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May 2014 UPDATE   Soon St. Benedict Press will have a release date for my latest book. The working title has been 7 Great Things Happening in the Catholic Church and a release before the end of summer seems likely. I should have many more details for you in the June Update!


JUNE 2013 UPDATE        I just signed a contract with St. Benedict Press for another book to follow on the heels of the 2012 release. The new book will feature the latest news in the Church, especially following the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI and the new Pontificate of Pope Francis. Please check back for further updates on the new book's title and date of release!


Aquinas and More Publishing to release THE CATHOLIC TIDE CONTINUES TO TURN; The Follow Up to The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism IS NOW AVAILABLE.


The book chronciles the Good News Since the 2007 release of The Tide is Turning. The rise in orthodoxy from increases in vocations and devotions, to the Church front and center in the 2012 political and election year debate. All will be covered in this 378 page book that delves into the decline of liberal Christianity and mega church mania and what this tells us about accomodation with militant secularism and whimsical religious fads. The book will look at a number of topical issues and why the Church is gaining even as she is the target of the mainstream media and those beholden to the whims of the modern world.


Endorsements from Father George Rutler (host of EWTN's Christ in the City,) Father Tim Finigan (the UK's leading Catholic blogger The Hermeneutic of Continuity,) Karyme Lozano (actress in For Greater Glory and countless films in the Spanish speaking world,) Leticia Velazquez (Catholic Media Review,) and Tito Edwards (founder of the AmericanCatholic blog and the


Here's an interview that CatholicTV did with me concerning the book.


Here's an article of mine concerning the book; Why I Wrote the Catholic Tide Continues to Turn


Here's an article I wrote about the symbolic helicopter ride Pope Benedict XVI took over Rome. In many ways it symbolized his courageous pontificate and much of what this book attempts to say and lay out for the reader.


Here's an article I wrote about the Election of Pope Francis. There is no substitute for God's love and mercy, we just have to accept it.


Read this review from David Gray. In addition, the book has been prominently featured on Spirit Daily, The American Catholic & The Big


I have also had three articles published at the National Review





In addition, I have been interviewed by national talk radio figures Al Kresta, Teresa Tomeo, Brian Patrick and soon many more.



August 2012









August 31, 2009


Four Years On The Catholic Report Signs Off


Four Years Ago The Catholic Report Began, & I Must Admit I Would Have Never Guessed Then That In Four Years I Would Have Written A Book & Traveled So Extensively, Talking About The Turning Tide & The Good News That Is So Unreported In The Church. In 2007 The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism Was #10 For The Year Withing The Entire Catholic Word Distributing Family Which Includes 10 Different Publisher Including Top Seller Ascension Press. However, While It Is Exciting, & The Revenues From The Book & Other Writing & Speaking Efforts, Certainly Kept Our Family's Head Above Water For A While, We Now Have A Blessed Addition To The Family. 


A Few Months Ago, I Was Informed By Our Sunday Visitor That They Would Not Be Publishing My Book This Spring As Announced. They Along With Many Other Publishers Would Be Greatly Scaling Back Their Publishing Efforts. I Didn't Say Anything Because Other Publishers Got Wind Of This & Were Making Me Offers. Sadly, Some Of Them Have Now  Drastically Scaled Back Their Efforts & Some Have Gone Under Entirely. The Long & Short Of It Is I Can't Keep A Job & A Fulltime Website/Blog Going While Raising A Family.


I Imagine Some Might Say That I Should Scale Back By Just Having A Post Or Two A Day. However, You Have Come To Expect Something Different Here At The Catholic Report & Besides There Are Hundreds Of Catholic Blogs Who Do An Excellent Job Of That. I Will Continue To Contribute To The Catholic Discussion Via The American Catholic Blog & The Per Christum Blog. Maybe Some People Could Keep A Job & Fulltime Website/Blog Along With Raising A Family. However, I Just Don't Think I Could Do It Very Well. My Wife & I Are So Happy To Have Thomas Patrick & Hopefully We Will Adopt More, But I Think This Is The Right Time For Me To Step Back & Say Thank You Everyone For Your Readership, Your Kind Words & Your Prayers.


As The Catholic Report Began To Grow A Few Years Ago Someone Asked Me If It Was A Blog Or A Website. I Answered Both & Neither. I Think It Sums Up The Four Years Nicely. On Any Given Day We Have Readers From About 20 Nations On The Catholic Report, Some Of Them Are Not Even English Speaking Nations. Thankfully, There Are Dozens & Hundreds More Orthodox Minded Catholic Sites To Find As Compared When I Started This Site. Obviously, None Of It Was Possible Without All Of You. I Will Always Keep You In My Prayers.


As I Said Before, I Will Continue Writing Via American Catholic & Per Christum As Well As My Columns For The Catholic Times & Occasional Articles For Rome's Zenit News, But This Is Where The Fulltime Blogging Comes To An End. In Addition To The Increase In Vocations, Devotions & Church Apologetics, The Amazing Number Of Catholics Who Read Orthodox Minded Blogs (There Are But A Handful Of Dissident Blogs) Is Another Sign That The Tide Is Still Turning. Again, Thank You All & Please Know You Will Continue To Be In My Prayers!



Below Are Some Links & Pictures Through These Four Years



Father Mitch Pacwa SJ Stops By At The Catholic Marketing Network Gathering In Birmingham, Alabama



Father Andrew Apostoli CFR & Yours Truly At The Catholic Marketing Network Gathering In Birmingham, Alabama



Amy Welborn Dubruiel, Michael Dubruiel & Michael Jr. At Our Home (My Wife Took The Picture While Little Joseph Was Helping Her With The Camera



Here's A 2007 Picture Of Michael (on the right) & Me At The Catholic Marketing Network In Birmingham. Michael Was Kind Enough To Tell Every EWTN Passer By About My Book. He Certainly Didn't Need To Do So, Since His Employer (At The Time) Our Sunday Visitor Didn't Publish It. However, That Was Michael Always Trying To Lend A Hand. I Remember Shortly After This Picture Was Taken He Said We Had To Duck Away To The Local Sports Bar & Catch Up On The Latest College Football News, Which We Often Did After Going Over The Latest Ups & Downs Of Our Own Projects.


Steve McEveety Producer Of The Passion Of The Christ, Braveheart etc (Among Others) And Yours Truly (Steve's On The Right Just In Case You Had Any Doubt) What A Great Guy Who Freed Up Time On His Calendar Because Some Folks At Family Theater Told Him To Meet Me. If Only Hollywood Would Have More Like Him & The Folks At Family Theater, Father Patrick Peyton's Vision Would Come True. Following World War II, Father Patrick Peyton (The Rosary Priest) Had A Vision That Hollywood Would Eventually Change America & The World For The Better.

Eduardo Verastegui, Lead Actor & Producer Of The Highly Anticipated Film Bella (Toronto Film Festival Winner)  He Is  Holding His Personal Copy Of My Book The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism.  We Chatted For Over An Hour At Family Theater In Hollywood Following My Talk. After They Closed We Continued To Talk In The Parking Lot Where He Invited Me To His Home The Day To Preview Bella, Some 10 Months Before It Was Released. He Turned Down Millions To Be The Sterotypical Latin Lover Actor. A True Saint In The Making. Please Pray For Him & His Many Projects.



I Am Sure Tom Monaghan Never Heard Of Me When He Received My Manuscript. Yet His Assistants Tell Me He Really Liked It & Wanted To Endorse The Book Much To My Surprise & Joy. He Often Mentions It During His Talks Around The Country. A Couple Of Years Ago, If You Would Have Told Me That A Billionaire Would Have Been Talking About A Book I Would Have Written, I Would Have Thought You Were Crazy, For Two Reasons; One That I Would Even Write A Book & Two That A Billionaire Would Be On Board With It. The Lord Surely Does Work In Mysterious Ways.



Marcus Grodi Is As Nice As He Is Honest. He Has Helped Bring So Many To The Church Yet He Is As Humble As One Can Be.



Laura Ingraham & Yours Truly At A Signing Event. You Never Know Who You Are Going To Meet In Your Travels. Laura Is A Recent Convert To The Church




When I First Thought Of The Whole Blogging/Writing Endeavor It Was Patrick Madrid Who Assured Me That It Could Be Done. He Told Me That Anyone Could Become A Basic Apologist With The Right Amount Of Reading & Speaking.



You Might So Many People With Inspiring Stories On The Road.  People Like Deacon Alex Jones Who Left The Pulpit Of One Of Detroit's Largest African American Oriented Churches Because He Came To Believe There Was Only One True Church. It Is Good To Meet & Talk To Such Men Of Courage


Catholic Marketing Network Photo With Yours Truly Surrounded By Lots Of Holiness, To My Left Is Sister Briege McKenna OSC (You Have To Read Her Story, If You Are Not Familiar With It) Irish Star Singer & Former Member Of Parliament For The European Union (Northern Ireland District) Dana & Last But Certainly Not Least, Father Kevin Scallon CM, Famed For His Rosary Recordings & Who Is Often Accompanied By His Sister In Law Dana!



By Chance I Bumped Into Dick Vitale While On Vacation In Florida. He Was A Big Part In The Book Becoming As Successful As It Was, A Faithful Catholic With A Rosary Always In His Pocket &  A Charitable Event Always On His Calendar, He Proves That Nice Guys Don't Always Finish Last.



Former Notre Dame Football Coach Gerry Faust Is One The Nicest, Most Orthodox Catholic Men You Will Ever Meet. He Had Never Heard Of Me, Yet After Reading The Manuscript, Not Only Endorsed The Book But Made Phone Calls For Me To Get Me Into Conferences Etc. If Only There Were More Like Him.



One Of The Great Honors Bestowed On Me Was Rome's Zenit News Asking Me To Cover Pope Benedict's 2008 Visit To New York City. It Was One Thing To See My Report In English, It Was Quite Another To See It Translated Into Italian!



To See The Successor Of Saint Peter So Close Up Is Quite Amazing. My Wife Commented That She Didn't Expect To Be So Emotional. Providentially, We Were Placed Right Up Front Even Though It Would Appear That We Might Have Originally Intended To Be Further Back.




The Erudite "Pax Christi" Who Is A Long Time Catholic Report Reader & Poster.  He Attended My Talk In Thousand Oaks, California At The GodSpace Catholic Boookstore's First Anniversary Celebration.  He Certainly Is One Of The Nicest Guy You Are Ever Going To Meet




Finally A Big Thank You To My Wife Theresa For Making This All Possible. Little Thomas Patrick Is Making Us Even Happier That We Already Are, But You Never Know We Could Adopt Another Bundle Of Joy. Please Keep Us All In Your Prayers, As We Will Certainly Always Pray For You!


Click Here For Comments About Four Years On The Catholic Report Signs Off





The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism.  Here Are Some Facts About The Book & Some Testimonials From Catholic Clergy, Catholic University Founders, Writers, Famous Coaches, Actors Etc.  A little over three years ago, a simple article that took 45 minutes to write debuted. After being picked up by countless blogs and websites, it has become a book.  This  book was written in a few months but only after spending literally day and night writing it.  I felt telling the good news in the book was something I had to do.  It is now available through Catholic Word by calling 1 800 932 3826 or  You may also purchase it online via pay pal. See link on the upper right hand side of this page. It should also be available in most Catholic bookstores.  For more info on what's in the book read the link above.  I think you will find it helpful! 



August 30, 2009


Pope Benedict's Proclimation Of The Year Of The Priest Inspired By St John Vianney & The Cure Of Ars, Says Cardinal Bertone The Holy Father's choice for the Year of the Priest and the reason for it speaks volumes. We often forget that the Church is 2,000 years old and has been through her share of trials and tribulations.  The Year of the Priest is designed to help the clergy and the laity remember of a past time when the priesthood needed more prayers than usual.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Motivation For The Year Of The Priest


Deacon Keith Fournier On The Passing Of Senator Kennedy; "RIP Senator Kennedy, Let Us Respect The Dead By Portecting The Living


Father DeSouza On Senator Kennedy & The Culture Wars & What Might Have Been For The Massachussets Senator If He Stayed Pro Life Throughout The 1970s


Father Euteneuer Says Senator Kennedy's Funeral Should Have Been Private For Family Only Due To His Public Stances Against The Teachings Of The Church


Time Magazine Says Pope Benedict Silence On The Death Of Senator Ted Kennedy Is Deafening  There has been a lot written about the passing of Senator Kennedy. Let me reiterate that I believe it is also a passing of sorts of the liberal New Deal approach to politics where poltiicians would go against the Church in some of her social teachings but never quite feel comfortable with the 1960s style secularism in which they were allied. In today's world much of liberalism is secular in nature, often militantly so. For them the religious faith of their liberal grandparents is somewhat romantic, quirky but definitely archaic. Little the do they realize that it is they who is archaic as this nation is experiencing a sublte quite rebellion against big government.In a strange sort of way the funeral of Senator ted kennedy may have been a funeral for big government liberalism.


Click Here For Comments About These Four Links On Senator Kennedy's  Life, Death  & His Funeral


Robert Schindler, Father Of Terri Schiavo Dies Of A Heart Attack  I do believe God sometimes intentionally shows us the great contrasts and inequities in life. For example, few will probably read about the passing of Robert Schindler or the life he led before and after his tragic daughter's death. Yet, on the same day that his death was announced, Senator Kennedy was buried with glowing accolades.Something to ponder!


Click Here For Comments About Robert Schindler


Ten Episcopal Nuns To Be Received Into The Catholic Church In Baltimore, Along With An Episcopal Priest Who Hopes To Be A Catholic Priest In Due Time More good news coming from nation's first diocese. This is going to continue to occur as more and more of the mainline churches go their theological own way. In a strange sort of way this direction isn't that much different than would have been the case at the Reformation. The leaders of the Reformation were by and large the liberal voices of their day, so this is the Reformation 21 Century style. I hope and pray that more of the orthodox minded Protestants come home to Rome.


