  So sad that those under threat of death from famine and jihadists are more interested in their faith than some who literally have it all. (Case in point) Sometimes after winding down from putting the Catholic Report together, I watch some of the mindless television that's on late at night. Well on "Hogan Knows Best," the Hulkster (Hulk Hogan is a wrestler) was upset that his wife keeps spending money faster than his 54 year old body can make it wrestling.   One mansion wasn't enough for her so she had to have one in South Beach.  He said his body can't take too much more.  The Hulkster's wife responded, "Well this is the life I am now accustomed to living."  The sad things is how many people totally buy into what she was says.
Op-Ed Piece Writer In Tucson Paper Takes Bishop Kicanas To Task For Not Allowing Bishop Gumbleton & Call To Action Speak A doff of the cap to Catholic World News for this one. Sometimes when I read stuff like this I already feel sorry for how stupid some of these heterodox people will feel when they are old, gray and slightly infirmed as they reflect on their lives.  The writer seems to think that Bishop Gumbleton and Call to Action might have had words of wisdom for her. In addition, she says has a lesbian friend that might have been helped by his talk.  My thoughts on that matter if prayer, reflection and Church approved groups like Courage can't help, perhaps you need to reasses the situation.
Father Gustavo Gutierrez, Founder Of Liberation Theology Received Ashes From Pope Benedict, Says He Is In Complete Agreement With The Church  Well here's an interesting article.  The founder of Liberation Theology is teaching in Rome and in full communion with the Church.  Father Gutierrez has been a hero to many leftists around the world.  Yet, he was never as radical as those who followed him.  Liberation Theology failed because it didn't win the hearts and minds of the people it claimed to want to save.  Liberationists often had little use for Marian devotions, Church rituals and traditions. Well, this is often at the heart of many cultures in Latin America.  It seems Father Gutierrez came to understand this. However, some of his leftist followers still haven't figured it out.
Portrait Of Petersborough's Catholic Parishes, This UK Town Has Been Rejuvenated By Catholic Immigrants From Poland, India & Africa.  Churches Are Packed  It seems the new kids one the block are familarizing the natives with rituals and traiditions that have fallen out of favor or interest.  It is interesting that these immigrants who have often had the least to be thanful for, end showing their gratitude for their "riches" by evangelizing those who should be grateful for what they have!
The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn

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