Click Here For Comments About Ten Episcopal Nuns Received In The Church


Bishop Tobin Reviews The Disgraced Former Archbishop Weakland's Books, Says When One Falls From The Path Not Only Do They Harm Themselves But Those Whom They Led  A very interesting analogy by Archbishop Tobin of Archbishop Weakland as a cautionary 21 century parable.  It is one thing for someone who is a bishop to go astray, it is quite another to make no apologies for it and actually call the Church's Teachings into question. In this instance, God will not only call one to account for their own sins, but for enticing others to go astray.


Click Here For Comments About Bishop Tobin's Review Of Archbishop Weakland's Book


How St Augustine Came To Be In Hippo In North Africa


The Bones Of St Augustine & How & Where They Were Found  St Augustine is such a prolific saint. He lived a sinful carefree life for most of his existence. His mother endlessly prayed for him and like many prayers God answered it late in life, perhaps so St Augustine's warnings to others could be spoken of with personal experience. It is my wish that those who live carefree, sinful lives in 2009 would understand the error of their ways by reading the error of his ways.


Click Here For Comments About St Augustine


When A Premature Baby Was Given Only A Few Minutes To Live, The Mother Asked For The Baby To Be Placed On Her Chest One More Time To Say Goodbye. Miraculously, The Child Lived, Many Feel Skin To Skin Contact Is The Key To Saving Those Most People Have Given Up On  Dealing with a newborn my wife and I are learning so much about the precious gift of life that only a parent can know. When I was a child, I certainly didn't understand all of these nuances when my sister was born. The gift of human touch and to know one is loved is so important not only in infancy but throughout one's life. This story is a great example. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link.


Click Here For Comments About Premature Baby Survives Due To Mother's Touch



Aimee Milburn Cooper Now Teaching Another Online Course About Catholics Sharing The Gospel From This Prestigious School In Colorado  Aimee has been coming on like gangbusters ever since she entered the Church a few years ago. The great thing about this course is you can enroll whether or not you are in Colorado (where she is) or Columbia, Calais, Carson City, Columbus, Cordoba. Well you get the picture.


Click Here For Comments About Aimee Milburn Cooper's Class



Miracle At Lourdes, Woman From Italy With Lou Gehrig's Disease Walks Away From Her Wheelchair  It will take some time to decipher and investigate all that occurred but if this happened like it appears to have, it is one for the history books.  Miracles do happen and we need to do our part to help more of them occur by praying harder to God for them.


Click Here For Comments About Miracle At Lourdes



August 29, 2009


Cardinal Bertone Says Pope Benedict's Embrace Of Orthodoxy & Sacred Tradition Is Line With Vatican II, Not Against It  Anytime the Catholic left is this upset that someone of the stature of Cardinal Bertone has to clear up matters is most definitely good news. Perhaps it is because the old liberal guard (as evidenced by the story below) is getting nervous is prompting His Emminence to make such statements.  Perhaps those who don't like Pope Benedict's embrace of Orthodoxy & Sacred Tradition should ask where are all the vocations coming from? They certainly aren't coming from those who don't like the Holy Father's stance.


Click Here For Comments About Cardinal Bertone's Statement


Archbishop Sheehan Of New Mexico Upset At Bishops Who Spoke Out Against Notre Dame Awarding A Medal To President Obama, Says Some Of His Brother Bishops Were Embarrassed At The Conduct Of Those Who Spoke Out, Says The Church Risks Being Marginalized By Such Stands  With all due respect to His Excellency, perhaps he needs to listen to his brother bishops for they didn't miss the part in the Bible and Catehcism in which Jesus told us that we need to take that marginilaed path, lest we find ourselves on the same fallen path as the fallen world in which we live.  His Excellency should also ponder why those bishops who spoke out are getting far more vocations than those who did not. Prayers are needed for those who desire to be liked more than they want to pick up their cross.


Click Here For Comments About Archbishop Sheehan's Statement


Midwest Conservative Journal Reports The Episcopalians Have Given Up Their Apostolic Church Claim


Episcopal Church Releases Statement Implying They Are Not An Apostolic Church  If this keeps up (ELCA Lutheran Church ordaining open homosexuals) we are going to win the argument by default.  Truth is stranger than fiction and here we have a church that states the only reason they exist is because they are apsotolic. Perhaps the modern saying "nevermind" sums up their thinking. Now they are even foregoing the very reason they claimed to be relative in order to be more relevant. They need our prayers. I also hope and pray that the few remaining faithful orthodox minded faithful quickly head to the Tiber! Thanks to Mark Shea for this link.


Click Here For Comments About Episcopal Church Admits They're Not Apostolic


Leftists At America Magazine Go On A Tirade Against Patrick Madrid For Pointing Out One Of Their Number (A Liberal Nun) Was Gushing Over Senator Ted Kennedy's Record  Goodness, I am willing to bet that this group of leftists who always trumpted the laity's participation probably never heard of Pat Madrid, one of the foremost Lay Apologists of our time. They probably know the names of every mover and shaker in the Catholic dissident community but probably don't know and don't like the activities of those who actually defend the Faith.


Click Here For Comments About Pat Madrid Comes Under Attack


Rochester Choir Uses Lone Latin Mass Church For Promo Video Where Much Of The Liberal Leadership Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In  I can't tell you many times in my travels I came across materials for liberal religious orders or schools where the sisters donned a habit for the first time in years and the priest wore his collar for the first time since last Sunday's Mass for some promotional picture. As one person who was once part of that mindset once told me, "We always laughed at getting "traditionl" for the picture because we knew it might help us raise some money. Sad but true. They need our prayers.


Click Here For Comments About Rochester Choir Uses Lone Latin Mass Parish For Promo Backdrop


Brian St Paul At Inside Catholic On The British Nanny State Where One Cannot Buy Silverware Under The Age Of 18. In Addition A Strong Warning Is Issued To The Purshaser Over The Dangerous Contents Contained Within  This is what happens to a once proud and prosperous society when it feels it must protect itself from itself. They don't know what to believe so they believe they need protected from themselves. Never mind the fact that MI5 & MI6 have told everyone who will listed about the danger of known jihadists living in Britain. Those warnings go unheeded, but silverware, now there's something to fear.


Click Here For Comments About Brian St Paul's Article


Actor Mickey Rourke Says Of The Recent Dark Episode In His Life; "If I Weren't Catholic I Would Have Blown My Brains Out"Sometimes when all seems lost, one goes back to when one felt safe. Those days are often in their very early years. Micky Rourke remembers the Church of his youth and decided he had tried everything else, why not try what so many people before him tried, the Faith of Christ.


Click Here For Comments About Mickey Rourke's Thank You To The Church



August 28, 2009


Pope Benedict Stresses The Need For Confession, Tells Clergy To Remind The Faithful Of The Sacrament's Benefits  The Holy Father reminds the clergy to remind us of the merits of Confession. This hit home for me a couple years ago when I was in Hollywood. Eduardo Versategui introduced me to a convert who seemed like the typical "hip & cool Hollywood" guy. He didn't seem like the stereotypical guy you would see at Daily Mass. However, there he was. Afterwards, we had lunch and he told me it was the Sacrament of Confession that brought him to the Church. He said before he became Catholic, he would often lampoon the sacrament, until he met some faithful Catholics. He told me that it all started to make sense and his own life full of fast cash, women, cars and travel in turn made little sense.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Reflections On Confession


In Hyannis Kennedy Family Compound To Be Turned Into Museum (Though In Her Will Rose Kennedy Wanted To Give It To A Religious Order. Yet, Her Son Sen Ted Kennedy Somehow Got The Will Changed)


1971 Letter From Senator Ted Kennedy Firmly Stating His Pro Life Stance Is Based On Civil Rights For All


Story On The Hyannisport Conclave Of Notorious Catholic Figures Like Fathers Drinan, Curran Etc Who Convinced (Or Gave Cover To) Catholic Elected OfficalsTo Leave The Church's Teachings Behind 


American Catholic Has Wrap Up Of Day Two On Various Links Surrounding The Death Of Senator Kennedy These first three stories have a uniting theme, which is based on of the seven deadly sins, pride. In the first link, Rose Kennedy wanted the compound turned over to religious order. Somehow, son Ted got he will changed. This was mentioned during Fox News' live coverage with the source of the story being a former New York Times Editor who is very close to the family.The second link basically shows how one can one throw away their beliefs for political expediancy. The third link is the prideful hubris of Fathers Curren, Drinnan etc who would have the faithful think that they as priests were the Pope & Magesterium. Pride comes before the fall and perhaps there is no better example than this. These priests will have to answer for millions leaving the One, True Church for their own Cafeteria Church which has little in common with what Christ established. The fourth link simply summarizes all of the pertinent links around the Catholic blogosphere surrounding Senator Kennedy.


Click Here For Comments About These Three Links On Senator Kennedy Launches Sacramento Campaign, Organizers Hope To Bring Back 100,000 To The Church I am so conviced of this success of this program that I constantly pray that every diocese would take advanatge of it. With the right priests, sisters and laity we could literally bring tens of millions, in the western world, back home to Rome.


Click Here For Comments About Plan For Sacramento


At American Catholic Jesus Is Not My Pal Post Generates Some Interesting Discussion  This is one of those thought provoking posts. Our society has turned Jesus and Christianity into Burger King. "Have it your way." We know that God said, "My ways are not your ways." Believe me I am not against the idea of having a personal relationship with Jesus but I am against turning him into some bar wingman, who goes along with or understands, everyone one of your sins and shortcomings. If this were true Jesus would have never given us the Parable of the Talents where those who don't measure up to their God given abilities in this world are sent to a place we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemies.


Click Here For Comments About Jesus Is Not My Pal Post


Is The Anti-Vaccine Hysteria Associated With Autism Along With Other Scares Associated With Mercury Being Perpetuated By Scientologists & Moonies? Are Catholics Being Brought On Board To Help Their Cause?  This is really worth a second read. It comes courtesy of Spirit Daily. Wouldn't it be outright scary and diabolical if good and faithful Catholics (Evangelicals for that matter) were being duped by the cults of Scientology and the Unification Church (the Mooines?) God Help us all!


Click Here For Comments About This Link On Vaccine Hysteria Started By Scientologists & Moonies?


Sandra Meisel On The Real History Of The Holy Grail  Book authors and Hollywood scripts writers have made millions off the Holy Grail. Yet have we ever been given a true historical look at what might have really happened to the Holy Grail? Sandra Meisel gives us a different perspective.


Click Here For Comments About Sandra Meisel Article On The Holy Grail


Dominican Sisters Of Mary Of The Eucharist's Expansion Plans For Their Motherhouse May Not Be Big Enough  Wow just when they thought they had built a bigger Mother House, they come to find they may not have build it big enough. This is one building faux pas, I don't think any faithful Catholic minds hearing. It may be a cliche but never was it more true; "If you build it, they will come!"


Click Here For Comments About Dominican Sisters Of Mary Of The Eucharist Expansion Plans May Not Be Big Enough



August 27, 2009


At His Wednesday General Audience Pope Benedict Reminds The World That We Are To Respect God's Creation  The Holy Father reminds us that we are to respect what God has given to us. In the western world we have activists that get worked up over the slightest pollution. Yet in the Developing World & the Third World it can really be depressing. There are few controls and the people have to live under conditions that you and I wouldn't tolerate. One need only look at the pollution China generates. Remember how Beijing had to practically shut down during the Olympics last year. Keep in mind Beijing isn't even one of China's major industrial cities. I never forget taking the train to West Berlin from Salzburg (via Mumich) in 1983 and seeing first hand how the Communists polluted everything. I actually saw bubbling bright red water that was once a pristine stream. After Reunification, the German government supposedly spent 1 trillion dollars just on enviornmental clean up. Keep in mind East Germany was the about the size of Ohio.


Click Here For Comments About Pope Benedict's Reflections


Cardinal Savino Of Caracas Asks Countrymen To Stand Up For The Faith As Country's Strongman Hugo Chavez Continues His Crackdown On The Faith When you read about all thugs whether it be Hitler, Castro etc their modus operandi seems to be the same. Slowly but surely they dismantle the Faith. Nothing done too quickly for that might backfire. Slowly you roll things back, much like the frog in the frying pan. Very surreal and alarming!


Click Here For Comments About Cardinal Savino's Call For His Countrymen To Make A Stand


US Bishops Visit Cuba & State That Despite Hardships The  Catholic Church Is Suriving & Maybe Soon Thriving  Despite Castro the  Faith continues. I was told (by a secular professor) that Catholicism was never very strong in Cuba. Whether this is true or not, I do not know. However, even if the good prfoessor is correct, the fact that the Faith lived on for fifty years when its roots weren't that deep is somewhat miraculous in and of itself. Let us pray that soon this beautiful island will be loose of the shackles of the Castro brothers.


Click Here For Comments About US Bihsops Visit & The Faith Suvives Despite Castro Brothers Efforts To Stamp It Out


David Goldman Upset Over Some Fellow Jewish Antipathy Toward The Catholic Church's Stand On Conversion  A thought provoking article from David Goldman. You might recall that some time ago we had a commentor from Jerusalem post here that he wondered what all the fuss was about with some of his fellow Jews being upset about the Good Friday conversion prayer. He simply said if Catholics told us how to pray I would be upset but you aren't so why should we tell you how to pray.


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Nebraska Man Who Fled To Mexico With A Stolen Painting Of The Blessed Mother, That He Hoped Would Help Finance, An Abortion Has Been Arrested  The evil some men do. I can't imagine (and it sounds like he can't either) the pain and emptiness this man will feel on Judgement Day for something like this. I hope and pray he quickly repents.


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American Catholic Has Over A Dozen Links From Various Catholic Sites On The Passing Of Senator Ted Kennedy


The Anchoress (Also With Many Links) Summarizes Her Thoughts On The Passing Of Senator Ted Kennedy


Where Does The Kennedy Dynasty Go From Here, A Look At The Famous Family


From 1974 Video Of Rose Kennedy Talking About Her Sons, Her Catholic Faith & The Blessed Mother


Catholic News Agency Report On The Passing Of Senator Ted Kennedy  There is so much that could be said of Senator Kennedy. First of all, I do hope that he came to understand the error of his ways in his dying days. You may recall that he gave President Obama a personal letter to give to Pope Benedict. In some ways, Senator Kennedy was on the path to do greater things than even his ego would imagine. Against the backdrop of his brothers record on Civil Rights and help for the poor, Senator Ted Kennedy could have been the next president if nto for Chappaquiddick. Most of us might still be locked up if we had been involved in the heinous neglect seen at Chappaquiddick.


Yet, in those days he was very openly pro life even scolding a constituent who wanted him to push for abortion in the late 1960s. Sadly, ego and hormones got in the way. It can happen to us all. I am not throwing stones at him, but merely reflecting on what could have been. The diversions that cost him everything was learned to a large extent from his father but also somewhat from his brother Jack. Yet, his mother was the example he should have chosen to live by but alas he did not. Incidentally, some believe his second wife Vicki behaved much like his mother, keeping him in line when others looked the other way.


Senator Kennedy was one of the last of the old fashion New Deal liberals. When I worked on Capitol Hill, most knew who did the roll up your sleeves legislative work and those who had their staff do it. Senator Kennedy actually did the work. Senator Kennedy like all New Deal liberals loved big government, but deep down they didn't feel comfortable about rebelling against society as their children did in the 1960s. While these New Deal liberals often sided with the pro abortion crowd, I don't believe they ever were comfortable with it and likewise the pro abortionists never trusted them because these New Deal liberals, often unlike their children, still embraced the Catholic Church from their youth, even the devotions which often drove the secular left up the wall. Again, so sad as to what could have been.


I remember visiting Bermuda a few years ago and being told of the late Senator's exploits with women and the bottle. I was told that by the early1990s those days were all behind him. The trial of his newphew for rape following the Massachussets Senator's exhoration to go out and party on Good Friday (1991 I think it was) really shook him up. It is said that is when he left the party lifestyle. It is all so sad when one thinks of what might have been.  Living in Washington DC during the mid  1990s, I would often see the Senator from Massachussets on Capitol Hill. I would occassionally hear some say they saw him at Mass, sometimes even on weekdays. I do hope in his final days he came to the realization of what might have been and the errors he commited in his life. I hope and pray that he came to that realization.


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August 26, 2009


Bishop D'Arcy Asks Notre Dame & All Catholic Institutions Of Higher Learning Do You Really Adhere To The Church's Teachings If You Follow The Land Of Lakes Accord?


Father Zuhlsdorf Analyzes Bishop D'Arcy's Comments  Bishop D'Arcy (along with many other bishops) has let it be known that he is not going to let Notre Dame's award to President Obama go quietly into the night. It is interesting that Bishop D'Arcy has brought up the Land of Lakes Accord which in a way opened up Pandora's Box when it was announced in 1967. This is indicative of the whole rebellious era. Those at the Land of Lakes Conference often quoted the scholarly works of Monsignor John Tracy Ellis who said that Catholic Higher Ed institutions had to be the best they could be. Who could argue that statement. Well the rebellious sorts took this to mean that Catholic colleges and universities were free to hire any neer do wells they thought might make the campus attractive to the "Intelligensia." The same misreading took place at Vatican II when those pushing the envelope used the conference to push their social and political agenda, which Vatican II was never intended to do.


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The Anchoress Comments On A Man Who Blogs That Though He Is A Fallen Away Catholic, He Will Receive The Eucharist Without Going To Confession Because That's The Way He Thinks Jesus Would Want It Perhaps if things hadn't been left to slide, as evidenced in the post above, then perhaps stories like this one would be dismissed out of hand instead of actually being analyzed.  Talk about self absorption. The chutzpah of someone to proclaim they know the teachings of the Church better than the Church. If an athlete or aspiring actor or actress tries something like this they are sent home and told the next time they will be gone for good. Something to ponder.


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JRR Tolkien's Grandson Recalls His Famous Grandfather's Reaction To His First Mass In English; He Responded Loudly In Latin   A fascinating account of JRR Tolkien's first Mass in the local vernacular. His grandson gives us a vivid picture of his reaction. As I have said before, I have nothing against the Mass celebrated in the local vernacular, but I do have something against those who would deprive the faithful of the opportunity to attend a Latin Mass. One should be able to chose and not be prevented from embracing the Church's rich Sacred Tradition.


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Fouad Ajami's Article Entitled; President Obama's Summer Of Discontent Absolutely fascinating. You might recall that I posted an article by Dr Ajami shortly before the Novemeber election when the Middle East scholar prophectically deciphered the future as well as those who had been swooning over the then Senator from Illinois. Dr Ajami's experience in the Middle East had accorded him the knowledge to predict such ups and downs of personality driven candidates and the movements associated with them.


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The Catholic Legate Apostolate, A Defender Of The Faith & A Help To All The Faithful, Especially Those In Canada Where It Is Based  While doing some research, I came across this site. These faithful defenders hail from many areas but they come predominately from Canada. God Bless them and the faithful in Canada. They came under the secular crosshairs before those of us in the US did, though our UK friends have probably under the gun the longest. I just thought I would post this for everyone especially our Canadian readers. Keep fighting the good fight!


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Jim Caviezel Discusses His Family's Adoption Story  Jim Caviezel discusses his adoption journey which was something he and his wife often discussed but had not moved forward on. This all changed on the steps of their parish church one Sunday after Mass. The wife of movie producer Steve McEveety (Passion of the Christ, Braveheart, What Women Want etc) made mention of two girls with tumors who needed adopted from China. One thing led to another and the Caviezels felt compelled to take on that challenge.


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Theresa & I Would Like To Thank All Of You Who Prayed For Us During Out Adoption Journey. Little Thomas Patrick Recently Came Into The World & We Have Been Beside Ourselves With Joy Ever Since. This Adoption Journey Has Enabled Us To See The Pro Life Movement From A Unique Angle. Abortions Far Outnumber Adoptions In The Western World, By Some Counts 20-1. Yet There Are Brave Women (Sometimes Even Boyfriends & Husbands) Who Come Forward To Government & Private Agencies Asking Them To Find A Home For Children They Feel They Cannot Adaquately Support. All Too Often, They Are Pressured By Family & Friends To Abort The Child. Yet, They Go Forward To Do The Right Thing & Bring Forth Life. They Have Amazing Courage & They Can Never Be Thanked Enough For Their Selflessness.  Gone Are The Days When The Baby Was Whisked Away, Those Opting For Adoption Can Decide What They Want From The Adoptive Parents, Such As Pictures, Updates Etc.


In Some Countries Orphanages Are Filled With Children Who Want Nothing More To Be Held & Loved. They Are The Exception. Sadly,  Most Unwanted Children Are Simply Aborted. Yet, Because Of The Selflessness Of Some Women (& Men) A Relative Small Number Of Children Attempt To Fulfill The Plans God Had In Mind For Them.


On Our Way To Pick Up The Child My Wife And I Realized That We Had To Come Up With A Name. We Thought About All Of The Names We Liked, But Especially The Saints Of The Church Who We Felt Had Guided Us. We Also Took Into Account Dates That Coincided With The Unborn Child's Life, Saints Like St Mary, St Therese Of The Little Flower, St Maria Goretti, St Katherine, St Frances Cabrini, St Joseph, St Michael, Blessed Andre Besssett, St Gerard Majella, St Benedict. However, It Became Obvious To Us That St Thomas More & St Patrick Had Been Leading The Charge.


There Is So Much I Could Tell But I Will Leave You With One More Thing. The Countless Number Of You Who Told Me (Via E-Mail) That You Were Praying For Us Really Got Us Through Some Dark Times. In January, Shortly Before His Fatal Heart Attack, Michael Dubruiel & I Chatted Over The Phone Dissecting The College Football Season & My Latest Book Project. He Concluded The Call By Telling Me Something Was In The Mail. A Few Days Later I Received His Book  The Church's Most Powerful Novenas. He Inscribed It For Us. I Had All But Forgotten About The Book Until We Came Home & I Was Attempting To Clear A Bookshelf To Give The Baby More Space. Suddenly, Out Popped The Aforementioned Michael Dubruiel Novena Book. I Opened It Up & Read The Inscription. "Dave & Theresa, I Pray That All Of Your Dreams Come True"--Michael Dubruiel. It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks, The Power Of Prayer & The Numbers Of You Praying For Us. Pleased Be Assured That I Pray For You Each & Every Day. If I May Ask One More Favor; You Guessed It More Prayers. Pray That Thomas Patrick Becomes The Man That God Intended. Pray That We As Parents Help Him Become That Man. Finally, Pray For All Those Who Find Themselves In Untenable Situations That They Will Choose Life & Bring Joy To More People Than They Could Ever Imagine.


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August 25, 2009


Vatican Addresses Rumors About Supposed Imminent Liturgical Reforms  I suppose we will get to the truth soon enough. As it is, the Holy See is trying to answer questions and placate those around them who are very angry that Church orthodoxy and those who like ancient traditions like the Latin Mass are still out there in numbers greater than thye would have imagined.


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Father Zuhldorf On The National Catholic Reporter's Tirade Directed At Tulsa's New Bishop Slattery For Celebrating Mass Ad Orientum  Reading the National Catholic Reporter you might think Bishop Slattery might have been involved in some horrible activities judging from the paper's tone. Yet when get right down to it, Mass has been celebrated this way for centuries and yet the NC Reporter would have us believe the good Bishop of Tulsa has lost his mind and is trying something beyond anyone's understanding. The Bishop of Tulsa isn't saying everyone in his diocese will have to attend Mass in this sort of fashion. Why the hostility?


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Father Euteneuer Slams Cecile Richards Who Had Earlier Attacked The US Bishops For Opposing A Health Care Plan That Would Have Included Abortion As An Option  Father Euteneuer is perhaps the last priest (with the possible exception of Father Corapi) that one would want to antagonize. The political and religious left could care less, but boy did Father Euteneuer give them a earful.


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At Inside Catholic How President Roosevelt Turned Catholics Into Democrats  For History buffs like me, I will have to read this article over and over again. There is so much political and religous history and imagery loaded in this article. It will certainly take a few readings of it to absor b it all.


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Father Longenecker On The Devil's Tricks Of The Trade Part V  In some ways, we should all be able to see the evil one coming for miles. Yet, why is it that we are so susceptible to his hurdles? Perhaps because we are too self absorbed. Father Longenecker clues us in on this one.


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Robert Moynihan Reports On Pope Benedict & Saint Bonaventure, Article Outlines The Trip To Be Taken By The German Pontiff In Two Weeks In Which He Will Visit The Home Of St Bonaventure  Quite an interesting article which looks into the behind the scenes signifiance of this papal trip to the birthplace of Saint Bonaventure. I find these types of articles fascinating because you can always learn something new about the Church along with keeping up with Current Events.


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August 24, 2009


Pope Benedict Reflects On John Chapter 6 (The Bread Of Life Discourse) Says Believing In Christ Means Believing In Hard Sayings & Going Against What Is Convenient  The Holy Father is reminding all Christians of the hard sayings of Jesus. This is a term often used by Protestants to describe the Eucharist. Sadly instead of believing many just dismiss John 6 as a hard saying. Isn't it interesting that some Chriistians have no trouble in believing in another hard saying that because Jesus rose from the dead we have the opportunity to go to heaven. This saying has obvious benefits for us, which is quite different than John 6, in which we must truly ponder the Eucharist. I wish our seperated brethern would realize that the pope is Christ's personal representative on earth and he leads all Christians whether they like it or not. I wish everyone would truly ponder his words on the Eucharist and then go back and read what Jesus specifically said in John 6.


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National Catholic Register Reports (Video Included) On President Obama's Ramadan Message To Muslims (Will The President Issue A Lenten Message Next February To Catholics?)  This article from the Register asks if President Obama will address Catholics preceeding Lent as affectionately as he addressed Muslims this Ramadan?  True, a US President is president of all the people and over all religions, and in theory there is nothing wrong in wishing them well. Yet it does seem as if he went out of his way to placate Muslim fears. I am not picking on President Obama here as I am sure many presidents, both Democrat and Republican would do the same thing, but why? I sincerely believe it is out of a combination of respect and fear. Deep down in most people's psyches there is the thought that fervently religious people are either telling the truth or absolutely crazy. Many non militant secularists respect Catholicism because as Dr Charles Krauthammer says, "it stands for something," unlike many mainline churches today who put their finger in the wind and see what's the latest trend. The reason President Obama wishes Muslims well during Ramadan is because there is a belief that they stand for something, unlike some of our liberal brethern (including many liberal Catholics that the future president met growing up) who like GK Chesteron prophetically predicted will fall for anything.


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US Bishops Website On New Mass Tranlation Says, Same Mass, Deeper Meaning, Different Words The US Bishops are trying to stay ahead of the questions with regard to the new translation. Now I am sure that most Catholics wouldn't think about going over to check out the translation but it is nice to know that the website is up and running for this who wish to view it.


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Canada's National Post Newspaper's Blog Ponders If The Vatican Visitation Of US Women's Religious Could Mean Something Big On The Horizon. Article Quotes Some Orthodox Minded Women Religious Who Wear Habits As Insinuating That Those Who Don't Are Showing Their Rebellion At The Church' Authority  Could the Vatican visitation of the US Women's Religious Orders mean something deeper. With regard to this question the more liberal based orders and the traditonal minded Catholics are in agreement; they hope it does. The liberals have long wanted a fight with the Holy See and the traditional minded Catholics have long wished the Vatican would give the liberals one.


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Young Men & Women Exploring A Religious Vocation Are Chosing Traditional Orders  This is one ofthe reasons for the Visitation as the Vatican must be wondering how these newer based orders who fully embrace the Church's teachings, along with religious collars and habits are growing by leaps and bounds, while that don't are sinking like a stone.


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Father Longenecker On Pope (Saint) Pius X, The Holy Father Who Took On Modernism & Who Is Still Scorned For It Today, Being Called "Too Dogmatic & Non-Pastoral" Pope Saint Pius X is one who is often treated to muttering voices and rolling eyes by some self described progressives. Yet, he was very much loved by those of his time for his hands on leadership. He wasn't afraid to confront issues, including lowering the age of those receiving Communion from age 12 to age 8 or so. He was very much a Renaissance man which might surprise those who still roll their eyes at the mention of his name today.


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At Inside Catholic 14 Ways To Improve The Liturgy Thought provoking post from a couple of writers at Inside Catholic. So many times we hear from those who want to make the Mass more hip or relevant. In this article we see just the opposite, a post on how to make the Mass more holy by taking away elements that make it seem too hip and relevant.


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August 23, 2009


Vatican To Release A Document On Seminarians, Says They Should Be Excited About Supported In Their Vocation  Some of us are very happy about the quality of these new seminarians. They are excited about the Faith, will defend it with their lives and don't apologize for it. Well, as you can imagine in some quarters this a troubling development. Believe me I have heard it with my own ears and have been told by others in high places. However, this is of course great news to many of us. Anytime, we see people embracing the Faith who are happy and those who want to change the Church seem upset, it is a very good day.


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Lutheran Minister Involved In Lutheran Conference To Approve Openly Gay Men To The Clergy Says He Trusts The Tornado That Hit The Conference, "Was Not A Commentary On Our Work"  Rather presumptuous wouldn't you say? This statement and the arrogance associated with it perfectly sums up the mindset that these dissidents of established Christian orthodoxy not only know better than you and me but established Christianity itself and ultimately God. These people remind me of the crwod that laughed at Noah as he was getting in the Ark. Then again, I better not use this example with these folks because they believe so little from the Bible, it wouldn't make a difference with them. Sometimes all you can do is pray. This may be one of those times.


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Nigerian Bishop Recalls How He Knew He Was Called To The Priesthood For some, like this Nigerian bishop, the call to the priesthood was a lengthy process, where signs and wonders were few.  They came to their deision based on answers that came in deep prayer. For Father John Riccardo it was quite different. His calling truly was miraculous. The son of former Chrysler CEO he certainly could have done whatever he wanted in the automobile industry. However, God had other plans and revealed them to him via an amazing drive on a Michigan highway. If you have ever heard him tell the story it is quite amazing. Most who are called to the priesthood or called to do some lay apostolate work for the Church have experiences that are far from dramatic but ones that nevertheless can't be ignored.


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New Gallup Survey Shows Self Described Conservatives Outnumber Self Described Liberals In All 50 States  The mainstream media would have you believe that if you feel you are a conservative you must be in a shrinking minority that needs serious psychological help. Lo and behold we are to find out that even in the liberal bastions of Vermont and Massachusetts there are more who label themselves conservatives rather than liberals.


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Famed Movie Director Franco Zefferelli At It Again, Says Pope Benedict Is A Wonderful Theologian But The Cardinals Made A Mistake (The Holy Spirit Made A Mistake Isn't Sinning Against The Holy Spirit About As Serious As You Can Get?) In Electing Him, Says You Can't Elect A Professor From Northern Germany (Actually Northern Germany Is Mainly Lutheran, Pope Benedict Hails From Bavaria)  Perhaps Franco Zefferelli is one of those folks who has been hoodwinked by the world's mainstream media. He seems to think that if the Holy Father acted more like the European equivalent of Rick Warren all would be well in the Church. Perhaps Mr Zefferrelli should consult his Catechism for the Holy Spirit cannot make mistakes. While he is at his bookshelf, he might also leaf through a Geography book for Pope Benedict comes from the very southern part of Germany (Bavaria.) Germany's northern area is predominately Lutheran. This story is particularly sad since Zefferelli's Jesus of Nazareth was one of the few 1970s films to have an accurate portryal of the Life of Christ & the Apostles. He seems to mean well, but perhaps became too immersed in the idea that one must please everyone and be trendy.


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A Report On The Popularity Of Catholic Science Fiction  There was a time when Catholic literature of any kind was very prevalent. JRR Tolkein certainly was the pioneer in Catholic Science fiction but there were others. Now it seems some like Gene Wolfe are trying to rekindle the movment. Sandra Meisel at the National Catholic Register has more.


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Father Rosica's Homily; Do You Also Wish To Go Away  How many times do we want to walk away because something isn't popular. When the Apostles saw how many followers Jesus lost because of the Eucharist, they may have been tempted to hit the road as well. However, Jesus gave them the opportunity and they were wise enough to remain. As Peter said, "To whom shall we go?"


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August 22, 2009


Pope Benedict's Cast Taken Off, Wrist Healing Well, Rehabilitation To Continue  Nice to hear that the Holy Father is healing well, which is not always easy for a man in his 80s.  This just further reminds me that I need to spend more time praying for his health and safety. Someday, the world will look back at him and wonder why we ever deserved such a great shepherd following the previous one, Pope John Paul II.


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At Their Convention In Minneapolis, The Mainline Lutheran Church Approves Openly Gay Clergy  The chutzpah of somehow announcing that you know better than the earliest teachings of Church strikes me as nothing short of madness. I can't help but think our friend Bob must be very sad, since he is currently in a Lutheran seminary, and he has certainly let it be known that he does not agree with this sort of thinking. My friends, I have said this before, but I am convinced now more than ever that the days are coming when man will openly rebel against God. I do believe God will someday make His presence known in a perfectly clear fashion.  Sadly some on the earth,   through ther pride and arrogance, will rebel much like Lucifer, Adam & Eve, Nimrod and a host of people whose names become synonomous with defiance, pride and rebellion. Prayers are most certinly needed. I had another link until our friend Ed provided with this one, which is better than what I had.


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Scottish Priest Father Patrick Keegans Delighted That  Convicted Pan Am Bomber Abdelboat Mohmed Megrahi Has Been Freed As He Fights Prostate Caner, Says He Never Believed He Was Guilty. Much Of The UK Seems To Share In His Opinion. Cardinal O'Brien Says Father Keegans Doesn't Speak For Anyone But Himself  I can't help but think this is exactly what Pope Benedict meant by the Dictatorship of Relativism. A heinous crime occurs and rather than condemn the vicious brutality of it, the general feeling seems to be this nice old man couldn't have possibly been involved. Perhaps deep down, some think we deserve it. Prayers are certainly needed for this priest and those who share his opinion.


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Westminster Auxiliary Bishop Alan Hopes Attacks The Tablet Over Recent Attacks On Catholic Culture


Father Finigan On The Outrageous Attempt By The Liberal Catholic UK Paper The Tablet To Reprimand US Bishops For Not Supporting President Obama's Health Care Plan As I have so often said, this is actually good news. The Catholic left is angry and the Church is coming down on them and their silly ideas and publications. Another great example of how the tide is turning!


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Austria Has One Of The Most Liberal Clergy & Also A Plummting Catholic Population (Surprise, Surprise)  Perhaps instead of some sort of new age retreat the liberal members of the Austrian clergy could be sent north to Germany and the Diocese of Regensburg where the Church and vocations are growing due to orthodox leadership. It would really be great to send them to see the growth in some of the more orthodox minded dicoeses in the US and the seminaries and religious orders contained within their boundaries.


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Bishop Olmsted On Saint John Vianney & The Devil  This might be enough to send board members of the National Catholic Reporter and the Tablet over the edge. A prelate talking about the evil one and the need to resist his temptations as did St John Vianney.


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August 21, 2009


Pope Benedict Personally Blesses Armless Sri Lankan Man  Who Says It Was The Only Thing He Hoped For Following The Train Accident That Took His Arm  This is an inspiring story as this man could have said woe is me, and yet here he is doing everything humanly possible to be personally blessed by the Holy Father. This sounds a lot like the hemorragic woman who came to Jesus. If only the rest of us had a smidgen of this man's faith.


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In A Conference Call To Religious Liberal Groups (Including Catholic Liberal Groups) President Obama Tells Them To Knock On Doors For His Health Care Plan


Planned Parenthood Director Cecile Richards Extols President Obama's Health Care Plan, Attacks US Bishops For Not Supporting It  Stories like the two above leave one speechless. The left is really clueless as to how mainstream America thinks. I suppose they think they are pulling the wool over our eyes. If they only knew. They certainly need our prayers.


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Three Nicaraguan Bishops Receive Death Threats After Church Spoke Out Against Sandinista Goons Who Intimidated Supporters Of The Church Outside The Cathedral In Managua  The playbook is old but it works as long as the Daniel Ortega and the powers that be in Managua and western mainstream media ignore it. Right out of Fidel Castro & Che Gueverra's ear and into Daniel Ortega mouth. Please keep the faithful in Nicaragua. Cuba & Vvenezuela in your prayers.


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Without Warning A Tornado Hits The Minneapolis Area Where An Historic Lutheran Conference Is Being Held To Affirm Openly Gay Clergy, Church Steeple Destroyed....


Tornado Also Damages Nearby Electic Alternative Store Called "The Electric Fetus." No One Hurt But Many Shaken & Puzzled As To How A Tornado Came Without Any Warning Sirens!  You just can't make up the the links from above and yet the mainstream media either doesn't report it or laughts it off. You may recall that Mayor Rudy Giuliani's microphone was hit with lightening during one of his debates. One "religious" commentator noted that the story had made the rounds of various orthodox minded blogs. The commentator dismissed the story stating, How could one think that God would be so Old Testament like to make his thoughts known via the weather. It is thinking like that which has got us to the mess we find ourselves.  So to conclude, there was no warning about this tornado. Most tornados in the US occur with warning sirens. Yet, here in a major metro area a tornado hit a gathering of people who were attempting to change or mock God's teachings. Thanks to Spirit Daily for the second link.


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Diocese Of Rochester Catholic Blog (An Orthodox Minded Catholic Blog) Comments On My Book


Rochester Catholic (Another Rochester Orthodox Minded Catholic Blog) Comments On My Book  Three years on new people are still coming across my book. These two brave souls in Rochestor must be commended for fighting the good fight. Let me repeat a point I have made here several time before; isn't interesting that the evil one seems to want to water down or attack the Faith in places where great miracles have occurred (Mexico) or where great servants of God have appeared (whole regions like the Midde East or specific towns like Rochestor.) You might recall that it was in Rochestor where Bishop Sheen led the flock and was practically driven out in the late 1960s by an openly hostile clergy, many of which have left the Church.


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August 20, 2009


At His Wednesday General Audience (At Castel Gandolfo) Pope Benedict Reflects On Saint John Eudes, Says Undersstanding Him Is The Key For Priests Who Want Their Priesthood To Be Properly Formed. The Holy Father Concluded His Audience By Praying The Our Father, With The Assembled Faithful, In Latin  The priesthood is pretty simple. If you feel called and then commence to doing it your way, your priesthood will be a miserable failure. Sadly, we probably all know some priests who took this path. However, for those priests who answered the call and leaned not to their own understanding but to God's, fantastic stories of faith have evolved, which in turn benefits us all.


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Asian Bishops Emphasise Power Of The Eucharist  This is very interesting in that the other day Cardinal Arinze warned the faithful in Asia not to get caught up in trendy western ideas from the 1970s a la Liturgical Dance. Now the prelates in Asia remind their flock what it is all about, the Eucharist.


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At Inside Catholic A Picture Of The Titanic Going Under In Reference To A Story On Voice Of The Faithful Trying To Change Their Name As Their Finances Are In Disarray  Every picture tells a story and in this case what a story it is. In some ways there is a great similarity in how the Titanic was built and how dissident groups like Voice of the Faithful were constructed. History has told us that the Titanic spared no expense with the lavish ballrooms and luxury cabins. However, it has been recently learned that the core of the ship, the steel used in the hull and the rivots to hold everything in place were sub standard. Jesus told us we had to build on the rock and yet groups like Voice of the Faithful wanted to build their ideology on popular opnion and not on the Rock of Peter. When you do it your way instead of the right way the consequences can be devestating as evidenced by the Titantic and dissident groups like Voice of the Faithful.


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Lutheran Church Moves One Step Closer To Permitting Openly Homosexual Clergy  Sad days indeed for many of the Protestant mainline churches as their beliefs are being swept away by the musings of the secular left. If our friend Bob is reading this perhaps he give us more inisght into the situation which is unfolding in the Evangelical Lutheran Church (the main Lutheran Church in the US.) There is a smaller Missouri Synod Church which would appear not to be going down this path. However, I believe the Missouri Synod Church is many times smaller than the ELS Church.


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Marcel LeJeune Reports On The Large Numbers Of Vocations Coming From Texas A&M University  The numbers coming out of College Station are amazing. Yet, there are other colleges and universities that are also doing well and I believe many of them have the Catholic  group FOCUS on their campus. We need to emrbace stories like these and tell all who will listen that the tide is turning.


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Michael Brown Reflects On A Theologian's Thoughts On What We See When We Die, Our Souls See The Truth About Our Lives, From The Minute To The Important. We Relive It All & God Shows Us What We Did With What He Gave Us  Well this is an article well worth your time. Some folks roll their eyes at Michael Brown and though I don't always agree with what he says, I do believe the man has inisghts that he has gained from life and from those he has met that should cause us to take heed. When I read this I became somewhat uncomfortable because I thought of all the times I have not measured up to my potential, or rationalized my sins. 


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August 19, 2009


Some Women's Religious Orders Sounding More & More Negative About The Impending Vatican Visitation 


ABC News' Cokie Roberts Angered By Vatican Visitation These types of negative news stories are actually positive ones as far as I am concerned. Think about it, the Vatican is coming for a visitation (headed by a nun) and some of these orders are fit to be tied. Perhaps it is because the newer orders are gaining so many women, young and older and they are left with a mere pitance. Some of these liberal orders haven't had as many postulants in 20 years as the newer order have in one or two years. Perhaps they should welcome the visitation and pay a visit to those orders who are running out of space in their motherhouses.


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Concerning The Health Care Debate, Deacon Keith Fournier On Putting Catholic Back Into Catholic Action The health care debate is really helping shape not only public opinion but also allowing the Church to stand up and say her peace. Health Care has always been a right as far as the Church in concerned. However, this does not mean that the responsibility falls on the government. I think you will find this article enlightening.


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Belmont Abbey College Facing The Wrath Of The EEOC For Not Providing Contraceptives For Any Employee Who Might Want Them  The good folks at Belmont Abbey are having none of the threats being leveled against them by the EEOC. It seems they are saying guilty as charged but for what? Are they guilty for practicing their faith. It would appear so.


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Cardinal Arinze Cautions Asian Church Over Liturgical Dance, Encourages Eucharistic Adoration  His Emminence gave the same admonition to European and North American churches some time ago. As Cardinal Arinze has stated, the African Church has always had some form of liturgical dance which was never practiced outside Africa. His Emminence is reminding the world of this fact, which I am sure falls on death ears in some notorious western circles.


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Father Finigan On Blessed Cyprian Tansi, The Nigerian Who Was Born In 1903 Would Later Become A Priest & Would Often Spend Hours A Day In Eucharistic Adoration As Well As Hearing Confessions. He Would Later Baptize The Future Cardinal Arinze Those who come to the Faith in the first generation have a spiritual fire that is blazing. From the Roman times until the present their work ethic is superhuman and their faith contagious. In this instance, we learn of Father Tansi, a priest who would spend hours a day in Eucharistic Adoration as well as hearing confessions. He would later baptize the future Cardinal Arinze. I thought this would be a natural segue to the link above.


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During These Economic Troubled Times The Prosperity Gospel Is Alive & Well. Preachers Well Known & Not So Well Known Telling The Poor That They Too Can Be Rich If They Truly Believe  Sometimes these charlatans anger me and sometimes they really anger me. In tough ecconomic times the likes of Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen really bother me. Their flock are by and large hard working, salt of the earth folks who go paycheck to paycheck. They would give you the shirt off their back if they thought you needed it. Sadly they give what little they have to these charlatans, so they can live in mansions and vacation in thousand dollar a night hotels. I saw this link on Spirit Daily and though I realize it is the NY Times, the fact of the matter is those who most need true spiritual guidance are being fleeced by modern day hypocrites driving bentleys.


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Bob Novak, Conservative Columnist & Last Of The Old Fashion Shoe Leather Journalists Has Died At The Age Of 78. Novak Became A Convert To The Church A Few Years When A Young Woman's Blunt Remark Made Him Think About The Destiny Of His Soul  There is so much to write about concerning Bob Novak, a man who was one of the last of his era. An old fashion shoe leather journalist who valued nothing more than getting to the bottom of a story.  Though he was a conservative, he upset some conservative leaders many times when he exposed their weakness or timidity. His conversion story is one for the ages. A young woman, whose ideantity Mr Novak never revealed or perhaps never knew, was chiefly responsible for his conversion. While mentioning that his wife was Catholic and sang in the parish choir, Novak told the dinner party attendee that he was a non practicing Jew. The young woman reminded Mr Novak of his wife's faith and asked him if had ever pondered enternity. She reminded him that tomorrow wasn't promised to him. Mr Novak said he had a sinking feeling and that same night asked his wife a good priest to suggest for an important conversation. I had the privilege to meet Bob Novak and he what struck me was despite his small stature he walked as if he was ten feet tall. He struck me that he always knew where he was going.


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August 18, 2009


Vatican Newspaper Goes On The Offensive To Defend Pope Pius XII's Role In Saving European Jews During The Holocaust, Gives Details That US & UK Government Knew Of The Holocaust Long Before They Officially Acknowledged It  There is nothing new here, no new evidence found in the Vatican Archives. The evidence cited comes mainly from former Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau's diary. However, what this does signal is that the Vatican's newspaper is going to defend the honor of Pope Pius XII who has been treated scandalously by much of the world's press.


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National Catholic Reporter Seems Surprised By The Young Who Faithfully Embrace The Church  The folks at the National Catholic Reporter seemed srurprised by he findings of these young people. Well let's look at the bright side, at least they printed the story. Perhaps even at the National Catholic Reporter they have come to the conclusion that the tide is turning.


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Father Longenecker On Satan's Tricks Of The Trade Part IV  Father Longenecker's doing us a great service by reminding us of the tricks of the evil one. It would behoove us to read the four part series and not fall for what we could have and should have been avoided.


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Former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich Tells Time Magazine Why He Converted To Catholicism  We can hope and pray that this is a genuine conversion. I had some real problems with the way the former Speaker treated some of his wives. However, we do believe in redemption and I I will trust he is a changed man until I see otherwise. Perhaps, some others will earn and follow suit. The Lord does work in Mysterious Ways and far too often the faithful don't rejoice at a sinner's conversion they all too often remind the sinner of how awful he behaved.


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Father Finigan's Pictures Of St Bernadette's Early Life At Bartres Where She & Her Family Endured A Tough Life


Father Finigan With Pictures Of The Daily Blessed Sacrament Procession At Lourdes


Father Finigan On The Customs & Costumes From The Multitude Who Come From Many Lands To Lourdes. Father Finigan Says It Represents A New Pentecost  Father Finigan's pictures and descriptions are a great treat. We should be joyous at what we are seeing and learning on these three links. In God's infinite mercy, He has given us places like Lourdes and the least we can do is reflect upon them and thank Him for them.


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Kenyan Man Who Was The World's Oldest Student Dies Shortly After Converting To The Church  You can never be too old to learn about not only about the Catholic Faith but other knowledge God is trying to impart to us. This man should be a model for those who feel life has passed them by or those who felt they were dealt a bad hand. It is never to late to permanently change your luck.


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August 17, 2009


Pope Benedict Reflects On The Assumption & The Gospel Reading Reading From The Bread Of Life Discourse In John 6 The Holy Father weaves in the hope and excitement of Mary's Assumption with the profound Gospel readings from John 6.  While they may seem two totally different topics, Pope Benedict in his infinite wisdom, weaves them both together.


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Father Zuhlsdorf Examines Henry Wu's Book; Better Ten Graves Than One Extra Birth."  Wu's Book Looks At China's One Child Policy, While Other Authors Link To The Concept  That Christianity Has Been Locked In An Epic Battle With The Abortionists & The Culture Of Death Since The Very Beginning  Father Z seems quite enamored with this book. I can see why. From the excerpts, it would appear that the author pulls together a very detailed look ta China's horrid one child policy. The article also looks at the theme put forth by other authors that there has been a 2,000 year old battle. Christianity has been doing all it can to save the most vulnerable of the world, while the evil one and his minions do their best to slaughter those who most need our protection.


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Church In Nicaragua Upset Over Attacks Of Peaceful Protestors Outside The Cathedral Walls By Sandanista Thugs  This is a textbook example of the far left becoming angry and violent when segments of the population don't walk lock step with their agenda. It really is a demeaning and totalitarian way of looking at things. Yet, it is the only way they can accomplish their agenda, since the populace never wants to be dominated and stepped on.


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Father Longenecker Satan's Tricks Of The Trade Part III  Father Longenecker is on quite a roll with this series. While, I enjoy reading these, it is also quite distrurbing as to how many fall for these lines, hook, line and sinker.  Let us pray that we won't be such easy targets for the evil one.


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Liberal Whole Foods Chain Facing Boycott By Other Liberals Because Even Though They Provide Free Health Care To Their Employees Their CEO John Mackey Isn't In Favor Of Government Run Health Care  A very revealing article. We have a well intentioned CEO, John Mackey who has been a friend of liberalism, explain his oppostion to the President's Health Care. He is not opposing health care for all but wants it accomplished using his successful Whole Foods strategy. Yet, you would think this is an article written by Rush Limbaugh when one hears and the shrill voices of opposition coming from the left. Revealing indeed!


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Iowa Art Teacher Restores Religous Statues & Artwork, Becomes A Labor Of Love  Thanks to Julie for this one.  Nice to read about one man's effort to do his part to save beauty and creativity in his own small corner of the world. We probably all know someone like this and we would do well to thank these people for their tireless work which helps set up a holy atmosphere at our own small corner of the world so we can pray and or attend Mass.


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August 16, 2009


More On Pope Benedict's Invitation To The 409,000 Priests In The World To Help Close Out The Year Of The Priest In June 2010  Amazing in the fact that the Holy Father is able to call together the ordained of the world in a way that is celebratory and not to circle the wagons. Many other religions can't figure out how the Catholic Church survives. We trust in the Holy Spirit and the earthly leader ship Jesus installed from Peter on down. Men sin and fail but the Holy Spirit finds a way to steer the Church through all of the minefields.


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Evangelical Christian Post Looks At Abuse Scandal Among Protestant Churches  The Catholic Church's scandals make headlines while other churches scandals are hard to find in the newspapers or on the internet.  Perhaps more was expected of us, as it should be, but shouldn't we at least hear when others commit the same crimes as some of our bad apples did, whether it be clergy or public officials? I think we are entitled to at least know.


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Canadian Newspaper's Website Calls Study Showing Increase In Vocations & Embrace Of Orthodoxy Bad News  Talk about a misleading story. It is one thing to have a debate over whether it is light rain or moderate rain, it is quite another to argue whether it is raining at all. In this link, a positive story floating around has been turned into a negative one.


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Spain's Justice Minister Says No Doctor Has A Conscience Provision, Says Every Doctor Will Perform Abortions  Evil pure and simple. So much for the liberal idea of conscience. This is more like a Patty Hearst style kidnapping , where the faithful are told to go along with a radical, deviant way of life, where life itself is not precious.


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Muhammad Becomes The Most Popular Name For Baby Boys In Four Dutch Cities Holland has deep roots in Catholic and Protestant history and yet here we have Muslims making great inroads because not only are their birth numbers higher but like it or not they stand for something. Sadly, much of Christian Holland doesn't. For whatever reason this once proud Christian nation has let the anything goes mentality of Amsterdam rule the whole country. Let's keep the Dutch in our prayers.


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Nun Chases Thief Into The Woods, Police Catch Up & Arrest Robber  Now this nun wasn't going to take any guff off anyone. She sounds old school and God knows we need more of her. How many other people could get away with chasing someone with a gun and not get shot.


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August 15, 2009  Assumption Of Mary


Bishop Tobin: Mary's Assumption A Sign Of Hope


At Catholic Online Sonja Corbitt's Article; Mary The Ark Of The New Convenant


Feast Of The Assumption Celebrated In Big Cities...


Feast Of The Assumption Festivals Celebrated In Small Towns How wonderful that places big and small will gather to celebrate the holy and then get together for some parish fun. We celebrate the gift of the Blessed Mother in both the serious and the communal, first with reverance over her most blessed life and secondly with festivals marking her Assumption. I hope and pray that someday all Christians will give thanks for her life and celebrate days such as this one. In the not too distant past and Evangelical asked me that since the Assumption isn't specifically recorded in the Bible how long have Catholics been celebrating it? I responded by saying since before the Canon of the Bible was compiled and approved by Pope Damasus in 382.  A couple of things to remember when some folks say they won't believe anything that isn't in the Bible. Remind them that the word Trinity and the practice of Altar Calls appear nowhere in the Bible. The Trinity liked the Assumption was believed by the Apostles while Altar Calls didn't come in until long after any leader of the Protestant Refromation was dead and buried.  A couple of the final notes on Mary's Assumption. St Paul tells us (2 Thessalonians 2:15) that we should keep holy all that was written (the Sacred Scriptures) or handed down orally (Sacred Tradition.)  Saint John tells us at the Conclusion of his Gospel that there is no way he or anyone else could possibly have written down all the miraculous deeds and sayings that were seen and pronounced.


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Archbishop Dolan Breaks Down Major Challenges Facing The Church  The more His Excellency speaks, the more people want to listen, even those who aren't Catholic or fans of orthodoxy. Perhaps, he has the same gift that the Holy Father possesses, a gift of explanation. I am sure those who heard Archbishop Dolan's homily during his Installation Mass are still talking about it.


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Father Longenecker On The Tricks Of Satan Part II  The evil one has success because he knows the overall weaknesses of mankind. Father Longenecker does a service to us all by telling us about the modus operandi of the evil one. One of the cardinal mistakes we all make is to think we can't fall into a trap.


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One Of The Last Late Abortionists In Business Calls Humans Malignant Tumors Destroying The Earth  This is what rage turns into, a sad hatred of all that is good. It seems these abortionists don't realize that not only are they taking others lives, but their own lives are being destroyed by the very rebellion they are displaying.


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Deacon Keith Fournier On Living Your Faith Under The Broom Tree  Deacon Keith Fournier takes the homily of last week and turns it into a reflective article. How do we live our faith, do we display it under the broom tree as described in this account from Elijah in the Book of Kings, or do we hide it under a bushel basket as described in the New  Testament? Hopefully we do our best to live our faith in the best way possible.


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August 14, 2009


Pope Benedict To Gather Former Students For Discussion  This is quite a group discussion the Holy Father is going to have. Pope Benedict shines in this kind of dialogue. He is a master at making the complex   understandable. This is what undoubtedly made him popular with his students during his teaching days.


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Infamous End Of Life Provisions (Death Panels) To Be Dropped From Health Care Bill Says Senator Grassley  Someday a future generation will discuss the sheer hubris that was displayed by the political left in thinking they could just ram provisions down the throats of most Americans. Who knows what will come of the health care bill, but one thing is for certain. Average men and women have spoken, they have often been demonized but they have spoken. Thankfully many in the Church, including some prominent bishops have raised their voices as well. There isn't much middle ground here either the left wins and comes after conservatives and the institutions they hold in high regard like faith communities or the the whole left's agenda comes crashing down like the Berlin Wall did for the East Bloc. We shall know very soon.


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Calgary Church Statue Of The Blessed Mother Is Set On Fire & Desecrated God only knows what goes through the mind of some deviant who thought attacking the Blessed Mother was a good idea. These miscreants need our prayers. If they only knew that they are attacking the very person that could help them and boy do they need help if they think attacking the holy is a good idea.


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At Inside Catholic Zoe Romanowsky On Parental Outrage Over Miley Cyrus' Pole Dancing Stunt During A Recent Music Awards Program  I suppose every child star and their parents think they are not going to be one of the child star gone bad. Yet, how many times do they end up being wrong . The same goes for parents who think their child isn't going to be tempted by anything they read, hear on the radio or see on television.


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Father Longenecker On The Mistaken Belief That Sin Is Exciting. Father Longenecker Says Sin & Hell Are Tremendously Boring & Predictable, Heaven Will Be Exciting & Creative  An absolutely brief but fascinating post from Father Longenecker. The sad thing is that many people, even faithful Christians might think sin is exciting, but it is just the opposite. How many times have we read accounts of rock stars who said all the drugs, alcohol and women became tremendously boring. They actually longed for quiet time and a good book, all the while many people who were reading Harlequin style novels that made all the debauchery of the music world sound much more exciting than it really was. As Father Longenecker said, hell will be tremendously boring while heaven will be the place with excitement and creativity.


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Strong Catholic Presence Seen & Heard At Contemporary Christian Music Held In New Hampshire   Well this is good news and another example of the turning tide. For years Catholic music artists have struggled for many reasons, the least of which is their talent and dedication. However, the overwhelming reason is the the lack of help they have received from Evangelicals and Catholics alike. Some Evangelicals have told me that they worry that some of their fan base would be upset about them working side by side with Catholics.  Some Catholics see guitars and think of the hippy guitar Mass they would have rather forgotten from the 1970s. These Catholic artists are very orthodox and just what the Church needs. These aren't litrugical musicians but Catholic artists who want you to listen to them on CD or radio, not at Mass. Thankfully, these Catholic musicians are being given opportunities such as this one, which not only helps Catholics but non-Catholics as well. 


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August 13, 2009


Pope Benedict Speaks Of Mary's Special Relationship To The Priesthood, Says Like St John All Priests Are Called To Welcome The Blessed Mother Into Their Homes The Holy Father is reminding the faithful, especially the ordained that the Blessed Mother had a key role in the Early Church.  This is often lost on non-Catholic and Catholic alike. Marian devotions were going on long before the Faith was legal in the Roman Empire.


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Adoration Movement Led By Young People Another sign that the tide is turning. The Eucharistic Adoration movement that has been ongoing for  sometime now is being led by the young and often cheered on by the old. The only complaints I have heard come from some in between. We have all probably heard some lay people and priests mutter something about this being pre Vatican II. These same folks have no idea what encompassed Vatican II. For them it was a chance to change the Church but now many people see the truth of what the Council really said, not what the activists wanted it to say.


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Gallup Looks At Religious Statistics Across The US For those statistics buffs out there (like myself) here is some data to ponder and chew on. This story has links to the original story and both are quite helpful. You can really see which parts of the US are the most outwardly faithful, and where certain denominations live.


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Father Longenecker Expresses Frustration With Those Who Come To His Blog Asking For Acceptance Of Where They are At In Their Faith Journey Along With Trying To Change The Church's Teachings  It seems Father Longenecker is calling out those who pretend to be faithful. They don't seem to like it one bit, which proves he is doing his job. Some folks who scream for acceptance are really screaming for help.  Father Longenecker is giving it to them via the Church's teachings.


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AP Writer Will Graves Looks At Coach Rick Pitino's Crafted PR Image Of Old School Hard Work & A Traveling Priest, Ponders How Far Pitino Has Drifted Off Script


Christine Brennan On Coach Rick Pitino's Moral Debacle, Says How Can Coach Pitino Look Parents In The Eye Claiming To Be A Role Model For Their Son After He Had A Tryst In A Restaurant With A Woman Who Became Pregnant Which Resulted In Pitino Paying For An Abortion. Brennan Ponders Pitino's Hypocrisy Of Bringing Along A Priest For Road Games


Sports & Religious World Give Their Take On Rick Pitino Moral Debacle, Sports Talk Show Star Colin Cowherd Complains About "Moralists" Who Will Jump All Over Pitino, Says Kids That He's Recruiting Could Care Less  This whole sad episode becomes even more troubling when you hear the commentary of others. No wonder we live in such a messed up world. Pope Benedict's phrase "The Dictatorship of Relativism" fits those to a tee who call us moralists for simply questioning the leadership of a man who is suppose to lead young men and has become a poster boy Middle Age Men Gone Wild.  Will Graves gives us some background on the whole sordid affair, while Christine Brennan makes some great points about Pitino's hyposcrisy. Yesterday, I made mention of the fact that the priest who travels with the team must feel like some cheap prop for Pitino's PR machine.


I often listen to Colin Cowherd in my travels. He has an interesting sports talk show where he delves not only into the sports world, but the pysche of those involved and gives his own psychological take. He has some interesting ideas. Sadly, yesterday's show while condeming Pitino's actions was also quick to put he blame on us for the inevitable moralizing. I guess we are "moralists" if we hang on to our beliefs. Colin went so far as to quote an MSNBC study that suggested conservatives have more trysts than liberals. I wonder if he had a straight face when he quoted from the network of Keith Olberman?


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Chick Fil A, One Of The Nation's Largest Fast Food Chains Still Closes On Sundays & Talks About God To Their Employees  In contrast to the last story of disappearing morals and those who apologize for them, we have this story. When Chick Fil A came to our area I was stunned to see them closed on Sundays.  It seemed to good to be true. God Bless them for it.


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August 12, 2009


In The New York Times A Story On The Young Priests & Nuns Moving Toward Orthodoxy & The Traditional    


Catholic News Agency Story On The Move Toward Orthodoxy & The Traditional I can't remember the last time I led with a New York Times story about the Church which was positive.  Yet here we have it. In fairness, Laurie Goodstein has been more balanced than most in her writings about the Church.  I have included a Catholic News Agency story which in essenece covers the same material. For years The Catholic Report along with many other sites have been telling the Catholic world, and all others who would listen, that The Tide is Turning. Father Z uses the term, Brick by Brick. Whatever semantics you use, it is good news! I would be remiss if I din't thank AFL for the New York Times link.


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Father Zuhlsdorf On St Lawrence & The Holy Grail  St Lawrence is another fascinating man that even many faithful Catholics might know far less than they should concerning this martyr. Father Z goes into great detail which enlightens us to this ancient martyr of the Church.


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Eunice Shriver Last Of The Pro Life Kennedy's & Founder Of Special Olympis Dies At Age 88  Here's one Kennedy who has done great things for the needy.  Can you imagine if the political members of the family had taken the same path that she had traveled? It isn't too far of a stretch to say that the political landscape of the US might be far different. I can't help but think of that letter Senator Ted Kennedy sent to a pro abortion constituent in 1973 scolding him for his views. If he only had kept his original view. I hope and pray that the Senator has a conversion experience as he faces  the terminal conditional of his disease. Thank God Eunice set the example.


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In Mozambique Parents & Children Who Were Martyred In A Catholic Church In 1992 Are Remembered  Such evil is hard for us to fathom and yet it has occurred and sadly it won't be the last. Yet the evil doers always fail to understand that the blood of the martyrs is the seed from which the Faith grows.


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Father Longenecker Dissects Satan's Tricks Of The Trade Part I  For those who don't believe in evil they might find this article curious or even humorous. However, for those of us who know that Satan exists, it is best to know his modus operandi. We have all heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well in reading this post you will know why.


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Louisville Basketball Coach Rick Pitino, Who Also Coached Kentucky & The NBA's NY Knicks Admits To A 2003 Tryst With A Local Louisville Woman That Resulted In An Abortion Which Pitino Paid For. The Famed Coach Had Said After The 9-11 World Trade Center Attacks, Which Resulted In The Deaths Of Family & Friends, That It Caused Him To Embrace His Catholic Faith & Family  This story hit the internet as I was launching the Catholic Report early Wednesday morning. The famed coach had been caught up in an extortion scam and many had dismissed it as simply a money making venture perpetrated by someone who had nothing on the famed coach. Sadly, they stumbled onto this dark story. Father Longenecker's post from above seems prophetic. I don't know Pitino's status, whether he is a practicing Catholic or not. However, I would assume he is practicing Catholic since he often brings his parish priest along for road games, even though Louisville is not a Catholic school. I hope Coach Pitino wasn't using this priest as some sort of prop. Coach Pitino has had enough years of Catholic education to know the Teachings of the Church. Besides his dignity, a child has been aborted. Prayers are certainly needed for all involved here. 


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Author Asserts Miracle Occurred At Woodstock


Writer Looks At Fortunate Sons & Daughters Who Write Books Hailing Woodstock & Yet Will Not Speak Out Against Altamont's Negative Cultural Impact & Experience  I am a big music buff and there is no doubt that Woodstock had a huge impact on the generation of that day. Yet, few seem to ask why, and if it did have a huge impact why does no one talk about Altamont the supposedly peaceful, loving concert that turned deadly violent. Was this a portend of the future? It seems no one discusses it. I have a chapter in my next book which compares concerts like these to the 1993 World Youth Day event in Denver. Which event 50 years later will have a more profound impact on society. I am betting on World Youth Day.


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August 11, 2009


Cardinal Antonelli Says Secular World Jeporadizes Family With Beliefs That Are Not Based On Truth But Whatever Is Deemed Relevant The world is crying for help, most major American cities have a shortage of therapists and counselors and yet those same cities have empty churches and fewer families than just a couple of decades ago. God gave us each other to love one other, not hate our very existence. I am reminded of a story I saw recently on EWTN's the Journey Home. A young nun (Sisters of Mary of the Eucharist) spoke of her mother's battle with depression and suicide as a teenager because her parents didn't believe in God and instead had her read every nihilist philosopher known to man.  God gave us family so we can learn about Him through them.


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For The First Time In Years Sydney, Australia's Seminaries Are Full. World Youth Day's Effects Will Only Help Future Classes. The Majority Of The Recent Class Celebrated Their First Mass In Latin  Even in secular strongholds we are seeing that the tide is turning. We need to keep praying that God continues to bless us with this increase in vocations, even though our world hardly seems to deserve it.


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Father Zuhlsdorf On The Growth Of Orthodoxy Under The Leadership Of Archbishop Nichols. Yet, The Catholic Paper The Tablet Seems Frustrated, Snarky & Depressed


UK Young Catholics Flocking To Telegraph Site For Orthodox & Traditional Catholics  Well what does this tell you when in the UK of all places this is occurring. Keep in mind that on Friday more pople in the UK attend prayers at the local mosque than attend Anglican services on Sunday. Therefore, when the Catholic faith has strong leadership as seen in the leader of the Church in England (Archbishop Nichols) the young are inspired.


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Some Evangelicals Believe Those Who Struggle With Sexual Temptations Are Best Served By Early Marriage  We need to put our trust in God. This type of thinking seems to say better marry early because there is no way to control your hormones. Do those proposing this idea really think that if someone is this out of control with their sexuality that marriage is going to solve it? They need to go to Confession and become chaste in their thoughts and actions before they can truly be a great husband or wife. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this link. 


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As The Economy Worsens In Ireland, The Faithful Travel To Purgatory, That's St Patrick's Purgatory. Irish Central Has The Story  This is an interesting story for both the signs of the times and a nod to Catholic History. Thanks to Bryan at Irish Central for tipping me off to this one.  There is so much to Saint Patrick and sadly we find ourselves scratching our heads when we read articles such as this one, because so much of it we did not know.  I hope you find it interesting.


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Michael Brown:  Summer Is The Time For You To Spend Some Quiet Moments To See What God Has In Store For You  As summer begins to wind down and school children in many parts of the country return to school later this month, we need to ponder Michael Brown's message. We need to take in God's message before the hectic pace of fall and then the Christmas season commences.


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August 10, 2009


Pope Benedict Says Saints & Martyrs Are The Antithesis To The World's Past Death Camps & Current Nihilism Well if this isn't hitting the nail on the head surveying past and current problems. We are blessed to have our Holy Father's insights. He mentions Edith Stein's heroic virtue among others. Sadly, in today's world we have many bright people who have succumbed to nihilism, self loathing and atheism. Talk about cash for clunkers. They have traded in their intelligence (their brains) in for clunkers (nihilism, self loathing & atheism.) The Holy Father is reminding us that there is a better way. 


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At The Knights Of Columbus Convention In Phoenix, Cardinal Ouellet Of Quebec Calls Out Those Brother Bishops Who Have Been Less Than Stellar In Their Support Of Pope Benedict


Father Zuhlsdorf Analyzes Cardinal Ouellet's Remarks While our friends in Canada may be somewhat depressed about the state of the Faith in their nation, they must be besides themselves with joy over the leader of the Church in Quebec. Cardinal Ouellet has taken so much grief from the self appointed elites and yet he continues being a great witness to the faith. Now he turns the tables on those inside the Church who think they know better than the Church.


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Physicist Explains That The Nearly 500 Year Old Tilma Which The Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe Appears On Defies Science This is absolutely fascinating. I remember when I was young and the show  In Search Of hosted by Leonard Nimoy was on the air, if I recall correctly one of their episodes delved into the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The same conclusion holds today. How could one explain the fact that materials meant to last a few years could last nearly five hundred? What made the colors if they were not made by paint? This one drives the atheists and skeptics up the wall. God be praised!


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Focus Adds 12 More College Campuses To Their Line Up Which Is Now Approaching 50 Public, Private & Catholic Campuses  Curtis Martin's great work continues. His story is in and of itself amazing. The former prized student of Josh McDowell's Campus Crusade for Christ is now one of our shining stars of the Church. Born Catholic Curtis Martin left the Church has so many did and but for the grace of God, he came home because of the truth of the Eucharist and Apostolic Succession.


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Speaker Pelosi Says She (Or The Church) Doesn't Know When Life Begins But When It Comes To Town Hall Meetings, She Knows An Angry Nazi Like Crowd When She Sees One  I can't figure her out. I am still tempted to see her as the Forrest Gump of Congress. She says the craziest things and gets aways with it. I mean if a House Intern said some of the things that the Speaker has said, they might be given a bus ticket home. Yet, she is the Speaker. God help us, though I do hope she keeps opening her mouth. It helps our cause everytime she does.


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My Latest Column For The Catholic Times Entitled; The First Crossroads The Eucharist  The theme for this column has rattled through my head for a while. Since it came online, I have received some e-mails stating that the e-mailers were going to send it to their disbelieving relatives, Catholic and non Catholic. Folks we have to make a stand like the Apostles who didn't walk away in John 6. I am not saying that I am great writer and that is why you should send this link to those disbelieving family and friends. I am very far from that, but I do believe the circumstances in which it came to me were very similar to that of The Tide Is Turning, which eventually turned into a book. The Eucharist is the Source and Summit of our Faith and the Stumbling block for many. It shouldn't be and I try to explain why.


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August 9, 2009


In Phoenix The Knights Of Columbus Are Making A Stand For The Faith, Marriage & Society As We Know It


Supreme Knight Carl Anderson Of The Knights Of Columbus Discusses The Call Of The Knights To Defend The Faith It is certainly comforting to know that whatever threats that come from those who would harm the Church, the Knights are there to defend the Church. These two posts are most reassuring in light of what we are currently facing.


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Fired President Of Wheeling Jesuit University Promises Lawsuit  I don't know what prompted the lawsuit. It appears this priest was a big supporter of the National Catholic Reporter, so if he was fired for that, well here's hoping his replacement has nothing to do with the National Catholic Reporter.  I hope and pray that the tide is turning Wheeling Jesuit, for it is the only Catholic institution of higher learning within the state. The city was once a thriving economic engine that had one of the most diverse populations in the country, including Catholics from many lands. The small city is home to several beautiful Catholic churches as well. Please keep these folks and the lone Catholic institution of higher leaning within the state in your prayers.


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A Picture From Father Longenecker's Blog On A Picture Of The Martyrdom Of Pope Sixtus II For Publicly Celebrating The Eucharist, The Roman Emperor Valerius Had Him Tracked Down That Very Day & Beheaded


More On The Life Of Pope Sixtus II One cannot help but be impressed with those who knew they would eventually die for the Faith. Sometimes, they kept alive by a little deal making knowing that in the long run the longer they stayed alive, the greater the chance of spreading the Faith. However, thye all knew there would come a time when martyrdom would most likely be required.


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Catholic Group Helping Released Inmates To Adjust To A New Life Outside Prison You have to admire and support those who try to help those who were in prison to get on their feet. No one is helped if the criminals continue becoming better criminals. Let us hope and pray for the success of their mission to rehibilitate those who were in prison to a productive, faith filled life outside of prison.


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Aimee Milburn Coopers's Understanding The Catholic Gospel Course Brings More Back To The Faith, Years Of False Statements Can be Corrected With A Little Bit Of Truth, Reading & An Open Mind  Aimee and those like her have some amazing stories to tell concerning the number and length of time those who were away from the Faith were brought back. The reasons and circumstances behind their return are equally fascinating. In reality my friends it comes  down to us. We all know those who have left the Faith and what we can do to help them come home. Prayer and the right words are often what is needed and the Holy Spirit is always ready for us to say the right things, if we would only ask.


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August 8, 2009


Washington Times Columnist Says Pope Benedict Is The World's True Leader Of Conservatives It is always nice to see this kind of statement coming from the mainstream media (though the Washington Times is one of the lone conservatives newspapers left in the US.) The author makes some good points. I would imagine that for the mainstream media the Holy Father is somewhat akin to the way they treated Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Both were popular men who seemed to befuddle the elites. Yet, even the elites today have a grudging respect for the Gipper. Perhaps the same will be said some 30 years later about Pope Benedict.


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Father Longenecker On The Latest Anglo Catholic Effort To Be Received Into The Church  This process seems to be going on forever. It actually seems to frustrate those who have crossed the Tiber like Father Longenecker. For some who are still Anglican and claim to want to come home to Rome what seems to be holding them back? This is the question of Father Longenecker and others. Still others like Canon Kendal Harmon of the Episcopal Church really seems to frustrate those who have come over because they seem to pointlessly hope the worldwide Anglican Communion will return to where she was at the age of CS Lewis. It will never happen. After all did they really think that someone like King Henry VIII was the foundation to which their bedrock beliefs would forever last?


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Vietnamese Marian Days Coming Again To Missouri Park, Over 100,000 Vietnamese-Americans Expected  The Vietnamese in this country and I may add Canada (from a recent visit up north) really have helped bolster the Faith. They make no apologies for what they believe and they go out of their way spending lots of time and money in which to do live their faith more deeply. God Bless them for that, they are both nourishing their own souls and ours as well!


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200th Anniversary Of Sister (Saint) Elizabeth Ann Seton, Celebrations Underway  It is amazing to think of the obstacles that then Sister Seton faced. A covnert in a new country that wasn't exactly putting out the welcome mat to Catholics. Because of those like Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton look at where we are in this country. Without the Catholic Church, what would become of our country which seems to have become intoxicated (along with the western world) on all forms of self absoprtion. Thank God for Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.


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Legendary Wrestler Hulk Hogan Wears A Rosary To Divorce Proceedings   I suppose when you hit rock bottom you will harken back to your past. For years the Hulkster lived the good life in Florida.  Now thanks to a reality show look at what has happened. He cheated on his wife, his wife started dating a 19 year old aquaintence of his dauhgter. His son was responsible for paralyzing a young man in a traffic accident and Hulk was cuaght on tape trying to say the young man had it coming. Now Hulk Hogan is in the midst of a messy divorce. The world looks in revulsion at this family that was suppose to be the model of a strong celebrity family. When I was in college professional wrestling was at the peak of popularity. It was simple. Good guys were good guys and bad guys were bad guys. Now it is full of vile, vulgar people where nothing is good anymore. Everyone knews it was fake in the 1980s but it was fun to laugh at, now it is just a sad spectacle. Like many broken men and women, the Hulkster needs our prayers.


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The Church Of Universal Love's Music Festival Shut Down After Numerous Drug Arrests, Now The Church Itself May Be Headed For The Big House  You know if one were browsing through the morning paper or perusing the internet, one might be forgiven if they were to think this was a real church. Sadly, it appears this was some sort of drug commune posing as a church. This is what gets religion into trouble. Thankfully, these sad souls may end up with some "down" time to think through their "spiritual" pursuits.


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2011 Logo Unveiled For World Youth Day  Here's hoping that World Youth Day continues to grow. Prayers are needed as the world's young people are forever being tempted by the wicked ways of the world, even though there is so much good out there. As Tony Melendez told me some time ago, "Sin is attracting." Is it ever. Tony used an analogy about a teenager trying beer and thinking this is awful, and yet a few short years later he someone thinks it is the greatest thing. Let's pray that World Youth Day is the antidote to all that is troubling for today's youth.


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August 7, 2009


Archbishop Dolan; The Church Cannot Have Any Part Of A Health Care Plan That Involves The Taking Of Innocent Life  The leader of the Church in New York City has spoken very clearly. I would hope that he still has some good will left among the residents of Gotham. Perhaps they will be persuaded by reason. With prayer all things are possible.


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Number Of Catholics In The US Increases To 68 Million (Holding Steady At 22%) While The Number Of Priests Has Gone Up Slightly  For the statistic lovers among us (a carry over from intensely following baseball statistics in my youth) here is a story that bodes well for the Church. Every denomination is falling and some are in a free fall but the Catholic Church holds her own and is actually growing, though statistically holding her own. The number of priests is slowly increasing and for that we should be happy. I was looking through some various Catholic high school yearbooks recently and I noticed something uplifting. In the last few  years, I have noticed some young men who seemed popular, athletic and intelligent note that they were considering a call to the priesthood, some actually going to a seminary. This is something that I don't remember at all from my youth. Indeed, the tide is turning!


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Father Of Lies, Father Longenecker On The Tactics Of The Devil In Making Some Christian Churches Completely Change Their Beliefs  The one thing you can say about the modus operandi of the evil one is that he is always consistent. He never lets a chance go by to ruin a person, church or country. He makes it all sound good at the time but it always blows up in your face. I believe it was Danny Abramowicz who said; "The number 1 song every day in hell is I Did it My Way.


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Michael Brown On 1969 & Disastrous Cultural Influences That Sprung From It  When you think about 1969 was just awful for mayhem and the resulting carnage from it. There are some interesting assertions that Michael Brown makes such as the demonic themed movie Roman Polanski was making when his wife Sharon Tate was brutally murdered by the Manson gang. There is some eye opening facts about the evil of Manson such as how Vincent Bugliosi claimed Manson made the famous prosecutors's watch stop just by intensely staring at the Manson prosecutor.


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Inside Catholic Post On Pittsburgh Mass Murdered Who Claimed Women Made Him Lonely  The reason I linked to this story was a disturbing phenomena I noticed in the mainstream media. The idea of this devious killer as some sort of sympathetic loner who had no other choice but to act out his grievances. We have all had tough times in life, unrequited loves, mean and cold hearted people who offended us and some of us have even had untimely deaths in the family. However, to take out your problems on others who have no part whatsoever in it is evil . It is bizarre and disturbing that anyone would think this man is entitled to anything but God's Judgement. Four innocent women are dead and four families are grieving. They need our prayers as well as those who think this man had any justification.


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Basic Instinct Director Joe Eszterhas, Who Came Back To The Church & Embraced The Orthodoxy Of His Ohio Roots Has Announced He Will Direct A Film On Our Lady Of Guadalupe  I hope and pray that Joe makes an orthodox themed Catholic movie that gets as much attention as Basic Instinct. This would be a minor miracle. After Mel Gibson's personal meltdown, we need another Catholic producer to step in and help. Steve McEveety and Eduardo Verastegui can't do it all!


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August 6, 2009


Vatican Visitation Of Women's Religous Orders To Be Conducted By Mother Mary Clare Millea, SuperiorGeneral Of The Apostles Of The Sacred Heart. Rocco Palmo Has More Information On Her & The Task At Hand


More Information Released On The Vatican's Visitation Of Women's Religious Orders  Some Church liberals and women's religious orders are getting very nervous about this impending visit. I hope and pray it causes some of these orders to reassess their path and change their ways. There are many orders who are growing because of their adherence to the Teachings of the Church. Something tells me that no one is going to pull a fast one on Mother Mary Clare. She's modern enough to know  what she is up against and old school enough to make her point very clear. I hope and pray this visitation bears much fruit.


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Pakistani Bishop Decries Brtual Murder Of The Faithful By Islamic Militants, Says Police Are Pretending Nothing Is Wrong  We all knew this sort of thinkg was happening but now a bishop speaks his peace and tells the world what we already knew. God Bless the faithful of the Middle East and Near East. One would think that there will certainly be a higher percentage of them in heaven compared to that of the western world.


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The Life Of St John Vianney. His Holy Life Caused Many People To Come To Confession & Come Back To The Church. He Also Was Wounded By Evil One For Much Of His Life, But Resisted His Temptations  Right now I am reading the 33 Doctors of the Church. When you read this book your faith life seems to pathetic in comparison to these men and women who were faith filled giants compared to most of us. However, with faith and prayer we can do mighty things.


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From Per Christum Jonathan Bennett Has A Story About A Young Man Whose Parents Left The Faith & After Periods Of Atheism & Rebellion He Came Back To Catholicism Due To John 6, St Ignatius Of Antioch & A Catholic  More and more young people are seeing the error of the ways of some of their parents. Hence they take matters into their own hands and end up coming back home to Rome. Thank God for the presense of mind of not only this young man but his Catholic friend who never gave up on him. We are all called to do the same should the situation arise.


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Mel Gibson's Marriage Annuled In Self Declared Catholic Church By His Father?   I don't make these things up, I just link to them. Thanks to Spirit Daily who found this Australian link for us to ponder. How the mighty have fallen. Mel has had the pleasure of meeting so many holy men and women and yet he has sunk to this, having his elderly father annul his marriage in some sort of hoopty do church that claims to be the real Catholic Church. Boy, if this isn't some sort of modern Biblical parable. Prayers are certainly needed here.


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Templar Relic Found At UK Flea Market  Wow if only this had been on the UK Antiques Road Show.  This is more like the poor man's version of the Road Show. However, this astute purchaser certainly did his homework. In my youth, I spent many a weekend at the flea market. My dad always trying to find gems to buy and sell to help put two kids through Catholic school. I can't say we ever came across any gems like this one, though but I did learn a lot about buying and selling.


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August 5, 2009


Vatican Insider Has Latest On New Assignments To Be Announced Shortly   Well he has been right so far, Andrea Tornelli along with Sandro Magister are the two most listened to when they have something to say about the inner workings of the Vatican.  I think it is safe to say that few if any orthodox minded Catholics will be sad to see Cardinal Martino retire.


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At Westminster Archbishop Nichols Says He Is Concerned That Social Networking Sites Are Having Dehumanizing Effect An interesting perspective coming from Archbishop Nichols. There is something that is dehumanizing about these social networking sites and even cell phones. However, they do a world of good with some things like pro life networking etc. Recently, Father Frank Pavone told me that Facebook has really helped the pro life cause. I recently read a Finnish Sociologist discuss the reason he felt Finland led the world in cellphones per person. He indicated it was because of their cultural shyness. He said he knew of couples who would only say I love you on their cellphones but never face to face. The leader of the Church in England might be on to something.


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Father Zuhlsdorf On The End Of The Road For Milwaukee's Dissident Group Voice Of The Faithful. Father McBrien To Give The Group's Last Talk, Father Z Wonders If He Will Be Clad In Black Vestments  A sad chapter in the History of the Church is coming to an end, it will be even better when all of these rebellious and dissident chapters are all a thing of the past. Prayers are certainly needed for that day.


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Parish Missions They're Not Just For Lent Anymore  If you are interested in the latest parish trends, this article is well worth your time.   Thanks to Tito Edwards at Cvstos Fidei for this one. I remember Amy Welborn mentioning that a parish in her area (when she lived in Indiana) was having something like a mid year parish mission. The priest reluctantly allowed Pat Madrid and some other Apologist sto speak and the place was packed. The liberal priest was stunned because past events where dissident speakers came only saw a handful of people show up. Those are the types of parish events that people want to see. They want to know about their Faith, but are often too scared to ask.


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Former Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz Pondering A Run For Congress From Florida. The Former National Championship Coach Has Had Talks With Republican Party Officials & Appears To Want To Run As A Conservative  Well this would a race that would not only be interesting for political, sports and religious insiders to watch, but it would certainly be entertaining as well. Lou Holtz has been written off his whole life. I notice that some liberals are already mocking his politics and age. They may learn the hard way that old Lou didn't get to where he has been by any other means than hard work and common sense.


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Vatican Storage & Repair Department Has Seen It All  I am sure that each employee of the Vatican has stories that would amaze us all, some not so good but plenty of amazing stories about faith and history. I imagine just the employees in the Storage & Repair Department could keep us spellbound for hours, if not days.


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August 4, 2009


Pope Benedict's Christmas Album To Come Out This Year  Nice to see the Holy Father taking part in one of his favorite past times, playing the piano. It appears Pope Benedict will also sing on this album. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually hear him one of those Christmas radio station sthat seem to crop up in November and last until Christmas?


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In Nigeria, Catholic Church Leaders Speak Out Against A Growing Militant Muslim Group Who Wants A Ban On All Education  This sounds like a lost track from Pink Floyd's The Wall album. Sadly, it is another powerful militant Muslim group wanting to go back to the Dark Ages. If only these militants were as powerless and as small as the mainstream media would have us believe.


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Interesting Discussion On The Church's Teaching That Health Care Is A Right & Those On The Left Who Say Health Care Is The Government's Responsibility


Congressman Anh (Joseph) Cao From Louisiana; "I Would Rather Save My Soul Than Vote For The Health Care Bill"  I thought it would be good to tie these two links together. The first link is very thought provoking because the Church does call for health care to be provided, but nowhere does it say that the government has to be the one doing the providing. The second link features one of Congress' most talked about freshman Congressman, who is not a liberal Democrat but a former semirarian who happens to be part of the Devout Vietnamese American Catholic demographic that seems to be gaining notice across the country.


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David Bennett On Defending The Old Testament  The Old Testament always seems to be going in and out of style in our pop culture world. For the faithful it has always been in style though there are some Evangelical speakers and movements who say no need to spend your time on it, rather focus on the New Testament. I have even heard a few Catholic speakers tell their audiences not to look at the Old Testament until they understand the New Testament. Not exactly the I advice I would give and fair to say not the advice David Bennett would give as well.


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Father Barron On The Successful Evangelical Based Novel, The Shack  I haven't read the book and don't plan on it. You might recall my frustration at hearing a homily, while on the road, where the priest had the book in hand and quoted it like it was the Gospel . I would be interested to know how well versed his parishioners were in the Faith.  Perhaps this particular priest could simply ask his flock to identigy those on the stain glass windows and their particular importance to the Faith. I am sure this priest wasn't the only one to quote from the Shack. Father Barron talks about his pros and cons of the book, including a Lutheran underlying current to the book.


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The Fruits Of The Mysteries Of The Rosary  A pretty extensive look at the Mysteries of the Rosary and the author's take on them. This is a short but brief article that I would imagine a lot of you would like. Thanks to Spirit Daily for finding this one.


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August 3, 2009


Pope Benedict Reflects On The Year Of The Priest Cites St Alphonsus Liguori, St John Vianney Among Others For Priests To Emulate  The Church has a rich heritage of the ordained who have done great things. They far outnumber those who have been a disgrace to the priesthood. Yet, how many times have your heard St Alphnosus Liguori & St John Vianney mentioned?


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University Of Dayton Library Compiles Exhaustive List On 20th Century Marian Apparitions Including Their Approval Or Disapproval  Status (One Apparition Involves Fostoria, Ohio Which Archbishop Burke Has Written Extensively On)  This is quite an extensive list and it comes to us to us via Spirit Daily.  There are those apparitions we are familiar with and then ther are those many of us have never heard of or those which we only have a cursory knowledge. This list also contains those that were rejected.


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After A 40 Year Absense Perpetual Adoration Returns To Boston As Father Z says brick by brick. Here is the latest example and it comes to us from one of the nation's most well known, and as of late, troubled archdicoeses. Often it is in times of crisis that the faithful embrace the devotions and sacred traditions that have helped the Church throughout the centuries.


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Father Zuhlsdorf On The Seven Holy Maccabees  Now here's some background on the Seven Holy Maccabees that we have heard of but of which we rarely study in depth. Father Z goes into great detail and we are all better for it.


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Conservative Anglican Writer David Virtue Of Virtueonline Says Anglican Church & Anglican Leader Dr Rowan Williams In Dire Straits  You have all read my statements that when the Anglican Church's 500 year celebrations commence in a few years, it might just be a quaint tea party. Well at this rate it might simply be tea for two, the Queen or King Charles (God help us) and his Archbishop of Canterbury.


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Baptist Theologian Who Says Baptists Ignore Mary Scorned By Many (Check Out The Comments Section) Goodness a Baptist theologian says that perhaps Baptists should give more respect to Mary and the commentors come out of the woodwork calling any talk of that idolatrous. As I have said before, you simply can't come on the scene 1,500. 1,600 or 1,700 years after Jesus established the Catholic church and call us names and somehow think you should be taken seriously.


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Brad Pitt Says He's 20% Atheist & 80% Agnostic, Says There Is No Use Thinking About God's Existence Until You Get There (First He Succumbs To Angelina Jolie Now What's Left Of His Logic Has Gone Out The Window)  I wonder if Brad employs a financial planner who uses this sort of logic for his retirement savings? Come on, do some of these folks really read what they just said.  You would think these childish remarks would cause them to lose sleep at night. I am sure even his fellow disbelievers are frowning over his thesis. Brad and all who think like him need our prayers.


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August 2, 2009


Pope Benedict Summons All Priests (Who Can Make It) To Rome In June 2010 To Conclude Year Of The Priest This sounds like a nice gesture from the Holy Father. I recall a similar gesture that Pope John Paul II made some years ago for all priests who were ordained in the year he was. A particular well loved priest (Father Fred Furey from my childhood parish) came to Rome and actually met Pope John Paul II. Father Furey mentioned it every chance he got, which only helped to strengthen his priesthood. I am sure many others will say the same thing after the June of 2010 meeting with Pope Benedict.


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Deacon Keith Fournier On Stop The New Vietnam War, They're Attacking Priests The boys in Hanoi are now realizing what countless other regimes have realized through the centuries that one cannot defeat the Church that Christ established. They may win a few battles, but they can never win the war. Sadly their egos won't permit them to come to this realization, so they spend their whole lives trying the impossible to defeat Christ all the while their souls are in peril.


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Former Filipino Leader Corazon Aquino Dies At Age 76, Article Recounts Her Meeting With Sister Lucia & The Late Fatima Visionary's Prediction For Her Government  The life of Corazon Aquino was not an easy one. Her husband was killed in the prime of his life and she faced many military coups, corrupt officials in her government and many other setbacks. Yet, God gave her a gift, the blessings and prayers of one of the visionaries of Fatima, Sister Lucia. Thanks to Spirit Daily for this one.


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Mandy Smith, Ex Teenage Wife Of Rolling Stone Bill Wyman Recounts How Her Visit To Medjugorje Ignited Her Faith After A Period Of Abuse  You might recall that I linked to a story about Mandy some time ago. Well now here is more, this time with a Catholic twist. This is a great testimony of faith from someone who certainly could have   correctly said she was taken advantage of and used. Instead of this, she has put her faith in God via a visit to Medjugorge. She is an example for those who spend most of their time blaming others instead of receiving spiritual sustenance.


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Deal Hudson's Open Letter To Tiger Woods On Chosing Better Language On The Course  An interesting post from Deal.  Tiger's play is electrifying but his mouth can sometimes be far less inspiring. Deal is just asking Tiger to realize that he influences more people than he can count. Perhaps a lesson for us all.


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Jay Anderson On The Faith Of Frank McCourt  Frank McCourt was ready to go through the motions and just greet the late Holy Father (Pope John Paul II.) Having been immersed in a liberal anti Church culture for so long, it seemed natural. However, as he was about to be introduced to the Polish pontiff, a ray of faith from his Irish childhood compelled him to get on his knees and greet Christ's personal representative on Earth. In addition, Frank McCort realized all of his sins, shortcomings and human frailities. Because of it, he was much better for it.


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The Life Of Saint Ignatius Of Loyola  I think you will enjoy this rather thorough article on the founder of the Jesuits. You may recall his feast day was Friday, If only we had more Jesuits like him today, though I am told that in Rome and several Jesuit seminaries around the world help is on the way. I found out some information in this article of which I was not aware, namely that after his convalescense from his war injuries Ignatius went to Monterserrat and was spiritually cared for by the Benedictines. There are so many other gems contained in this article.


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Father Rosica's Homily: Give Us This Bread Always  The denial of the Eucharist by those in John 6, and the many today in the Christian world who do the same, is one of the saddest developments in the greater Christian body. Too many Christians want Christiantity on their terms, not Christ's. As my wife so often says, "You believe Jesus when he says you have the possibility of everlasting life. You have no problem either believing in that or His own resurrection. Yet some of the same people have a problem with His words on the Eucharist in John 6." Do we believe in Jesus on His terms or our's?


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August 1, 2009


Pope Benedict Says Broken Wrist Part Of God's Plan Pope Benedict in a light hearted way addresses a problem; how could God allow the Pope (Christ's personal representative on earth) suffer a broken wrist. The answer is quite simple, because Christ Himself suffered all kinds of injuries of the flesh which we can hardly imagine. The Holy Father is simply reminding all that even in small things like a wrist injury, God has a plan.


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"Because It's True." An Answer Father Longenecker's Brother Gave To A Protestant Family Member On Why Catholics Like Things Like Pretty Churches, Beautiful Artwork & Stained Glass Windows Simple and to the point. Father Longenecker's brother has an answer that brilliantly weaves together lots of themes and ideas into one succint answer. It isn't cute or pretentious but simply the truth. All of that the Church possesses in truth leads to the ultimate truth, the Triune God.


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British Archeologist Finds A Rare Earthen Vessel In Jerusalem, Says Could Have Been Used By Jesus & The Early Christians Who knows if anything will become of this story? Will it be something we forget next week, or will it be something like the Dead Sea Scrolls that appeared tucked away in most newspapers, only to be brought front and center in a short period of time?  We shall soon see.


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Life Of Dying Young Seattle Catholic Child Influences Many To Become Catholic  Jesus told us that if we want to get to heaven, we would have the faith of a child. In an otherwise sad and depressing story comes hope and joy for so many who were lost and because of this little girl found the truth in the Church Christ established some 2,000 years ago.  Many of you will remember the answer Father Corapi gives (the Church's teaching in so many words) to those who say why does God allow suffering? God allows suffering so that a greater good will occur.


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Woman Who Worked Aboard Abortion Boat Speaks Out  Occassionally we here of these folks in the abortion industry like Dr Bernard Nathanson who were so absorbed in the day to day killling that one day the light of faith came to them and they realized they could no longer be a pawn of the evil one. I hope and pray that more abortion employees are able to read stories such as these and extracate themselves from the evil they have somehow called their career.


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Vatican Coliumist Says "The Tide Is Turning" Against Abortion  Nice to see that someone in the Vatican used the phrase the tide is turning in reference to the abortion industry. The world  of science has helped convince even those with little or no faith about the truth of life. Even politicians who once would have praised abortion as a righteous procedure now realize this is a no-no, even if they aren't going to help stop this heinous practice. Now if we could only take them one step forward and see the world of faith. Perhaps, then all of this madness could come to an end.


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US Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Turns Down Chance To Meet Pope Benedict, Cites Need For Rest Before Next Swim Meet  Oh brother, I suppose the skeptic would say you are only going to be one of 100, so why go when you could use the rest. However, the faithful person would say, don't you think this might help you in your meet. After all this isn't an Olympic event you are missing and after the South Carolina pot fest Michael Phelps found himself immersed in wouldn't a little time with the Successor to Saint Peter be a turn in the right direction? Though he is not Catholic, his Facebook page says he has a Christian background so one would think this might be a good way to help your path toward Redemption. Something tells me that not all of the 100 swimmers who will meet with Pope Benedict are Catholic. I am reminded of when I saw the Holy Father in New York during his event at Yonkers. The Evangelical Christian Rock Band Third Day was part of a warm up act at the afternoon youth event before the Holy Father's evening arrival. Third Day was very appreciative of receiving an invite, though they knew they would not see Pope Benedict. I am sure some of their fans have even asked why they would go to such a Catholic event. Yet they came and they were very respectful.  Perhaps Michael Phelps could have taken a pare out of their book.


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